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Is Sonakshi Sinha dating a divorcee ?



It seems this young generation actress has eyes for older men.

Not only is she getting paired with the forty-plus actors in most of her upcoming films, she is allegedly seeing a man, who is a bit elder to her.

A little birdie chirps that the Rowdy Rathore girl is no more single.

Actress Sonakshi Sinha who has successfully maintained her single status in public, is reportedly dating a divorcee.


The corners of B-town are warming up to the story, but the actress has tried her level best to keep her blooming relation secret from the media.

So, who is the man in Sonakshi Sinha’s life?

Reports say, he is Bunty Sachdeva, sports and celebrity manager, and also brother-in-law of Sohail Khan.

Bunty mostly handles Sonakshi’s endorsements, and is learnt to be more than a manager to her.

Bunty Sachdeva came to the limelight when he used to date Sushmita Sen.

The two were quite an item a few years ago.

Bunty has also dated Neha Dhupia for a brief period of time, and is a divorcee now.

It’s learnt that Sonakshi Sinha is possessive about her beau, and gets angry whenever someone brings up the name of his former wife and ex-girlfriends.

Also it’s heard that Bunty is not quite pleased with the actress conducting herself like a singleton in the town.

However, it seems the couple is pretty much together because according to the insiders when Sona’s dad Shatrughan Sinha fell sick, Bunty was quick to rush to his side.

Will Sonakshi Sinha ever disclose her relationship with Bunty Sachdeva?

Seeing her successful stint at the box office, and flourishing acting career, we guess, not so soon!

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