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Tangalle case to be heard continuously for 3 days 
Monday, 17 March 2014 - 12:49
The Colombo High Court decided today to continuously hear the murder case of a British national and the gang rape of his Russian partner at a tourist resort in Tangalle on 26th ,27th and 28th of this month.

Colombo High Court Judge Rohini Walgama stressed that under any circumstances, the case would not be postponed.

Charges are made against six suspects including Tangalle Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Sampath Chandrapushpa Vidanapathirana.

Vidanapathirana was still in remand while the other suspects were released earlier on bail, and all of them appeared before the High Court Judge today.

When President Counsel Kalinga Indratissa said that he appears only for Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Vidanapathirana, the Judge asked the other suspects to name their lawyers who would appear for them.

Once the suspects named their lawyers, the Judged enquired them whether they need the service of state counsels.

Later three of them said that they need the services of state counsels.

Meanwhile our correspondent said that the Judge sent the indictment papers to state counsels and informed them to prepare for the case.

Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Vidanapathirana was remanded again until the case is taken for trial on the 26th of this month.

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