Hiru News en 2014-10-06 Decent houses to replace shanties by 2016; says President.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-06 President will achieve a landslide victory-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-07 The government will not change as long as President Mahinda Rajapaksa is in office: MP R Duminda Silva-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Anti-boat people adds cost Australia 20 million Australian dollars in one year Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Colombo prison guards report sick leave Hiru News en 2014-10-07 3 Sri Lankan fishermen boats in Myanmar custody Hiru News en 2014-10-07 SLFP is similar to a bundle of sticks: says the President Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Hong Kong students agree to formal talks Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Facebook completes US$19b purchase of WhatsApp Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Michael Phelps banned for six months Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Mel Gibson Should Direct Iron Man 4- Robert Downey, Jr. Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Rhino cub born at Dehiwala zoo Hiru News en 2014-10-07 A bus crashes into a house in Ja-ela Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Milroy Fernando celebrates 25 years of unbeaten career in Politics Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Spain investigates new Ebola case Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Discussion between Colombo prison guards and officials; taking inmates to court disrupted by the strike.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-07 2015 budget to be presented in parliament on the 24th Hiru News en 2014-10-07 One goal, one strategy and one plan; says the opposition leader Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Low pressure in the Bay of Bengal to affect weather over the deep and shallow sea areas Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Taliban leader reveals location on Twitter Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Jayalalithas bail plea rejected Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Labuduwa Siridhamma college principal arrested. Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Jayalalithaa Refused Bail again. Hiru News en 2014-10-07 HP splits into two bodies Hiru News en 2014-10-07 New York Times apologizes for India Mars Mission cartoon Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Police apologize to JVP.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-07 4 suspect who sold drugs near a school arrested. Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Another party leaders meeting to be held on Thursday, says Chief Opposition Whip Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Low pressure area in the South-east Bay of Bengal to intensify into a depression.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-07 A new strategy to win elections; Ranil.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-07 No one will be allowed to destroy the country; President.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-07 BBS ready for a discussion with UNP if a common candidate is named.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Fresh Airstrikes on Jihadist Positions in Kobane. Hiru News en 2014-10-07 Matt Prior Promises to Hit Back Hard at Kevin Pietersens Attack. Hiru News en 2014-10-08 A change in Korean Language examination centres. Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Gems surface from Kanthale Wawa. Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Railway strike from midnight today: Disciplinary action against prison officials even if solutions are provided. Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Update : Low pressure area in the South - east Bay of Bengal to intensify into a depression; heavy rain in several provinces. Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Invention of blue LEDs wins physics Nobel Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Smith ton sets up big Australia win Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Phil Collins quit touring for kids. Hiru News en 2014-10-08 President opens Lakmuthu Sevana housing scheme at Wellawaththa.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Blood Moon set to wow sky-watchers Hiru News en 2014-10-08 2 tuskers fight in Eppawala: one dies.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Passenger lodges a complaint to the NTC- Video Hiru News en 2014-10-08 The colorful world of Hong Kongs protest art Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Canadas parliament approves anti-Islamic State air strikes Hiru News en 2014-10-08 International food prices hit four-year low Hiru News en 2014-10-08 West Indies players mull strike over pay structure Hiru News en 2014-10-08 John Travolta has thought about death since he was five. Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Special meeting this evening to appoint Ministers for UVA. Hiru News en 2014-10-08 No legal obstruction for freeing shipping boats seized in Myanmar. Owners leave for Myanmar to bring back the boats. Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Update : Depression of Bay of Bengal develops into a cyclone: heavy rains in several provinces. Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Be aware of bogus finance representatives: Police Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Mathews nominated for LG Peoples Choice Awards-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Police officers attached to Puttalam divisional anti-corruption unit assaulted-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-08 British hospitals on Ebola alert Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Heavy rains continue in several areas; Cyclone Hud Hud to hit India on the 12th.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Police in search of dancing teacher who abused students. Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Railway discussions fail; all night mail services cancelled. Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Muttiah Muralitharan Urges Cricketers to Bowl Within Rules Hiru News en 2014-10-08 IMF warns of weak and uneven global recovery Hiru News en 2014-10-08 Another noble deed through Dham Saviya programme implemented by MP R Duminda Silva-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Update : Train services disrupted due to the strike: only 10 out of 108 train journeys are in operation. Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Information revealed regarding a forged currency printing racket.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Sabaragamuwa University will remain closed until the last student leaves: Vice Chancellor informs the students. Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Update : Severe Cyclonic Storm Hudhud intensifies: strong winds and heavy showers today as well Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Liberian leader sees signs Ebola in decline but aid too slow. Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Kevin Pietersen: Alec Stewart told ECB of Twitter parody insiders Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Billy Ray Cyrus Tricked Into Sharing Jimmy Savile Snap. Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Marlon Samuels Stars as West Indies Thrash India by 124 Runs Hiru News en 2014-10-09 US Ebola patient dies in hospital Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Radhakrishnan appointed as Deputy Minister Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Air strikes will not save Kobane: says US Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Balance of payments surplus grows to $ 2.15 b; gross reserves to $ 9.2 b Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Tony Udagedara wins 5th Oman Air Golf Classic 2014 Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Update : Train services stalled due to strike: only 30 out of 400 train turns are in operation. Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Update : Hudhud cyclone moves away from Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-10-09 A M Buddadasa appointed as Chairman of Uva provincial council by a secret vote. Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Update: President directs to cut gas prices by 250 rupees with effect from tomorrow.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Nokia to shut down its operations in Chennai Hiru News en 2014-10-09 French author Patrick Modiano wins Nobel Prize for Literature Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Update: A reply to railway strikers demands within 2 weeks, Finance ministry secretary agrees.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-09 PS member rivalry in Kelaniya against minister Mervin Silva takes a new turn.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Anura Kumara talks in parliament about the assault on Chris Nonis.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-09 Shasheendra reveals about a group who was preparing for a new chief minister for Uva.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-09 President eradicated the dark era: MP R Duminda Silva.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Fishermen stranded in deep sea near Myanmar safe. Hiru News en 2014-10-10 10 districts prone to landslides if rain persists today. Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Karuwalagaswawa Chairman resigns. Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Update : Discussions fail: Train strikes continue.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-10 US warns Ebola could become next AIDS Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Be responsible for your pension: President Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Air strikes stall IS advance on Syrian border town Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Kevin Pietersen row hurt England, says Andrew Strauss Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Paul Mccartney Backing Campaign To Save Church Venue Hiru News en 2014-10-10 154 dead unable to bear shock of Jayalalithaas arrest: AIADMK Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Sri Lankas short-term macroeconomic outlook remains positive - says World Bank Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Sri Lanka Armys 65th Anniversary and Army Day falls today-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Several shops on a land belonging to Deputy Minister Sarana destroyed by fire. Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Dhoni Sole Indian on Forbes Most Valuable Athlete Brand List Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Per capita income to surpass 4000 dollars next year. Hiru News en 2014-10-10 George Clooney Makes Surprise Appearance At New York Comic Con Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Cigarette prices increased Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Goons attack students and parents protest at Poramadulla central college in Hanguranketha Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Court injunction issued on railway strike Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Indian defence secretary meets the President.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-10 The strike cripples train services today as well: Trade unions in a decisive discussion. Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi win Nobel Peace prize.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-10 A woman murdered at Panadura Rankoth temple.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Nasia Jansen apologises over photos Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Minister S B visits Poramadulla Central College after his brother leaves: Police protection to the school: 2 students and a mother hospitalised.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Northern Chief Minister refuses to participate in Presidents Jaffna meeting Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Mangala says UNP candidate will be made the common candidate.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Update: Railway strike to continue until the injunction order is given in writing.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-10 Problems of principals and teachers will be solved before next January; President Hiru News en 2014-10-11 A group set fire to the tent where Sabaragamuwa students were engaged in a protest: 11 students injured. Hiru News en 2014-10-11 People cannot be misled anymore: says UNP.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-11 Update : Train strike called off at 7 in the morning. Hiru News en 2014-10-11 No one will be allowed to divide the country: reiterates President.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-11 Global Ebola outbreak deaths exceed 4,000 - WHO Hiru News en 2014-10-11 Bowlers, Maxwell set up series win Hiru News en 2014-10-11 John Travolta Halted Work On Book After Sons Death. Hiru News en 2014-10-11 A protest in Wallawaya to remove a betting centre-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-11 Malala calls for child rights after joint Nobel Peace Prize. Hiru News en 2014-10-11 Sri Lanka’s Central Bank asks banks to reduce pawning advances interest rate. Hiru News en 2014-10-11 Madonna Celebrates Malalas Nobel Prize Honour. Hiru News en 2014-10-11 Pietersen claims sad - Anderson Hiru News en 2014-10-11 6 Sri Lankans arrested in India. Hiru News en 2014-10-11 TNA clarifies how to select the candidate they support for the Presidential election. Hiru News en 2014-10-11 Update : Train services not back to normal despite calling off the strike. Hiru News en 2014-10-11 Update : Police commence investigations in search of those who attacked Sabaragamuwa Students.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-11 Development programme considers the future than the present: President Hiru News en 2014-10-11 Massacre feared after Islamic State militants seize Kurdish HQ in Kobane Hiru News en 2014-10-11 Saliya Sumeda resigns from the Uva PC deputy chairman position.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-11 Update: Sabaragamuwa student assault tarnished the image of the government; says Deputy Higher education Minister. Hiru News en 2014-10-11 Prison guards write to the President Hiru News en 2014-10-11 Update: 35 million rupee loss to the railway department due to the strike.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-11 President opens Mahindodaya laboratories.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-11 Novak Djokovic to face Roger Federer in semis Hiru News en 2014-10-11 MP R Duminda Silva hands over a financial donation to Sadasawi Jana Sri musical event.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-12 Muslim Congress decision regarding the Presidential election delayed-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-12 President Mahinda Rajapakse reiterates that he will contest for the 3rd time and win. Hiru News en 2014-10-12 Many villagers under threat due to wild life officers strike-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-12 Counterfeit currency notes in circulation in regional level; CID commence investigation. Hiru News en 2014-10-12 Severe Cyclonic Storm Hudhud in the Bay of Bengal moving towards India. Hiru News en 2014-10-12 Marvel Announce Animated Guardians of the Galaxy Series For Disney XD In 2015 Hiru News en 2014-10-12 US-UK war game to simulate failure of global bank Hiru News en 2014-10-12 Syria: Kobane situation remains dangerous says US Hiru News en 2014-10-12 Liquor prices increased. Hiru News en 2014-10-12 Ebola outbreak could be controlled in three months Hiru News en 2014-10-12 Mohammed Shami Shines in Indias Series-Levelling Win Over West Indies Hiru News en 2014-10-12 The Fourth Season Of Homeland Is Nearly Upon Us! Hiru News en 2014-10-12 IMF-World Bank: build infrastructure to fight malaise Hiru News en 2014-10-12 JVP accuse Minister S B, regarding the assault of Sabaragamuwa students.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-12 Ownership and share of ownership of land act to be debated on the 20th. Hiru News en 2014-10-12 More relief to the public in the future; A pledge from the President. Hiru News en 2014-10-12 Mano meets Ranil Hiru News en 2014-10-12 On the day the Tamil Diaspora gives up on Ealam ideology, Im ready to change the Presidential System; says President in the North.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-12 Update: Cyclonic Storm Hudhud hits India.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-12 Wild Life officers still on strike; several villagers threatened by wild elephants.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-12 A Student who went to bathe in Thihariya - Dunu Ala missing; another hospitalised. Hiru News en 2014-10-12 Import ban on Linna fish Hiru News en 2014-10-12 Traffic restriction on Marine Drive due to repairs Hiru News en 2014-10-12 The police sergeant who assaulted a woman in Rathnapura town reinstated.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-12 Sri Lanka gets US$1.3bn in FDI by October: Ministry of Investment Promotion. Hiru News en 2014-10-12 Misbah-ul-Haq Vows to Fight on After Australia Defeat. Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Jaffna Railway station reopens today: Yal devi to Jaffna tomorrow after 24 years. Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Update : Dedicate your selves for development putting aside political differences: President tells government employees in the North.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Cyclone Hudhud pounds Indias Andhra Pradesh and Orissa Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Spice exports record growth. Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Australia turn tables for one-run win Hiru News en 2014-10-13 U2 go from rock legends to accused spammers. Hiru News en 2014-10-13 The group that carried out gem mining in Kanthale tank grounds removed by police-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Bolivias Morales elected to third term. Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Spice exports increase 14% Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Aretha Franklin Becomes First Woman To Join R&b Charts 100 Club. Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Third ODI abandoned because of cyclone. Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Yal Devi resumes services Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Indian arrested for overstaying Hiru News en 2014-10-13 6 pictorial warnings for Cigarette packets given to Tobaco Company. Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Yal Devi arrives in Jaffna after 24 years; President on Board.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-13 2 Chilaw drunk policemen who created a clash during a raid interdicted. Hiru News en 2014-10-13 A teacher association joins Sabaragamuwa students sathyagraha Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Boat stand-off case in Australian High Court Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Jayalalithaa bail plea hearing in Supreme Court on Friday Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Central Bank wins CRIB Challenge Trophy 2014 Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Pandol at Kurunegala Pirivena collapses, doctor injured Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Bang Bang! crosses Rs.150 crore in India Hiru News en 2014-10-13 CWC and Upcountry peoples front clash in Kothmale; PC member S Ramesh assaults Deputy Minister Rada Krishnans private secretary.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Frenchman Jean Tirole wins 2014 Nobel Prize for Economics Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Jacqueline thanks Salman for one million followers on Twitter Hiru News en 2014-10-13 Cyclone Hudhud costs India No.1 spot Hiru News en 2014-10-13 FUTA charges that Eastern University Vice Chancellor has no basic qualifications. Hiru News en 2014-10-13 UNP to support a common candidate after an agreement to abolish Executive Presidency; says Ranil.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-13 CAA is not aware of closing down rice mills in Polonnaruwa. Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Children in Badulla who had been in queue for 3 hours to obtain brain fever vaccination-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-14 UNP also asks for increased salaries from the budget.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-14 A decisive discussion today about the Sabaragamuwa University. Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Let there be no political agendas in development: President says in Jaffna.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Kim Jong-un: North Korea leader appears in public Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Dolly Parton Says Happiness Is a Choice. Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Darrell Hair Picks Out Saqlain Mushtaq, Harbhajan Singh and Muralitharan as Role Models for Chuckers Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Airport security arrest a person with gems worth 1.5 million rupees Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Maestro W.D Amaradeva receives a standing ovation from SLAF Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Minister Peiris calls on President-elect of Indonesia Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Sri Lanka has the least number of hungry people in South Asia Hiru News en 2014-10-14 87,000 kilo grams of refuse tea seized from Hettipola. Hiru News en 2014-10-14 The UNP proposes a systematic mechanism for Private Universities. Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Rathana thero to make a special statement during the presentation of 19th amendment. Hiru News en 2014-10-14 No risk of Sanchi Bo sapling dying: says Mahabodi Society chairman Banagala Upathissa thero. Hiru News en 2014-10-14 IS militants fight way into centre of Syria border town Hiru News en 2014-10-14 UPFA PC member assaults Mathara hospital security guards Hiru News en 2014-10-14 German government supports to establish of a new centre for vocational training Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Johnny Cash honored by the city of Folsom Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Texas nurse Nina Pham first to contract Ebola virus in United States Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Steve Smiths unusual catch against Pakistan sparks controversy-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Etisalat Lanka proudly join hands with the Department of Pensions to empower the Nations Smart Pensioners Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Pakistan Cricket Board Looking Beyond Misbah-ul-Haq Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Two Customs officers arrested for removing vehicle parts at Colombo Customs Vehicle Yard Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Richard Gere has split from Padma Lakshmi. Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai Urges Girls To Participate In Code.orgs Hour Of Code.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Rathana Theros 19th amendment which restricts presidential powers, released.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Matara deputy mayor threatens municipal commissioner for questioning his daughter. Hiru News en 2014-10-14 BBS and Hindu convention name a Buddhist & Hindu month.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Ministers and MPs should think about the poor; says Malwathu Chief Prelate. Hiru News en 2014-10-14 Another phase of Sisu Saviya launched under a concept of MP R. Duminda Silva, gets underway in Kaduwela-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-15 A person acquitted and set free by court in prison for 2 months. Hiru News en 2014-10-15 Update : Rathana thero shows how 2/3rd majority could be obtained for the 19th amendment.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-15 Court rejects request for removing Sabaragamuwa Sathyagra. Hiru News en 2014-10-15 EU gets ready to stop buying fish from Sri Lanka: Ready for discussion: says Fisheries Ministry. Hiru News en 2014-10-15 Thundershowers in the afternoon Hiru News en 2014-10-15 WHO warns Ebola infection rate could reach 10,000 a week Hiru News en 2014-10-15 Mark Zuckerberg Donates $25 Million To Fight Against Ebola Hiru News en 2014-10-15 Price of Football: Ticket increases outstrip cost of living Hiru News en 2014-10-15 Gaining a proper place in society is through receiving a sound education: President-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-15 27 garment workers hospitalized from food poisoning.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-15 9 persons arrested for gem mining in Kantale Tank reserveග Hiru News en 2014-10-15 India may clear new sea route to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-10-15 Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid to Play Exhibition Match in Pakistan Hiru News en 2014-10-15 Sapugaskanda oil refinery workers stage a protest against providing Bacteria mixed drinking water.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-15 Increase the household income instead of reducing prices of goods: says Opposition Leader. Hiru News en 2014-10-15 A group of farmers stage a protest in front of Rambaawa Divisional secretariat.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-15 A foreign group that creates communal clashes in the North. Hiru News en 2014-10-15 Obama rallies coalition commanders against IS militants Hiru News en 2014-10-15 Eastern province is to be promote as global natural and cultural destination Hiru News en 2014-10-15 Javier Bardem Is Reportedly Set To Star As Villain Opposite Johnny Depp In Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Hiru News en 2014-10-15 The Imitation Game Wins Top Award At Hamptons Film Festival Hiru News en 2014-10-15 30 mobile libraries to Wilgamuwa PS Hiru News en 2014-10-15 Apple And Facebook Are Paying Employees To Freeze Their Eggs Hiru News en 2014-10-16 A Body recovered from Hatton – Dik Oya canal Hiru News en 2014-10-15 A bus skids into a precipice; 1 killed 64 injured-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-15 Mark Zuckerberg Is Giving $25 Million To Fight Ebola Hiru News en 2014-10-15 New Controller General of Immigration and Emigration appointed Hiru News en 2014-10-15 Roger Federer Super Excited for India Trip, Affordable Tickets Await Fans, Promises Mahesh Bhupathi Hiru News en 2014-10-15 A woman in Wariyapola murders her husband and buries him-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-15 Foreigners restricted from visiting the north-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-15 Opposition leader says how the reduced prices of goods would skyrocket later-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-15 Union cabinet to approve proposed new alignment for Sethusamudram project Hiru News en 2014-10-16 Ajmal rehabilitation on track - Saqlain Hiru News en 2014-10-16 A graduate appointment for students recruited for educational colleges. Hiru News en 2014-10-16 Strong winds in Yatiyanthota and Ruwanwalla: 61 houses damaged: 1 killed. Hiru News en 2014-10-16 UVA cabinet takes oaths today. Hiru News en 2014-10-16 The countries scientists knowledge for national economy: President says a national policy will be formulated.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-16 US-led strikes kill several hundred IS militants Hiru News en 2014-10-16 Michael Jackson Is Top Dead Earner For Second Year Hiru News en 2014-10-16 Mahendra Singh Dhoni Must Stay Captain Till 2015 World Cup: Sourav Ganguly Hiru News en 2014-10-16 Update : UVA cabinet takes oaths Hiru News en 2014-10-16 Fresh scuffles in central Hong Kong Hiru News en 2014-10-16 Afghanistan first lady Rula Ghani moves into the limelight Hiru News en 2014-10-16 Michael Jackson tops Forbes list of highest-earning dead celebrities. Hiru News en 2014-10-16 Neil Patrick Harris to host Oscars-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-16 Sri Lanka 12-month Treasuries up, other bids rejected Hiru News en 2014-10-16 A group of racketeers who collect money from passengers on fake medical documents arrested. Hiru News en 2014-10-16 UNP asks to present the budget according to the constitution.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-16 Certain facts of Rathana Theros 19th amendment cannot be agreed: says JHU. Hiru News en 2014-10-16 New Ministers for UVA Provincial council take oaths.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-16 Thunder showers island wide tonight.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-16 Students reject lecturers requests; Sabaragamuwa Dons withdraw from discussions. Hiru News en 2014-10-16 Rawana Balaya enters Foreign Employment bureau; Heated argument with its Chairman.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-16 Update: CWC says it will support the alliance continuously.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-16 Police recovers a body of a 48 year old woman in Waligama.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Dengue risk rises with rainy weather. Hiru News en 2014-10-17 New TN Chief Minister writes to Modi demanding for boats Kept in Sri lankan custody. Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Sarath Fonsekas name is not in the 2014 voter registration list. Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Begin work aiming a national election: advice to SLFP organisers. Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Iraq crisis: Wave of attacks in Baghdad leave 40 dead Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Willie Nelson hair extensions sold at auction. Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Swann hits back at Gooch reproach Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Thunder showers island wide Hiru News en 2014-10-17 World Buddhist conference opens in Shaanxi Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Goans seek to meet Pope Francis in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Apple launches extra slim iPad Air 2 Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Jayalalithaa bail plea hearing in Supreme Court today Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Jayalalithaa Granted Bail after Three Weeks. Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Sri Lanka receives 700 million dollars from World Bank Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Sri Lanka Identifies 85 School Bowlers With Suspect Action. Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Clive Davis & Billy Joel Band To Be Inducted In To Long Island Music Hall Of Fame Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Islamic State being driven out of Syrias Kobane Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Leonardo Dicaprio Donates $2 Million To Ocean Conservation Group Hiru News en 2014-10-17 An A/L student of Meerigama D S Senanayaka College hospitalised after a ragging incident. Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Husband stabs wife near the Nikawaratiya courts.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-17 POPEs tour of Sri Lanka is confirmed Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Everyone should take pride in their religions and cultures: Ranil Hiru News en 2014-10-17 NFF meets the President; pledges support in the Presidential election.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-17 20 arrested for illegal dice gambling at Awariwatta, Katunayake Bus Depot Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Tropical spider burrows under mans skin through scar-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Islamic State training pilots to fly fighter jets Hiru News en 2014-10-17 West Indies Quit India Tour Over Pay Dispute; Sri Lanka likely to be invited to play a short series.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Three new JK Rowling wizard movies due from 2016 Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Sarath Fonseka ready to go to Geneva Human rights council against denial of voting rights-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-17 New alliance from the UNP; Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Indian Supreme Court grants bail to Jayalalithaa. Hiru News en 2014-10-17 SC grants permission for a petition filed by suspects of Mohammad Siyam murder case Hiru News en 2014-10-17 Colombo District MP R. Duminda Silva intervenes to restore bus service of Talangama Depot-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-18 Court orders students to be removed from Sabaragamuwa University premises Hiru News en 2014-10-18 Some attempting to betray country for political gains: says President-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-18 Doubts if reason behind killing of female in Kirindiwela was a love affair-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-18 Heavy showers across the island today: Landslide threat in 2 districts Hiru News en 2014-10-18 WHO accused of failure in early response for Ebola Hiru News en 2014-10-18 India beat West Indies in 4th ODI by 59 runs Hiru News en 2014-10-18 Brad Pitts Fury starts rolling with $1.2 million Hiru News en 2014-10-18 2 including Doctor killed in Accident along Puttlam - Chillaw Road-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-18 2 drown in Walawe River Hiru News en 2014-10-18 Sabaragamuwa students agree to attend lectures: University likely to reopen next week Hiru News en 2014-10-18 UN appreciates progress in Human Development in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-10-18 No change in Indias stance on LTTE Hiru News en 2014-10-18 Landslide threat in Kurunegala, Galle and Kalutara - Low lying areas under water due to heavy rains Hiru News en 2014-10-18 Hong Kong protests camp retaken from police Hiru News en 2014-10-18 Europe and US Shares rebounded Hiru News en 2014-10-18 Jenson Button considers switching to world endurance championship. Hiru News en 2014-10-18 Screenwriter of Contagion compares film with Ebola virus. Hiru News en 2014-10-18 UN Security Council urges world to step up help to Iraq Hiru News en 2014-10-18 President to launch Divi Neguma Phase 6 on Monday Hiru News en 2014-10-18 John Lennon letters to be sold at auction. Hiru News en 2014-10-18 Sri Lanka to fill West Indies void in India Hiru News en 2014-10-18 Northern trains earn 3 million rupees in four days Hiru News en 2014-10-18 Information unearthed regarding a vehicle racket using women. Hiru News en 2014-10-18 Kalu, Ging and Nilawala rivers overflow; Several low lying areas and roads inundated.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-18 Let the public decide; says President.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-19 Armed group dressed as Police rob a devala in Mawathagama-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-19 BCCI to claim damages of USD 65 million from West Indies Hiru News en 2014-10-19 Google Q3 Earnings Swing and a Miss Hiru News en 2014-10-19 Nepal Trekking disaster death toll reaches 39 Hiru News en 2014-10-19 Sabaragamuwa students to recommence sathyagraha-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-19 Attempts to destabilise developing countries: President Hiru News en 2014-10-19 Update : Atmospheric disturbance to move away: Heavy showers to continue: 6 Districts affected-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-19 One person arrested trying to smuggle out Foreign currency Hiru News en 2014-10-19 Water levels of Kalu and Nilwala Rivers rise. Hiru News en 2014-10-19 104 fake Thousand Rupee notes in a Kataragama-Colombo bus.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-19 Opposition Leader predicts the budget proposals Hiru News en 2014-10-19 Priest who raped two girls dies after consuming poison Hiru News en 2014-10-19 2 Sri Lankans arrested in India with 17 Kilos of Heroine Hiru News en 2014-10-19 Gay rights groups say vote disappointing Hiru News en 2014-10-19 Infant dies after falling into a container collecting rain water Hiru News en 2014-10-19 Minister C B accuses the police Hiru News en 2014-10-19 Ranil says the aim of the UNP is to create 1 million jobs within 5 years.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-19 Lowlands in Kalutara, Galle and Matara inundated due to the overflow of Kalu, Gin and Nilwala rivers.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-19 A budget with many benefits to the public will be presented; says President. Hiru News en 2014-10-19 Valentino Rossi wins as Marc Marquez exits Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Update : Increase government employees salary by 10 thousand rupees: says Ranil-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Update : Thundershowers today as well island wide: Kalu River continues to overflow.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Women should be kept happy to achieve true development: says President.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Iraq crisis: Baghdad Shia mosque hit by suicide attack Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Apple introduces iPad Air 2 Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Deborah Harry to headline John Lennon tribute concert. Hiru News en 2014-10-20 SL to host next Test series against India - Ranatunga Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Vegetables in 5 colours to increase vegetable consumption. Hiru News en 2014-10-20 An employee of NTC admitted to hospital following Chairmans assault-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Update: President inaugurates 6th phase of Divi Naguma Hiru News en 2014-10-20 2 killed following a Motor accident in Hatharaliyadda Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Spanish nurse tests negative for virus Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Multiday fishing boat owners protest in front of the Ministry; Stones hurled at the protesters.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Dr Mahinda Balasuriya appointed as new Law and Order Secretary Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Chargers against holding Southern Province year 11 term test in a rush. Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Let’s rally round against EUs annulling sanctions on LTTE; request religious leaders. Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Relief to cost of living from the budget; says the Alliance. Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Hornets attack 19 persons including children in Bogawantalawe Hiru News en 2014-10-20 2 Ministers of Uva Provincial Council assume duties Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Modi first Indian PM to address joint session of Australian parliament Hiru News en 2014-10-20 5 suspects in Sabaragamuwa University students assault surrender Hiru News en 2014-10-20 5 suspects including PS member remanded for assaulting Sabaragamuwa Uni Students Hiru News en 2014-10-20 SLC justifies Indian tour Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Dispute over quorum during budget debate; decision changed.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Frontliners announce their policies on current politics Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Rs 10,000 salary increment for govt. employees under a UNP govt; says Ranil.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Becoming a strength to the country, the 6th phase of Divi Neguma program commence in Kolonnawa under the patronage of MP R. Duminda Silva.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Turks to let Kurds join Kobane fight Hiru News en 2014-10-20 Cricket Australia Concerned Over West Indies Crisis Hiru News en 2014-10-21 UNP General Secretary says another D.S era is required Hiru News en 2014-10-21 All locations in parliament undergo special inspection Hiru News en 2014-10-21 The name of the woman who misplaced the national drug policy, revealed-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-21 JVP says they will launch a strike if the salaries of state employees are not increased-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-21 Health Minister issues a communique regarding the ambulance accident-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-21 Karuwala-gaswewa OIC transferred to Mirihana Hiru News en 2014-10-21 33 injured when a SLTB bus veered off the road and fell into a precipice Hiru News en 2014-10-21 Ebola-hit nations get key supplies Hiru News en 2014-10-21 Waqar keen to exploit Australias weaknesses Hiru News en 2014-10-21 Liquor Shops to be closed island-wide tomorrow. Hiru News en 2014-10-21 A newborn baby abandoned in toilet bowl Hiru News en 2014-10-21 Police introduce 3 new hotlines for public grievances and complaints.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-21 Sri Lanka to establish a regulatory council to monitor issues in finance sector Hiru News en 2014-10-21 Jena Malone To Play First Female Robin In New Batman Movie Hiru News en 2014-10-21 India preparing to improve defense cooperation with Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-10-21 University students boycott lectures today; Colombo and Jaffna students refrain. Hiru News en 2014-10-21 Sri Lanka appeals to EU court against the de-listing of LTTE Hiru News en 2014-10-21 A group of UNP MPs attacked in Colombo Hiru News en 2014-10-21 Heavy traffic as student protesters march forward Hiru News en 2014-10-21 Oscar Pistorius gets five years for Reeva Steenkamp death. Hiru News en 2014-10-21 Update: University students dispersed! Hiru News en 2014-10-21 Tense situation at Western Provincial council Hiru News en 2014-10-21 JHU and the President meet Hiru News en 2014-10-21 11 pin cards & 2 machines of Persons registration department missing.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-21 Update: Vehicles of UNP inspection tour MPs attacked; 2 journalist also injured.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-21 Update: Tear gas and water cannons used to disperse university students protest march in front of Parliament.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-21 Stevie Wonder To Become A New Dad At 64 - Report Hiru News en 2014-10-21 India suspend tours of West Indies and start legal action. Hiru News en 2014-10-22 Parents of Sabaragamuwa students are called to the university. Hiru News en 2014-10-22 UNP says that a development bank is necessary. Hiru News en 2014-10-22 There is no change in the Ordinary level examination time table. Hiru News en 2014-10-22 A speedy investigation by govt with regard to the attack on fishermen in front of the fisheries Ministry.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-22 US tightens restrictions on air travel from Ebola zone Hiru News en 2014-10-22 Oscar Pistorius unlikely to compete again after jail term Hiru News en 2014-10-22 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tops UK box office Hiru News en 2014-10-22 Hindus world over celebrate Deepavali today-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-22 No political differences when developing the country: President-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-22 Shop owner murdered at Bakery junction in Aththidiya. Hiru News en 2014-10-22 Oprah Winfrey And Neil Patrick Harris Are Among 2014S Fascinating People Hiru News en 2014-10-22 Pakistans Malala Receives US Liberty Medal Hiru News en 2014-10-22 Girlfriend Crack Makes Obama Voting All Laughs Hiru News en 2014-10-22 Yahoo profit surges on Alibaba divestment, mobile Hiru News en 2014-10-22 West Indies in Trouble as India Suspend Future Tours Hiru News en 2014-10-22 Mano Ganeshan meets Vigneshwaran. Hiru News en 2014-10-22 UNP charges that government has not taken measures against EU, LTTE ban. Government says it has given highest priority.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-22 Nestle Lanka PLC Announces Management Change Hiru News en 2014-10-22 The boy disappeared in Ambalangoda rescued from a beggar in Dambulla.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-22 Father of two dies from drowning Hiru News en 2014-10-22 Etisalat Group continues commitment of growing their operations in Sri Lanka. Hiru News en 2014-10-22 CIC Healthcare, Nurturing Life through Excellence and Innovation Hiru News en 2014-10-22 Another woman murdered in Kota-kethana.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-22 UNP also prepares a budget. Hiru News en 2014-10-22 Do not accept nominations for Presidential elections; JVP tells elections commissioner. Hiru News en 2014-10-22 Antonio Banderas To Receive 2015 Goya Of Honor Award Hiru News en 2014-10-22 Syria air force steps up strikes Hiru News en 2014-10-22 Kumar Sangakkara Doubtful for India Tour Hiru News en 2014-10-22 China economic growth falls to five-year low of 7.3% Hiru News en 2014-10-22 A financial donation for an artist under the Kalaa Saviya programme implemented by MP R. Duminda Silva.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Special security for Kanthale tank grounds. Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Thundershowers in many areas of the island: a rehearsal today with regard to tsunami, landslides and floods disasters. Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Update : CID goes to Kotakethana.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Higher education Ministry gets ready to obtain the finger prints of all university students. Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Terrorist challenge is not something restricted to history: Minister G L Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Soldier killed in Canada Shooting.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-23 US Treasury chief urges Germany to boost growth Hiru News en 2014-10-23 ICC Admits it is Powerless in India-West Indies Dispute Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Elton John Extends Las Vegas Residency Hiru News en 2014-10-23 A person arrested for smuggling currency notes Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Police raid an illegal brewery centre in Kottawa Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Present government provided an efficient service to the public: President-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Disaster Management Rehearsal begins island wide Hiru News en 2014-10-23 UNP complains to Election Commissioner about Presidential election date being announced by Ministers: JVP also meets Election Commissioner.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Goons attack a meeting at Raassagala Rankoth temple in Balangoda.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Navy Chiefs tour of India confirmed. Hiru News en 2014-10-23 JVP mocked the salary demanding struggle: alleges Wickramabahu. Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Obama pledges to stand by Canada after attack Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Pakistan Star Younis Khan Proud at Record Equalling Test Century Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Dollar advances as US inflation creeps up Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Production Costs Of The Hobbit Trilogy Revealed Hiru News en 2014-10-23 UNP requests the government to file an early appeal against the EU court order Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Indian-origin student Sahil Doshi named Americas Top Young Scientist Hiru News en 2014-10-23 World leaders condemn terror attack in Canada Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Pakistan attack kills eight on Quetta bus. Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Lahiru Gamage picked to tour India Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Bono cheated death as a teen. Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Panadura Chief Magistrate reprimands the police Hiru News en 2014-10-23 Wickramabahu requests UNP leader Ranil to recall the Joint Opposition Hiru News en 2014-10-23 CID initiate investigations on 1507 million rupee loss of coal in 2012.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-23 A special operation from today in search of beggars who accompany children. Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Fire in Malabe Hiru News en 2014-10-24 UPFA presents its 10th budget to parliament today-Video-Budget 2015 Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Police commence search for child who went missing with monk in Batuwita - Horana Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Red notices on 11 heroin smugglers: 20,455 arrested Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Corruption or Criminal charges against 104 Provincial Council and Local Government Representatives Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Ottawa shootings: Video of Zehaf-Bibeau attack released-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Ebola outbreak: New York doctor Craig Spencer tests positive.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Vivek Oberoi and Alka Yagnik arrives in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Update : Boy kidnapped by a monk found in Anuradhapura Monk arrested.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Samsung refrigerators save energy and money with digital invertor technology Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Body of a murdered person found near Peliyagoda moor.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Pakistan to Hold Womens Cricket Cup to Honour Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai Hiru News en 2014-10-24 More than 1,700 bombs dropped in US-led air war on IS Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Qantas back on track to earn a profit Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Beatles - John Lennon Lands Spider Species Honour Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Cabinet approves the Budget-Budget 2015 Hiru News en 2014-10-24 President Rajapaksa started delivering the Budget 2015 Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Update : Fire in Malabe printing press doused.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Residential water bill for the first 25 units to be reduced by 10 percent.-Budget 2015 Hiru News en 2014-10-24 US$ 100 to be charged to enter casinos.--Budget 2015 Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Monthly allowances for kidney patients.-Budget 2015 Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Prices of certain local dairy products to be reduced.-Budget 2015 Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Mahapola allowance to be increased by Rs. 4000.-Budget 2015 Hiru News en 2014-10-24 3 women killed in Matale.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Allowances for the parents of military and police officers to be increased to Rs.1000.-Budget 2015 Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Minimum salary increments for government employees.-Budget 2015 Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Israeli police on alert after Jerusalem clashes Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Jonathan Trott Extends Contract With Warwickshire Till 2017 Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Sir Cliff Richard police raid inept say MPs Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Queen Of Twitter: Monarch Posts First Message Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Shipping corporation imported 5 vessels of coal to Norochcholai without ministry approval - discloses minister Champika.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Everything in place for Hiru Golden Film Awards ceremony which would take Sri Lankan cinema to international stage. Several bollywood superstars to participate.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-24 UNP and JVP boycott customary tea party after budget-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Government servants basic salary increased up to Rs. 15,000; Mahapola bursary increased to Rs. 4000; Special tax on vehicle imports.-Budget 2015 Hiru News en 2014-10-24 Sabaragamuwa University opens for the first year students on the 27th Hiru News en 2014-10-25 29 killed as Sinai attacks target security forces in Egypt Hiru News en 2014-10-25 Gurunath Meiyappans Voice Sample Confirmed in IPL Spot-Fixing Case: Sources Hiru News en 2014-10-25 George Harrisons Childhood Home Sells For $249,000 Hiru News en 2014-10-25 Monk who abducted child in Horana remanded till the 7th-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-25 Hiru Golden Film Awards ceremony which would take Sri Lankan cinema to international stage today - Several bollywood superstars arrive in the island Hiru News en 2014-10-25 German woman on expedition in Hunnasgala missing Hiru News en 2014-10-25 Bollywood Superstars arrive in Island!! Hiru News en 2014-10-25 No relief to the people: UNP Hiru News en 2014-10-25 Ebola crisis: Many exposed to infected Mali girl Hiru News en 2014-10-25 S Korea police deployed near border before leaflet launch Hiru News en 2014-10-25 Neil Diamond Hates Song writing. Hiru News en 2014-10-25 Tight Security in Place for ODI Hiru News en 2014-10-25 Commonwealth Secretary General to arrive in the country today Hiru News en 2014-10-25 Hybrid vehicles increased by 100 thousand - Vans decreased by 500 thousand : says vehicle importers-Budget 2015 Hiru News en 2014-10-25 Ranil sets conditions on Rathana Theras proposed constitution Hiru News en 2014-10-25 Update : All arrangements in place for Hiru Golden Film Awards which would bring the local cinema to international arena Bollywood superstars Bipasha Basu, Anil Kapoor, Sunil Shetty, and Neha Dhupia also arrived in the island Hiru News en 2014-10-25 Stock of coriander unsuitable for human consumption and worth 20 million rupees seized in Kalmunei.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-25 Update: German tourist who went missing in Hunnasgiriya found today-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-25 Consolidation of allowances to government servants basic salary questioned by JVP.-Budget 2015 Hiru News en 2014-10-25 Hiru Golden Film Awards ceremony which would take Sri Lankan cinema to international stage commences.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-26 Number of Ebola cases passes 10,000: World Health Organisation Hiru News en 2014-10-26 Commemorative stamp from India for Anagarika Dharmapala Hiru News en 2014-10-26 President Sisi says jihadists threaten Egypts existence. Hiru News en 2014-10-26 Glitter of gold to fade further Hiru News en 2014-10-26 Bono has glaucoma. Hiru News en 2014-10-26 Dwayne Bravo Calls Marlon Samuels Interested Party in Bitter Fallout Hiru News en 2014-10-26 Hiru Golden Film Awards which took Sri Lankan Cinema to the global stage concludes successfully with massive response from public.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-26 UNP reveals of a magic in the budget-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-26 Minister Patali emphasizes need for a transparent price formula on fuel-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-26 Commonwealth secretary General tours Jaffna.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-26 Husband and wife die due to lighting in Thanthirimale.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-26 Islamic State: Militants pushed back in Iraq Hiru News en 2014-10-26 SL exports high quality goods. Hiru News en 2014-10-26 NZ Cricket Tightens Security Around Domestic T20s Hiru News en 2014-10-26 JVP votes against the vote Hiru News en 2014-10-26 4 family members injured following an accident in Kadana-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-26 The Central committee of the Hela Urumaya meets for a decisive discussion on the proposals given to president and the budget Hiru News en 2014-10-26 Trade Unions Centre says the budget imposes new tax worth 227 billion Hiru News en 2014-10-26 Ranil appeals against EUs relieved sanctions on LTTE.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-26 Kandy - Mahiyangana road blocked Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Update : 18 hair pin bend further blocked due to landslides: 11 vehicles stranded.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-27 JHU to temple trees today as well. Hiru News en 2014-10-27 A person who distributed UN war crimes commission data collection forms arrested in Kilinochchi. Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Women representation should be increased in service to the people: says opposition leader. Hiru News en 2014-10-27 It is the responsibility of Govt officials to make budget benefits reach the people: President-Budget 2015 Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Dilma Rousseff re-elected Brazilian president. Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Exchange Control regulations to be abolished. Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Spinners script Pakistan victory Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Ringo Starr is the new face of Skechers. Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Person arrested with a 1000 rupee counterfeit note. Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Qatar officials dismiss IS funding claims Hiru News en 2014-10-27 2 arrested with a stock of Wallapatta Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Narendra Modi praises a broom-toting Hrithik Hiru News en 2014-10-27 brings the Sri Lankan retail industry to your Android Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Twenty-four European banks fail EBA stress test Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Peterborough will celebrate 40 years of Abba. Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Seylan Bank opens its newest branch in Kelaniya Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Seylan Bank opens its newest branch in Colombo Gold Centre Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Body of a policeman found in a reef at Wallawaththa beach. Hiru News en 2014-10-27 UNP MPs charged for entering slave island port authority training school given bail.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Another revelation by Fonsekas former media secretary Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Vehicle importers describe how prices fluctuate after budget proposals. Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Section of Sabaragamuwa University reopens Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Heres Why Mark Zuckerberg Studies Chinese Every Day-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Buddhist monk staged a demonstration demanding for road construction Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Dine In at the Times Square at The Manhattan FISH MARKET Hiru News en 2014-10-27 John Lennon Letter Sells For $28,000 Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Shami ruled out of Sri Lanka ODIs Hiru News en 2014-10-27 China Considers Ending Death Penalty for Nine Crimes Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Indias National defence will not be put at risk; says Sri lankan Navy Commander in India. Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Commonwealth secretary General calls on President Rajapakse.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Cut-off-point of the Year-5 scholarship examination reduced.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-27 UNP targets 6 million votes in forthcoming Presidential election.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-27 Update: The death of Wallawaththa police officer remains a mystery.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-27 JHU to decide its future today. Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Update : Kandy - Mahiyanaganaya road closed yet again-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-28 12,000 UNP Election Booth organizers called to Colombo Hiru News en 2014-10-28 A joint JHU - SLFP Committee appointed: yet another discussion about proposals today as well Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Head of UN Security Council Counter Terrorism Committee to arrive in the island Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Sweeping change narrows gender gap Hiru News en 2014-10-28 ICC discussing reintegration of banned players Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Designer Urges William And Harry To Put Princess Dianas Wedding Dress On Display Hiru News en 2014-10-28 A constable hospitalised after a Sub inspectors firearm fired accidently Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Sri Lankan run over by a BMW in England Hiru News en 2014-10-28 UNP requests to bring Slave Island OIC before a parliament committee.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Two more suspects in connection with Sabaragamuwa university student attack surrender; Students stage a silent protest in Balangoda. Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Bodhu Bala Sena warns they have to implement jungle law Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Hugh Jackman Receives Treatment For Third Skin Cancer Diagnosis In A Year Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Ebola outbreak: US advises against quarantine Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Virgin Australia chairman to step down Hiru News en 2014-10-28 West Indies Will Play in ICC World Cup, Says Official Hiru News en 2014-10-28 A successful cooperative system taking shape-says President Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Renowned teacher Jayasundara Arachchige Gunasiri launches Maths website Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Missing Mexico students: New mass grave probed Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Billy Joel tells of Elton John rivalry and dating 2 supermodels in biography. Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Shami ruled out of Sri Lanka ODIs Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Southern Fishermen protest in Matara demanding the resignation of Fisheries Minister.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Attackers on Sabaragamuwa University students given bail Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Lets defeat state power by peoples power - says Ranil to UNP polling Station representatives.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Budget debate adjourned early as no MPs to make speeches Hiru News en 2014-10-28 Investigations are focused only on the quality of 3 vessels of coal stocks imported in 2012 - say police.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-28 A budget that provide many benefits to the public was presented: MP R Duminda Silva-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-29 Was the Norochcholai project failure due to the impact of coal: questions trade unions. Hiru News en 2014-10-29 JHU and SLFP discussion till next Monday. Hiru News en 2014-10-29 Identify traitor and Hero: Ranil tells UNP election booth representatives-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-29 20 sites in the 18 hair pin bend identified as prone to landslides: Ella - Wallawaya road brought back to normalcy. Hiru News en 2014-10-29 Ukraine crisis: Russia must not back separatist vote - US Hiru News en 2014-10-29 Elton John replaces Celine Dion on some dates at Caesars. Hiru News en 2014-10-29 Virat Kohli Slips to Third Spot in ODI Rankings For Batsmen Hiru News en 2014-10-29 Seven line houses are under in following a landslide. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-29 Update: 10 bodies of Haldumulla catastrophe recovered; 300 still missing.-Video #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-29 Unmanned US rocket explodes during launch Hiru News en 2014-10-29 Lankan team off to India Hiru News en 2014-10-29 Residents were advised to evacuate in 2005 and 2011: says NBRO #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-29 Landslides to continue: people advised not to reach disaster prone areas. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-29 SL has obtained loans amounting to 84185 million rupees from world Bank within 3 years.-Budget 2015 Hiru News en 2014-10-29 Elections commissioners consent to deploy observers for counting centers-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-29 Provide immediate relief to the victims – says President #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-29 White House Computers Breached By Hackers Hiru News en 2014-10-29 10 schools closed in Haldumulla #‎KoslandaLandslide Hiru News en 2014-10-29 Mobitels ONE Fuel Card Solution at LAUGFS sheds islandwide Hiru News en 2014-10-29 Chris Evans - Iron Man to feature in Captain America 3 Hiru News en 2014-10-29 South Africa top ICC one-day rankings ahead of Australia, India Hiru News en 2014-10-29 Monk who kidnapped a child in Horana charged for man slaughter. Hiru News en 2014-10-29 Disaster informed in advance says Divisional secretary; We were not informed; charge area residents.-Video #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-29 Rescue operations suspended due to adverse weather. Hiru News en 2014-10-29 President and Opposition Leader extend sympathies to the disaster victims.-Video #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-30 Thundershowers Island wide today as well: Land slide warning declared in 7 districts continues.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-30 Governments attention on whether to declare today as a National day of mourning. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-30 Update : Haldumulla rescue operations resumes: Military personnel increased upto 700 ‪#‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-30 4 more land slide sites in Haldumulla identified: 8 investigation teams deployed. ‪#‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-30 India Offers Help to Sri Lanka to Help Landslide Victims Hiru News en 2014-10-30 192 persons missing in Haldumulla - Meeriya-badda landslides 63 houses destroyed. ‪#‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-30 UN humanitarian wing on standby to aid Sri Lanka after landslides Hiru News en 2014-10-30 Body of a person allegedly linked to drug dealing found in Dematagoda.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-30 Seylan Tikiri excels at SLIM Brand Excellence Awards backed by an unmatched turnaround performance Hiru News en 2014-10-30 President inspects landslide hit Haldumulla; meets displaced people in welfare centres. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-30 Ebola cases jump to over 13,700, maximum from West African countries Hiru News en 2014-10-30 Nato reports rise in Russia military flights over Europe Hiru News en 2014-10-30 Neil Patrick Harris And Husband To Star On American Horror Story Hiru News en 2014-10-30 Sachin Tendulkar Inducted Into Bradman Hall of Fame Hiru News en 2014-10-30 MOU WITH CHINA TO BOOST RUBBER INDUSTRY Hiru News en 2014-10-30 Egypt demolishes Sinai homes for Gaza border buffer Hiru News en 2014-10-30 Government take the responsibility of children affected by the landslide tragedy. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-30 Philippines outcrop of Palawan named as the most exotic on Earth Hiru News en 2014-10-30 2018 FIFA World Cup Russias Official Emblem revealed at International Space Station-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-30 Worlds Most Heaviest Woman. Hiru News en 2014-10-30 MOU ON FRIENDLY COOPERATION BETWEEN SRI LANKA TOURISM AND ZHONGSHAN MUNICIPAL TOURISM BUREAU - CHINA Hiru News en 2014-10-30 Sri Lanka Celebrates Two Years Without Malaria: Sustained financing and vigilance needed to safeguard success Hiru News en 2014-10-30 Inform 1929 about children who lost parents in Meeriyabadda tragedy; requests NCPA #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-30 No bodies found during todays operations in Haldumulla.#‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-30 Advising people to evacuate is the responsibility of officers; To follow instructions is Estate owners duty; says President. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-30 Government should take the responsibility; a statement from UNP.-Video #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-30 Death sentences imposed on 12 individuals Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Heavy rains island wide today as well: Sudden increase of wind speed over the sea areas: A warning to fishermen. Land slide warning in 7 districts continuous. Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Venerable Rathana thero and JVP on the same platform. Hiru News en 2014-10-31 A revelation from Minister Navin about Budget relief. Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Search operation in land slide hit Meeriyabadda today as well. A special canine unit deployed in search of the missing. #‎KoslandaLandslide Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Iraq IS: Scores found dead in mass graves in Anbar Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Rohit Sharma, Manish Pandey Lift India A to Victory With Impressive Tons in Warm-up Tie Hiru News en 2014-10-31 John Lennon Letter Sells For $28,000 Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Indias Gujarat state braces for Cyclone Nilofar Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Principal of Mathara Rotumba Wijayabaa Navodaya School arrested Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Meeriy-badda rescue operations recommence; 3 sniffer dogs also used. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Commonwealth Secretary-General conveys his solidarity and condolences to Sri Lanka #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-31 GREE the number one air-conditioning systems brand affirms commitment to maintain strong presence in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Apple CEO comes out as a Proud Gay Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Opposition Leader visits Koslanda #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Israel promises to reopen Jerusalem holy site amid tension. Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Mike Tyson: I Was Abused As A Child Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Stuart Broad Denies Kevin Pietersens Bullying Accusation Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Asian shares higher on positive US growth Hiru News en 2014-10-31 8 sluice gates of Daduru Oya opened;Kalani, Kalu, Nil wala and walawe rivers reach spill level. Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Steps taken to increase the pass rate of Mathematics Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Government to provide new houses and other facilities to disaster hit families. Hiru News en 2014-10-31 JHU to stay away from budget vote taking Hiru News en 2014-10-31 2 die after soil embankment collapses in Balangoda.-Video Hiru News en 2014-10-31 JHU abstain from first vote taking of budget 2015. Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Opposition leader proposes to hoist white flags throughout the island to mourn the deaths. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Landslide hit houses of Meeriyabadda pushed 300 metres away Soil piled up to 20 feet; another body recovered. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-10-31 All facilities for the displaced provided; Minister Amaraweera. #‎KoslandaLandslide Hiru News en 2014-10-31 Younus Khan hits third successive Test century Hiru News en 2014-10-31 US urges restraint after Israel vows to reopen Al-Aqsa mosque Hiru News en 2014-11-01 10,000 affected by disasters; Showers continue in several areas Hiru News en 2014-11-01 Operations continue in search of those buried under 20 feet high earth mounds; Landslide risk in lower Ampitikanda area. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-11-01 2 killed as Three Wheeler collides with Lorry in Miriswatte-Gampaha; 2 more in critical condition Hiru News en 2014-11-01 Voting on the second reading of the budget today Hiru News en 2014-11-01 3 Armed forces not only armed with weapons but also with knowledge; President-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-01 Virgin Galactic spacecraft crash kills one Hiru News en 2014-11-01 Younus Khans double ton flays Australia Hiru News en 2014-11-01 Wonder Woman Movie in 2017 Hiru News en 2014-11-01 Another female body found from Meeriya-bedda #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-11-01 Korean Embassy condoles Koslanda landslide victims Hiru News en 2014-11-01 Search operations continue to locate bodies and houses buried in Meeriya-bedda; Another body recovered; Military says aid sufficient #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-11-01 Minister Reginald complains to police over assault; Driver of Panadura Pradeshiya Sabha arrested Hiru News en 2014-11-01 UNP requests for a National Disaster situation to be announced. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-11-01 Indo-Sri Lanka Joint Military exercise tomorrow Hiru News en 2014-11-01 A Navy bus meets with an accident in Kaluthara. 14 soldiers injured. Hiru News en 2014-11-01 5 unruly Chinese Nationals deported from Katunayaka airport. Hiru News en 2014-11-01 Legal action against those who defy landslide warnings.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-01 The 2nd reading of the budget passed with a majority of 100 votes.UNP, JVP and TNA vote against; JHU not present at the chambers.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-01 Rescue operations will continue until all the bodies are recovered; says Army #‎KoslandaLandslide Hiru News en 2014-11-01 BCCI demands $42m in damages from WICB; SL team arrives in India for 5 match ODI series; Underdone SL dial down expectations. Hiru News en 2014-11-01 18 billion rupee increase in health sector allocation Hiru News en 2014-11-01 US prepares to send military advisers to western Iraq Hiru News en 2014-11-01 Michael Jackson cloned himself before death. Hiru News en 2014-11-02 People in Sooriyawewa affected by a type of caterpillars-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-02 Search operations continue in Meeriyabedda: 11,000 affected by inclement weather-Video #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-11-02 Fire in a line of shops in Panadura-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-02 JVP prepares for a broad discussion on presidential election: Meetings with Political Parties and Civil Organizations this week Hiru News en 2014-11-02 Whether to support government or not at final budget vote: Decision depends on response to proposals: JHU Hiru News en 2014-11-02 6.9 quake hits Pacific near Fiji: no tsunami expected Hiru News en 2014-11-02 Power partly restored in Bangladesh after nationwide blackout Hiru News en 2014-11-02 Ebola-hit Sierra Leone hits out at Canada over visa block Hiru News en 2014-11-02 Police arrest Pakistanis who carry out Robbery in Kandy Hiru News en 2014-11-02 New Attorney General meets Malwatu and Asgiri Chief Prelates-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-02 TNA and Muslim Congress discussions on Tuesday Hiru News en 2014-11-02 Risk of epidemics spreading following heavy rains Hiru News en 2014-11-02 Heavy rains experienced around the island: 2500 displaced families in 20 camps Hiru News en 2014-11-02 Another body recovered from Meeriyabadda; search operations hindered due to adverse weather. #‎KoslandaLandslide Hiru News en 2014-11-02 Days wage of NUW tea plantation workers to be given to the victims of Haldumulla #‎KoslandaLandslide Hiru News en 2014-11-02 India 363 for 5 Hiru News en 2014-11-02 Govt targets FDI worth US $ 5b by 2016 Hiru News en 2014-11-02 Iraqi fighters lift spirits in Syria siege town Hiru News en 2014-11-02 Channing Tatums X Men Character Gambit To Get Solo Film Hiru News en 2014-11-02 Police commence investigations in search of 5 suspects who accompanied Malaka Silva.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-02 A programme from the Alliance to protect all the votes during the final budget vote take.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-02 11000 affected due to inclement weather; Land slide warning for 7 districts extended.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-03 All-Round India Defeat Sri Lanka by 169 Runs. Hiru News en 2014-11-03 Vegetable prices increase. Hiru News en 2014-11-03 Pakistan bomb kills 50 at Wagah border with India. Hiru News en 2014-11-03 8 persons including a monk who attempted to dig out treasures from the middle of a house arrested. Hiru News en 2014-11-03 A clash between 2 groups in Wawalawawe in Dambulla: 3 seriously injured. Hiru News en 2014-11-03 A special hot line to alert about landslides risks Hiru News en 2014-11-03 Search operation continues despite adverse weather: says Army-Video #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-11-03 Rubber producers must combine efforts to face crisis. Hiru News en 2014-11-03 Boy George: Cull flop pop stars. Hiru News en 2014-11-03 3 buses and a motor vehicle collide: 48 injured. Hiru News en 2014-11-03 Kadana acting Traffic OIC arrested for accepting bribes. Hiru News en 2014-11-03 10 reasons to shop online in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-11-03 2 more bodies recovered from Koslanda tragedy;Death toll increased to 8.Torrential rains Island wide. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-11-03 The Police and the Elections commissioner have lost its sovereignty; says Opposition Leader. Hiru News en 2014-11-03 3 buses and a motor vehicle collide in Nittanbuwa; 56 hospitalised.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-03 A common candidate through the UNP; MP Kirialla Hiru News en 2014-11-03 New Zealand Minister leading trade mission to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-11-03 Islamic State kills 322 from single Sunni tribe Hiru News en 2014-11-03 SL eyeing further investments from Mid-East Hiru News en 2014-11-03 Bob Dylan To Release New Album In 2015. Hiru News en 2014-11-03 Angelo Mathews Blames Sri Lankan Batsmen for Huge Loss. Hiru News en 2014-11-03 Ruins of a monastery found during excavations at Situlpawwa Hiru News en 2014-11-03 No race or religion is suppressed; Asgiriya Cheif Prelate tells UK High Commissioner.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-03 Pakistan Vault Into Third Position in Test Rankings, India 6th Hiru News en 2014-11-03 Russia backs Ukraine rebel vote despite West criticism Hiru News en 2014-11-03 Prosecutor In Michael Jacksons Child Molestation Trial Dies Hiru News en 2014-11-03 3 bodies recovered today from Meeriyabadda; Land slide warning extended again.-Video #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-11-03 China says docking of its submarines in SL was common practice and not unusual. Hiru News en 2014-11-03 A general election following the Presidential Election.There is no referendum; says Government. Hiru News en 2014-11-03 MP R Duminda Silva felicitated for the yeoman service carried out on behalf of elders.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-04 A challenge from government to Anura Kumara to contest at the Presidential election.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-04 The brother cuts a portion of the foot of Balangoda UC librarian and carries it away. Hiru News en 2014-11-04 A report from Human Rights commission about Meeriyabadda land slide. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-11-04 Burkina Faso army told to hand over power Hiru News en 2014-11-04 Michael Clarke: Australia captain laments Pakistan whitewash Hiru News en 2014-11-04 Queen release new song for AIDS campaign Hiru News en 2014-11-04 One World Trade Center open for business in New York Hiru News en 2014-11-04 International bodies has accepted SLs economic model.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-04 A team from NBRO visit upcountry for further investigations about landslides. Hiru News en 2014-11-04 A youth arrested with 26 packets of heroin in Mawathagama Hiru News en 2014-11-04 7 suspects arrested with 18 locally produced firearms-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-04 SLMC demand for separate council for the East is a serious issue: says UNP. Hiru News en 2014-11-04 Update : Cut off leg of Balangoda librarian not found yet: Motive behind crime is a land dispute.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-04 50 day sathyagraha of Buddhist and Parli University ends. Hiru News en 2014-11-04 US special report on Mathale mass grave submitted to court.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-04 We dont demand another Ealam: replies SLMC. Hiru News en 2014-11-04 Fierce clashes at Benghazi port Hiru News en 2014-11-04 Christian Bale Reportedly Drops Out Of Steve Jobs Biopic Hiru News en 2014-11-04 Sri Lanka Central bank says inflation declines considerably in October Hiru News en 2014-11-04 Sachin Tendulkar Attacks Greg Chappell, Calls Him a Ringmaster in His Book Hiru News en 2014-11-04 Update: Bail refused for Mervin Silvas son, Malaka Silva. Malaka Silva transferred from private hospital to National Hospital.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-04 Seylan Bank PAT surges to Rs 2.2 billion, a 47% growth over last year Hiru News en 2014-11-04 Temporarily halted search operations in Meeriyabedda restarts. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-11-04 Woman accuses Walapane Deputy Chairman for assault Hiru News en 2014-11-04 Northern Chief Minister visits Meeriyabadda. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-11-04 Democracy means not only holding Elections; says Ranil.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-04 Government expenditure in the budget increases by Rs 356 billion;Borrowings also increased by Rs 440 billion.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-04 Millions vote in US mid-term poll. Hiru News en 2014-11-04 Brian Lara says West Indies will survive India legal action Hiru News en 2014-11-05 US mid-terms: First polling stations close Hiru News en 2014-11-05 ICC to Crown the greatest world cup moment of all time. Hiru News en 2014-11-05 Abbas Dancing Queen voted favourite floorfiller - what else was in top 10? Hiru News en 2014-11-05 A proposal from UNP for a separate police. Hiru News en 2014-11-05 19000 people in 7 districts hit by inclement weather: Heavy rains today as well in several provinces. Hiru News en 2014-11-05 British High Commissioner in SL visits the indigenous Wadda community.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-05 JHU still weighs towards the government: says Minister S B-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-05 A new society should be created based on the life style of the people of the country: Ranil Hiru News en 2014-11-05 Government had turned a new page in the countrys sports sector: President-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-05 Drivers cautioned over fog in Nuwara Eliya Hiru News en 2014-11-05 India court says ban on female make-up artists illegal Hiru News en 2014-11-05 Update : Airport strike called off Hiru News en 2014-11-05 Negambo Fishermen stage another protest today as well. Hiru News en 2014-11-05 Though the opposition has equaled the country to Ethiopia and Somalia the economic growth has seen an improvement : Says MP R. Duminda Silva-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-05 Anderson ruled out of Sri Lanka tour Hiru News en 2014-11-05 India pulls warships from Kolkata as city on terror alert Hiru News en 2014-11-05 18 weapons made in Rakwana found: Police commence investigations. Hiru News en 2014-11-05 Is the Labour department in slumber: Minister Dinesh asks in Parliament.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-05 Sangakkara and Mathews shortlisted for ICC Cricketer of the Year award. Hiru News en 2014-11-05 Police arrest a woman who tried to smuggle her 21 day old infant Hiru News en 2014-11-05 Rescue operations in Meeriyabadda underway for the 8th day-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-05 Sarath Fonseka allowed to leave the country Hiru News en 2014-11-05 e-Swabhimani finalists demonstrate their creations at Smart Society Congress 2014 Hiru News en 2014-11-05 Angelina Jolie Open To Career In Politics Hiru News en 2014-11-05 Republicans win control of US Senate Hiru News en 2014-11-05 A message from the opposition leader to the UPFA including SLFP-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-05 No enemies in politics, government says about Mangala Samaraweera-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-05 Budget proposals will be implemented without failure; President Hiru News en 2014-11-05 The President seeks Supreme Court opinion whether he can contest for a 3rd term-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-05 BIA strike called off-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-06 Clash between 2 groups of fishermen in Negombo, 2 injured, STF security provided to the area Hiru News en 2014-11-06 A special SMS sent to all members of the Bar association Hiru News en 2014-11-06 Government proposes the Irrigation ministry post for UNP parliamentarian Jayawickrema Hiru News en 2014-11-06 Opposition leader says there is a severe problem in the 18th amendment Hiru News en 2014-11-06 25 families in Rakwana evacuated Hiru News en 2014-11-06 Today is IL full moon poya day. Hiru News en 2014-11-06 It is the responsibility of the govt employees to provide a proper service to the public: President-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-06 Update : Special discussion to solve the fishermen’s problem in Negombo - STF on stand-by Hiru News en 2014-11-06 Adverse weather affects 22,000: Eluwankulama shoe bridge inundated Hiru News en 2014-11-06 Only Ranil can change the current rule, says Bahu Hiru News en 2014-11-06 5 from Agaliya police post arrested in suspicion of murder-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-06 India leads world in restricting content on Facebook Hiru News en 2014-11-06 Kraigg Brathwaite and Jason Holder appointed as new captains. Hiru News en 2014-11-06 Survey to measure computer literacy of Teachers and Students Hiru News en 2014-11-06 Ebola outbreak: UN lacks resources to fight deadly virus Hiru News en 2014-11-06 Apple malware affects mostly Chinese users Hiru News en 2014-11-06 Update: Another discussion to solve Negambo dry fish and Fish dispute.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-06 No validity in the Supreme Court advisory with regard to the Presidents 3rd term candidacy; says Opposition Leader. Hiru News en 2014-11-06 7 accompanied by Malaka Silva identified; 2 of them MSD officers;Further investigations to ascertain their involvement. Hiru News en 2014-11-06 Police end investigations in Haldumulla; Sarath Fonseka dump relief goods on the way. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-11-06 MP R Duminda Silva hands over monetary donations to many temples in view of IL full moon poya day.-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-07 School girl who attempted to write on Sigiriya mirror wall arrested. Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Update : Negambos Fish and Dry Fish clash temporarily solved through the intervention of his eminence the Cardinal-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Assistance from Meeriyabadda people as well in search of bodies of person’s gone missing following the landside. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Syria conflict: Khorasan group targeted by US air strikes Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Promoting Ceylon Tea in Latin America. Hiru News en 2014-11-07 U2 to Perform Week-long Residency On U.s. Late-night Show. Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Another humiliating defeat for Sri Lanka in the 2nd ODI against India Hiru News en 2014-11-07 21 year old lover taken into police custody in connection with the death of 18 year old woman Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Obama wrote secret letter to Iran supreme leader Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Prime Minister to attend Manipal university convocation Hiru News en 2014-11-07 West Indies ask for agreement with India after abandoned tour Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Oil prices fall after OPEC cuts demand forecast Hiru News en 2014-11-07 White House expresses deep concern about China rights advocates Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Burial charges of Colombo cemetery to be increased from 15000 rupees to 150000 rupees. Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Maikkulama residents stage a protest on Chilaw - Colombo road demanding solutions for floods. Hiru News en 2014-11-07 We will create the highest salary paying economy in South Asia - Says Ranil Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Vivek Oberoi shies away from politics Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Police commence investigations to arrest 4 youths who assaulted Thilini Amalka Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Body of a person found under Borupana Bridge-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Next week edition of the Sinhala tabloid Aththa suspended Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Certain state institution heads do not respect political leadership; says a deputy Minister in Parliament Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Discussion on common candidate at Naga Viharaya concludes; Chandrika and JHU also joins Hiru News en 2014-11-07 JVP files a motion with regard to the Presidents seeking Supreme Court opinion Hiru News en 2014-11-07 One million jobs to be created under UNP regime - Says Ranil Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Two more bodies found in Meeriyabedda. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Leaders of Japan, China to hold first summit Hiru News en 2014-11-07 Cristiano Ronaldo collects third Golden Shoe award Hiru News en 2014-11-08 2 brothers hacked to death in Gandara - Matara Hiru News en 2014-11-08 1 Million voters without Identity Cards Hiru News en 2014-11-08 President says governments economic programme has identified the needs of the people-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-08 Common Opposition Candidate to be named after Presidential election is announced-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-08 US to send 1,500 more troops to Iraq Hiru News en 2014-11-08 7 Sri Lankan refugees who were in Dubai for 2 years sent to Brazil Hiru News en 2014-11-08 UN Human Rights Council accuses Sri Lanka of disrupting investigations: Investigation a challenge to Sri Lankas sovereignty; says Government Hiru News en 2014-11-08 Meeriyabedda search operations to continue or not: final decision today Hiru News en 2014-11-08 Iranian politicians welcome Obamas letter to Khamenei Hiru News en 2014-11-08 UNP says they have not accepted that President can be elected for a 3rd Term Hiru News en 2014-11-08 Saeed Ajmal to undergo unofficial testing Hiru News en 2014-11-08 US unemployment falls in October Hiru News en 2014-11-08 Robin Williams was sober before death Hiru News en 2014-11-08 Demanding for a separate administrative district for Ampara is not our proposal; Muslim Congress says in Parliament. Hiru News en 2014-11-08 Update: A suspect of the Gandara double homicide arrested. Hiru News en 2014-11-08 Update: Stop search operations in Meeriyabadda; A request from the relatives of the missing. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-11-08 The decision taken by the cricket administration to tour India jeopardise the 2015 cricket world cup hopes; says Arjuna. Hiru News en 2014-11-08 Tendulkar wants standardised DRS Hiru News en 2014-11-08 Obama heads to Asia fresh from poll drubbing Hiru News en 2014-11-08 China trade surplus expands to US$45.41b in October Hiru News en 2014-11-08 Rolling Stones Historic Show Released On Dvd Hiru News en 2014-11-09 EU decision on LTTE ban to reassessed before 15th January Hiru News en 2014-11-09 Nearly 60 Million Rupees worth gold confiscated at Airport-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-09 Broad debate continues on President seeking SC’s verdict on 3rd Term Hiru News en 2014-11-09 No use of talking over the allocation for education; Minister Bandula says in Parliament Hiru News en 2014-11-09 US Coalition planes strike IS leaders near Mosul Hiru News en 2014-11-09 Matt Damon Confirms Bourne Return For 2016 Hiru News en 2014-11-09 Dozen ISIS fighters killed after bogus cooks slip poison into their meals Hiru News en 2014-11-09 2 more bodies recovered from Meeriyabadda. Discussions with President about ending search operations #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-11-09 President inquiring SCs opinion is not a common issue, we will not get ourselves involved-Opp. Leader Hiru News en 2014-11-09 Student monument in Rajarata University damaged Hiru News en 2014-11-09 Monitoring system for fishing vessels to prevent the EU ban on fishing imports Hiru News en 2014-11-09 Modi set to expand cabinet to speed up economic reforms Hiru News en 2014-11-09 Coconut industry targets Rs 100b by 2015 Hiru News en 2014-11-09 Sri Lankans were bowled out for 242 runs in the 3rd ODI. Hiru News en 2014-11-09 Brilliant Mahela Jayawardene crosses 12,000 runs in ODI cricket Hiru News en 2014-11-09 The government is facing the consequences of taking over opposition MPs ; says Opposition Leader. Hiru News en 2014-11-09 The era where the society was misled is over; reiterates President Hiru News en 2014-11-09 Meeriyabedda Search Operations called off. #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-11-09 If the Presidential election is held without a constitutional amendment the government will lose the support of several SLFP stalwarts; says Rathana Thero Hiru News en 2014-11-09 India beats SL by 6 wickets. Hiru News en 2014-11-10 400 Jayawardanapura university students stranded in Nagala Kanda in Balangoda rescued. Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Update : Search operation for those missing in Meriyabadda called off-Video #‎KoslandaLandslide‬ Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Communist parties support also to President Mahinda Rajapakse: 27 for and 14 against. Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Can President Mahinda Rajapakse contest for the 3rd time? Supreme Courts opinion today: No reply yet to BAR association request for more time. Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Obama leaves for China, Myanmar, Australia tour Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Research on producing export-quality rice. Hiru News en 2014-11-10 O2 Arena to host Elvis Presley exhibition. Hiru News en 2014-11-10 India vs Sri Lanka: Knew I Needed 50 to Break Viv Richards Record, Says Virat Kohli Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Mihin Lanka goes the extra mile to delight customers Hiru News en 2014-11-10 CFW leads the Way for Resort Wear in South Asia Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Can you find a better offer? Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Suspect arrested in connection with murder of female undergraduate in Matale Hiru News en 2014-11-10 External sector sustains growth Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Obama signals new phase against Islamic State in Iraq Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Willie Nelson To Front New Live Tv Show. Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Misbah-ul-Haq Warns Pakistan Not to be Lazy Against New Zealand Hiru News en 2014-11-10 466 workers of Rangala, Kotaganga estate strike demanding work. Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Three more persons who purchased firearms from Rakwana illegal plant arrested Hiru News en 2014-11-10 The President and the Indian Premier in a telephone conversation Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Ranil, Chandrika, Sobitha Thero, Fonseka and Arjuna on same stage for a common agenda; Sama-samaja, Communist and alternative group also to contest Hiru News en 2014-11-10 We have given an opportunity to the protestors to remove the President from his position : says Minister Nimal Siripala Hiru News en 2014-11-10 JASI PASSES AWAY Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Sachin Tendulkar: India legend says Test cricket is main course Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Apec summit: China and Japan in ice-breaker talks Hiru News en 2014-11-10 MS Dhoni to Miss First Test in Australia Due to Injury; Virat Kohli to Lead Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Madonna Jacket Fetches $252,000 At Auction Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Meeting between the Election Commissioner and observers Hiru News en 2014-11-10 15 billion rupees fraud on fertilizer revealed in Parliament Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Those who rise against the president within the government have links to terrorist groups - says Alliance Hiru News en 2014-11-10 Who wants to support the Executive Presidential system - questions Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thera Hiru News en 2014-11-11 Nigeria school blast kills dozens Hiru News en 2014-11-11 Rohit Sharma Returns to India ODI Squad: Shikhar Dhawan Rested for Last 2 Ties vs Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-11-11 Channing Tatum Signs Fan Petition To Save Wifes Witches Of East End Show Hiru News en 2014-11-11 Attitude of governments about paddy mill owners is not fair: a statement from Minister Maithripala. -Video Hiru News en 2014-11-11 2 Ministers on 2 opinions with regard to foreigners gem mining in Sri lanka. Hiru News en 2014-11-11 Send back to this country the SL Tamil refugees in India. NP chief Minister Vigneshwaran says in TN Hiru News en 2014-11-11 A group of the Democratic Party to support President Hiru News en 2014-11-11 SC opinion as to whether the President could contest for Presidency for the 3rd time has reached temple trees. Hiru News en 2014-11-11 5 injured in motor accident in Bangadeniya Hiru News en 2014-11-11 2 arrested at airport for smuggling gold from Singapore-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-11 Controversial night club in Anuradapura raided: 12 including the owner arrested: 8 women among them. Hiru News en 2014-11-11 25th anniversary of the Jathika Namal Uyana-Video Hiru News en 2014-11-11 Meryl Streep And Stevie Wonder Among Medal Of Freedom Recipients Hiru News en 2014-11-11 Dhoni Should Stay Captain as Long as he Wants, Dont Rush Kohli: Gavaskar Hiru News en 2014-11-11 UN chief sets up Gaza inquiry Hiru News en 2014-11-11 Facebook new Messenger service reaches 500m users Hiru News en 2014-11-11 hosts day out and training for all staff Hiru News en 2014-11-11 Ministers Dinesh and Champika not to participate in the meeting by Collective of National organisations. JHU decides to join Pivithuru Hetak rally. Hiru News en 2014-11-11 Quit the Ministerial post if unable to perform the duty: An MP tells Minister Rajitha in Parliament. -Budget 2015 -Video Hiru News en 2014-11-11 President hands over appointment letters to 5,000 nursing students Hiru News en 2014-11-11 Oil tumbles as Kuwait downplays OPEC output cut Hiru News en 2014-11-11 Dozens die in Pakistan bus crash Hiru News en 2014-11-11 Players could return early from corruption bans. Hiru News en 2014-11-11 Alan Jackson Receives First-ever Ascap Heritage Award. Hiru News en 2014-11-11 Hiru TV wins Best Mobile App at the UN based World Summit Awards 2014. -Video Hiru News en 2014-11-11 President can call for another Presidential election after 4 years; No impediment to contest for a 3rd term. Hiru News en 2014-11-11 Spinal cord of a university entrant damaged after falling from a wall during leadership training. Hiru News en 2014-11-11 Senior Minister Milroy charges Minister Rajitha. 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