Hiru News en 2014-09-02 Russia to alter military doctrine towards Nato Hiru News en 2014-09-02 ABBA-Backed Feminists Poised to Make History in Swedish Vote. Hiru News en 2014-09-02 India rise to No. 1 in ODIs. Hiru News en 2014-09-02 Oldest Test cricketer dies aged 103 Hiru News en 2014-09-02 Update: The self immolation at Colpetty is against Navi Pillai.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-02 Current President cannot contest for a 3rd term; UNP brings legal barricades.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-02 BBS joins trade union campaign-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-02 6 arrested in connection with antiquity passport with Queen Elizabeths signature. Hiru News en 2014-09-02 SLFP achieved true freedom; Minister Susil Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Indias Mumbai hit by massive power failure. Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Record-Breaking Mahendra Singh Dhoni Remains Modest in Indias Historic Series Win. Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Marilyn Monroe Dress in River Of No Return for sale. Hiru News en 2014-09-03 2014 voters list displayed in Grama officers Hiru News en 2014-09-03 A special class for trains Hiru News en 2014-09-03 16 005 arrested over drug dealing Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Update : Former soldier who set himself on fire in Colpetty succumbs to injuries-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-03 It is the SLFP that did justice to the Nation: President says at 63rd Anniversary celebrations-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Rainy weather expected Hiru News en 2014-09-03 SLC Executive committee makes decisions. Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Islamic State kills US hostage-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Usain Bolt Wows Bangalore Crowd in Cricket Contest With Yuvraj Singh.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-03 A Bear attacks a Trekker at Wilpattu National Park Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Update : Negombo doctor who raped a girl and pushed her off from a building sentenced to death.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-03 HNB Assurance launches My Pension Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Afghan militants Hezb-e-Islami may join Islamic State Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Bambalapitiya beauty parlour Doctor given bail.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-03 No change in punishment for bus drivers who violates traffic laws Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Warakapola court allows to proceed the case against Senior Minister Athauda Hiru News en 2014-09-03 2 UNP groups clash in Monaragala. Hiru News en 2014-09-03 CAA Chief proposes amendment to Consumer Act Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Permit necessary for animal sacrifice in Munneswaran; Supreme Court endorses appeal court verdict.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Youth who was slapped by Wariyapola girl is bailed-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-03 White House confirms authenticity of ISIS video showing beheading of reporter Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Trekurious Launches Experiences for Children. Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Mobitel mTunes customer receives a brand new Micro Panda Cross Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Sir Cliff Richard - Cliff Richard Wins Police Apology Over Raid Leak Hiru News en 2014-09-03 BRITISH HC VISITS UK-FUNDED COMMUNITY POLICING PROGRAMME IN THE NORTH Hiru News en 2014-09-03 7 students injured in an assault by a principal.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Candidates son still in hospital after Monaragala UNP clash. Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Education to all; says President-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Rice from the moon again; statement from UNP General Secretary-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Obama orders 350 more US troops to Baghdad Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Clarke faces race to make UAE tour Hiru News en 2014-09-03 Cliff Richard Wins Police Apology Over Raid Leak Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Malnutrition in Monaragala and Nuwaraeliya: over-nourishment in Gampaha. Hiru News en 2014-09-04 88 detainees flee prisons: 32 arrested. Hiru News en 2014-09-04 UVA postal voting begins today: Police emergency road blocks as well.-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Intermittent showers expected Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Mathews named SLC Cricketer of the Year-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Al-Qaeda declares new branch in Indian sub-continent Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Frozen Sequel Set To Hit Cinemas In The Spring Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Providing teachers for schools is a responsibility of a government: President Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Ebola death toll passes 1,900, says WHO Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Prince of Wales heartbroken for Christians in Iraq Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Malaysian airlines forced to pull Ultimate Bucket List over twin air tragedies Hiru News en 2014-09-04 MP Vijitha Berugoda airlifted to Colombo due to illness Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Suspicious parcel found in front of Vaas Gunawardanas Nadimala house.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Mechanic Saves Babys Life After Alert From Cell Phone App-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Fort Badulla bound train derails in between Galabada & Inguruoya Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Update : Postal voting peaceful; says Election observers. Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Collective response from South Asia is required against Al-Qaida threat; Dr. Gunarathna. Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Pakistan to investigate the warning by Ahmad Shezad to Dilshan.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Navy brings home 23 fishermen released from India Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Dwayne Johnson To Play Villain Black Adam In Shazam Film Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Nato leaders to meet Ukraines Poroshenko ahead of summit Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Bloomberg to return as head of media empire Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Elephant found dead in a paddy field at Aluyatawela Hiru News en 2014-09-04 New U.S. Non-Immigrant Visa Application System Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Dambulla- Kurunagala road will be closed due to repair works on Northern line. Hiru News en 2014-09-04 India and Sri Lanka vigilant on Al Qaida leaders threat.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Government replies to Northern Province Chief Minister Vigneshwaran.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Postal voting on the 1st day is at a high level.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Obama calls for anti-jihadist front as France, UK weigh strikes Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Rod Stewart Puts A Hold On Retirement Plans With Australian Tour Hiru News en 2014-09-04 Minister Vijithamuni de Soyza suspends a micro credit scheme.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-04 MP R Duminda Silva foundation provides scholarships to 2 students for Higher education.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Ukraine crisis: EU and US prepare tighter Russia sanctions Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Joan Rivers funeral to be held in New York Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Update: Vigneshwaran must obtain permission from governor to travel to India; says Government. Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Those who teach us human rights must also look into injustice done to us; President.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Propaganda campaign on Sep 6th & 7th will be held without any obstacle Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Opening of the Final phase of Norochcholai power plant on September 16th. Hiru News en 2014-09-05 PCB writes to SLC, issues warning to Shehzad over religious comments-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Intermittent showers expected. Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Veteran trade unionist Bala Tampoes final rites to be observed today-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Organized crime syndicate arrested in Colombo Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Japanese Prime Minister arrives in Sri Lanka on September 7th Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Women workers hospitalized following food poisoning-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-05 BJP Condemns Ahmed Shehzads Comments On Dilshans Religion Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Seylan Tikiri Pola, an innovative method to instill the savings habit among children Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Joan Rivers No more. Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Major General Janaka Pereras killer jailed for 20 years Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Allegations against Minister Vijayamuni for threatening a Samurdhi officer.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Fourth Highest Suicide Rate In The World Recorded In Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-09-05 22 polling cards found in a house at Kandekatiya-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-05 ECB cuts rates and launches stimulus programme Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Sachin Tendulkar Backs India to Defend World Cup Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Garth Brooks Launches Digital Sales Site Hiru News en 2014-09-05 New Provincial Councilor for Eastern province Hiru News en 2014-09-05 17 day old baby hospitalized after slammed on to the ground Hiru News en 2014-09-05 UPDATE: Cousin kills 17 days old infant by dashing on the ground Hiru News en 2014-09-05 The Muslim Council deplores Al-Qaeda announcement Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Police Narcotics Bureau shoots Kudu Laalitha at Athurugiriya junction.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-05 UPDATE: Former LTTE carder imprisoned for 20 years for the murder of Major General Janaka Perera.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-05 18 days old baby dashed to death by 22 years old cousin.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Government has crippled trade unions; Ranil.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Nobody can plunder public property: President.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Postal voting concludes.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Import duty cut to reduce rice prices Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Iran backs US military contacts to fight Islamic State Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Take optimum measures to protect election laws: President Orders IG. Hiru News en 2014-09-05 Pakistani Taliban faction welcomes new Al-Qaeda branch Hiru News en 2014-09-06 University cut off marks for 2013 A/L released. Hiru News en 2014-09-06 U.N. failed to protect civilians during the war: says report Hiru News en 2014-09-06 68th Anniversary of the UNP in Passara today. Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Signs of Sambandan loosing Thamil Arusa party leadership. Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Intermittent showers expected Hiru News en 2014-09-06 US confirms al-Shabab leader Ahmed Godane killed Hiru News en 2014-09-06 SL plays down Shehzad-Dilshan incident Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Princess Dianas Wedding Dress To Be Given To Sons. Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Ministry declares national Dengue Prevention Week from September 10th-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Shinzo Abe will arrive in Sri Lanka tomorrow Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Customs seize abortion pills worth Rs 2 million imported from India under the guise of vitamins. Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Minister Basil Rajapakse opens Gold Centre-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Unresponsive private plane crashes off Jamaica Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Sri Lanka tourist arrivals rise 13.8 percent in August 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Update : Import of potatoes suspended from midnight.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Obama calls on allies to defeat Islamic State Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Afridi backs under-fire Misbah. Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Prince Charles And Jerry Seinfeld Add Tributes To Joan Rivers Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Sri Lanka to minimize the application of Agro chemical in agriculture. Hiru News en 2014-09-06 A body of an infant found in a well in Kuliyapitiya. Hiru News en 2014-09-06 UVA election in 2 parts if the situation cannot be controlled: Elections commissioner.-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Shaharyar Khan criticises Shehzad for offering religious advice to Dilshan. Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Mavai Senadiraja, new leader of ITAK Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Akashi meets the President Hiru News en 2014-09-06 15 persons hospitalized following Uda Walawe bus accident Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Russia will react to EU sanctions Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Sajith will be the Deputy Leader. Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Deputy Higher education Minister meets Sabaragamuwa university students Hiru News en 2014-09-06 UPDATE: Mavai Senadiraja appointed as ITAK leader.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-06 I pledge to support Ranil to becom the president says Sajith.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Those who are born in the motherland have one culture; says President.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Alibaba announces share sale details Hiru News en 2014-09-06 Rod Stewart Sued Over Las Vegas Advertisement Photo Hiru News en 2014-09-07 Four dead in an accident in Kakirawa Hiru News en 2014-09-07 Sajith Premadasa accepts the invitation of the opposition leader Hiru News en 2014-09-07 Elections Commissioner visits Uva today Hiru News en 2014-09-07 Opposing development is unfair, says the President Hiru News en 2014-09-07 Japanese Premier in the island today Hiru News en 2014-09-07 New UN Human Rights Chief seeks Sri Lankas cooperation Hiru News en 2014-09-07 Indian Coast Guard arrests five Sri Lankan fishermen near Chennai coast Hiru News en 2014-09-07 Several spells of showers expected Hiru News en 2014-09-07 Spain to open an embassy in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-09-07 No police bail for election law violators-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-07 Circular sending bus employees to court, temporarily suspended Hiru News en 2014-09-07 11 killed in accidents within 24 hours.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-07 Ajith Mannamperuma meets with accident. Hiru News en 2014-09-07 Shinzo Abe arrives in the island Hiru News en 2014-09-07 Water supply to several areas disrupted Hiru News en 2014-09-07 Elections Commissioner to Badulla.-Video-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-07 Heavy fighting threatens Ukraine ceasefire Hiru News en 2014-09-07 Rubber prices recover at slow pace Hiru News en 2014-09-07 Ramprakash, Atapattu in race to coach SL Hiru News en 2014-09-07 UPDATE: Shinzo Abe and President Rajapakse commence bilateral discussions.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-07 UPDATE: UNP MP Ajith Mannapperumas leg amputated.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-07 Strong winds over the island Hiru News en 2014-09-07 MP R Duminda Silva who went on an inspection tour to look into issues faced by people in Wanathamulla greeted in a grandeur manner.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Iraq crisis: Obama to set out US offensive against IS Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Inflation drops in August Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Joan Rivers funeral: Stars mourn late comedian Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Premadasa stadium set for massive upgrade. Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Repairs in the pipe line completed; water supply to suspended areas in several hours.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Update: Badulla peaceful; Elections Commissioner to Monaragala today.-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-08 JVP supporters attacked in Monaragala-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Four arrested including a doctor for assaulting a major. Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Update: Sri Lanka and Japan Signed Agreements for Cooperation in a Number of Sectors Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Serena Williams wins US Open and 18th Grand Slam title Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Iraq secures area around key dam after US strikes. Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Seychelles invites Lanka to tap W. African market Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Arnold Will Be Back Again And Again As Terminator: Genisys Sequels Get Release Dates. Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Bailey quits as Australias T20 captain. Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Japanese Prime Minister leaves the island.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Sir James Dyson unveils 360 Eye robot in Japan-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-08 An elephant in critical condition after slitting its tail. Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Update: 8 JVP members were attacked in Monaragala; 2 hospitalised.-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Election Commissioner says police are attempting to implement election law in Badulla.-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Update: A doctor assaults an army Major in mathara; 4 arrested Hiru News en 2014-09-08 A suspect found with heroin in his possession Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Prince William and Kate expecting second child-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Australia appoint Aaron Finch as Twenty20 captain Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Ukraine crisis: Russia could hit EU with flight ban Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Japans economy shrinks 1.8% in the three months to June Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Dubai plans huge airport expansion Hiru News en 2014-09-08 UPDATE: Water supply to several areas in Colombo which was interrupted last night restored. Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Suspicion over the death of Katunayaka free trade zone worker. Hiru News en 2014-09-08 Election monitors object the idea of holding UVA PC election in stages.-Video-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-08 SL should corporate with UNHRC mandated probe; Says new UN Human Rights Chief.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-08 MP R Duminda Silva renders support to uplift religious sites.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-09 A 4 and half year old girl goes missing in Wallawa- Kurunagala; Police suspect kidnap. Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Update: Election commissioner speaks about election in Monaragala today-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Join North and East; a proposal from ITAK Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Update: No support for Geneva proposals with political objectives; Sri lanka asserts again. Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Marin Cilic wins 2014 US Open and first Grand Slam title Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Group of Garment factory workers in Katunayake hospitalized yet again Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Debarawewa National School temporary closed due to hornet attack Hiru News en 2014-09-09 2 Suspects have been arrested with Marijuana and weapons Hiru News en 2014-09-09 One died and 10 hospitalized following a bus veered off the road in Puththur Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Jayalalithaa files defamation case against Subramanian Swamy Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Ambassador Karunatilaka Amunugama presents Credentials to President of Germany. Hiru News en 2014-09-09 EU adopts new sanctions on Russia Hiru News en 2014-09-09 GM to launch hands-free driving Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Clooney to wed in Venice in couple of weeks Hiru News en 2014-09-09 6 drown within 24 hours Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Facebooks Value Tops $200 Billion on Mobile-Ad Optimism Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Ajmal banned from bowling Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Law students in a protest demanding question papers in 3 languages.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Update : A group of food poisoning patients of Katunayake Garment factory re-hospitalized-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Dont be scared to implement the law: says elections Commissioner-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Jaguar Takes Aim at BMW in Battle for the iPad Generation-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Shahid Afridi, Fawad Alam Frontrunners for Pakistan T20 Captain Race Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Guardians of the Galaxy reigns as US box office slumps Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Policeman attacked in Sapugaskanda: Weopon missing. Hiru News en 2014-09-09 New President of the Court of Appeal sworn.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-09 UNP candidate Tissa Kuttiarachchi remanded.-Video-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Etisalat Lanka introduces convenient multi-device solution for the smartphone user. Hiru News en 2014-09-09 MH17 crash: Dutch experts say numerous objects hit plane. Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Tom Jones, to perform at 2014 AFL Grand Final at MCG. Hiru News en 2014-09-09 UPDATE: No information yet regarding Wallawaya girl who disappeared.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Policemans weapon grabbed after assaulting.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Minister Rajitha runs away before Fishermens protest.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Foreign exchange scam case reveals that Ravi Karunanayaka and Raj Rajrathnam spoke over the phone. Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Whats happening behind UVA election; Opposition Leader questions the government.-Video-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Election could be postponed for 14 days; says Elections commissioner.-Video-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-09 Michael Schumacher leaves hospital for recovery at home. Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Health Ministry to probe suicide statistics. Hiru News en 2014-09-10 A solution today to Peradeniya students who went to the senate house Hiru News en 2014-09-10 A change is imminent: says government.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Update : 6 police squads in search for the girl of Ganewaththa in Kurunagala.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-10 A clash at Munneshwaran sacred precincts: 17 arrested.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Obama briefs Congress leaders on fight with IS-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Moeen Ali Should Take Booing as a Compliment: Englands Professional Cricketers Association Chief Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Olivia Newton John to sing national anthem at AFL grand final. Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Chinese President to visit Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Apple unveils Watch and new iPhones Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Programme to distribute Rs 2500 drought relief in Monaragala district temporarily stopped.-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Dont vote for Candidates who use religious symbols for propaganda: request National Sanga Council. Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Help Sri lanka: Sinhala Ravaya tells the US. Hiru News en 2014-09-10 LTTE commemoration in Batticaloa district dispersed Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Heavy traffic around technical junction. Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Final decision on holding Uva PC polls on the 20th still pending.-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Michael Schumacher leaves hospital for recovery at home Hiru News en 2014-09-10 New U2 album given away for free to iTunes users Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Heavy traffic around U.G.C. Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Father and son dies in Moneragala Motor Accident Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Parliament adjourned due to Bim Saviya Hiru News en 2014-09-10 John Kerry seeks coalition against Islamic State Hiru News en 2014-09-10 CSE surpasses market capitalization of over Rs. 3 trillion today Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Tom Hanks and Sting to receive Kennedy Center honours Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Pakistan Cricket Board Not to Appeal Saeed Ajmal Suspension Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Update: University student Bhikkus in a protest march in Colombo.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Update: All political parties tell election commissioner to conduct the polls as scheduled.-UVA PC Poll 2014-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-10 Parents of missing girl in Kurnuagala give a statement to police.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-11 Update : Children went missing from Rajanganaya return home: A soothsayer queried about the girl abducted from Kurunegala-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-11 UVA poorer than North: says Opposition Leader. Hiru News en 2014-09-11 President instructs to Expedite Morana irrigation water supplying project to UVA. Hiru News en 2014-09-11 More road blocks and additional police teams for Moneragala. Hiru News en 2014-09-11 Several spells of light showers expected. Hiru News en 2014-09-11 Islamic State crisis: Obama threatens action in Syria Hiru News en 2014-09-11 Bangladesh pacemans bowling action reported Hiru News en 2014-09-11 George Clooney To Wed In London On Friday Before Big Italian Ceremony - Report Hiru News en 2014-09-11 A person who abused and killed a girl at Kaththankudi arrested.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-11 Open for talks on 13th Amendment: says President Hiru News en 2014-09-11 India arrests a Sri Lankan for allegedly spying for Pakistan.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-11 Water cut on 13th September. Hiru News en 2014-09-11 A person in Madampe climbs a tree in front of the Colombo Municipal Council Hiru News en 2014-09-11 A detainee shot at while trying to flee at Kasbawa court premises.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-11 Baby Boy with 4 Legs, 4 Arms is Conjoined Twin, not Witchcraft Hiru News en 2014-09-11 Open for a dialogue over 13th amendment with TNA : Sri Lanka cannot tolerate Tamil Nadu fisheries issue : President tells the Hindu.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-11 STF deployed for limited duties in Monaragala-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-11 1 million cash reward for reliable information about missing girl from Ganewaththa.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-11 Negombo to host HSBC Colombo Fashion Week Resort Show 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-11 3 police officers arrested in connection with Ingiriya fatal accident.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-11 Mobitel the main sponsor of the 22nd Annual National Chamber of Exporters Awards Hiru News en 2014-09-11 Additional 1000 policemen for UVA.-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-11 2 options from the opposition leader for people in UVA.-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-11 Russian female receiving treatment in an aurvedic centre dies. Hiru News en 2014-09-11 All propaganda for Uva PC polls must cease by midnight Sept. 17.-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-11 MP R. Duminda Silva donates school books and equipment for children of low income earners.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-12 News published that Pottu Amman was arrested is false. Hiru News en 2014-09-12 T. M. Dilshan excused from CLT 20 Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Become winners of the world using educational facilities government provides; President. Hiru News en 2014-09-12 100 thousand jobs from Opposition Leader to UNP youths.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Massive earthquake may hit Sri Lanka: reveals Study Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Police in search for Wanathwilluwa Pradeshiya Saba member who allegedly abused 7 students. Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Several spells of light showers expected Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Update : The spy arrested in India is an LTTE activist Hiru News en 2014-09-12 CIA triples estimate of IS numbers Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Reply Shaheendra Rajapaske about not participating in debates. Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Coca-Cola Champions Environmental Protection & Recycling Hiru News en 2014-09-12 COCO Unveils its Latest Designer Line - Perine for COCO Hiru News en 2014-09-12 China offers Russia helping hand in Xi, Putin talks Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Alan Jackson Opens His New Nashville Restaurant with a Surprise Concert. Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Gem Corp. earns Rs 279 m in first half Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Not too late to drop England ODI captain - Boycott Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Katie Holmes Set To Make Directorial Debut In Movie Adaptation Of All We Had Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Popes Sri Lankan itinerary released Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Several Schools closed for AL paper markings. Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Police also search for Bandarawela opposition Leader. Hiru News en 2014-09-12 International observer needed for talks with the government, says Sampanthan. Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Oscar Pistorius found guilty of culpable homicide Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Student demonstration at Nugegoda Saint Johns College Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Heavy traffic at Nugegoda junction. Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Supreme Court orders to redistribute Suspended drought relief in Monaragala.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Missing girl found Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Update: Kidnapped girl of Ganewaththa found after 4 days; 2 suspects including a woman arrested.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-12 A police officer attached to Angunakolapalassa station made to stand in the sun.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Student demonstration at Nugegoda Saint Johns College Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Use the given privileges; President tells students.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-12 Arab world rallies behind US against Islamic State Hiru News en 2014-09-13 A body of a missing teacher found near a Devalaya in Passara.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-13 Livelihoods of people will be strengthened just as achieving peace: says President.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-13 Canadian High Commission accused of ill-treating several government officers Hiru News en 2014-09-13 Update : 6 police teams in search of the main suspect of Ganewaththa child abduction case.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-13 Several spells of light showers expected Hiru News en 2014-09-13 SLFP central committee to discuss about Northern proposals-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-13 Cook accused of raping his friends girlfriend at knifepoint Hiru News en 2014-09-13 UN concerned about Sri lanka deporting Pakistani refugees. Hiru News en 2014-09-13 A person dies after falling into a fish tank in Arala-ganwila Hiru News en 2014-09-13 Oscar Pistorius verdict: Steenkamp family protest. Hiru News en 2014-09-13 Oscar Pistorius: IPC will allow him to compete at Rio Paralympics Hiru News en 2014-09-13 Alan Jackson Opens His New Nashville Restaurant with a Surprise Concert. Hiru News en 2014-09-13 Paul Walker - Paul Walkers daughter pays tribute to her late father Hiru News en 2014-09-13 RadioShack seeks rescue and warns of bankruptcy Hiru News en 2014-09-13 A group of teachers assault a student in Kahata-gasdigiliya for allegedly casting a spell on a teacher. Hiru News en 2014-09-13 IGP to Monaragala to inquire about security in UVA.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-13 Update : No physical injuries to the abducted girl in Ganewaththa: certifies judicial medical report-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-13 Main suspect in the abduction of a child, arrested. Hiru News en 2014-09-13 36 Year Old Man Shot and Killed In Horana Hiru News en 2014-09-13 President says that they think of the future more than the present.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-13 Five women arrested in Katunayake with gold worth 20 million rupees-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-13 Individual killed in a shooting in Horana.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-13 Update: Grease Gamini- Chief suspect of the child abduction case in Ganewatte arrested.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Allowing all to reap benefits of development is the responsibility; President Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Mother and Son killed in accident in Wellawaya Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Threat of dengue rises again; legal action against 1,111 premises that had dengue breeding grounds Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Government has no solutions for the cost of living; Ranil-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Philippines ferry sinks - search for survivors Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Uva party offices to be removed on the 18th; police and election officials to inspect-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Child who went missing from Norton bridge had fled in fear of being scolded Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Luxury compartment added to the coastal train service. Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Indian Fishermen refuse to remove trawlers from the palk strait Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Singapore to meet Sri Lanka in Asian Netball finals Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Uganda on alert over foiled al-Shabab plot Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Ukraine forces repel rebels in Donetsk airport Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Will continue to develop villages; President Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Singapore beat Sri Lanka in Asian Championships final Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Islamic State crisis: Australia to send 600 troops to UAE Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Sri Lanka EPF Share Portfolios Unrealized Profits passes Rs10Bn mark. Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Lehmann backs ICC drive against suspect actions Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Stevie Wonder Is Taking Songs in the Key of Life On Tour After 38 Years Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Flaws in the Hindi language paper; charges teacher unions Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Development in UVA is zero; says Opposition leader.-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Change in the country is the undeniable truth; reiterates President.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Main suspect of the Ganewaththa child abduction case makes a confession.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-14 2 brothers attacked in Naththandiya weekly fair; Elder Brothers leg cut off. Hiru News en 2014-09-14 Stern action against officials who evade their responsibilities; MP R. Duminda Silva-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-15 A police inspector who attacked an army officer interdicted Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Victory is assured; says President. Hiru News en 2014-09-15 3 more elephants die mysteriously in Hambanthota. Hiru News en 2014-09-15 A petition to SC requesting Monaragala drought relief for 7 more districts. Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Make the UNP win to take the government’s money to UVA; A request from opposition leader. Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Thundershowers in several provinces Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Islamic State crisis: Kerry to lead talks in Paris Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Arab states offer help with air strikes against Islamic State. Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Sri Lankas real economic growth likely to remain broadly on target in 2014 - Central Bank. Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Prince Harry turns 30 years today! Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Moeen Ali Condemns ISIS, Urges British Muslims to Stay Away Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Pabas Jeep meets with an accident Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Wanathawilluwa PS member who allegedly abused 7 students barred from leaving the country. Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Update : Tense situation on Bodhiraja Mawatha.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Local Politicians of TNA should support the development programmes led by the Government: Northern Chief Minister Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Omani praise for Seylan Bank staff training Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Quarrel between Samsung and LG Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Falling oil tilts balance in US favour Hiru News en 2014-09-15 A group of farmers file a case demanding drought relief. Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Opposition leaders security vehicle falls into a precipice: 5 injured. Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Rice cauldron explodes injuring a person in Anuradhapura.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Sports Minister temporarily withhold SLC chairmans proposal.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-15 40 acres of land burnt as fire erupts in Naranggalakanda, Hali-Ela Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Chris Cairns says will fight to clear his name Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Hurricane Odile Slams Cabo San Lucas in Mexicos Baja California Hiru News en 2014-09-15 12 injured following a bus collision in Galle Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Boat Carrying African Migrants to Europe Capsizes Off Libya Coast Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Hollande warns of global IS threat Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Guardians Of The Galaxy Hits $300 Million Mark, Surrenders Box Office Throne Hiru News en 2014-09-15 One year suspended suspension for Kithruwan Withanage Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Nugegoda St Jones College closed for 2 days following parents protest. Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Body of a teacher murdered by Devala caretaker exhumed from devala premises.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Update: Monaragala drought relief to be handed over tomorrow.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Traffic restricted on several roads in Colombo due to Chinese Presidents arrival Hiru News en 2014-09-15 President inaugurates Executive Committee of the Asia Pacific Postal Association Hiru News en 2014-09-15 Opposition leader praise the President Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Pura dora sevana housing complex in Orugodawatta vested in the public-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Sri Lankas economy grows 7.8 pct in Q2 2014, vs 7.6 pct in Q1 Hiru News en 2014-09-16 JVP charges that UVA university students lose voting rights due to leadership training. Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Chinese President Xi Jing Ping arrives in Sri lanka today. Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Modi Governments decision about Sethu Samudram Indo - SL canal project in October. Hiru News en 2014-09-16 US airstrikes to support Iraqi troops under attack Hiru News en 2014-09-16 SLC hopes to appoint head coach by month end Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Arnold Schwarzenegger meets Jayalalithaa in Chennai Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Thundershowers likely in several provinces Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Person arrested with 7.2 million rupees worth foreign currency at airport Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Android One smartphones released in India by three companies-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Update : Chinese President arrives in the country. Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Boyfriend and accomplice arrested for stealing girlfriends gold chain Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Idris Elbas No Good Deed crowns US box office Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Sri Lanka EPF Share Portfolios Unrealized Profits passes Rs10Bn mark Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Customs seize 20 million worth cosmetics Hiru News en 2014-09-16 2 companies permitted to import oil sans tender procedures. Petroleum Corporation says extension is only for 6 months Hiru News en 2014-09-16 STF to be deployed at counting centres in UVA--UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-16 India says Sri lanka assured to empower 13th amendment. Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Apple releases U2 album removal tool Hiru News en 2014-09-16 378 elections complaints reported from Badulla and Moneragala Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Goldfish recovering after high-risk tumour removal Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Launch of TRISTANS CONQUEST - KNIGHTS OF OLYMPUS by A.R.Jayathilaka Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Election campaigns to be ended by the 17th midnight.-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Limit the election campaigns over the phone; says Elections commissioner Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Investigations regarding cops who obtain commissions by directing clients to their favorite lawyers Hiru News en 2014-09-16 UNP General Secretary replies to allegations levelled by resigned electoral organiser.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-16 12000 police officers to commence election duty tomorrow. Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Update: Chinese President welcomed with State honours.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-16 Update : Prices of diesel, petrol, kerosene reduced: says President.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Afridi to lead Pakistan in T20s again. Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Opposition Leader concerned over drought relief.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Sri Lanka & China sign 27 agreements to deepen Strategic Cooperative Partnership. Hiru News en 2014-09-17 UVA Election Propaganda campaign ends tonight. Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Few showers over the island Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Traffic restricted today as well Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Obama says Ebola outbreak a global security threat Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Billy Rays advice to daughter Miley Cyrus. Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Update : Colombo Port City Project launched with the participation of Presidents of Sri lanka & China.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Chinas Xi pledges closer defence ties with Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-09-17 UK police hunt for Lankan men Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Minor tremor reported 8 kilo meters off Monaragala town: says DMC-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Rs 100 million worth cigarettes confiscated-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Chinese President Xi Jinping leaves the Island Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Scottish independence: Final day of campaigning ahead of vote. Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Sri Lanka - China Tourism Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Players Need to Shed Their Fear of Defeat, Says Shahid Afridi. Hiru News en 2014-09-17 John Travolta crashed a wedding with Robin Williams. Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Propaganda material of final election rallies should be removed within 12 hours: Election Commissioner Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Electricity bill to be reduced from today: tariff details to follow.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Mudslinging & grumbling neither contribute to development nor it creates national unity; President-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Main political parties hold final election rallies today Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Police seize a lorry transporting illegal livestock Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Prime Minister meets Chinese President. Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Leonardo Dicaprio Named U.n. Messenger Of Peace-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Ambassador warns of ISIS threat for Pope Francis Albania visit Hiru News en 2014-09-17 President Obama to address troops on anti-IS strategy Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Australia captain ruled out of ODIs v Pakistan Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Update: Chinese President leaves the country after a successful 2 day official visit. Hiru News en 2014-09-17 2 female university students hospitalised after hit by a car driven by a 16 year old school boy. Hiru News en 2014-09-17 A complaint made to election commissioner regarding the rights of 50000 voters. Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Final propaganda rallies of UVA election commence-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-17 Another child of Kurunagala is missing. Hiru News en 2014-09-17 UPFA Uva PC candidate Sendil Thondaman and some of his supporters injured Hiru News en 2014-09-18 A body of a 7 year old murdered girl found at Akmeemana in Galle. Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Opposition Leader gets ready to lay the foundation for a UNP government.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-18 UVA propaganda ends: 7 admitted to hospital due to gas balloons bursting at an election meeting. 2 UNP and Alliance groups also clash at Bandarawela. Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Victory in UVA is definite: says President.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Thundershowers in several provinces Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Australia launches anti-terror raids in Sydney and Brisbane Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Darren Bravo Fined for Breaching ICC Code of Conduct Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Jackie Chans Son Formally Arrested For Drugs Charge Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Pope approves Joseph Vaz as Lankas first saint Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Stern action against election rule violators-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Police officer attacked in Colombo Fort-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-18 3 suspects who blackmailed a businessman over an obscene photograph arrested.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-18 2 treasure hunters arrested in Hambantota Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Person arrested for selling marijuana at a tattoo parlor Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Scott Morrison ends secrecy surrounding Operation Sovereign Borders Hiru News en 2014-09-18 1 Million worth of Trips from FindmyFare Aero Rider Game! Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Dilmah partners with Mobitel Business Solutions for Mobitels One fuel card Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Samsungs Customer Contact Centre relocated to offer global standards of service in Colombo Hiru News en 2014-09-18 JVP leader in a discussion with Malwathu Chapter Chief Prelate.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Update :Disappeared boy of Ibbagamuwa found: Murdered girl of Akmeemana suspected to be abused. Hiru News en 2014-09-18 PAFFERAL reveals the Focal point of the Election: 750 monitors sent to UVA. Hiru News en 2014-09-18 All Schools in Badulla and Moneragela districts will be closed tommorow Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Maldivian President to arrive in the island today-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Scotlands day of reckoning arrives Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Export earnings further improve in July Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Shahid Afridi Shouldnt Take Captaincy for Granted: Javed Miandad Hiru News en 2014-09-18 First Ever Whitney Houston Live Album To Be Released In November Hiru News en 2014-09-18 CCTV footage of Senthil Thondamans accident.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Wallapatta worth 30 million and gold worth 10 million seized at Katunayake customs.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-18 UNP says the government will face 3 problems after the polls. We will solve our problems, says the government.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-18 The Suspect accused of abusing and killing an 8 year old in Akmeemana, caught by police Canine Ronnie.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-18 All schools in Uva closed tomorrow. Liquor shops closed on Saturday. Hiru News en 2014-09-18 JVP ready for a dialogue with all factions.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Australia raids over Islamic State plot to behead Hiru News en 2014-09-18 Chris Cairns is Cleaning Bus Shelters to Provide for his Family Hiru News en 2014-09-19 3000 fishermen go on indefinite fast Hiru News en 2014-09-19 16 persons who attacked the lawyer of suspects who abducted Meegalawa child demanding ransom remanded.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Update : Murder suspect of Akmeemana 8 year old girl, drowns in a canal while fleeing the police.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Distribution of UVA ballot boxes began at 7 am today Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Gold FM, Sri Lankas Number 1 English radio channel for more than one and a half decades celebrates its 16th Anniversary today. Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Counting begins in Scotlands historic independence vote Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Government asks about Tamil peoples problems stated by Mavai Senadiraja Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Chinese baby girl abandoned in university lavatory by her mother is rescued. Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Scottish referendum: Scotland votes no to independence Hiru News en 2014-09-19 SL ready to assist to curb world terrorism: Says President Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Transportation of ballot boxes begins: Election Commissioner to visit Monaragala again.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Investigations on a complaint which states Rs 202m given to LTTE during Trinity College principal Gilberts tenure. Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Australian parliament potential terror target says Prime Minister Hiru News en 2014-09-19 James Cameron Scores Another Avatar Court Victory Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Sri Lanka to set up joint trade commission with Russia Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Beef to be removed from the hospital menu Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Individual run over in the pedestrian crossing Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Realignment of derailed trains at Kalutara and Naanu-oya on progress Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Propaganda activities ends in Uva Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Cinnamon and SriLankan Airlines Promotes Sri Lanka in Shanghai! Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Athapathu appointed as head coach of Sri lanka Cricket; Whatmore assistant coach Hiru News en 2014-09-19 France launches first air strike on IS in Iraq-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Cricket Big Guns India Stay Away, Minnows Look to Shine Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Police receive information about the suspects who were involved in financing the LTTE during a former Trinity College principal tenure. Hiru News en 2014-09-19 President reveals intrusion under the guise of democracy against the country. Democracy means common consensus; says Ranil.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-19 Transportation of Ballot boxes is concluded; 11 police riot squads on standby.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-20 Commission on Missing Persons and Advisory Board meet-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-20 Global community was late to intervene in Sri Lanka; says US Hiru News en 2014-09-20 President solves deadlock in Homagama Pradeshiya Sabha Hiru News en 2014-09-20 Special Task Force to ensure security near counting centres; No bail if caught violating election laws Hiru News en 2014-09-20 Uva Provincial Council election commences; First result between 10 and 11 tonight-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-20 Six Russian fighter jets intercepted by off Alaska Hiru News en 2014-09-20 Lasith Malinga to undergo Surgery in Australia Hiru News en 2014-09-20 Ukrainians Literally Throw Politician Into The Garbage Hiru News en 2014-09-20 Uva election held peacefully; 40% of votes cast in Moneragala; Badulla voter turnout exceeds 30%-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-20 Do not hold processions; Police requests supporters Hiru News en 2014-09-20 Arms & ammunition of LTTEs biggest camp in Tamilnadu destroyed Hiru News en 2014-09-20 Sinhala among the 5 most beautiful alphabets in the world Hiru News en 2014-09-20 Person shot dead in Angulana.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-20 Badulla voter turnout is 60%-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-20 Mother attempts suicide killing 2 children-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-20 Voting concludes in Uva electionsUVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-20 4 soldiers buried following earth slip at Ambepussa camp.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-20 UNP and UPFA clash in Bandarawela; 3 hospitalized.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-20 Counting of postal votes commences.-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-20 Uva election peaceful - Over 60% of votes cast; Election Monitors.-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-21 UNP wins Badulla Polling Division Hiru News en 2014-09-21 UPFA on top in total Postal Vote results Hiru News en 2014-09-21 UNP wins Hali-Ela polling division Hiru News en 2014-09-21 UPFA claims victory in Badulla District.-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-21 Initial investigation court to inquire the death of 4 soldiers who were buried under a earth mound in Ambepussa-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-21 Preferential Vote Results before 12 Noon Hiru News en 2014-09-21 UPFA wins 19 seats, UNP 13 and JVP 2-UVA PC Poll 2014-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-21 Red light for the government; UNP - Will correct mistakes if any as per the publics message; government-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-21 Uva peaceful; Police security continues-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-21 Over 400 Million Rupees worth gold seized by airport customs during last 8 months Hiru News en 2014-09-21 Counting of preferential votes in the final stage-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-21 Uva victory belongs to the people; Government - Public gave Opposition a green light; UNP - Wimal & Fonseka’s Party rejected; JVP Hiru News en 2014-09-21 A group which came in a vehicle to polpithigama abducts a mother and her child; Mother Escape with the child on the way. Hiru News en 2014-09-21 Preferential votes of Moneragala released - Shasheendra in the lead Hiru News en 2014-09-21 Afghan presidential contenders sign unity deal.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-21 Hareen and Anura Vidanagamage secured highest preferential votes in Badulla District-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-21 India postpones Africa summit over Ebola outbreak. Hiru News en 2014-09-21 A vehicle in which HRC officials returning from election duty meets with an accident. A directress dies; 2 others injured.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-21 Special unit set up to monitor international schools Hiru News en 2014-09-21 Harin Fernando tops preferential votes at Uva PC election-UVA PC Poll 2014 Hiru News en 2014-09-21 Dolly Parton Is Proud of Being White Trash Hiru News en 2014-09-21 Shahid Afridi to quit other formats to focus on T20s. Hiru News en 2014-09-21 Highest Preferential votes to Shasheendra Rajapakse from Monaragala; Hareen leads Badulla.-UVA PC Poll 2014 -Video Hiru News en 2014-09-21 UPFA has gained strength; Minister Susil-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-21 5 day special traffic operation in the UVA province. Hiru News en 2014-09-22 The whole nation celebrates Uva Victory-UVA PC Poll 2014-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-22 Poroshenko warns Ukraine will defend itself if truce fails. Hiru News en 2014-09-22 Export earnings increase in first seven months Hiru News en 2014-09-22 North East monsoon becomes active: rain for drought affected North and east. Hiru News en 2014-09-22 A sticker instead of a seal when providing visas for foreigners. Hiru News en 2014-09-22 16 former UVA councillors loose seats. Hiru News en 2014-09-22 Peoples will is more important than everything else: President attests-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-22 President leaves for New York to address the UN General Assembly Hiru News en 2014-09-22 Kolkata Knight Riders beats Lahore Lions, while Hobart Hurricanes beat Cape Cobras at Champions League. Hiru News en 2014-09-22 First Ever Whitney Houston Live Album to Be Released In November. Hiru News en 2014-09-22 President Rajapaksa Launches Special Website on His Engagements at the UN Hiru News en 2014-09-22 High demand for Minister T Bs broken shoe; funds used to buy shoes for Children in Wayaba.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-22 Peace has brought many benefits to Sri Lanka - says UK Hiru News en 2014-09-22 MP Thissa Aththanayaka resigns from Leadership council Hiru News en 2014-09-22 Kudu Ruwan arrested with 701 grams of heroin Hiru News en 2014-09-22 President to address UN General Assembly on Wednesday.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-22 Imported canned foods to be scan tested. Hiru News en 2014-09-22 Post election situation peaceful; PAFFERAL Hiru News en 2014-09-22 Turkey clamps down on Syria border after Kurdish unrest. Hiru News en 2014-09-22 Update: A tree falls on kingsy road injuring 3 persons and damaging 12 vehicles.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-22 Unleash economic power of women - IMF head Hiru News en 2014-09-22 Barbra Streisand Talks New Album Partners which features duet with Elvis Presley. Hiru News en 2014-09-22 Shane Watson Ruled Out of Pakistan Series in UAE Due to Injury Hiru News en 2014-09-22 Indias farmers beating climate change with technology Hiru News en 2014-09-22 Pakistan Begin World Cup Preparations Without Saeed Ajmal Hiru News en 2014-09-22 Trial on Economics question paper begins; Examinations commissioner appears before HRC. Hiru News en 2014-09-22 75 miners stage a protest 1100 feet underground.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-22 Update: Thissa Aththanayaka resigns from UNP Leadership Council due to MP Ravi Karunanayakas anti unity behaviour.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-22 Air force officer arrested for demanding a ransom of Rs 20 million Hiru News en 2014-09-22 The Maze Runner Records One of Biggest September Openings, Ever Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Kahatagaha miners continue their Fast 1100 feet underground. Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Special task force for Badulla after Hali-ela political clash.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-23 President at UN Climate conference today; ready to meet Modi after addressing the General Assembly Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Dont want a separate state; we asked only for self governance; ITAK tells SC-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Syria Kurds battle IS militants advance as thousands flee Hiru News en 2014-09-23 The Lion King is named most successful production of all time Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Roger Federer Replaces injured Rafael Nadal in New Tennis League Hiru News en 2014-09-23 A person arrested for running an illegal brewery Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Sri Lanka to provide medical specialists to Maldives Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Leonardo DiCaprio joins thousands on New York climate change march Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Abe drops plan for Putin visit to Japan this year Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Vehicle registrations, cargo volumes increases Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel still in title hunt, says Horner Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Kylie Minogue to perform early hits on tour Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Attention drawn to provide 2500 rupees drought relief to other districts as well Hiru News en 2014-09-23 SLMC and TNA to meet on language issue. Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Putin to visit SL next year Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Strike by Kahatagaha Miners called off Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Special South African envoy for reconciliation in Sri Lanka; Ruling African National congress endorses the process. Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Police to use video footage to arrest suspects of Hali- Ala incident. Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Ruwan hands over Youth Corps to Hareen Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Investigations on Gambirigaswewa Rural Hospital drug theft Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Sajith appointed as UNP Deputy Leader - Ravi appointed as Assistant Leader and Eran as Treasurer.Hareen to lead the youth Corp.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-23 BBS says it would demand the pound of flesh on September 28th-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-23 A suspect arrested for abusing school girls on Facebook Hiru News en 2014-09-23 50000 Teaching appointments to those who pass Advance level Hiru News en 2014-09-23 President to address the UN Global climate conference.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-23 Mavan and another foreign Coach short listed for post of National Coach.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-23 US, partners launch first strikes in Syria Hiru News en 2014-09-23 People have a positive attitude with regard to Governments development initiative: MP R Duminda Silva-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Rs 285 million supplementary estimate for granting relief to people affected by drought. Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Sajith assurers to dedicate himself for Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasingha at a Presidential election.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Update : Climate change is an urgent situation: lets face it collectively: President-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-24 India Mars mission arrives in orbit Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Sulaiman Abu Ghaith sentenced to life in prison. Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Afridi, Umar Akmal among players penalised for poor fitness. Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Barbra Streisand Considering Autobiography To Clear Up Diva Rumours. Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Thunder showers expected in most parts of the island Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Get ready for Maha season using rain water: irrigation department tells farmers. Hiru News en 2014-09-24 China and Sri Lanka pledge to boost military cooperation Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Illegally imported cigarettes worth 280000 rupees in Aranayake seized Hiru News en 2014-09-24 NIA to seek custody of ISI suspect again Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Sri lankan accused of Swiss murder due back in Auckland court Hiru News en 2014-09-24 3 suspects arrested with gold worth 10 million rupees-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Update : The suspect who assaulted a journalist at HALIALA arrested-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Sri Lanka President to address UNGA today Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Ebola death rates 70% - WHO study Hiru News en 2014-09-24 18 Crocodile babies and an egg discovered from Mahaillupallama Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Health Minister presents the list of healthy foods for the Maha Sanga to the Chief Prelates.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-24 75% voter turnout recoded in UVA: says Elections Commissioner. Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Selectors persuaded to keep Cook. Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Sri Lanka GDP up 7.8 percent in the second quarter: Central Bank. Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Bob Dylan Named As The 2015 MusiCares Person of the Year Hiru News en 2014-09-24 3 Suspects of Kurunegala girl abduction remanded-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Private bus workers on route number 120 stage a strike Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Amazing 50% off for Seylan Credit Cardholders to fly to Singapore and Malaysia Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Bail rejected for Vaas Gunawardana; case to be heard daily from October 14th. Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Marvan appointed as Head Coach-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-24 World is united in fighting IS; says Obama Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Bob Dylan to be honoured at pre-Grammys gala Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Richie Richardson Keen on West Indies Head Coach Position Hiru News en 2014-09-24 President to address 69th UN General Assembly today-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Waligama JVP PS member suspended over misbehaviour Hiru News en 2014-09-24 Harin to not accept Youth Corp Chairmanship-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-24 An imminent dispute between the Central and the Northern PC with regard to land. Hiru News en 2014-09-25 History only in mother-tongue Hiru News en 2014-09-25 Get ready for two national elections, SLFP electorate organizers informed Hiru News en 2014-09-25 A businessman killed in a shooting at Puwakpitiya in Awissawella Hiru News en 2014-09-25 Human Rights are not a political tool, President says at the UN General Assembly-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-25 Soldier gone missing in Baduruliya-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-25 Thunder showers expected in several provinces Hiru News en 2014-09-25 Boko Haram fighters surrender as alleged chief killed Hiru News en 2014-09-25 5 suspects arrested, 2 Lorries seized for illegally transporting buffaloes Hiru News en 2014-09-25 A woman dies following an assault by robbers Hiru News en 2014-09-25 Russia to sign extradition treaty with Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-09-25 Virgins Richard Branson offers staff unlimited holiday Hiru News en 2014-09-25 British Airways terminates its operations to SL Hiru News en 2014-09-25 British Airways terminates its operations to SL Hiru News en 2014-09-25 A group who lost land stage a protest in Seetha-eliya-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-25 Distance Learning program from APPLE STRENGTH BUSINESS PARTNERS Hiru News en 2014-09-25 A set of dense disciplinary laws for TNA Hiru News en 2014-09-25 Committed to bring in reconciliation and development to the country; President.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-25 Names of UVA election winning candidates gazetted; UPFA members to take oaths on the 30th. Hiru News en 2014-09-25 A driver who knocked down 2 police officers arrested.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-25 SLAF Provides Drinking Water for the Villagers of Vavuniya South GS Division Hiru News en 2014-09-25 India launches manufacturing campaign, Make in india Hiru News en 2014-09-25 Skirt size increase now links to breast cancer risk. Hiru News en 2014-09-25 Coca-Cola Cricket Pathways culminates with Super Camp to promote grassroots cricket in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-09-25 UN Security Council passes resolution on foreign militants. Hiru News en 2014-09-25 Samuels, Taylor back in one-day squad Hiru News en 2014-09-25 Rod Stewart Sued By Injured Fan Over Las Vegas Soccer Ball Antics. Hiru News en 2014-09-25 Due to showers heavy traffic reported in Colombo Hiru News en 2014-09-25 Landslide warning for Kegalle District during next 24 hours Hiru News en 2014-09-25 The resolution preventing allocations for Wali-oya passed in Northern Provincial council Hiru News en 2014-09-25 MP Wasantha Senanayaka who brought a new constitutional draft, postpones the submission of proposals Hiru News en 2014-09-25 International investigation will further disrupt reconciliation process; UN Permanent representative in Geneva says at UNHRC session.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-25 Meeting between Student Activists Committee of Medical Faculty and Health Ministry unsuccessful Hiru News en 2014-09-26 A criticism about the economy from venerable Athuraliye Rathana Thero. Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Elections Commissioner meets Party Secretaries today after UVA election. Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Landslide warning for Kegalle District till this evening. Hiru News en 2014-09-26 We look after the Muslim Community as brothers: says President Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Iran leader slams West blunders but eyes cooperation Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Venice Officials Closing Off Streets For George Clooney Wedding Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Chris Cairns: Former New Zealand captain charged with perjury Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Is it possible to hold a proper investigation without Sri lankas cooperation? India questions UNHRC.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Current financial policies must change: Wimal Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Sri Lanka women win Bronze Medal in cricket at Asian Games-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Peradeniya Uni, Economics Division submits a detailed report to the HRC Hiru News en 2014-09-26 President Rajapaksa and First Lady Attend Reception by US President Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Court extends custody of Lankan spy Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Virgins Richard Branson offers staff unlimited holiday Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Program to inspect licenses of Expressway Buses Hiru News en 2014-09-26 2 children believed to be abandoned found in Pasyala. Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Mukesh Ambani tops Indias richest tycoon Hiru News en 2014-09-26 1,000 fighters from Asia join IS group Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Exports up by 14% upto August Hiru News en 2014-09-26 SLC allows Senanayake to play domestic cricket Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Rod Stewart sued after breaking fans nose Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Lady Ridgway hospital ready to investigate the amputation of a childs finger. Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Log book made compulsory for Fishermen Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Summons on CB director to give details about computer check of former CJs private account.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Youth dies from falling off Lake-gala Hiru News en 2014-09-26 8 accusers of 3.9 billion rupee VAT scam sentenced to 20 years in prison.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Government expenditure for next year is 1812 billion rupees.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Heated situation in Naula Pradeshiya saba-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Update: Rock climber of Pannipitiya falls to death from Lakey-gala.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-26 President congratulates new Afghan Leader.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Thundershowers over the island Hiru News en 2014-09-26 Samurdhi Officers should be committed to development work: MP R Duminda Silva-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-27 National Policy on Alcohol by the end of the year Hiru News en 2014-09-27 21 countries join hands with Sri Lanka at Human Rights Commission Hiru News en 2014-09-27 2 groups of employees clash at State Press: 8 in hospital Hiru News en 2014-09-27 Showers across the island today as well: Landslide threat in 4 districts Hiru News en 2014-09-27 US says IS damaged by coalition air strikes in Syria Hiru News en 2014-09-27 Cancer kills three 9/11 firefighters on the same day Hiru News en 2014-09-27 Sluice gates of Polgolla Tank to be opened: Public cautioned over the use of Mahaweli river.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-27 President to meet with Modi today Hiru News en 2014-09-27 Sri Lankan maid who is said to have undergone an abortion in Oman, had not conceived: BFE.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-27 LTTE continues to be a threat to Indias sovereignty Hiru News en 2014-09-27 Scholarship exam results likely to be released tomorrow Hiru News en 2014-09-27 Jayalalitha found guilty of corruption by Bangalore court Hiru News en 2014-09-27 Palestinian leader accuses Israel of genocide Hiru News en 2014-09-27 Sri Lanka to get $800mn ADB loan to upgrade rural road links. Hiru News en 2014-09-27 Ravi Shastri to Continue as Team India Director, Fletcher to Stay Head Coach. Hiru News en 2014-09-27 Phil Collins Will Play With 13-Year-old Son At Small Charity Gig Hiru News en 2014-09-27 Update: Jayalalithaa Sentenced to 4 Years in Jail in Corruption Case.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-27 Heavy showers during the next 24 hours.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-27 Australian Prime Minister Commends President on the Implementation of the LLRC.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-28 Grade 5 scholarship results released Hiru News en 2014-09-28 President meets with Modi in New York - No discussions about 13th amendment Hiru News en 2014-09-28 A Principal arrested for selling school text books Hiru News en 2014-09-28 International Advisors to the Presidential Commission Investigating Missing Persons commence work in October-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-28 Update: Tamil Nadu tense after Jayalalitha sentenced Hiru News en 2014-09-28 Wenuja Nimsath of Embilipitiya placed 1st in Grade 5 Scholarship examination.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-28 Kalu Chooty wanted over several murders killed in Police shooting.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-28 Japanese EV maker Terra Motors enters Sri Lankan market. Hiru News en 2014-09-28 President invites Ban Ki-moon to visit Sri Lanka.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-28 Update: MP Palitha Ranga Bandara released on Bail.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-28 Opposition leader to tour England tomorrow. Hiru News en 2014-09-28 Panneerselvam to Replace Jayalalithaa as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-28 President to Vatican next week. Hiru News en 2014-09-28 Thunder showers tonight as well; several houses in Boralanda damaged to strong winds. Hiru News en 2014-09-28 Update: UNP MP Palitha Range Bandara released on bail.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-28 Reduced electricity fares according to the instructions of the President in effect from next month. Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Island wide heavy showers today as well: Land slide risk continues. Hiru News en 2014-09-29 An operation to remove wasp nests. Hiru News en 2014-09-29 TNA hopeful about new Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. Minister Wimal explains about the fate of the countries enemies. Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Body of a youth who committed suicide by jumping into the river from the Mahanama Bridge recovered. Hiru News en 2014-09-29 President returns to the island after participating at the 69th UN General assembly.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Hong Kong: Fresh clashes as pro-democracy protests spread. Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Trade deficit declines in first seven months Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Hobart Hurricanes beat Brabados while Kings XI beat Cape Cobras at CL T20. Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Dhani Harrison felt responsibility to release dad Georges music. Hiru News en 2014-09-29 OIC chief to visit Sri Lanka. Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Shots fired at MP Range Bandaras business establishment.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Student who went to bathe in Piliyandala canal drowns Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Panneer-selvam to take oaths as Tamil Nadu chief minister today ; 16 commit suicide Hiru News en 2014-09-29 A fishing vessel catches fire along Tangalle coastal belt; 5 fishermen injured. Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Final decision regarding the budget debate next week; Appropriation draft bill to the Supreme Court. Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Government ready to face any election; Minister Wimal Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Police sergeant interdicted for assaulting woman in Ratnapura.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-29 3.3 million rupees heist in Mount Lavinia Hiru News en 2014-09-29 US underestimated rise of IS; says Obama Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Lanka to achieve US $ 1.5b FDI target Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Lionel Messi says he never imagined scoring over 400 goals Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Notices issued on Southern Provincial Council Minister D.V. Upul Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Govt medical officers take stern action against health Ministers decision on Malabe private medical students.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-29 TNA disappointed about Jayalaltihas jail term Hiru News en 2014-09-29 UN experts to review Sri Lanka next week Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Darren Lehmann Expects Johnson, Clarke to be Fit for Pakistan Series Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Protesters defiant amid Hong Kong stand-off Hiru News en 2014-09-29 Sir Cliff Richard Planning To Sell Off Police Raid Home Hiru News en 2014-09-29 MP R Duminda Silva holds a discussion with Kolonnawa electorate Grama Officials-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Karnataka high court verdict on Jayalalithas appeal today-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Presidential election most probably in January: a hint from Cabinet spokesperson.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-30 A vendor who sold footwear bearing Dharma - Chakraya arrested in Balangoda. Hiru News en 2014-09-30 UVA Chief Minister and UPFA Councillors take oaths today Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Islamic State militants close in on key Syria border town Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Sunil Narine reported for suspect action Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Update : Shasheendra Rajapakse takes oath as UVA provincial Chief Minister.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Shipwreck memorial in the Eastern coast Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Bill Gates tops Forbes list of 400 richest people in America Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Israel Prime Minister warns nuclear-armed Iran would be gravest threat Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Mohammad Ashrafuls Ban Reduced to Five Years Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Mihin Lanka expands with new Lahore route and increased flight frequencies to the Seychelles Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Navy apprehend 16 Indian fishermen, seize 4 vessels Hiru News en 2014-09-30 A girl in the centre of a row among students of Balapitiya Revatha Vidyalaya. Hiru News en 2014-09-30 US Ambassador pays a courtesy call on Malwathu Chief Prelate.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Update : Jayalalithaas bail hearing adjourned to next Monday. Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Airport Customs seize 700 grams of gold Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Landslip in Nawalapitiya kills 1, injures 2.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Oman Air hosts Annual Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-09-30 3 children in Bingiriya poisoned and the mother also consumes poison.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Reduction of 25 percent electricity fare only applicable to households. Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Samsung redefines smartphone design with GALAXY Alpha Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Deadliest attacks by pro-Russian rebels threaten Ukraine truce. Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Shahid Afridi Wants Dignified Exits for Pakistan Seniors. Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Prince and 3rdEyeGirl rehearse at 4am Hiru News en 2014-09-30 No official resignation from SL High Commissioner in UK Chris Nonis; says Cabinet spokesperson.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-30 A school boy who made an indecent proposal to a teacher arrested Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Jayalalithaas Bail Request to be Heard Tomorrow; Film Industry on Strike.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Update: No one can deceive the public; President.-Video Hiru News en 2014-09-30 Landslide warning in 4 districts Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Opportunity from today to complain about Private bus flaws via SMS. Hiru News en 2014-10-01 8 permanent telephones for Walikada detainees. Hiru News en 2014-10-01 6 deaths due to disaster: Heavy falls more than 100mm in several provinces today as well: Land slide risk in 5 districts.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Understand Children and empathise with them: President says in his childrens day message. Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Obama and Modi call for new agenda between US and India Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Arnold Schwarzenegger Named Tourism Ambassador. Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Chris Gayle likely to be fit for India Tests. Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Update : Mother of Bingiriya who poisoned her 3 children not mentally stable: Police Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Luxury should not be made freely available to children: Min Maithriapala Hiru News en 2014-10-01 First Ebola case diagnosed in the US Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Indian tourist overstaying in the country on tourist visa arrested Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Two Lankan fishing boats detained off Indian coast Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Jayalalithaa bail hearing adjourned to Tuesday Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Microsoft launches Windows 10 system. Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Seylan Tikiri makes savings fun through its childrens day celebrations island-wide Hiru News en 2014-10-01 5 elephants rescued by wildlife officers in Kekirawa-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-01 SL is ahead among the Asian Countries that face the increase of ageing population. Hiru News en 2014-10-01 UNP presents a set of proposals on the Presidential election to Election Commissioner-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-01 76 Indian Fishermen relased on Presidents orders Hiru News en 2014-10-01 74 families displaced due to heavy showers. Hiru News en 2014-10-01 A man sentenced to 15 years in jail for sexually abusing an under aged girl Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Steve Mcqueen, Harry Belafonte And Oprah Winfrey Honoured At Harvard University Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Fresh strikes around key Syrian town of Kobane. Hiru News en 2014-10-01 US swimmer Michael Phelps arrested for drink driving Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Sri Lankas inflation at 4.2-pct in September 2014: Central Bank. Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Lightning strike kills 4.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-01 New Tamil Nadu CM wants Indians freed Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Victim of Ratnapura police assault goes to Supreme Court seeking Rs 50 million compensation-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-01 A group of UNP MPs visit Mahara prison-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Rights of children in this country are restored - says President at the World Childrens day ceremony-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-01 Thunder showers and lightening to continue for another 2 months Hiru News en 2014-10-01 MP R Duminda Silva hand over books and provide day meals to students in view of World Childrens day.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-01 SLN patrol ship Ranadeera has arrested 2 Sri Lankans Hiru News en 2014-10-02 Top 7 animals of Sri Lanka named Hiru News en 2014-10-02 2 Sri Lankans arrested in Northern Seas with 45 Kgs of Gold-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-02 Update :Number of deaths due to adverse weather rises to 10.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-02 President to visit Vatican today to officially invite the Pope to visit Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-10-02 China issues warning over Hong Kong illegal protests Hiru News en 2014-10-02 Per capita sugar consumption increased Hiru News en 2014-10-02 Fire at Mattegoda army camp.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-02 Two Pakistan naval ships arrive in Sri Lanka on a goodwill visit Hiru News en 2014-10-02 Sri lankan refugees in Tamil Nadu stage a protest in support of Jayalalitha. Hiru News en 2014-10-02 Update : Explosion and fire in Maththegoda army camp: fire doused: investigations begins.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-02 A protest in Rathnapura demanding to reinstate the police sergeant who assaulted a woman.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-02 India reacts cautiously to PLAN submarine visit to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-10-02 Nurses unions reject P B Jayasundara committee recommendations for labour room issues. Hiru News en 2014-10-02 4 persons including Aranayake PS chairman remanded.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-02 Wild elephant dies of electrocution Hiru News en 2014-10-02 Chithra Sumanasili re-elected as the Chairperson of Women wing of HDCC Hiru News en 2014-10-02 Hold a general election before a presidential election, We will not contest jointly with the TNA- says the SLMC Hiru News en 2014-10-02 Open invitation from the Police to Ratnapura woman beaten by a sergeant.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-02 Thundershowers over the island.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-02 Father who tortured 7 year old daughter remanded-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-02 President leaves to Vatican.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-03 3 persons killed when a van fell into a waterway in Katugasthota this morning.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-03 President meets the POPE today Hiru News en 2014-10-03 SL witnessed 700% increase in the arrival of asylum seekers and refugees Hiru News en 2014-10-03 National Identity card for sitting for Ordinary level even if born in November. Hiru News en 2014-10-03 Opposition leader meets members of the London branch of the UNP youth front-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-03 Hong Kong leader refuses to quit Hiru News en 2014-10-03 Pensions Department gains a 700 million rupee saving Hiru News en 2014-10-03 US cameraman in Liberia diagnosed with Ebola Hiru News en 2014-10-03 Person arrested with a counterfeit 5000 rupees note in Mannar Hiru News en 2014-10-03 Driver returns 47 thousand rupees to Sri Lankan pilgrim Hiru News en 2014-10-03 BOI holds EU Sri Lanka investor dialogue meeting Hiru News en 2014-10-03 Turkish MPs back military action as Islamic State militants advance Hiru News en 2014-10-03 Pakistan Will Miss Saeed Ajmal during Australia Series, Says Shahid Afridi Hiru News en 2014-10-03 41 Heroine Packets together with three merchants caught. Hiru News en 2014-10-03 David Beckhams Earnings Drop 10 Percent After Retiring Hiru News en 2014-10-03 Billionaire whos proof that money CANT buy happiness Hiru News en 2014-10-03 No joint birthday party for Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet Hiru News en 2014-10-03 7 inmates escape from a private rehabilitation center – Bodies of two found in Negombo lagoon - One inmate still missing Hiru News en 2014-10-03 US policies on Sri Lanka have not been relaxed; says America.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-03 Tamil Nadu new Chief Minister sends his second letter to Premier Modi Hiru News en 2014-10-03 The woman beaten by policeman in Rathnapura to report to police today Hiru News en 2014-10-03 President to meet the POPE at 2.30pm local time Hiru News en 2014-10-03 Sri Lanka seals Gold at Asiad Games.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-03 Lotus Technologies Celebrates A Successful One Year! Hiru News en 2014-10-03 Are investigations being held into the alleged Rathnapura assault?? Hiru News en 2014-10-03 3 persons arrested for treasure hunting in Vavuniya Hiru News en 2014-10-03 Traffic en route to Katunayaka expressway from Kandy & Negombo road restricted. Hiru News en 2014-10-03 Seeduwa rehabilitation centre from which 2 inmates escaped and drowned is not registered.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-03 President cannot abolish executive Presidency; it can be abolished in Parliament; a statement from JVP. Hiru News en 2014-10-03 Update: A complaint from Rathnapura woman to IGP after filing a case in SC.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-03 SL is a country with religious harmony; President tells the Pope after extending the official invitation.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-03 Australia approves strikes against IS in Iraq Hiru News en 2014-10-03 At Least 32 Killed in Stampede Outside Patnas Gandhi Maidan After Dussehra Celebrations Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Leadership training programme for 8000 university students Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Lab tests to be carried out on ancient coins found from Hambanthota - Badagiriya area. Hiru News en 2014-10-04 A new debate regarding contesting for the 3rd term of the President.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-04 President orders probe into alleged attack on Chris Nonis & Secretary to the MEA complaint against him. Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Thundershowers in several provinces Hiru News en 2014-10-04 IS claims murder of British hostage in latest video Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Pakistan Coach Waqar Younis Urges Bowlers to Fill Void Left by Saeed Ajmal Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Google deletes tens of thousands of celeb nude pics Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings Clash in Champions League Twenty20 Final Hiru News en 2014-10-04 3 persons arrested for stealing a van Hiru News en 2014-10-04 President meets Sri Lankans in Rome Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Convicted Galleon Group Trader Raj Rajaratnam Faces Tamil Terror Finance Lawsuit Hiru News en 2014-10-04 12 Sri Lankan fishermen remanded in custody Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Yala Park to be closed Hiru News en 2014-10-04 EU clears Facebooks US$19-billion buyout of WhatsApp Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Rod Stewarts Rep Warns Of Lookalike. Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Canada PM asks parliament to support Iraq airstrikes Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Another secret of Jayalalitha revealed. Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Sri Lanka launches 100 million dollar climate resilience effort Hiru News en 2014-10-04 TNA lied to India: Ananda Sangari writes to Narendra Modi. Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Defused grenade found on Prime Minister Narendra Modis standby Air India aircraft Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Sulieman Benn Replaces Sunil Narine in West Indies Squad for India Tour Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Letter of Resignation accepted - says Doctor Chris Nonis Hiru News en 2014-10-04 A Galewela school student dies after hanging himself.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-04 A monk in Papiliyana arrested for a land fraud over 7.5 million.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Child dies when a coconut bunch fell on him while playing.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-04 High Commissioner to the UK, Dr Chris Nonis confirms the acceptance of his resignation letter to Hiru news.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-04 An attempt to remove Patriotic leaders and destabilise governments; President Reveals in Italy.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Government wants ex-chief minister Jayalalithaa to be shifted to Tamil Nadu as protests continue Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Alan Henning killed by Islamic State Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Reduction in Prices within the food category, due to seasonal factors. Hiru News en 2014-10-04 Hand injury sidelines Hafeez for two weeks. Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Sri lanka will not give in, to undue Human rights pressures; reiterates President. Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Subramaniyam Swami reveals advice given by the Indian government to the TNA. Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Heavy Showers with lightening over the island today as well. Hiru News en 2014-10-05 A special awareness programme for University students regarding AIDS. Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Pakistani Taliban vows to send fighters to help IS group Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Champions League T20: Chennai beat Kolkata in final Hiru News en 2014-10-05 US unemployment rate falls below 6% Hiru News en 2014-10-05 X-Men: Apocalypse to Focus More on Jennifer Lawrences Mystique Hiru News en 2014-10-05 President returns to the Island.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Police use water cannons to disperse Sabaragamuwa university students; Minister S B opens the hostel disregarding the protest. Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Hong Kong pro-democracy protests enters its second week Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Turkey will hit back if IS attacks Syria exclave Hiru News en 2014-10-05 EU backs merger to create worlds biggest banana company Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Phil Collins reveals extent of drink troubles. Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Asian Games Gold Medal winning Sri Lanka Cricket team arrives in the island. Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Drug Kingpin between Kuwait and Sri Lanka arrested in India Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Jayalalithaa Uses a Government Official for Her Land Deals Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Bills related to local authorities to be taken up for debate. Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Duty free vehicles for those paying taxes. Hiru News en 2014-10-05 First Ebola patient in US in critical condition Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Sabaragamuwa University closed until further notice Hiru News en 2014-10-05 6,000 private buses to keep off roads today Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Sri Lanka tourist arrivals rise 16.8 percent in September 2014. Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Pakistan, Australia Face Off in T20. Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Queen set for Glastonbury? Hiru News en 2014-10-05 JVP yet to decide on a candidate for presidential elections Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Government appoints a committee to look into cost of living Hiru News en 2014-10-05 Update: A group of female students forcefully enter the male hostel. Sabaragamuwa University closed indefinitely.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Investigations regarding fish in Bowathanne reservoir suddenly dying-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-06 A uniform for employees in Colombo eateries. Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Update : Several Sabaragamuwa students who behaved rebelliously identified.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Haj festival is a symbol of unity: says President.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Somali troops capture key port town from al-Shabab. Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Fruit and vegetable exports hit 800,000 ton mark. Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Aretha Puts Diva On Top Of Diva. Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Kevin Pietersen claims bullying culture in England dressing room Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Thundershowers over several provinces today Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Australian jets fly first mission against IS in Iraq Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Person arrested with 7 firearms Hiru News en 2014-10-06 First ever baby born through womb transplant-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-06 A lunar and solar eclipse in this month Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Govt to construct five more industrial estates Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Phil Collins - Genesis wont reunite. Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Thousand pensioners to Galle.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Police arrested a person who attempted to enter PMs office with fake documents Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Boxing Champ defeated by the sea waves. Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Presidential election unnecessary till 2016: Left wing parties request. Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Update : Sabaragamuwa VC says stern action will be taken against unruly students: Student protest continues Hiru News en 2014-10-06 17 persons injured in a motor accident on Ratnapura - Ambilipitiya Road Hiru News en 2014-10-06 China kicks out over 160,000 fake government staff Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Michael Phelps to take time away from sport after arrest Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Affleck thriller Gone Girl tops US box office Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Update: Front liners behind Sabaragamuwa students struggle; Charges deputy higher education Minister.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Indian Prime Minister to visit Sri lanka in the near future; Subramaniyam Swamy says in a twitter message. Hiru News en 2014-10-06 UNP proposes a combined stage to contest next presidential election.-Video