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Friday, 24 January 2020 - 18:53
Corona-virus spreads to India, Measures taken to prevent spreading it to Sri lanka


Sri Lankan Airline states that it has taken precautionary measures to mitigate the spreading of the Coronavirus.

A communiqué states that it has taken measures to spread awareness among passengers as well as its cabin crew.

Health authorities have also paid close attention to the matter as a large number of Chinese nationals are present in the country.

Accordingly, special scanning machines have been installed at the Katunayake International Airport to check passengers at the arrival terminal.

Airport authorities stated that the passengers from China are thoroughly checked as the number of Chinese visitors could increase as Chinese New Year begins on January 25th.

Meanwhile, The Foreign Relations Ministry states that its mission in Beijing is gathering the necessary information about the Sri Lankan students in Wuhan as the Chinese city is in lockdown after the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The Ministry stated that between 25 and 30 Sri Lankan students are pursuing their higher education in this city.

The Beijing mission has assured the Foreign Ministry that the students are in safe hands and they are constantly communicating with them.

The Ministry also stated that it would take measures to bring back the stranded students if necessary.

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