Tuesday, 10 July 2018 - 15:38
George Clooney meets with an accident


George Clooney smashed into the windscreen of a Mercedes after being knocked off his scooter in a horror crash in Sardinia today.

The Hollywood star, 57, was found lying in the road with injuries to his pelvis and bruising to his knee and arm.

He was on his way to a film set on the Italian island when a car is understood to "suddenly turned" into his bike, according to local reports.

The double Oscar winner relocated his family to the Mediterranean hotspot for the summer so he could direct, produce and star in TV mini-series, Catch 22.

He was heading towards the set in Olbia, a coastal city in the north-east when the Mercedes struck him, La Nuova reported.

Images from State Road 125 showed slight damage to his bike, while the left side of the car windscreen had smashed.

The driver called an ambulance and waited with father-of-two Clooney until medics arrived to take him to John Paul II Hospital. He has since been discharged.

Clooney was pictured stepping off a private jet with wife Amal and twins, Alexander and Ella, in Sardinia at the end of last month.

Even earlier in June, Clooney was seen zipping around the island on a scooter with Amal, 40, hugging him tightly.

The A-list couple is believed to have brought their parents to the island to help care for the children while George works.

The actor was heading towards the set in Costa Corallina when he was struck by a car

George was pictured zipping around Sardinia on a scooter with wife Amal last month

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