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Wednesday, 11 September 2019 - 13:26
A doubt regarding waste being disposed of from ships that arrive at Hambantota


Opposition Leader of the Hambantota Municipal Council D. M. Gamini says that there is a doubt regarding waste being handed over the Waste Management Unit of the Municipal Council from ships that arrive at the Hambantota International Port and whether it is waste from usage within the ship or whether that waste is being brought from other countries.

It was declared at the monthly Council meeting held yesterday that members of the Municipal Council want this clearly sorted out and that it is necessary to see it with their own eyes.

With information being reported recently, regarding waste being brought from foreign countries, the Opposition Leader D. M. Gamini said that they have a suspicion as to whether waste from other countries are being brought on ships and being dumped here.

The Hiru News Division made an inquiry about this from the Hambantota Municipal Council and a spokesman said that they only accept waste from ships subsequent to the Marine Protection Authority carrying out inspections.

Accordingly, we asked the Marine Protection Authority about this.

The Authority responded saying that only waste from usage on ships is being accepted by the Waste Management Unit of the Municipal Council.

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