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Jacqueline Fernandez's Ek Do Teen in spotlight!


Social media erupted in anger over Ek Do Teen’s new version in "Baaghi 2", starring Jacqueline Fernandez, and some of it was also pent-up rage about others iconic songs that have been treated shabbily by Bollywood in the past as part of its remix trend.

Bollywood prefers to call it “tribute”.

As hate against Jacqueline’s version of Ek Do Teen, choreographed by Ganesh Acharya while Saroj Khan directed Madhuri’s original, escalated, Bollywood colleagues came out in her support.

Her "Race 3" co-star Salman Khan was the first to back the song.

““Loved the song, Jackie has done full justice to the legendary moves of Saroj Khan. Difficult to match Madhuri. Nice to see Varun and Jackie to our songs make us proud n keeps d songs alive n fans listening, dancing n having a blast. Makes me proud. Enjoy Karo!” he wrote.

Anil Kapoor, lead actor in Ek Do Teen original, "Tezaab" appears to have really loved it.

He reviewed the revamped Ek Do Teen, as a special addition for Baaghi 2 and said it takes a considerable amount of difficulty to match up to the high standards set by Madhuri Dixit (who danced in the original Ek Do Teen) but Jacqueline has indeed done a great job.

"What a momentous task it was to follow in Madhuri Dixit's footsteps, and Jacqueline has done it exceptionally! It takes a lot of courage and conviction to attempt to recreate an iconic song that so many people have loved for so long! #EkDoTeen," Kapoor tweeted.

Baaghi 2 leads Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani also defended at a press meet to promote the film.

“I thought that was expected though. When you touch a remake, you are bound to get mixed reactions. Over here the only idea behind Ek Do Teen was to pay tribute to the legend like Madhuri ma’am. Nobody can match up to her. Let’s put that out there and make it clear. That being said, I think Jacqueline worked very hard and did a good job on her part. Ganesh Acharya did a great job choreographing,” Tiger said.

Disha believed that despite the negative reactions, the song is working well.

“No, it’s doing so well. How many million views! Look at the positive. Views count. Views matter. It’s got so many views in one day. People are comparing and you can’t compare it to Madhuri ma’am. That is an iconic song. This is just a tribute. It’s nothing even close to her,” she said.

Called “vulgar” and “grotesque”, the song that released Monday was considered ‘blasphemous to Madhuri’s work’ and just plain ‘garbage’.

The song, which is a special song from Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani’s upcoming film Baaghi, is also been called the ‘worst remake ever’, which is really saying something considering the rate at which Bollywood spews rehashes.

Meanwhile, the director of Tezaab - Ek Do Teen, N Chandra has highly criticised the new version.

Media reports that he will take actions against the recreation.

New version of the song :

Original version of the song:

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