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Friday, 24 January 2020 - 7:58
Asad Saley to undergo voice test as well


Several government officials have been summoned before the President’s commission investigating the Easter Sunday attacks today as well.

The President’s Investigation Commission noted that the Grama seva officers of the Mawanella - Hingula division, Randiwala and Warakaapane have been summoned.

Meanwhile, former governor of the western province, Asad Saley testified before the commission yesterday.

The former Western province governor accepted the fact that politicians at certain instances do influence the police and that it is wrong to do so.

Prior to the questioning, the chairman of the presidents commission, justice Janak de Silva warned Asad Saley to refrain from engaging in unruly behavior referring to the instance he had addressed senior state counsel Suharshi Herath in an unacceptable manner during the previous summoning.

Further Asad Saley was also warned to respond to the questions raised by the senior state counsel and to not resort back in questioning.

Previously, the senior state counsel questioned Asad Saley regarding a recording which contained a telephone conversation.

During which he continuously repeated that he cannot recollect as to who the conversation was with.

The telephone conversation has been with an individual named M.A.H Sahabdeen and the commission questioned Asad Saley on his acquaintance with the respective individual.

However, it was seen that the responses and the questions raised were contradictory.

It was also revealed through the telephone conversation analysis that the total duration of the call was recorded as 474 seconds, but the conversation handed over by Asad Saley was 444 seconds.

Accordingly the President’s commission called for a report on the conversation, from the government analyst within two weeks.

Further it was ordered that Asad Saley be subjected to a voice test.

Amidst the senior state counsel questioning Asad Saley he accepted that it is wrongful of politicians to influence the police.

Our correspondent also noted that he also provided a secret statement for nearly 30 minutes.

Asad Saley also had stated that the letter warning of the Easter Sunday attacks was received prior to the attacks and when IGP Pujith Jayasundara who is currently on compulsory leave was informed of the matter, he had disconnected the line upon mere acknowledgement.

The commission questioned as to why the president was not informed of the matter, he added that all VIPs had received the letter therefore he refrained from doing so.

He added that former president also kept away certain matters from them.
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