Hiru News en 2014-04-13 Significant increase in the sale of firecrackers Hiru News en 2014-04-13 2 drown in Ranboda Poona canal. Hiru News en 2014-04-13 Video : Police protection for Sadalanka hospital ; 4 arrested for assaulting 2 minor staff employees of the hospital. Hiru News en 2014-04-13 Missing plane MH370: HMS Echo in black box search Hiru News en 2014-04-13 Manny Pacquiao beats Timothy Bradley to win WBO title Hiru News en 2014-04-13 ECB hints at further stimulus to combat low inflation Hiru News en 2014-04-13 Nirvana inducted to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Hiru News en 2014-04-13 Moves to protect Sri lankas biggest coral reef. Hiru News en 2014-04-13 Update : Video : Punya Kalaya begins; devotees gather at religious sites. Hiru News en 2014-04-14 Video : Monetary donations from R Dumidha Silva foundation Hiru News en 2014-04-14 A Samurdhi officers union prepares for a strike after the New Year Hiru News en 2014-04-14 New Year is the foundation to create people rich in humane values; Says President : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-14 New Year Dawns, celebrations island-wide Hiru News en 2014-04-14 590 arrested for drunk driving Hiru News en 2014-04-14 Malaysia says no mid-flight phone call from MH370 cockpit Hiru News en 2014-04-14 Kohli hopes to end RCB trophy drought Hiru News en 2014-04-14 Inflation at single digit in 2013 Hiru News en 2014-04-14 Olivier Awards: Abba duo set to perform Hiru News en 2014-04-14 50 hospitalised for food poisoning Hiru News en 2014-04-14 Five Chinese arrested for illegally transporting marine creatures. Hiru News en 2014-04-14 President celebrates New Year at Carlton House : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-14 142 drunk drivers arrested within last 24 hours Hiru News en 2014-04-14 Drop in number of accidents during the festive season Hiru News en 2014-04-14 Less buses on roads today Hiru News en 2014-04-14 A milky liquid pours from Kiri Vehera : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-14 Scanning technology to be used to identify the value of Walla-patta. Hiru News en 2014-04-14 A banned terror organisation to hold meeting in UK : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-14 26 fatal accidents resulting in 30 deaths during the festive season : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-14 India-Pakistan Test series likely in 2015 Hiru News en 2014-04-14 Drought in Sri Lanka may raise global tea prices Hiru News en 2014-04-15 Nigeria violence: More than 70 killed in Abuja bus blast Hiru News en 2014-04-15 We are going to start Gangnam together with Yuvraj Singh, says Chris Gayle Hiru News en 2014-04-15 Madonna says she’s proud of her daughter. Hiru News en 2014-04-15 Sri Lanka cautioned on rising renewable energy costs. Hiru News en 2014-04-15 Bond between people of the North and Security forces have strengthened; says NPC Chairman. Hiru News en 2014-04-15 New Authority to control medicinal drugs and devices Hiru News en 2014-04-15 Train and bus services resume after the New Year Hiru News en 2014-04-15 Next round of fishermen talks between Sri Lanka and India on May 12th and 13th. Hiru News en 2014-04-15 An inmate of the Negombo Prison dies Hiru News en 2014-04-15 730 drunk drivers arrested Hiru News en 2014-04-15 26 fishermen arrested for using illegal fishing equipment in Trinco Hiru News en 2014-04-15 Canada cuts Commonwealth funding over Sri Lanka woes Hiru News en 2014-04-15 Sachin Tendulkar-Rafael Nadal duo to buoy Mumbai in Indian Tennis Premier League Hiru News en 2014-04-15 Elvis Presleys Estate Sues Over Gun Adverts. Hiru News en 2014-04-15 WTO: Global trade to gain speed in 2014 and 2015 Hiru News en 2014-04-15 Obama confronts Putin in call as crisis escalates Hiru News en 2014-04-15 Swimming; Legend Phelps to return to pool Hiru News en 2014-04-15 George Michael; Im the luckiest man on earth Hiru News en 2014-04-15 Former Weligama PC arrested over Matara shooting incident : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-15 UPDATE: Canada attempting to achieve political mileage; a statement from the Government : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-15 A group of police officers attacked in Wilgamuwa. Hiru News en 2014-04-15 A PIL filed in the Supreme Court of India against Indian military intervention without authorisation in the war. Hiru News en 2014-04-15 Live bullets found in a canal in Manampitiya : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-15 UN Youth Advisory Panel Launched Hiru News en 2014-04-15 Record decrease in number of accidents this year; 880 drunk drivers arrested Hiru News en 2014-04-15 Italy ex-PM Berlusconi to do community service - court Hiru News en 2014-04-15 Thunder showers in many areas tonight; public requested to be vigilant of lightning strikes Hiru News en 2014-04-15 Update :Ceremony for oil anointing held this morning : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-15 Record decrease in number of accidents this year; 880 drunk drivers arrested : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Eric Solheim and Nisha Biswal in a pow wow about Sri Lanka. Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Investigations about persons who had relationships with Gopi, Thevian and Appan. Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Bodu Bala sena a terrorist organisation; says US TRACK organisation. Reply from BBS today. : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Putin tells Merkel Ukraine now on verge of civil war Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Update : Search for South Korea ferry passengers : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Yahoo shares surge despite falling profits Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Johnson ponders limited-overs future Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Michael Jacksons mom to pay promoter US$800,000 Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Defence Secretary meets Malaysian Prime Minister Hiru News en 2014-04-16 A hangman to be appointed next week Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Update : Commonwealth Secretary General disappointed with Canada. : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-16 7 year old girl dies following a road accident in Pallama Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Chinas economy grows 7.4% in first quarter Hiru News en 2014-04-16 India bag USD 265,000 for finishing third in ICC Test rankings Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Andrew Flintoff eyeing return to T20 cricket Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Paul Walkers brothers to finish Fast and Furious 7 Hiru News en 2014-04-16 TNA ready to support any move which strive to solve all problems Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Amendments of number of seats to each districts announced. Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Update : Bodhu Bala Sena challenges 5 ministers; Minister Hakeem meets chief prelates Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Hand grenade attack on a house in Hambantota : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Former Navy Commander clarifies reasons for banning Pro LTTE organizations Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Ready for discussions with TNA - says Government Hiru News en 2014-04-17 Did not act against the country: a statement from Minister Hakeem Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Paul Sir Paul Mccartney Asks Fans For Help With New Promo Video Hiru News en 2014-04-16 Ukraine troops blocked in Kramatorsk as tension rises Hiru News en 2014-04-17 6 hospitalized following a fight in Minneriya Hiru News en 2014-04-17 Allied health issue cannot be solved due to certain influence; says Ministry of Higher Education Hiru News en 2014-04-17 If government doesnt listen to us, no option than to take to the streets; says Asgiri Maha Nayaka Thera : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-17 Kallis, Narine star in Kolkata Knight Riders 41-run win over Mumbai Indians Hiru News en 2014-04-17 British horror film is highest new box office entry Hiru News en 2014-04-17 Rajiv Ghandi sacrificed life for Tamils in Sri lanka: says Sonia Ghandi.: Video Hiru News en 2014-04-17 Many New Year festivals under the patronage of MP R Dumindha Silva : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-17 Buddhist monk attacked following a settlement of a dispute Hiru News en 2014-04-17 ‘I love you Mum’: heartbreaking text of student on-board sinking S Korea ferry: Video Hiru News en 2014-04-17 51 killed in accidents during the festive season Hiru News en 2014-04-17 Provincial council elections to be held under Electoral and Ration system. Hiru News en 2014-04-17 Certain countries keep mum on LTTE international network: says Defence secretary.: Video Hiru News en 2014-04-17 Fears grow for hundreds missing in S Korea ferry capsize : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-17 Kevin Pietersen ruled out of 1st match, Dinesh Karthik to lead Delhi Daredevils Hiru News en 2014-04-17 Sri Lanka air passenger handling up 3.3-pct in 2013 Hiru News en 2014-04-17 No need to conceal information: Military spokesperson : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-17 Update : Investigations to find out whether police evaded their responsibilities during the attack against UNP MPs. : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-17 Indian Supreme Court rejects the petition that charged Indian army presence in the final phase of war in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-04-17 Interpol issues red notice on 40 LTTE activists: Video Hiru News en 2014-04-17 The Asgiri Chapter Chief Prelate hands over an appeal to the President : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-17 IPL 7: Dropping Jacques Kallis catch gifted match to Kolkata Knight Riders, says Lasith Malinga. : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-17 Victoria Beckhams Sports Car Up For Sale Online Hiru News en 2014-04-17 Israel, Palestinians to hold peace talks with US envoy Hiru News en 2014-04-17 Robbie Williams reveals tour inspiration. Hiru News en 2014-04-18 Yuvraj ,Virat guide Royal Challengers Bangalore to eight-wicket win over Delhi Hiru News en 2014-04-18 Death toll hits 25 in South Korea ferry mishap : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-18 Modi pledges to solve Indo - Sri lanka fisheries issue. Hiru News en 2014-04-18 President offers condolences to South Korean counterpart on ferry tragedy Hiru News en 2014-04-18 Update : 3 police teams deployed to investigate Negambo robberry : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-18 Good Friday falls today : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-18 Frozen soundtrack is US number one album for 10th week Hiru News en 2014-04-18 2 people die after getting struck by lightning Hiru News en 2014-04-18 License of 364 drivers suspended Hiru News en 2014-04-18 Ambassador positions in several countries including India and US changed : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-18 Lightning strike death toll increased. Hiru News en 2014-04-18 UNP demand local and international investigation on Hambanthota attack. Hiru News en 2014-04-18 UK issues new travel advisory on Sri Lanka. Hiru News en 2014-04-18 Its challenging to adjust in UAE conditions, says Dhoni Hiru News en 2014-04-18 European Parliament backs economic sanctions against Russia Hiru News en 2014-04-18 China eases monetary policy with reserve cut for rural banks Hiru News en 2014-04-18 9 dies after hand tractor accident in Aralaganwila Hiru News en 2014-04-18 Midwife issue re-emerges from Kurunegala Hiru News en 2014-04-18 Another complaint from Watareka Wijitha Thero; Bodhu Bala Sena denies allegation Hiru News en 2014-04-18 Foreign Ambassadors notified regarding banned Pro-LTTE organizations Hiru News en 2014-04-18 Hand tractor with 21 passengers topples into a canal; 10 dead including 4 children : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-19 Vice principal rescued from sinking ship found hanged Hiru News en 2014-04-18 Weibo shares surge on US debut, despite low opening price Hiru News en 2014-04-18 Virat Kohli defends Yuvraj Singh, says unfair to doubt him Hiru News en 2014-04-19 8 shops completely destroyed in a fire in Dambulla due to electricity leakage Hiru News en 2014-04-19 Kalubowila - Lakee Bak Maha Festival held throughout yesterday : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-19 No land belonging to Muslims have been taken over: Military denies allegations raised by Minister Rishard Hiru News en 2014-04-19 No allegations against the Maha Sangha - an assurance from Prime Minister Hiru News en 2014-04-19 Van topples in to Detugamuwa Tank in Katharagama - 5 killed : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-19 Ferry Captain arrested over South Korea disaster Hiru News en 2014-04-19 Showers and winds this evening as well : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-19 President will be victorious: Maha Nayake Thera of Ramanya Maha Nikaya Hiru News en 2014-04-19 Wal-Mart in to money transfer business Hiru News en 2014-04-19 Peter Moores to be named Englands head coach Hiru News en 2014-04-19 Prince owns rights to music he recorded on Warner Bros Hiru News en 2014-04-19 UN outrage at deadly South Sudan attack Hiru News en 2014-04-19 Few solutions needed before discussions: TNA Hiru News en 2014-04-19 Hambantota Mayor ready to resign Hiru News en 2014-04-19 Bharathiya Janatha Party calls for discussions between Sri Lanka and Tamilnadu Hiru News en 2014-04-19 Sorry ferry captain tells of delay Hiru News en 2014-04-19 Amazing Spider-Man 2 Posts Years Best Opening Day in 4 Markets Hiru News en 2014-04-19 No need to worry about religious freedom; says President : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-19 A DIG from the south to Colombo to obtain statements from UNP MPs who visited Hambanthota : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-19 A CCTV camera system in Negambo : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-19 UNHRC officials have not requested permission yet to arrive in the island. Hiru News en 2014-04-20 2 killed out of 7 who travelled in three wheeler which collided with a jeep Hiru News en 2014-04-20 500 more complaints on Facebook Hiru News en 2014-04-20 Government Doctors say no change in decision to strike Hiru News en 2014-04-20 No injustice will be done to any ethnicity; President : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-20 Today, is Easter Sunday. : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-20 Residents express concern over absence of protective fence at Z-D Canal : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-20 Largest stock of Walla-Patta to be smuggled out worth 38.4 million confiscated by customs : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-20 Famous Pakistani TV Anchor shot Hiru News en 2014-04-20 Gwen Stefani set to join The Voice Hiru News en 2014-04-20 10% tax when transferring duty free vehicle permits Hiru News en 2014-04-20 South Africa to intervene in Sri Lankas matters Hiru News en 2014-04-20 Gazettes on Casinos to parliament once again next week : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-20 Heavy Thunder showers expected tonight; 60 houses in Hambanthota damaged due to gale winds. Hiru News en 2014-04-20 Minister Dilan accuses 2 Bala senas. : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-20 Statements to the police by another 3 UNP MP’s regarding the Hambanthota attack. Hiru News en 2014-04-20 President orders to immediately stop construction activities within 500 meters of the Jaya Sri Maha bodiya. : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-20 IDB to set up three regional industrial estates Hiru News en 2014-04-20 Chinas shadow to follow Obama around Asia Hiru News en 2014-04-20 Lewis Hamilton eases to victory in China GP for Mercedes Hiru News en 2014-04-21 Many New Year festivals under the patronage of MP R Dumindha Silva : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-21 Iraq attacks kill 14 as bomber hits university Hiru News en 2014-04-21 Govt aims US$ one b spice, cinnamon Hiru News en 2014-04-21 IPL corruption claims: BCCI appoints investigative panel Hiru News en 2014-04-21 B.B. King Apologizes for Bad Night in St. Louis Hiru News en 2014-04-21 An LTTE cadre escapes from Vavuniya hospital. Hiru News en 2014-04-21 80 killed in vehicle accidents during festive season: 1800 drunken drivers arrested. Hiru News en 2014-04-21 6000 Government employees retire within three months Hiru News en 2014-04-21 Revenue from provincial councils increase Hiru News en 2014-04-21 Thunder Showers in many provinces Hiru News en 2014-04-21 Person arrested in Aanamaduwa for possessing firearm Hiru News en 2014-04-21 5 injured including school children following accident in Badulla Hiru News en 2014-04-21 3 schools in Seethawaka closed for 3 days due to Dengue. Hiru News en 2014-04-21 A group of railway workers in a fast at Fort : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-21 Police hooted during the student protest near UGC Hiru News en 2014-04-21 SLMC and JHU boycott debate on casino gazette. Hiru News en 2014-04-21 Jayalalitha slams Sonia Hiru News en 2014-04-21 Ravi Shastri should not be part of IPL scam probe panel, demands Aditya Verma Hiru News en 2014-04-21 Stanislas Wawrinka beats Roger Federer in Monte Carlo final Hiru News en 2014-04-21 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon prequel to be filmed Hiru News en 2014-04-21 Biden heads to Ukraine after fragile truce shattered Hiru News en 2014-04-21 Eric Solheim writes a book on Norways role in Sri Lankan peace negotiations. Hiru News en 2014-04-21 A woman in Vavuniya who provided the LTTE with land, arrested. Hiru News en 2014-04-21 Rahul Ghandi proposes a solution to Indo-Sri Lanka fishing dispute. Hiru News en 2014-04-21 Minister SB shows university students a new mode of protest : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-21 5 schools closed for 3 days due to dengue in Seethawaaka : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-21 Hiru news exposure bore fruit : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-22 SLC executive committee condemns statements from Sanaga and Mahela Permission for disciplinary inquiry as well if required. Hiru News en 2014-04-22 Elephant dancing in the dehiwala zoo ends. Hiru News en 2014-04-22 University students Mahapola scholarship allowance not sufficient; says Higher education Minister : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-22 An investigation by education Ministry about private schools that did not begin the 2nd term. Hiru News en 2014-04-22 A computer teacher who prepared posters reviving LTTE arrested in Jaffna. Hiru News en 2014-04-22 8.3 million rupees worth foreign currency seized at airport Hiru News en 2014-04-22 Syria conflict: West criticises Assad election plan Hiru News en 2014-04-22 IPL 7: Clinical Chennai Super Kings crush Delhi Daredevils by 93 runs Hiru News en 2014-04-22 Vin Diesel Welcomes Paul Walkers Brothers To The FAST Family, Posts First On-Set Photo Hiru News en 2014-04-22 Inaugural session of the 6th Western provincial council this morning. Hiru News en 2014-04-22 Fast-Unto-death Railway worker hospitalized- Hiru News en 2014-04-22 US Vice President Biden arrives in Ukraine Hiru News en 2014-04-22 Sri Lanka maintains policy rates, current monetary policy appropriate Hiru News en 2014-04-22 A challenge from BBS to the government Hiru News en 2014-04-22 Update : Watareka Vijitha thero taken to the Pradeshiya Sabha through the back door with police while people protest Hiru News en 2014-04-22 South Africa should not be a facilitator, it should be a mediator - TNA in a special discussion Hiru News en 2014-04-22 Chairman of Western Provincial Council appointed. Hiru News en 2014-04-22 Sri lanka has achieved rapid progress; Kean Envoy : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-22 National Cricket Coach Paul Fabrace resigns : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-22 Railway line obstructed using a log; 20 trains including office trains delayed: Video Hiru News en 2014-04-22 Government Doctors say they have become the common enemy Hiru News en 2014-04-22 SLFP General Secretary arrives at Western Provincial Council Complex prior to maiden session: Video Hiru News en 2014-04-22 Iraq attacks kill 26 as election looms Hiru News en 2014-04-22 Michelle Obama, Kellie Pickler To Guest Star On Nashville Hiru News en 2014-04-22 David Moyes: Manchester United manager sacked by club Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Many New Year festivals under the patronage of MP R Dumindha Silva : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Obama departs US for Asia tour Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Prince releases new song. Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Virat Kohli has found his place in Indian cricket: Javagal Srinath Hiru News en 2014-04-23 An assurance from Wildlife Minister for removal of Wilpattu tents on receipt of Court orders : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Arrest of five Railway employees who turned rebellious at the Fort Railway station : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-23 A new Human Resources and employment policy for the first time in history. Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Sending employees to Libya suspended immediately Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Two illegal miners in Medirigiriya handed over to police Hiru News en 2014-04-23 A councilor who was playing with paper rockets during the inaugural session of the PC : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Boat trade ends and Sri Lanka now legal source of migrants Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Anamaduwa residents plant banana trees on the road. Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Missing Malaysia Airline MH370 may have landed, not crashed: Diego Garcia? Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Death toll in South Korea ferry disaster crosses 150 Hiru News en 2014-04-23 BCB to push Pakistan home series to April Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Katherine Jackson isnt worried about custody. Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Inflation remains at 4.2 per cent in March Hiru News en 2014-04-23 More information unearthed about Indo - Sri lanka Kidney racketeers : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Update : Bodu Bala Sena surrounds Minister Rishard’s ministry searching for Watareka Vijitha Thero : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Letter from Chief Prelates of 3 main chapters asking to withdraw casino gazette: says National Sanga council. : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-23 2 officers interdicted in Saliyawewa Hiru News en 2014-04-23 PNM request government not to allow South African envoy to enter the country Hiru News en 2014-04-23 T-20 Captainship to Lasith Malinga : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Update :Two simultaneous bank robberies; Robbery at Kirlapone unsuccessful : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-23 No need for a Presidential Election; Abolish executive presidency - a request from 3 ministers : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Chief Ministers are weak, do something about it; Chief Prelate of Malwathu Chapter responds to BBS claim on changing governments : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Ukraine crisis: US runs the show in Kiev, says Sergei Lavrov Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Ireland can beat Sri Lanka, says batsman Ed Joyce Hiru News en 2014-04-23 Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg to reunite Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Minister wasu reveals about an obstacle for National unity. Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Sri lankan support to India for investigation about Kidney racketeers. Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Legal action against BBS monks who entered Minister Baduideens Ministry. : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-24 No disciplinary inquiry for Mahela and Sanga : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-24 3 gazette papers under the strategic development projects act to be debated Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Russia threatens response if interests attacked in Ukraine Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Ravindra Jadejas all-round show helps Chennai beat Rajasthan by 7 runs Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Spider-Man swoops to top of UK box office chart Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Two arrested along with foreign made live hand grenade Hiru News en 2014-04-24 2 protests opposite Colombo Ashoka College. : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Update : Special police unit to probe complaints on religious incidents - says President : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-24 2 motor accidents cost 2 lives Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Update : UNP in a protest against casinos on D R Wijewardana Mawatha. Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Indians vote on big polling day Hiru News en 2014-04-24 David Moyes proud of Manchester United tenure despite being sacked Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Prince Charles brother-in-law dies after fall Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Update : Father who threw children into river missing:mother arrested : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Family Health workers protest against absorbing their cadre to nursing Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Frozen Soundtrack Scores Biggest Sales Week In America For 11th Week At The Top Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Sri Lanka Treasuries slightly down Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Karu meets several party heads Hiru News en 2014-04-24 National tsunami rehearsal today Hiru News en 2014-04-24 BBS appreciates setting up Complaint Investigation Division on Religious Incidents Hiru News en 2014-04-24 16 killed in Pakistani military strikes on suspected militant hideouts Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Speaker sympathizes over attack on UNP MPs : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Sachin Tendulkar continues to remain jewel of India Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Olivia Newton-John to make her debut in radio. Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Strategic Development project 1 passed in Parliament.: Video Hiru News en 2014-04-24 Evidence that foreign funds were given for terrorist activities : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-24 No permission for Casinos in the proposed Crown Hotel Complex - says President : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Norway ready for a discussion with regard to the Red Notice issued to Nediyawan. Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Parliament heats up due to casinos : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Update : 46 governments MPs were absent when the vote taking was held on the 1st gazette of strategic development act. Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Health trade union action stops due to Presidents intervention. Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Those engage in Colombo projects are civil employees of the Army; a clarification from the Army spokesperson. Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Malaysia to release MH370 report PM Najib Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Inzamam backs Waqar Younis as Pakistan cricket coach Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Oscar winner Nyongo named Peoples Most Beautiful person Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Update : Marvan Athapattu appointed as Sri lanka coach Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Look after small scale businessmen; President tell banks Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Chamari Atapattu Named New Sri Lanka Captain Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Another Accomplice of Gopi, Appan and Thevian who tried to revive LTTE arrested Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Microsoft earnings buoyed by new CEOs cloud vision Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Peter Jackson changes third Hobbit film title Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Kerry warns Russia against expensive mistake in Ukraine Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Guns N Roses promise new album sooner than 14 years Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Baluchistan Parliamentary delegation here on four day visit Hiru News en 2014-04-25 UN Secretary Generals special Rapporteur on Sexual Violence meets Dr Palitha Kohona Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Possibility of a Railway fare hike Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Update : Arrest after Bali plane hijack alert in Indonesia Hiru News en 2014-04-25 UNP calls a report on its absent MPs Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Did the Father who threw off 2 children to Nilwala river jump to the river? Nilawala River is scoured for the suspect. Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Girl Surprises Michelle Obama With Unemployed Dad’s Resume Hiru News en 2014-04-25 President Obama plays football with Asimo robot in Japan Hiru News en 2014-04-25 5 railway workers interdicted. Hiru News en 2014-04-25 China continue to support Sri Lanka at UNHRC & UN Security Council : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Minister Champika to join Athuraliye Rathana Thero to vote against the casino gazette. SB reveals how casinos were introduced to Sri Lanka : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-25 The body of the father who threw his children to Nilwala River recovered by the police : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-25 Update : All gazette papers under strategic development act passed : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-26 Dhamma School teachers to get Justice of Peace posts Hiru News en 2014-04-26 Update : Report to President on Government MPs who didnt vote on Strategic Development Act Hiru News en 2014-04-26 Major General Shavindra replies to allegations levelled at the Army at UN Hiru News en 2014-04-26 Russias credit rating downgraded by S&P Hiru News en 2014-04-26 30 year old SL man falls to death in Sharjah Hiru News en 2014-04-26 Red Notice on Nediyavan : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-26 Midwifery training issue taken to the global stage Hiru News en 2014-04-26 UNP to create awareness among foreign diplomats Hiru News en 2014-04-26 No sanctions against Sri Lanka: British High Commissioner : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-26 Microsoft completely takes over Nokia Hiru News en 2014-04-26 Standard & Poors cut Russias rating to one notch. Hiru News en 2014-04-26 Nicolas Almagro beats Rafael Nadals Hiru News en 2014-04-26 The Rise of Al Qaeda to be released. Hiru News en 2014-04-26 South Korea ferry disaster: All navigation crew held Hiru News en 2014-04-26 Maldives assures continuous support to Sri Lanka : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-26 Robbers who snatched a chain in Nawagamuwa Mawatha shoot the Daughter. Hiru News en 2014-04-26 University lecturer arrested for luring teenage girl via FB Hiru News en 2014-04-26 Legal action to prevent trading inside trains : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-26 Commence education activities with students who attend university. UGC notifies allied health science faculty. Hiru News en 2014-04-26 A special circular from police in view of the Vesak Festival. Hiru News en 2014-04-26 Sri Lanka imports most vehicles from India, Japan second. Hiru News en 2014-04-26 Could not refuse England - Farbrace Hiru News en 2014-04-27 50 families receive support from Parliamentarian R Dumindha Silva to commence self employment : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-27 South Korean Prime Minister to resign Hiru News en 2014-04-27 UNPs next steps on strategic development act gazettes, once opposition leader arrives Hiru News en 2014-04-27 Health Minister says dreams have come true Hiru News en 2014-04-27 Programme commences to eradicate rats in Colombo Hiru News en 2014-04-27 UN Human Rights Council to keep a close watch on Sri Lanka till 2017 :Video Hiru News en 2014-04-27 2 die after consuming substandard alcohol; 2 more in hospital :Video Hiru News en 2014-04-27 Afghan election set for Abdullah-Ghani run-off Hiru News en 2014-04-27 Ashley Giles steps down as an England selector Hiru News en 2014-04-27 George Clooney Engaged to Lawyer Hiru News en 2014-04-27 Local Health Authorities on the lookout for the Saudi MERS virus Hiru News en 2014-04-27 Minister Maithreepala blames provincial council Hiru News en 2014-04-27 A special discussion on Uva provincial polls on 5th of May Hiru News en 2014-04-27 Special Police Unit on religious incidents opens tomorrow Hiru News en 2014-04-27 SL Requested to Establish Trade Office in the Strategic Port of Gwadar Hiru News en 2014-04-27 Heavy falls around 100 mili meters expected Hiru News en 2014-04-27 An increase of HIV patients. Hiru News en 2014-04-27 Constant checking on Riders who use full face helmets. Hiru News en 2014-04-27 A divided commonwealth cannot fulfil its fundamental policies; Says President. :Video Hiru News en 2014-04-27 Vehicles parked near the Sri maha Bodhi car park disregarding Presidents order. :Video Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Rescue chief says no idea when Korea ferry recovery over Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Local sugar industry nets 1.34 billion rupees profit. Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Jurgensens Bangladesh future uncertain Hiru News en 2014-04-28 A house fit for The King ! Elvis and Priscillas Palm Springs honeymoon home for sale for $9.5m. Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Many New Year festival s in Colombo under the patronage of MP R Dumindha Silva : video Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Mathale bone fragments from China to US to determine the time period : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-28 300 thousand archeological sites at risk. Hiru News en 2014-04-28 President on an official visit Bahrain : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Toilet tax for Colombo city dwellers : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Sri Jayawardenapura Faculty due to commence on May 5th Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Heavy falls around 100 mili meters expected Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Special police unit to deal with religious activities opened : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Palestinians Mahmoud Abbas calls Holocaust heinous crime Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Modest trade growth forecast for this year Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Los Angeles Clippers in silent protest over racist remarks Hiru News en 2014-04-28 UPDATE: Teacher who ordered a female student to hang her slippers around her neck explain her intention Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Diana Ross Reasserted Glamour and Greatness in Meyerson Performance. Hiru News en 2014-04-28 The fortunate couple who bestowed to enjoy the Hiru TV wedding ceremony organized for the 2nd time worth 5 million rupees. Hiru News en 2014-04-28 A sri pada pilgrim slipped to death; 3 others injured : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Three Sri Lankan women held, gold seized at Bangalore airport Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Jessica Chastain to play Marilyn Monroe in Hollywood biopic. Hiru News en 2014-04-28 A request to remove Fuel adjustment charge before May day. Hiru News en 2014-04-28 No secret meeting between Sobitha Thero and Anura Dissanayaka; says JVP. Hiru News en 2014-04-28 UCSC emerges victorious at Imagine Cup local finale: All island winners in Games category Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Microsoft warns of Internet Explorer flaw Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Cameron Diazs All-Female Comedy The Other Women Beats Marvels Captain America At US Box Office Hiru News en 2014-04-28 A suspect who conspired to murder wife and child arrested : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Hamster-sized deer born in Spain Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Terrifying hornets nest with a nightmarish FACE found in abandoned shed Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Peradeniya University Mulls closing of Allied Science Faculty : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-28 NPC Chief Minister complains that he is given a broken chair. Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Bank robbers of Kirulapone, Rawathawaththa, Athurugiriya and Kohuwela arrested : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-28 Egypt Brotherhood chief among 683 sentenced to death Hiru News en 2014-04-29 Update : CAA gets tough with fish mongers & butchers who wrap fish in used newspapers : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-29 JVP to resort to protest campaigns if casinos are introduced : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-29 Risk of landslides in 3 districts continues; Heavy rain today as well today as well in several areas. Hiru News en 2014-04-29 Highest honour of Bahrain conferred to President Mahinda Rajapakse. Hiru News en 2014-04-29 Sri Lanka and Bahrain sign three MoUs to further strengthen ties Hiru News en 2014-04-29 Former Surrey coach Chris Adams appointed as a consultant for Sri Lanka cricket: Video Hiru News en 2014-04-29 Tracing the Ramayana route to Sri Lanka, by air and rail Hiru News en 2014-04-29 Chairman of Ja-Ela arrives at Municipal Council in garbage tractor : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-29 Tense situation in Kurunegala due to Nurse - Midwives clash: Video Hiru News en 2014-04-29 11 year old student commits suicide in Wennapuwa Hiru News en 2014-04-29 23 proposals passed in the Northern Provincial Council - Opposes ban on Pro LTTE organizations Hiru News en 2014-04-29 North Korea plans live-fire drill, South vows strong response Hiru News en 2014-04-29 SL need fast-bowling allrounders for World Cup Hiru News en 2014-04-29 Nokia names Rajeev Suri as new chief executive Hiru News en 2014-04-29 MH370 Search: Exploration firm claims wreckage found Hiru News en 2014-04-29 Sudden increase in wind speed expected Hiru News en 2014-04-29 30 Democratic Party candidates go to court requesting to re-count preferential votes in the Gampaha district. Hiru News en 2014-04-29 A warning issued on an instant rise of wind speed: Video Hiru News en 2014-04-29 No-confidence motion against North Central Provincial Council Chairman defeated. Hiru News en 2014-04-29 Foreign bureau remains vigilant on Lankan employees in Middle East due to MERS corona virus: Video Hiru News en 2014-04-29 Certain ruling members of the UNP Controlled Colombo Municipal Council protest against its lavatory tax Hiru News en 2014-04-29 President on two day official tour in Bahrain: Video Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Gunmen storm Libyan parliament Hiru News en 2014-04-30 LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling banned for life Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Sir Cliff speaks about his private life. Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Wildlife Minister points out to officials a series of faults : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-30 President to return to the island after a successful official visit to Bahrain. Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Update : All nurses in North Western Province and Castle except Kurunegala on strike: Doctors in Kalutara and Ratnapura also on strike Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Rain with thunderstorm today as well Landslide risk in Kandy, Matale and Badulla continues. Several persons in distress due to inclement weather Hiru News en 2014-04-30 UPFA may day rally at Campbell park Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Update : Two trains collide head on in Pothuhera - 68 injured, 05 in serious condition - Minister travels to Pothuhera to determine who is at fault : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-30 1000 Northern Youths to join Army Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Individual engages in a protest atop a tree in front of Labour department Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Syria conflict: Dozens die in explosions in Homs. Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Twitter posts $132m net loss amid slow user growth Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Mushfiqur hopes for Jurgensen U-turn Hiru News en 2014-04-30 SLs consumer prices on the rise led by food. Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Hiru News Website becomes first Sri Lankan website to feature a Home Page Takeover : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Putin warns West over restive Ukraine Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Indian Premier League: Chris Gayle and his amazing records for Royal Challengers Bangalore Hiru News en 2014-04-30 George Clooney Steps Down From Un Peacekeeping Role Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Trade union action by GNOA to extend : video Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Sri Lankan who spied for Pakistan arrested in India Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Update : 17 May Day rallies and 15 May Day processions in Colombo. Alliance and JVP in Colombo; UNP in Ampara.: video Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Update : Engine driver ignoring signals, the reason for Pothuhera train accident ? Loss of 100 million rupees : Video Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Packer in two minds regarding investing in SL: video Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Gopi in an assassination conspiracy Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Northern Chief Minister meets CM of the East Hiru News en 2014-04-30 President Rajapakse arrives from Bahrain : video Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Indian Election Commission accuses Narendra Modi of election code violation. Hiru News en 2014-04-30 Mahela Jayawardene has played down the impact which Paul Farbraces change will have when Sri Lanka tours England this summer. Hiru News en 2014-05-01 Rain with thunderstorm today as well: Landslide risk in 5 districts. Hiru News en 2014-05-01 3 train services in the Northern line cancelled: Train services on Northern Line likely to resume this afternoon. Hiru News en 2014-05-01 A special traffic plan in Colombo: 5000 deployed for security Hiru News en 2014-05-01 Update : Five Railway workers interdicted in connection with the train accident - Pothuhera to be given one more track. Hiru News en 2014-05-01 Blasts on train at Chennai railway station, one dead Hiru News en 2014-05-01 Three dead, 79 injured in rail station blast in Chinas Xinjiang Hiru News en 2014-05-01 Saleem Malik asks PCB to review ban Hiru News en 2014-05-01 George Clooney ends UN peace role Hiru News en 2014-05-01 Australia reclaim No.1 Test ranking Hiru News en 2014-05-01 US warns of new generation of global terrorists Hiru News en 2014-05-01 US bans the LTTE again. Hiru News en 2014-05-01 IMF approves US$17b aid for Ukraine Hiru News en 2014-05-01 Unesco warns Australia over Great Barrier Reef Hiru News en 2014-05-01 Nursing strike spreads to several hospitals - Heated situation still remains in Kurunegala hospital. Hiru News en 2014-05-01 More information about Sri Lankan who spied for Pakistan Hiru News en 2014-05-01 Major political parties ready to celebrate May Day - Parades to begin shortly. Hiru News en 2014-05-01 School student drowned in Ambalantota Hiru News en 2014-05-01 Sangakkara could quit ODIs after World Cup Hiru News en 2014-05-01 Sri Lanka condemns Chennai train bomb attack Hiru News en 2014-05-01 Turkey May Day protests hit by tear gas near Taksim Square Hiru News en 2014-05-01 Sri Lanka banks, finance firms in consolidation talks. Hiru News en 2014-05-01 Misbah to remain captain till World Cup, says Sethi. Hiru News en 2014-05-01 Update : Discussion on Midwifery training dispute fails; says 2 unions GMOA and a union still in discussion. : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-01 5 railway workers including an engine driver interdicted Engine drivers association objects decision to be taken tomorrow : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-01 May day rally held in a gala manner! Hiru News en 2014-05-02 Explosion rocks Nigerias capital Hiru News en 2014-05-02 The office and Yal Devi train of the Northern track recommence service. Hiru News en 2014-05-02 UNP asks for a National Election at the Ampara May Day Rally. Hiru News en 2014-05-02 We do not bow down: neither can we be dominated President says at the Alliance May Day rally. : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-02 James Anderson named in ODI squad against Scotland Hiru News en 2014-05-02 GM, Chrysler, Toyota boost US sales in April, Ford falls Hiru News en 2014-05-02 Boston marathon bombing TV series planned Hiru News en 2014-05-02 Investigations on poaching an elephant calf from Udawala sanctuary : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-02 A group of Muslim MPs submits a letter to President Hiru News en 2014-05-02 UPDATE: Balangoda hand torch explosion suspected to be a personnel dispute. Father amputated; 2 children injured : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-02 Inflation further decelerates in April Hiru News en 2014-05-02 Sri lanka slips to number 2 in T20I rankings Hiru News en 2014-05-02 Japans Abe, UKs Cameron push Russia over Ukraine Hiru News en 2014-05-02 Interdicted railway workers are questioned: Engine drivers association in a special discussion. Hiru News en 2014-05-02 Indian Authorities suspect arrested Sri lankan involved in Chennai train attack. Hiru News en 2014-05-02 Lawrence crowned FHMs Sexiest Woman in the World Hiru News en 2014-05-02 War heroes commemoration period announced : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-02 5 suspects arrested in connection with Mawanella Gem Heist : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-02 Dog steals the show (and Gloves) during softball game Hiru News en 2014-05-02 Upside-down Home Hiru News en 2014-05-02 Engine drivers trade union decision to delay services on Northern and upcountry line : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-02 TNA name an 8 member committee to study Geneva resolution. Hiru News en 2014-05-02 200 injured as subway trains collide in Seoul Hiru News en 2014-05-02 Clarke selection call a turning point - Marsh Hiru News en 2014-05-03 Several Ministers and MP’s present at opening of Educational Exhibition : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-03 Afghanistan landslide kills at least 350 Hiru News en 2014-05-03 Update 650 hospitals come to a standstill due to nurses strike; Ridgeway, Castle, De Soyza and Cancer hospitals operate Hiru News en 2014-05-03 President says Laws alone cannot guarantee a society with good values : video Hiru News en 2014-05-03 Suspect who assisted Appan arrested in Anuradhapura Hiru News en 2014-05-03 Hand grenade attack at a party in Elpitiya - 5 injured : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-03 Deputy Minister says had to go against conscience to vote for Casino’s : video Hiru News en 2014-05-03 U.S. committed to strengthen democracy in Sri Lanka - Biswal Hiru News en 2014-05-03 Samsung ordered to pay Apple $119.6m Hiru News en 2014-05-03 Peter Moores dismisses suggestions Farbrace should sit out for SL Tour Hiru News en 2014-05-03 Doctor Who star Matt Smith set for Terminator reboot Hiru News en 2014-05-03 Another Sri Lankan arrested over ties with Sri Lankan terror suspect arrested before Hiru News en 2014-05-03 Showers today as well; threat of landslides continue Hiru News en 2014-05-03 UNP commences protest in Hambantota Hiru News en 2014-05-03 Ready for a discussion; report for duty Health Minister request from nurses who are engaged in the strike : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-03 Deadly Middle East respiratory virus strikes in US Hiru News en 2014-05-03 Sri Lanka inflation at 3.5-pct in April by citizen index. Hiru News en 2014-05-03 Keith Richards Teams Up With Musicians To Pay Reggae Tribute To Marley. Hiru News en 2014-05-03 Farbrace has no cause for guilt - Moores Hiru News en 2014-05-03 Heavy falls about 150 mili meters expected in many areas tonight. Hiru News en 2014-05-03 Will there be a solution for the issues; TNA in doubt. Hiru News en 2014-05-03 An education system that does not mislead the students is required; says President : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Tourists who were trapped in Minneriya rescued : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-04 95 hospitalized following food poisoning at a party in Ampara Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Update : Jaffna triple homicide suspect arrested : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Nurses strike at hospitals continue Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Deadly blast in Somalia while Twin explosions in Kenya. Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Sri Lanka IT service exports higher than estimated: industry body. Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Paul Sir Paul Mccartney Performs Highest Gig. Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Shamindra Eranga to replace Thisara Perera for the Ireland Tour 2014 Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Rescuers end search for survivors of Afghanistan landslide Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Sangakkara starts his mission with Durham today Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Russia sympathisers vent anger at Ukraine Odessa deaths Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Traffic along Puttlam - Mannar Road affected by floods Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Student banned from representing LTTE flag at multicultural assembly Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Due to nurses strike only emergency surgeries are performed at government hospitals. Anuradhapura Kidney patients protest against the Nurses strike. Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Heavy rains to continue: Landslide warning extended Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Join hands to create reconciliation in Sri Lanka Pope request from the Bishops of Sri Lanka. : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Speaker Chamal Rajapakse visits Commonwealth Secretary-General Hiru News en 2014-05-04 2 compartments of Yal Devi detach in Vavuniya; an investigation from the Railway Department. Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Nurses strike continues; one union to call off the strike tomorrow : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-04 2 reservoirs spill overdue to incessant showers; 4 reservoirs reach spill level.Heavy showers tonight as well. Hiru News en 2014-05-04 2 deaths due to adverse weather; 94 persons distressed : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Day of mourning for Afghan mudslide Hiru News en 2014-05-04 Samsung ordered to pay Apple $119.6m Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Kenya buses hit by deadly twin blasts in Nairobi Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Private sector progressing at 10% growth - Alahapperuma Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Adapting to conditions key - Mathews Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Gloria Estefan Set For Songwriters Hall Of Fame Induction. Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Upon a request made by MP R Duminda Silva school stationary haned over to Kollonnawa Balika Vidyalaya : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Ring the bell to catch treasure hunters: a request from Minister Jagath Balasuriya. Hiru News en 2014-05-05 The speed of the Dayata Kirula train at the time of the Pothuhara accident was 80 kilo meters per hour. Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Govt services united nurses union call off their strike A request that a sanga order be issued to its chairman Muruththetuwe Ananda thero. Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Heavy rains island wide today as well: water level in several reservoirs rises. Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Update : Wind speed could rise upto 70 to 80 kilometers per hour - Meteorologists warn Hiru News en 2014-05-05 The President inaugurates the largest Army hospital in the country : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-05 11 with links to Al Qaeda arrested in MH370 probe Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Kallis will be there in SL - Hudson Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Bob Dylan Like a Rolling Stone lyrics to go on sale. Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Arabian Travel Market opens today. Hiru News en 2014-05-05 New phase of MH370 hunt to involve deep ocean search. Hiru News en 2014-05-05 James Packer, Nine CEO David Gyngell in street brawl : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Do not engage in harmful activities for religious harmony - Court warns Bodu Bala Sena and Jathika Bala Sena : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Update : Nursing strike to end tomorrow morning Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Elena Baltacha dies at the age of 30 from liver cancer Hiru News en 2014-05-05 4 persons arrested for interrupting UNP MPs Hambantota tour Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Districts prone to landslides increase to 5 : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-05 4 suspects who disrupted UNP MPs in Hambanthota arrested. Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Nurses strike will end tomorrow morning : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-05 President shows a way to settle the health services dispute. Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Health Minister must take immediate action to solve the nursing dispute; UNP Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Abbas and Hamas chief hold first talks since unity deal Hiru News en 2014-05-05 Liverpool striker is football writers Player of the Yea Hiru News en 2014-05-06 2 Police Officers Abducted, striped OF Uniforms and shot at; one dies and the other admitted to kurunagala hospital. Hiru News en 2014-05-06 SL request Australias fullest cooperation in combating terrorist financing Hiru News en 2014-05-06 A revelation from Minister Wimal about a TNA - Muslim conspiracy : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-06 Nurses strike called off at 7 this morning; Committee resolving the problem meets this afternoon. Hiru News en 2014-05-06 Get ready for election; Advise from President to Uva Alliance politicians. Hiru News en 2014-05-06 Showers or thundershowers in most parts of the island today as well Hiru News en 2014-05-06 President to declare open World Youth Conference 2014 Hiru News en 2014-05-06 India compiled with Sri lanka terrorist list Hiru News en 2014-05-06 Dwayne Smith Powers Chennai Super Kings Past Delhi Daredevils Hiru News en 2014-05-06 Sisi says if elected there will be no Brotherhood in Egypt Hiru News en 2014-05-06 Brad Pitt buys son Justin Bieber portrait Hiru News en 2014-05-06 10 Sri Lankan asylum seekers arrested in India Hiru News en 2014-05-06 Group of farmers block Ampara - Kandy road demanding water for cultivation Hiru News en 2014-05-06 Judge appointed via presidential decree to inquire into Pothuhera Train accident : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-06 Police and Navy initiate joint operation to apprehend 3 who left a weapon near the Werugal Navy camp and fled Hiru News en 2014-05-06 1m Rs reward for any individual who provides information regarding abduction of 2 police officers and the murder of 1 police officer Hiru News en 2014-05-06 74 dead as jihadist rivals clash in east Syria Hiru News en 2014-05-06 Sri Lankas 2014 economic growth upgraded to 7.0-pct by IMF Hiru News en 2014-05-06 Ireland aim to upset Sri Lanka at chilly Clontarf Hiru News en 2014-05-06 The paramedics lauches a strike in North, the East and the North Central Provinces : video Hiru News en 2014-05-06 CB Governor admits challenges, assures no retrenchment Hiru News en 2014-05-06 Europe aviation agency urges extending black box life. Hiru News en 2014-05-06 Ex-ICC President Ehsan Mani brands BCCI hypocrite for IPLs advent in UAE. Hiru News en 2014-05-06 Billy Ray Cyrus says Miley is better. Hiru News en 2014-05-06 South Indian airports put on high alert after Lankan reveals terror plot Hiru News en 2014-05-06 Saman Rathnapriya ousted from Kurunegala Hospital Hiru News en 2014-05-06 JVP demands all party committee from Parliament : video Hiru News en 2014-05-06 Youth fighters are not partners of terrorism - says President at Youth Forum : video Hiru News en 2014-05-06 Kurunegala Police officer who survived murder attempt gives statement to CID regarding incident : video Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Agitations and processions banned in Colombo today for Paramedical students and IUSF. Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Australia applauds Sri Lankas role in combating people smuggling Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Questions in Parliament in the evening as well. Hiru News en 2014-05-07 20 statements about killing of a policeman in Kurunagala: 10 police teams to probe the incident. Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Update : Six workers interdicted following Aluthgama train accident : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Severe weather alert that was issued yesterday is cancelled. Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Ireland lose to Sri Lanka in first one-day international Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Indias Rahul Gandhi defends seat in marathon election Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Twitter sinks to new low as lockup expires Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Justin Timberlake: Michael Jackson Gave Me The Confidence To Leave N Sync And Go Solo Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Traffic jam on Galle Road due to protest Hiru News en 2014-05-07 James Packer and David Gyngell trade blows : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Ready to Reward Sri Lankans for the Fifth time Hiru News en 2014-05-07 UNP demands a full audit report on Hambantota Port and Mattala Airport Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Ravana Balaya goes to Buddha Sasana Ministry demanding removal of special police unit to investigate religious disputes : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Police receive several tip-offs regarding Kurunegala policemans murder : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Nat King Coles Nephew Is A Big Hit On The Voice In Australia. Hiru News en 2014-05-07 US slams Russia as Ukraine war fears rise Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Thailand court ousts Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra Hiru News en 2014-05-07 An oil bowser seized by Police STF personnel falls into a canal : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Broad misses Sri Lanka series Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Drought cuts March tea crop by 22% Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Jeremy Renner joins Soccer Aid team Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Person dies in Avissawella after soil mound collapse Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Railway Engine Drivers start work-to-rule campaign from today. Hiru News en 2014-05-07 23 hurt as fire, blasts rock Philippine army munitions depot Hiru News en 2014-05-07 White house temporally locked down. Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Inter University Federation Students stage a protest in Colombo this afternoon despite a court ruling : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Match-fixing to be criminalised in New Zealand Hiru News en 2014-05-07 New Billy Joel Video released. Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Date fixed for a debate on no-confidence motion against the government Hiru News en 2014-05-07 TNA proposes a common candidate for the Presidential election. : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Did Hambantota PS Chairman brandish a pistol or a toy - Photographs and video footage sent to Ruhunu University Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Pie-scraper baked for chompion eaters only : Challengers face a bun fight with the 30,000-calorie burger to top them all Hiru News en 2014-05-07 Chicken hit by car doing 70mph but youll never guess what happened next Hiru News en 2014-05-07 United Nations praise Sri Lankas progress Hiru News en 2014-05-07 State Vesak Week from 11th to 17th of this month Hiru News en 2014-05-08 Three new judges sworn-in to Supreme Court : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-08 Boko Haram attack kills hundreds as Nigeria offers reward for girls Hiru News en 2014-05-08 Frozen Soundtrack Scores 13th Week At Number One In U.s. Hiru News en 2014-05-08 Gary Wilson says Irish can avenge opening defeat by Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-05-08 Probe begins to find out whether what had fallen at Aralagangwila are Helios comet rock fragments Hiru News en 2014-05-08 Registration of all Dansals in Colombo city limits made compulsory. Hiru News en 2014-05-08 University students who violated court order arrested Hiru News en 2014-05-08 President calls all SLFP MPs to Colombo tomorrow Hiru News en 2014-05-08 Padavi Sri Pura residents continue the protest for the 2nd day. : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-08 A child injured following a motor accident Hiru News en 2014-05-08 Person arrested with 2 locally manufactured firearms in Polonnaruwa Hiru News en 2014-05-08 US concern over South China Sea dangerous conduct Hiru News en 2014-05-08 ISI agent Shakir Hussain is a notorious Human trafficker. Hiru News en 2014-05-08 6 foot high Buddha statue unearthed from a coconut land in Balangoda. :Video Hiru News en 2014-05-08 Investigative teams suspect whether there is any connection between Kurunagala Constable murder and Narammala robbery. Hiru News en 2014-05-08 Sri Lanka and Maldives under scanner as transit point for terror Hiru News en 2014-05-08 Glenn Maxwells Pyrotechnics Help Kings XI Punjab Hammer Chennai Super Kings Hiru News en 2014-05-08 Bruce Willis wants his daughters to cover up. Hiru News en 2014-05-08 TVs Power Rangers morphing into film Hiru News en 2014-05-08 Sri Lanka exports to EU up 16.3-pct in first quarter 2014 Hiru News en 2014-05-08 Trains delayed due to engine drivers trade union action : Video Hiru News en 2014-05-08 Syria conflict: Huge blast destroys Aleppo hotel Hiru News en 2014-05-08 Cabinet grants approval to name Adams peak a religious site Hiru News en 2014-05-08 Former commissioner sentenced to 102 years in prison for VAT fraud; Fined Rs. 12 billion Hiru News en 2014-05-08 President focuses on increasing Mahapola scholarships : video Hiru News en 2014-05-08 Update :The illegal gambling spot near Colombo town hall raided for the 7 time; 34 arrested. Hiru News en 2014-05-08 WICB to partner USACA to develop game in America Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Why doesn’t the JHU oppose horse races; Frontline party questions. -Video Hiru News en 2014-05-09 GMOAs support for a committee resolving the Midwifery issue. Hiru News en 2014-05-09 The zoo has become a slaughter house;Anura Kumara Dissanayaka says in Parliament. Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Update : Train delay today as well: Passengers assault an engine driver at Polgahawela. Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Health Minister advice trade union Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Thailands deposed premier Yingluck faces politics ban Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Rain wipes out Ireland-Sri Lanka match at Clontarf Hiru News en 2014-05-09 New £40m Charlie Chaplin museum planned in Switzerland Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Chinas Air Force Creates a Battalion of Monkeys Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Update : Gambling den inside a resting hall of Katharagama Pradeshiya Saba. Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Pettah hit and run suspect produced before court -Video Hiru News en 2014-05-09 A female student commits suicide after reprimanded by a teacher Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Patriotic movement objects the attempt to remove Northern Governor Hiru News en 2014-05-09 President pays homage to Sri Maha Bodiya Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Apple in talks to buy Beats for $3.2bn Hiru News en 2014-05-09 A group of International youth conference participants stage a protest in Colombo. Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Energy-saving technologies cutting firms fuel bills Hiru News en 2014-05-09 James Packer and ex-wife Erica laugh off street brawl in show of unity at funeral Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Whatmore to help Associates for WC Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Russia holds war parades amid crisis Hiru News en 2014-05-09 On a Roll, Toyota Chalks Up Record Profit, Vehicle Sales Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Michael Jackson Experience To Premiere At Billboard Music Awards Hiru News en 2014-05-09 China poised to pass US as worlds leading economic power this year Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Australia police fine billionaire James Packer over brawl Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Assaulted Engine Driver complains to Maradana police - Video Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Colombo Fort magistrate writes to speaker on Elephant issue. Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Certain embassies assist programmes, misleading school students. - Video Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Thai protesters launch final fight as government clings on Hiru News en 2014-05-09 Sammy to be Axed as West Indies Test Captain, Denesh Ramdin Will Replace Hiru News en 2014-05-10 Relatives allege youth died in Badulla after been assaulted by Police - Video Hiru News en 2014-05-10 Special programme to prevent delays in paying pensions Hiru News en 2014-05-10 Patriotic Movement says executive presidency is needed Hiru News en 2014-05-10 Geneva resolution will not do any good to Sri Lanka; Japan reiterates Hiru News en 2014-05-10 31 Sri Lankan fishermen arrested in India Hiru News en 2014-05-10 Sri Lankas standpoint expressed on Southern China Sea crisis Hiru News en 2014-05-10 World Youth Forum Colombo Declaration issued Hiru News en 2014-05-10 Train delay continues – another engine driver attacked Revise Train Time table, Engine Drivers’ Association demands. Hiru News en 2014-05-10 Sri Lankas March exports up 26-pct, 1Q 15.7-pct: commerce ministry. Hiru News en 2014-05-12 I was shot as a result of a conspiracy; Everything will be revealed to the country soon - MP R Duminda Silva Hiru News en 2014-05-10 Two held for smuggling gold from Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-05-10 Nigeria abductions: Michelle Obama to deliver address Hiru News en 2014-05-10 England beat Scotland by 39 runs on the D/L Method. Hiru News en 2014-05-10 Elton John Tops List Of Charitable Celebrities. Hiru News en 2014-05-10 Honest janitor awarded over $76k after finding huge stash of money in a toilet Hiru News en 2014-05-10 UNP Janajaya tour commence from Badulla Hiru News en 2014-05-10 Deputy and Assistant Election Commissioners summoned to Colombo for a special meeting Hiru News en 2014-05-10 The biggest post-war haul of Pistol ammunition discovered in Wella-mulli-waik-kal Hiru News en 2014-05-10 If security not consolidated, Office train service may stop - Video Hiru News en 2014-05-10 Agents of Shield gets second series and new spin-off Hiru News en 2014-05-10 Appeal court revives Oracle-Google copyright battle Hiru News en 2014-05-11 2 bodies found, 1 missing after hot air balloon burns, crashes in Virginia -Video Hiru News en 2014-05-10 The biggest post-war haul of Pistol ammunition discovered in Wella-mulli-waik-kal Hiru News en 2014-05-11 Many mobile services organised by Corporative societies under the patronage of MP R Dumindha Silva. -Video Hiru News en 2014-05-11 Complains regarding the disappeared through the internet. Hiru News en 2014-05-11 Stalled Indo - Sri Lanka fisheries discussion tomorrow. Hiru News en 2014-05-11 Crucial discussion today to solve the Railway crisis. Hiru News en 2014-05-11 Chennai Super Kings beat Mumbai Indians while Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Delhi Daredevils. Hiru News en 2014-05-11 Sea row dominates as ASEAN leaders meet Hiru News en 2014-05-11 Sir Paul McCartney almost drowned as a boy. Hiru News en 2014-05-11 SriLankan begins charter flights to Sichuan Hiru News en 2014-05-11 Bus unions demand a 7 percent bus fare hike. Hiru News en 2014-05-11 A gang involved in many crimes arrested in Kaluthara Hiru News en 2014-05-11 Update : 7 police officers attached to the Kanda-katiya police arrested over the death of a youth while in custody. Hiru News en 2014-05-11 CMC to Prohibit Waste Into The Sea by 2020. Hiru News en 2014-05-11 97 robberies wearing full face helmets within 5 months; majority from Mount lavania. Hiru News en 2014-05-11 West warns Russia ahead of illegal east Ukraine referendums Hiru News en 2014-05-11 Barclays to cut 19,000 jobs over three years Hiru News en 2014-05-11 New Zealand Appoint Craig McMillan as Batting Coach for West Indies Tour Hiru News en 2014-05-11 Supreme Court verdict on pictorial warnings on Cigarette packets tomorrow. Hiru News en 2014-05-11 7 police officers attached to the Kanda-katiya police remanded over the death of a youth while in custody. - Video Hiru News en 2014-05-11 2450 betting centres raided last year. Hiru News en 2014-05-11 Train services to resume adhering to safety regulations; another decisive discussion tomorrow. - Video Hiru News en 2014-05-11 BlackBerry steps up fightback with Indonesian phone Hiru News en 2014-05-11 Pro-Russian rebels hold vote to break away Ukraines east Hiru News en 2014-05-11 Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova Storm Into Madrid Masters Semis Hiru News en 2014-05-11 Police issues a sketch and a photograph of the suspects of the Kurunagala police murder to media. - Video Hiru News en 2014-05-12 India election: Narendra Modi faces Arvind Kejriwal on final vote day Hiru News en 2014-05-12 Assistance from 3 countries for determining the time period of sacred relics found at the Lahugala, Neelagiri relic dome. Hiru News en 2014-05-12 A specialist committee for registration of elephant calves. Hiru News en 2014-05-12 Signs of 70 office trains being delayed. Decisive discussion this forenoon. Hiru News en 2014-05-12 Rajasthan Royals beats RCB, by 5 wickets, while Gautam Gambhir guided Kolkata Knight Riders to 9 -Wicket Win Over Kings XI Punjab. Hiru News en 2014-05-12 Rich List counts more than 100 UK billionaires Hiru News en 2014-05-12 Oprah Winfrey may be 60 years-old but to her, age is just a number. Hiru News en 2014-05-12 Supreme Court verdict with regard to Pictorial warning on Cigarette Packets today Hiru News en 2014-05-12 2nd round of fisheries talks today. Hiru News en 2014-05-12 Japanese bar offering discount to bald customers -Video Hiru News en 2014-05-12 Fake Mandela sign language interpreter pulled out of psych hospital to shoot commercial -Video Hiru News en 2014-05-12 36 Sri Lankan fishermen shifted to Kakinada jail Hiru News en 2014-05-12 Update : Pictorial warning of cigarette packets reduced from 80 to 60 % Judgement of the appeal passed today. Hiru News en 2014-05-12 Former provincial councillor Ananda Kumara receives 2 years Suspended jail term: fined 50000 Teacher receives 300000 rupees compensation. -Video Hiru News en 2014-05-12 UPFA Peliyagoda Urban Council member shot dead Hiru News en 2014-05-12 Information unearthed about the vehicle in which Kurunagala police murder suspects arrived. Hiru News en 2014-05-12 2nd round of Indo - Sri Lanka Fishermen talks begin Hiru News en 2014-05-12 8 pandols in Colombo and 100 dansals in view of Vesak. Hiru News en 2014-05-12 A man kills wife and commits suicide in Puthukkudiyirippu Hiru News en 2014-05-12 Cat returns home three years after tsunami Hiru News en 2014-05-12 Watch terrifying revenge prank as friend tries to escape from ghost that appears on cars back seat Hiru News en 2014-05-12 President directs IGP for a special raid. -Video Hiru News en 2014-05-12 Q1 apparel exports up by 20% to $ 1,257 m Hiru News en 2014-05-12 Modi seeks crowning victory in India election climax Hiru News en 2014-05-12 India to tour Bangladesh after IPL Hiru News en 2014-05-12 Paliyagoda UPFA Urban councillor’s death charged to be a political killing. -Video Hiru News en 2014-05-12 Sri Lanka medical association to go to Supreme Court over appeal court judgment on pictorial warnings. -Video Hiru News en 2014-05-12 Common agreement between Transport Minister and Engine drivers. Train delays likely to reduce. -Video Hiru News en 2014-05-12 60 thousand Buddhist flags printed in wrong colour order seized. -Video Hiru News en 2014-05-13 Indo - Sri lanka fisheries discussion unsuccessful Hiru News en 2014-05-13 A scholarship fund from Navagaththegama teacher who was forced to kneel down. Hiru News en 2014-05-13 A police constable killed in Walipanna.-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-13 Win demands not by threats but through discussions; an advice from President to nursing staff. Hiru News en 2014-05-13 Major General Prasad Samarasingha appointed as the Chief of staff of Sri Lanka Army. Hiru News en 2014-05-13 Pakistan Naval Ship PNS Shamsheer to arrive in Sri Lanka on a goodwill visit Hiru News en 2014-05-13 US twin baby sisters born holding hands. -Video Hiru News en 2014-05-13 Kerry and Abbas to meet in London on Thursday Hiru News en 2014-05-13 Mushtaq Ahmed named Pakistan bowling consultant Hiru News en 2014-05-13 Bruce Springsteen Online Museum Launching In June Hiru News en 2014-05-13 Liquor shops, slaughter houses, race bookies, casinos and clubs closed for 2 days. Hiru News en 2014-05-13 Thirty thousand policemen to be deployed during vesak. Hiru News en 2014-05-13 Investigators seek forensic science evidence on Paliyagoda Urban councillors murder. Hiru News en 2014-05-13 2 teachers arrested for trimming a female student’s hair.-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-13 Health Minister is unhappy over reducing pictorial warning from 80 to 60 percent.-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-13 Sri Lanka tourism anticipates over $ 2 b earnings Hiru News en 2014-05-13 US deploys planes in search for Nigerian girls Hiru News en 2014-05-13 Englands Cook & Bopara to face Sri Lanka for Essex Hiru News en 2014-05-13 Hiru Online Vesak Pandol now on display-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-13 India stocks surge as Modi seen closing in on power. Hiru News en 2014-05-13 Former shadow coach Hathurusingha open to SL role Hiru News en 2014-05-13 Elton John Called On To Help UKrainian Boy He Wanted To Adopt. Hiru News en 2014-05-13 Court informed that Raj Rajarathnam sent 390 million at the request of Ravi Karunanayaka and other respondents.-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-13 80 percent pictorial warning on cigarette packets to parliament again; UNP ready to support. Hiru News en 2014-05-13 60 million worth expired drugs ready for sale seized-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-13 Paliyagoda urban councillors mother prepares to expose sons killers.-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-13 All arrangements made for Hiru Shakya-singha Vesak ceremony and relics exposition.-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-13 President meets students who observed Sil- Video Hiru News en 2014-05-14 Turkey coal mine explosion: Death toll soars. Hiru News en 2014-05-14 EU court backs right to be forgotten in Google case Hiru News en 2014-05-14 Royal Challengers Bangalore Thump Delhi Daredevils, while Chennai beats Rajasthan. Hiru News en 2014-05-14 Arnold Schwarzenegger compared SWAT and DEA teams to graceful ballet dancers. Hiru News en 2014-05-14 Do not hesitate to grant bail: says Chief Justice-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-14 Entire country celebrates Wesak commemorating the Birth, Enlightenment and Passing away of Lord Buddha-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-14 Police Intelligence in the vicinity of schools Hiru News en 2014-05-14 Update: Hiru Shakya Sinha Mangalya 2014 | Mahiyanganaya sacred land brightens with more than 500 thousnd electric bulbs and 100 thousand oil lamps. | Hiru Shakya Sinha Mangalya 2014-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-14 Teachings of Lord Buddha greatest message of peace to the world: President-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-14 US reports third case of potential MERS virus Hiru News en 2014-05-14 Sri Lankas big names return for England ODIs Hiru News en 2014-05-14 Cliff Richard dines in Dublin cafe Hiru News en 2014-05-14 Qantas reportedly to lay off pilots in bid to revive profits Hiru News en 2014-05-14 NFF representatives pay visit to Malwathu and Asgiri Chief Prelates-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-14 Devotees celebrate Vesak giving priority to spiritual and material aspects Hiru News en 2014-05-14 Malaysia Prime Minister urges aircraft changes to prevent another MH370 Hiru News en 2014-05-14 EU, Ukraine sign 1 billion euros aid deal Hiru News en 2014-05-14 England v Sri Lanka: Selectors some way off Lords Test team Hiru News en 2014-05-14 UK unemployment rate falls to five-year low Hiru News en 2014-05-14 JK Rowlings Harry Potter Spin-Off Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Gets Release Date Hiru News en 2014-05-14 Initiate dialogue to create comprehensive reconciliation – a request from the UN Hiru News en 2014-05-14 3048 Dansel checked island-wide - 68 warned-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-14 Take caution while viewing Vesak - Police request Hiru News en 2014-05-15 Another stage of Daham Saviya held under the patronage of MP R Duminda Silva-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-15 60 elephants die in 4 months Hiru News en 2014-05-15 Separate unit at all Police stations to nab timber racketeers Hiru News en 2014-05-15 3 wheeler which disobeyed Police instructions shot at in Kalutara - 2 injured Hiru News en 2014-05-15 Update : Hiru Uththama Daathu Wandana; Kapilawatsthu Pura sacred relics arrives in Waskaduwa. -Video Hiru News en 2014-05-15 Deadly attack on Thai protest camp in Bangkok Hiru News en 2014-05-15 2 children drown in a water pit at Morawaka in Matara Hiru News en 2014-05-15 Sony to go through more losses Hiru News en 2014-05-15 Sanga hits century for Durham Hiru News en 2014-05-15 Another Special UN rapporteure to arrive in the island Hiru News en 2014-05-15 India bans LTTE commemoration Hiru News en 2014-05-15 Roger Federers first match after birth of his twin sons, ends in defeat Hiru News en 2014-05-15 Japan economy grow at fastest pace in 3 years Hiru News en 2014-05-15 South Korea ferry captain charged with manslaughter Hiru News en 2014-05-15 Hornet attacks in Sigiriya and Haputale - 35 hospitalized Hiru News en 2014-05-15 British Prime Minister extends wishes for Wesak Hiru News en 2014-05-15 Alan Jackson Records Song for A Million Ways to Die in the West Hiru News en 2014-05-15 Plastic manufacturing centre catch fire. -Video Hiru News en 2014-05-15 Plastic manufacturing centre catch fire Hiru News en 2014-05-15 Lankan workers making major contribution to Korean economy Hiru News en 2014-05-15 Afghan election results confirm Abdullah-Ghani run-off Hiru News en 2014-05-15 14 train turns suddenly cancelled Hiru News en 2014-05-15 Create systematic methodology to purchase B Onions - President instructs Minister of Trade.-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-16 Colombo District Parliamentarian R Duminda Silva participates in many religious programmes in Colombo.-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-16 LTTE banned for further 5 years in India Hiru News en 2014-05-16 Special traffic plan from today in view of Victory Day celebrations in Matara-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-16 One killed in shooting in Maligawatte Hiru News en 2014-05-16 Syria conflict: Deadly blast near Turkey border crossing Hiru News en 2014-05-16 Surge in Chinese travellers to up tourism stakes. Hiru News en 2014-05-16 Rajasthan Royals Thrash Delhi Daredevils by 62 Runs in Ahmedabad. Hiru News en 2014-05-16 Mike Oldfield Turns 61 Hiru News en 2014-05-16 India starts counting votes. Hiru News en 2014-05-16 Indian Election Results 2014: BJP and Allies Heading for 290 Seats, Based On Early Leads Hiru News en 2014-05-16 Business delegation from Sri Lanka to visit Israel in June. Hiru News en 2014-05-16 Elviss contract with Colonel Tom Parker that set him on his way to stardom to reach 25,000 dollars under the hammer. Hiru News en 2014-05-16 Grant Flower named Pakistan batting coach Hiru News en 2014-05-16 Team of officers deployed to resolve Matale Hospital Labour room issue Hiru News en 2014-05-16 NFF submit proposals to Amarapura Chapter- Video Hiru News en 2014-05-16 7000 police and military troops deployed for Victory Day Parade Hiru News en 2014-05-16 Narendra Modi has been confirmed as the next Premier of India.-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-16 IUSF to demand from UGC to extend the Allied Health Science Degree program to 4 years Hiru News en 2014-05-16 Janet Balasuriya passes away. Hiru News en 2014-05-16 President Rajapakse congratulates new Indian Premier Narendra Modi Hiru News en 2014-05-16 President advises all relevant parties to provide relief for drought victims Hiru News en 2014-05-16 The victory day celebration on Sunday commemorates the freedom of the people of the North – says the Army;Police prevents another celebration opposite the Northern Provincial Council-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-16 Tense situation arises between police and allied health students following arrest of four students-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-16 Students arrested in Allied health protest to courts today Hiru News en 2014-05-16 Rahul Gandhi accepts responsibility for loss Hiru News en 2014-05-16 Steven Spielberg to direct Roald Dahls The BFG Hiru News en 2014-05-16 De Villiers ready for Test captaincy Hiru News en 2014-05-17 Sri Lanka beat Kent comfortably Hiru News en 2014-05-17 Colombo District MP R Dumindha Silva participates in several Religious Events- Video Hiru News en 2014-05-17 Godzilla opens strong Hiru News en 2014-05-17 Tear gas fired at Turkey mine protesters Hiru News en 2014-05-17 Narendra Modi hails landmark win Hiru News en 2014-05-17 Stocks Up Hiru News en 2014-05-17 Kurshid says ties between Congress government and Sri Lanka were not strained Hiru News en 2014-05-17 China assures military ties with Sri Lanka will be taken to a new level - Video Hiru News en 2014-05-17 Laos Military Plane carrying Defence Minister crashes in the North Hiru News en 2014-05-17 18 Allied Health Students who were arrested remanded till Monday Hiru News en 2014-05-17 1000 inmates to be freed in view of Wesak Hiru News en 2014-05-17 Lets think newly about dealing with India; says Opposition Leader- Video Hiru News en 2014-05-17 Nigeria abducted girls: Frances summit on Boko Haram threat Hiru News en 2014-05-17 Pakistan to Play Two Tests, Three ODIs in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-05-17 Dont be cruel, let me do Elvis movie: Baz Luhrmann pleads with Lisa Marie. Hiru News en 2014-05-17 Apple and Google settle patent row Hiru News en 2014-05-17 JVP reveals of a progressive camp- Video Hiru News en 2014-05-17 4 remanded Allied Health Sciences Degree students hospitalised- Video Hiru News en 2014-05-17 Main suspect of Kurunegala Police murder arrested in Theldeniya- Video Hiru News en 2014-05-17 Ready to maintain strong relationship with Sri Lanka - Indian new premier Narendra Modi says Hiru News en 2014-05-18 Doubt about the signature on the Udarata Agreement Hiru News en 2014-05-18 If you were assaulted, lodge a complain: Police tells Allied Health Students Hiru News en 2014-05-18 5th Anniversary of the Victory over terrorism today - All set for Victory day celebrations in Matara Hiru News en 2014-05-18 Africa leaders declare war on Nigeria Boko Haram Hiru News en 2014-05-18 Indian Premier League Committee Allows David Hussey to Take Guard for Chennai Super Kings Hiru News en 2014-05-18 General Motors fined $35m over recall Hiru News en 2014-05-18 Paul Mccartney Postpones Japanese Concert Hiru News en 2014-05-18 Libya sets Benghazi no-fly zone after clashes Hiru News en 2014-05-18 3 new MERS deaths in Saudi Arabia Hiru News en 2014-05-18 Vietnamese Officials Intolerant of Violence as Standoff With China Continues Hiru News en 2014-05-18 Father and daughter dies in Accident in Hingurakgoda Hiru News en 2014-05-18 Yohan Blake wants to play for Yorkshire Hiru News en 2014-05-18 University Teachers prepare for another trade union action Hiru News en 2014-05-18 Debate on no confidence motion against government on 20th and 21st Hiru News en 2014-05-18 UPDATE: PSC is the solution for the national problem President Reiterates during the Victory celebration. -Video Hiru News en 2014-05-18 The main suspect of the Kurunagala policemans murder killed Hiru News en 2014-05-18 President to visit China Hiru News en 2014-05-18 Main suspect of the Kurunagala police murder dies in a shootout. Suspect involved in many other crimes as well. -Video Hiru News en 2014-05-18 Peoples movement for a just society meets JVP. Hiru News en 2014-05-18 Tourism sector poised to surpass $ 2b revenue Hiru News en 2014-05-18 IPL final to stay in Bangalore Hiru News en 2014-05-18 PM-elect Modi holds talks on Indias new right-wing govt Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Special handbook for District secretaries about the method of paying salaries to pensioners. Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Allegations on Government from Ministers Wimal and Champika. Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Arrested Paramedical students before court today. Hiru News en 2014-05-19 A train goes out of commission between Pothuhara and Polgahawela - A train delay on the Northern railway track. Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Libyan parliament comes under gunfire in Tripoli Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Michael Jackson Documentary Acquired At Cannes. Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Ex-F1 champion Brabham died aged 88 Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Sri Lanka gaining a name as a medical tourism brand Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Information revealed about an Indian National who illegally stayed in the country for 19 years. Hiru News en 2014-05-19 9 year old commits suicide Hiru News en 2014-05-19 PS member arrested over attempt to remove lightning rod Hiru News en 2014-05-19 2 injured in police shooting at Negambo; a suspect who attempted to assault police also arrested.-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Dilshan and Vithanage blitz Sussex in record time Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Michael Jackson Rises From The Grave For Show-stopping Performance At Billboard Music Awards. Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Arnold Schwarzenegger Sues Over Alleged Exploitation Of Name And Image. Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Primary dealers invited to deal in corporate debt. Hiru News en 2014-05-19 South Korea to break up coastguard after ferry disaster Hiru News en 2014-05-19 9 Allied Health Science students released on bail Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Train services on the Northern Line returns to normal. Hiru News en 2014-05-19 JHU and NFF Stand on UNP no confidence motion against the government will be announced tomorrow. Hiru News en 2014-05-19 NFF submit proposals to the Archbishop Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Farmers protest in Polonnaruwa.-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Vajira Nettikumara released on bail Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Admission to Year 1 procedure to be reviewed Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Hathurusingha named Bangladesh coach Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Colombian children dead in bus accident near Fundacion Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Radiocarbon testing report on Kuragala historical site released Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Matt Prior: England wicketkeeper eyes return from injury for Sussex Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Malaysia Airlines allegedly halts assistance to MH370 crews families Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Russia ends military drills ahead of Ukraine vote Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Bharti Airtel announces successful pricing of Dual Currency- USD and EUR bond issuances Hiru News en 2014-05-19 No Court Orders to ban University Protests on police request henceforth. -Video Hiru News en 2014-05-19 Advisory Council for restore Law and Peace Hiru News en 2014-05-19 One killed in external elevator accident Hiru News en 2014-05-19 President launched National War Heroes Commemoration.-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-20 MP R Duminda Silva hand over exercise equipments to Ananda College-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-20 MPs Namal Rajapakse and R Duminda Silva participates on the final day of the Gangarama Vesak Zone.-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Tamil Nadu fishermen request for a solution for the Indo - SL fisheries issue from the new government Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Unrest at the Alawwa railway station. Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Kiribathgoda Teacher who assaulted a student arrested. Hiru News en 2014-05-20 JHUs decision on UNPs no confidence motion against the government delayed. NFF, JVP and TNA decision today. Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Update : President arrives in China: he will address the Shanghai conference today-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Three Lankans arrested with 24 gold slabs Hiru News en 2014-05-20 2 Germans killed in road accident Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Thailand army declares martial law Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Sri Lanka v England: Paul Farbrace key role - Eoin Morgan Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Godzilla Smashes Competition At U.s. Box Office Hiru News en 2014-05-20 MH370 may have been shot down by mistake during military operation Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Mick Jagger becomes great-grandfather Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Central provincial council opposition members stage a protest against the absence of Ministers-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Sri Lanka holds rates, state guarantee for gold-backed loans Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Vaiko and Modi discuss Lankan issue. Hiru News en 2014-05-20 NFF to refrain from voting at todays UNP no confidence motion Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Train services normal on the main line: Tension of Alawwa incident spreads to Maradana. Hiru News en 2014-05-20 UNP to field its own candidate for a Presidential election.-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-20 All child protection institutions to come under one umbrella Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Health Minister addresses the World Health Summit Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Two women murdered in Kalavanchikudi and Nanattan Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Shes feline her age! Poppy named worlds oldest cat at 24 (thats 114 in human years) Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Youre never too young to be CEO Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Pakistan will always support Sri Lanka - Pakistani President-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-20 A couple commits suicide in Anuradapura Hiru News en 2014-05-20 JVP criticises UNPs no confidence motion against the government-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Update : 4 children gone missing in Nuwara Eliya found. Hiru News en 2014-05-20 20 trains delayed; 3 cancelled; the dispute cost 1 million.-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Russian troops prepare withdrawal from near Ukraine border Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Each Win Motivates Kings XI Punjab Further,Says George Bailey Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Dolly Parton Was Planning Duet With Miley Cyrus. Hiru News en 2014-05-20 Worlds First Braille Phone Is Now on Sale Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Voting on UNPs no confidence motion today; JVP and TNA say they would vote for the proposal. Hiru News en 2014-05-21 A change in Railway departments top ranks.-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-21 President meets UN Secretary General and Iranian President today Hiru News en 2014-05-21 England beaten by Sri Lanka in Oval T20 international Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Nigeria bombings: Death toll passes 100 Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Update : Is it an economic problem for Bambalapitiya Hindu College teacher to commit suicide?-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Current accounts of former Chief Justice to be inspected-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-21 George Harrison electric guitar sells for £390,000 Hiru News en 2014-05-21 A new unit at customs for drug control Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Wild elephants attack a three wheeler in Habarana Hiru News en 2014-05-21 4 arrested for illegally excavating in the Kuchchaweli reserve. Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Thowheed Jamath ordered to apologise to the Mahanayakes-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Public transportation collapsed; JVP demand a solution. Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Allied health science students to the Human rights commission. Hiru News en 2014-05-21 SLMC opposes UNP backed no confidence motion JHU and NFF abstain from voting. Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Two Habaraduwa police officers interdicted Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Teacher who was forced to kneel begins a fund with compensation fee-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Dhakshina-Paya ceiling in risk of collapse Hiru News en 2014-05-21 10 persons hospitalized after hornet attack Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Health Minister returns home.-Video Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Lionel Richie To Receive Lifetime Achievement Accolade At Bet Awards Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Alastair Cook facing biggest challenge -Michael Vaughan Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Microsoft launches larger Surface Pro 3 to rival laptops Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Protesters in Brazil attack World Cup trophy show venue Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Southwest monsoon activates, rain experience in several areas Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Egypts Hosni Mubarak jailed for embezzlement Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Schools in Rathnapura municipal council limits closed for 2 days. Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Russias Putin signs 30 year gas deal with China Hiru News en 2014-05-21 McCullum has acted quite properly - ICC Hiru News en 2014-05-21 Copyright row over Led Zeppelin classic Stairway to Heaven