Monday, 19 March 2012 - 14:15
Vidya Balan does not want to be a Khan



In an industry dominated by the Khans, Vidya Balan is one actress who has single-handedly taken Bollywood by storm!

From “Ishqiya” to “No One Killed Jessica” to “The Dirty Picture”, and now “Kahaani”, Vidya has shown her mettle gloriously!

Perhaps that is why some critics and her fans have now started calling her the female Khan of Bollywood!

So, when at the Global Indian Film and TV Honours 2012, the ‘lady with the new name’ was asked how she felt about this title, Vidya Balan wittily replied: “I would say that yes, this is definitely a compliment, but I was born a Balan, and I am really happy being a Balan.”

After the tremendous response to Kahaani, compliments have been flowing thick and fast for Vidya!

The latest addition to her acclaimers is none other than the legendary and gorgeous actress Rekha!

Vidya said that she feels blessed that Rekha complimented her: “She has always been my inspiration,” says Vidya.

Vidya feels that if she can achieve even a small part of what Rekha has, she would feel really happy!

Being modest, isn’t she?

Well, Miss Vidya, your name is Balan and you are not a Khan! Kudos!

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