Monday, 16 July 2012 - 10:48
Katrina Kaif to renovate her house



In June last year, we reported about Katrina's house hunt.

With her top floor flat in Guldev Sagar on Waterfield Road, Bandra, suffering from serious seepage problem during the monsoon, she had said she wanted a new place, preferably before the rains this year.

It's been almost a year now, and Katrina has given up her search.

In fact, we found out quite accidentally that she is redoing her top floor flat when we spotted a series of vans off loading tiles, marble, granite and other such building material at her apartment for the past few days.

Katrina confirmed the news saying, "I am renovating my house. That involves almost everything - the floor, upholstery, curtains, wall paint, almost everything."

She revealed she has entrusted the job to one Soni Tanna, a professional interior designer and a family friend, whom she knows since the last six years.

And unlike most other actors who shift to five-star hotels in the neighborhood during such times, Katrina has no such immediate plans.

She will continue to stay in Guldev Sagar, where work gains momentum later this week.

 "The water leakage problem which I faced over the years has been solved. The apartment has been water-proofed," she said.

Interestingly, Katrina had earlier told a section of the media that she always wanted a sea-facing house.

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