Hiru News en 2014-12-21 Tunisia holds landmark election Hiru News en 2014-12-21 35 thousand in 7 districts affected due to adverse weather Hiru News en 2014-12-21 A complaint lodged against former UNP General Secretary at the HRC Hiru News en 2014-12-21 A youth commits suicide by hanging inside a cell at the Embilipitiya police station. Hiru News en 2014-12-21 President Mahinda Rajapaksas election Manifesto will be launched on the 26th of December Hiru News en 2014-12-21 A country cannot be developed copying policies of others; President Hiru News en 2014-12-21 Prices of 10 commodities will be reduced if Maithree wins the election; says Ranil Hiru News en 2014-12-21 Finland keen to invest in Lanka Hiru News en 2014-12-22 Do not be misled by Opposition criticisms and false rumors: MP R Duminda Silva -Video Hiru News en 2014-12-22 Do not be misled by false rumours: a request from Common Candidate Maithree. -Video Hiru News en 2014-12-22 President states that conspiracies are coming to light. -Video Hiru News en 2014-12-22 2 women die after getting caught to river currents in Embilipitiya - Hulandawa oya. Hiru News en 2014-12-22 Muslim Congress in a dilemma. Hiru News en 2014-12-22 Kurds take control of large area from IS Hiru News en 2014-12-22 Shahid Afridi: Pakistan all-rounder to quit ODIs after 2015 World Cup Hiru News en 2014-12-22 Oil price fall not Opecs fault, Gulf ministers say Hiru News en 2014-12-22 Sir Elton John and David Furnish marry Hiru News en 2014-12-22 Signs of Sarath Fonseka crossing over - Video Hiru News en 2014-12-22 North Korea threatens to hit back at White House in hacking row. Hiru News en 2014-12-22 SL hope to solve ODI opener riddle in NZ Tests Hiru News en 2014-12-22 South Korea downgrades growth forecasts Hiru News en 2014-12-22 Actress Billie Whitelaw dies aged 82 Hiru News en 2014-12-22 Tense situation at Habaraduwa Pradeshiya saba. Hiru News en 2014-12-22 Maithree talks about people who think of the country Hiru News en 2014-12-22 President clarifies the difference. Hiru News en 2014-12-22 2,88085 persons belonging to 75,570 families affected due to adverse weather. Hiru News en 2014-12-22 Many contradictions in the election manifesto of the common candidate: Min Yapa Hiru News en 2014-12-22 Minister Rishad pledge support to Maithripala Hiru News en 2014-12-22 Police use tear gas to disperse students who protested in front of UGC. Hiru News en 2014-12-22 Hambanthota Mayor arrested in connection with the assault on street drama troupe. Hiru News en 2014-12-22 North Central PC opposition Leader Kins Nelson to support the President. Hiru News en 2014-12-22 Anandasangaree to support Maithripala Sirisena Hiru News en 2014-12-22 The only fully fledged Takaful operator Amãna Takaful PLC Transfers Long-term business to Amãna Takaful Life Ltd Hiru News en 2014-12-22 New York gunman told public watch what Im going to do. Hiru News en 2014-12-22 Rains intensify; 452 thousand affected due to adverse weather Hiru News en 2014-12-22 opposition preparing to curtail the public service; President Hiru News en 2014-12-22 Developments of the current government is filled with corruption; Maithripala Hiru News en 2014-12-23 Many programmes in Kollonnawa to consolidate Presidents victory - Video Hiru News en 2014-12-23 UN Security Council debates North Korea rights abuse Hiru News en 2014-12-23 Alastair Cook aims to enjoy cricket again after losing ODI captaincy Hiru News en 2014-12-23 Jackie Chans son indicted Hiru News en 2014-12-23 Waduramba OIC resigns. -Video Hiru News en 2014-12-23 500,000 affected by inclement weather: 53 thousand in relief camps. -Video Hiru News en 2014-12-23 Victory certain in 22 districts out of 25: a statement from common candidate Hiru News en 2014-12-23 I will create a society that values discipline: says President. -Video Hiru News en 2014-12-23 Postal voting today and tomorrow. -Video Hiru News en 2014-12-23 Election manifesto of the President launched. -Video Hiru News en 2014-12-23 New British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka from April Hiru News en 2014-12-23 JVP complains to Election Commissioner. Hiru News en 2014-12-23 No violent incidents during postal voting: says PAFFERAL. Hiru News en 2014-12-23 Election Manifesto of President Mahinda Rajapaksa launched. -Video Hiru News en 2014-12-23 Watson hit by bouncer at cricket training Hiru News en 2014-12-23 Dhoni Leapfrogs Pataudi in Record of Zeroes as India Captain Hiru News en 2014-12-23 Anti-Islam Pegida rally in Dresden sees record turnout Hiru News en 2014-12-23 Oil markets face uncertain future as OPEC targets competitors Hiru News en 2014-12-23 Patali Champika replies to government allegations. Hiru News en 2014-12-23 2 Million robbed at Bentota Money Exchange Centre Hiru News en 2014-12-23 Eastern Provincial council ruling party and the opposition hold equal power. Hiru News en 2014-12-23 Rauff Hakeem on final decision Hiru News en 2014-12-23 Australia PM Abbott warns of heightened terror chatter. Hiru News en 2014-12-23 Sachin Tendulkar Named Cricket World Cup 2015 Ambassador. Hiru News en 2014-12-23 Postal voting turnout is 70 percent Hiru News en 2014-12-23 No secret agreement;Thissa submitted a false document; Ranil writes to the IGP. Hiru News en 2014-12-23 A new constitution within a year; Presidents election manifesto titled Hiru News en 2014-12-23 GCE A/L- 2014 results will be released on the 27th. Hiru News en 2014-12-24 There is no hatred: a statement from Common Candidate Maithree. -Video Hiru News en 2014-12-24 Floods recede: signs of rain ceasing Hiru News en 2014-12-24 Today is the 2nd day of marking postal votes for the Presidential election. -Video Hiru News en 2014-12-24 I worked for all the people: says President. Hiru News en 2014-12-24 India attack : 52 people killed by suspected militants Hiru News en 2014-12-24 Gifts distributed to needy children under Gold FM All i want for Christams program Hiru News en 2014-12-24 Tense situation between a group supporting the government and UNP activist in front of Siri Kotha. Hiru News en 2014-12-24 77,000 in relief centres due to adverse weather Hiru News en 2014-12-24 Alastair Cook aims to enjoy cricket again after losing ODI captaincy Hiru News en 2014-12-24 Asian shares higher on US record gains Hiru News en 2014-12-24 Burton, Bonham Carters amicable split after 13 years Hiru News en 2014-12-24 Moral values are deteriorated to the extreme in the Current era: Maithripala. Hiru News en 2014-12-24 Lets unite devoid of race and religious differences: an invitation from President. Hiru News en 2014-12-24 Court issues arrest warrant for Deputy Minister Nishantha Muthuhettigama. Hiru News en 2014-12-24 US police kill another black teenager in Missouri Hiru News en 2014-12-24 Yusuf Pathan slaps jeering spectator Hiru News en 2014-12-24 COCA-COLAS CHRISTMAS CARAVAN CONTINUES TO SPREAD HAPPINESS THIS FESTIVE SEASON Hiru News en 2014-12-24 NCP councillor and 18 local government members pledge support to Maithripala Hiru News en 2014-12-24 Update: Arrest warrant issued on Deputy Minister Muthuhettigama. -Video Hiru News en 2014-12-24 Government election Manifesto is hilarious; a statement from Common Candidate Maithripala. Hiru News en 2014-12-24 President questions how the country was freed and developed if there is no good governance. Hiru News en 2014-12-24 President orders to increase the dry ration grant for flood victims Hiru News en 2014-12-24 Update: Tense situation at Sirikotha Hiru News en 2014-12-24 Islamic State shoots down coalition plane in Syria Hiru News en 2014-12-24 Shahid Afridi Among Five Players Issued Show Cause Notice by PCB Hiru News en 2014-12-24 Hobbit finale retains UK box office lead Hiru News en 2014-12-25 14 districts affected due to adverse weather: 600,000 distressed. 10 villagers in Mathale inundated due to the overflow of Aban river. Hiru News en 2014-12-25 No one will be allowed to slash free education and free health service: President Hiru News en 2014-12-25 All eight sluice gates opened at Victoria reservoir Hiru News en 2014-12-25 Christians world over celebrate Christmas today. Hiru News en 2014-12-25 Victory certain in 22 out of 25 districts: Common Candidate Hiru News en 2014-12-25 Pope calls for greater empathy in Christmas Eve mass Hiru News en 2014-12-25 Mick Jagger Spending Christmas With Jerry Hall Hiru News en 2014-12-25 Michael Clarke: Australia captain could return for World Cup Hiru News en 2014-12-25 Deputy Chairman of CWC pledge support to Common Candidate Hiru News en 2014-12-25 Certain groups are jealous of development: says President. -Video Hiru News en 2014-12-25 Death toll due to floods and landslides rises up to 5: Spill gates of several reservoirs including Victoria and Kothmale opened. Hiru News en 2014-12-25 Brendon McCullum Wary of Sri Lankas Improved Record Overseas Hiru News en 2014-12-25 Less number of accidents this Christmas Hiru News en 2014-12-25 Over 650 thousand affected from inclement weather affecting 17 Districts; More showers expected Hiru News en 2014-12-25 President says those without policies are raising baseless allegations Hiru News en 2014-12-25 Do not be misled by false propaganda; a request from Common Candidate Maithri Hiru News en 2014-12-25 Common Candidate demands Rs. 2.5 Billion from Min. Tissa over alleged forged document Hiru News en 2014-12-25 All are poised to support the President: MP R. Duminda Silva. -Video Hiru News en 2014-12-26 Update : Nishantha Muthuhettigama speaks from Singapore Hiru News en 2014-12-26 World marks 10 years since Asia tsunami. Hiru News en 2014-12-26 Landslide risk in 11 districts: Earth slips block several roads in the upcountry including 3 entry routes to Nuwaraeliya: Showers exceed 150 mm. Hiru News en 2014-12-26 We will create an economy where all could have 3 meals a day: statement from Common Candidate Maithri. -Video Hiru News en 2014-12-26 President says free education and health service will be safeguarded. -Video Hiru News en 2014-12-26 Former Chief Justice Sarath N Silva says Minister Tissa Attanayake has violated the penal code. -Video Hiru News en 2014-12-26 Update : 9 die in Landslides in Badulla; 5 women among dear; Another 11 including 2 children missing. Hiru News en 2014-12-26 Iraq, Turkey pledge to join hands to fight IS jihadists Hiru News en 2014-12-26 Oil Trades Above $60 on Signs of Saudi Confidence in Rebound Hiru News en 2014-12-26 14 More Madonna Songs Leak From Rebel Heart Hiru News en 2014-12-26 60 persons arrested for election violence Hiru News en 2014-12-26 6 dead due to inclement weather - Another 7 hundred thousand affected. Hiru News en 2014-12-26 No room will be kept to lose another life, if another Tsunami hits the country - Disaster Management Minister assures at 10th anniversary of Asian Tsunami disaster. Hiru News en 2014-12-26 Constructive Disaster Mitigation system to be introduced in future - says the Common Candidate. Hiru News en 2014-12-26 Grabbing power through deception is a misdeed - says President Hiru News en 2014-12-26 Motor accident kills woman in Jaffna Hiru News en 2014-12-26 2 Air Force Helicopters deployed for relief operations Hiru News en 2014-12-26 Deputy Minister Faizer Mustapha off to Singapore: will he crossover ? Hiru News en 2014-12-26 President appoints Committee to provide relief for those affected by inclement weather Hiru News en 2014-12-26 Denounce all forms of election violence - request the Chief Prelates Hiru News en 2014-12-26 Common Candidate Maithreepala explains priorities Hiru News en 2014-12-26 Set aside political activities and provide relief to the affected ; President advises Ministers and MPs Hiru News en 2014-12-26 750,000 persons affected; Several irrigation tanks and rivers at spill level Hiru News en 2014-12-26 Police investigations on Minister Tissa Attanayakes statement commence Hiru News en 2014-12-26 2 storey house collapses in Digana Hiru News en 2014-12-27 G C E Advance level results to be released today Hiru News en 2014-12-27 We also love the country; a statement from Common Candidate Maithri Hiru News en 2014-12-27 President says country cannot be handed over to traitors Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Over 900 thousand persons affected Hiru News en 2014-12-27 15 deaths due to adverse weather; Public advised to evacuate from landslide prone areas Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Ukraine and rebels trade prisoners Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Sri Lanka bowled out for 138 Hiru News en 2014-12-27 2 Sri Lankans arrested in India for possessing 140 kilos of Kerala Marijuana Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Syria barrel bombs kill dozens in Islamic State areas Hiru News en 2014-12-27 A Police force of 23,000 in view of Popes visit Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Update: Will arrest Nishantha Muthuhettigama on his arrival: Police Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Traffic along Badulla - Welimada Road interrupted Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Crime and lawsuits cloud new American Sniper movie Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Maithree questions governments moral values Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Policies were presented for the future of the country and people; President Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Landslide threat still effective in 11 districts; Upcountry trains cancelled today as well Hiru News en 2014-12-27 83,000 persons continue to remain in makeshift camps; Additional Rs.500 million for relief Hiru News en 2014-12-27 355 drunk drivers arrested Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Malaysia flooding: Najib Razak to tour inundated areas. Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Death toll rises to 17 due to inclement weather Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Nobody can destroy the association with the people – says the President Hiru News en 2014-12-27 GCE A/L examination results released to the web Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Brazilian oil company Petrobras sued by US city. Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Country Stars Decorate Christmas Trees For Charity. Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Saeed Ajmal Still Unable to Rectify Bowling Action: PCB Chairman. Hiru News en 2014-12-27 SLMC meets to take a final decision Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Death toll due to inclement weather rises to 17; Another 12 still missing. Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Unity can win any challenge – says Common Candidate Maithreepala Hiru News en 2014-12-27 Election atmosphere warms up as Presidential Election draws near Hiru News en 2014-12-28 We have already won Kolonnawa; Parliamentarian R Duminda Silva Hiru News en 2014-12-28 Ranks of Advanced Level Examinations released Hiru News en 2014-12-28 SLMC empowers Leadership to take final decision on whom to support at Presidential polls. Hiru News en 2014-12-28 Common objective is to see a change in government; statement from Common Candidate Maithri Hiru News en 2014-12-28 President says all relief will be provided to those affected Hiru News en 2014-12-28 Update: 21 killed, 12 missing and thousands displaced due to flood Hiru News en 2014-12-28 Dimuth Karunarathna hits maiden Test Century Hiru News en 2014-12-28 Only President can safeguard country; Keheliya - No issue at all in Common Alliance; Ven. Rathana Hiru News en 2014-12-28 Malaysia pledges extra funds for flood victims Hiru News en 2014-12-28 Update: AirAsia flight from Indonesia to Singapore goes missing Hiru News en 2014-12-28 Update: Opportunity to correct mistakes - says SLMC pledging support to Common Candidate Hiru News en 2014-12-28 Update: Muthuhettigama Arrested Hiru News en 2014-12-28 Wild elephant herd invade several villages amid heavy showers Hiru News en 2014-12-28 Landslide in Bandarawela Hiru News en 2014-12-28 Evacuation as ferry with 400+ on board catches fire en route from Greece to Italy. Hiru News en 2014-12-28 Number of affected exceeds 1 million Hiru News en 2014-12-28 Mawil-aaru reservoir also spill over Atmospheric low pressure heads towards North Hiru News en 2014-12-28 National program to uplift the lives of disaster affected people - says President in Nuwara Eliya Hiru News en 2014-12-28 National Anthem is also stolen - Charges Opposition Leader The Common Hiru News en 2014-12-28 Weather will not affect the Elections- Mahinda Amaraweera Hiru News en 2014-12-28 MP Duminda Silva confesses ! - Dumindha hard talk Hiru News en 2014-12-28 MS Dhoni Sets Record for Most Stumpings in International Cricket. Hiru News en 2014-12-29 Presidential election in 9 days: Salman arrives in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-12-29 A constitution where legal action can be taken against a President; statement from Common Candidate Hiru News en 2014-12-29 President assures permanent housing for estate community Hiru News en 2014-12-29 30 persons killed by inclement weather; 1.1 million persons affected - All 22 districts experience rain Hiru News en 2014-12-29 Election Commissioner says no decision to postpone Presidential election Hiru News en 2014-12-29 New Zealand complete best ever Test year Hiru News en 2014-12-29 Search Operation Resumes for Missing AirAsia Jet Hiru News en 2014-12-29 AirAsia shares lose 8% in Malaysia after jet disappears Hiru News en 2014-12-29 The Hobbit Sequel Tops North American Box Office For Second Week In A Row Hiru News en 2014-12-29 Using national anthem for election propaganda is a serious offense - says Maduluwwawe Sobhitha Thera Hiru News en 2014-12-29 SLFP rejects national government concept Hiru News en 2014-12-29 Patalis Letters to the President to be publicized Hiru News en 2014-12-29 Update: Deputy Minister Nishantha Muthuhettigama released on bail Hiru News en 2014-12-29 Floods recede in several Districts: Central Hills still under threat Hiru News en 2014-12-29 Agricultural Economy will be strengthened under new regime - says Common Candidate Maithreepala Sirisena Hiru News en 2014-12-29 Time to contemplate - says President Hiru News en 2014-12-29 660 drunk drivers arrested within 5 days Hiru News en 2014-12-29 Greek MPs vote triggers snap poll. Hiru News en 2014-12-29 Dolly Partons Theme Park Slapped With Lawsuit After Accident - Report Hiru News en 2014-12-29 3rd Test: Shaun Marsh Puts Australia in Command Against India. Hiru News en 2014-12-29 Attack on new generation artists in Kurunegala Hiru News en 2014-12-29 Bodu Bala Sena demands to disclose the agreement with Hakeem, while JHU challenges to change 13th amendment with 2/3 majority Hiru News en 2014-12-29 President questions the need to change the countrys situation Hiru News en 2014-12-29 Common Candidate Maithreepala emphasizes on developing an Agricultural Economy Hiru News en 2014-12-30 Italy ferry death toll rises to 10. Hiru News en 2014-12-30 Marsh hits key half-century Hiru News en 2014-12-30 Vin Diesel may have just revealed what his next big movie project is. Hiru News en 2014-12-30 117000 hit by adverse weather still in relief camps: Landslide warning extended in 11 districts. Hiru News en 2014-12-30 A pledge from common candidate Maithree for providing a truly high famer pension. Hiru News en 2014-12-30 President says that the nation cannot be pawned. Hiru News en 2014-12-30 80 arrested over election violence. Hiru News en 2014-12-30 UN chief calls for peaceful and credible election. Hiru News en 2014-12-30 Whatmore set to be named Zimbabwe coach Hiru News en 2014-12-30 3 injured in Cab accident in Arachchi-kattuwa Hiru News en 2014-12-30 Hospital services disrupted due to health service sector strike. Hiru News en 2014-12-30 Common candidate Maithree reveals how he argued with Chandrika to appoint Mahinda as the PM. Hiru News en 2014-12-30 India is a relative: China is a friend: says President. Hiru News en 2014-12-30 TNA to fully support Common Candidate Maithree: Nawa Sihala Urumaya pledge support to the President. Hiru News en 2014-12-30 Obama suggests Putin not so smart Hiru News en 2014-12-30 Sri Lanka Tourism achieves year 2014 arrivals target Hiru News en 2014-12-30 The Hunger Games Stars Raising Awareness For Ebola Aid Hiru News en 2014-12-30 UPFA Western Provincial Councillor Asoka Wadigamangawa to support Maithree Hiru News en 2014-12-30 Traffic halts in Badulla - Bandarawela Road Hiru News en 2014-12-30 Mahendra Singh Dhoni Retires from Test Cricket. Hiru News en 2014-12-30 More than 40 bodies recovered in AirAsia search Hiru News en 2014-12-30 Kenny G Is The King Of Christmas. Hiru News en 2014-12-30 Samsung Opens New Mobile Service Plaza in Colombo Hiru News en 2014-12-30 Suspects who assaulted artists are still at large; a special police team deployed for investigations. Hiru News en 2014-12-30 Who will win? A statement from Election Commissioner. Hiru News en 2014-12-30 Do not divide the country for an election; a statement from President. Hiru News en 2014-12-30 TNA to support Common Candidate Maithree for the sake of democracy. Hiru News en 2014-12-30 Do not consider only power; a request from Maithree. Hiru News en 2014-12-31 Those who betrayed the country is in one faction: MP R Duminda Silva Hiru News en 2014-12-31 AirAsia QZ8501: Massive search for victims and recorders. Hiru News en 2014-12-31 Sri Lankas ODI Squad for the tour of New Zealand: Kusal left out for NZ tour: Kulasekara recalled. Hiru News en 2014-12-31 Jackie Chan Offers Public Deep Bow Of Apology After Son Is Charged With Drug Offence. Hiru News en 2014-12-31 JVP goes to human rights commission. Hiru News en 2014-12-31 Government distributes poisonous fertiliser to farmers: a statement from common candidate Maithree. Hiru News en 2014-12-31 A person in Bope shot dead. Hiru News en 2014-12-31 People will not permit opportunistic politics: says President. Hiru News en 2014-12-31 Nine dead in Edmonton, Canada shooting incidents Hiru News en 2014-12-31 Unidentified body found in Wellawaya forest reserve Hiru News en 2014-12-31 Update: North Western PC member remanded for assaulting artists at Kumbuk-gate. Hiru News en 2014-12-31 A son assaults his mother to death in Wallawa. Hiru News en 2014-12-31 AirAsia QZ8501: Bad weather hampers recovery of bodies. Hiru News en 2014-12-31 Dep. Minister Faizer Mustapha pledges support to Common Candidate. Hiru News en 2014-12-31 Sri Lankas Central bank to provide 12 pct interest scheme for senior citizens. Hiru News en 2014-12-31 Madonna: There Is No Feud With Lady Gaga Hiru News en 2014-12-31 MS Dhoni Didnt Quit in Haste, He was Cool About it, Reveals BCCI Secretary Patel. Hiru News en 2014-12-31 NFF reveals a possibility of merging North and East. Hiru News en 2014-12-31 SLFP belongs to the people: says President. Hiru News en 2014-12-31 Bus falls into precipice killing 2 and injuring 30 in Hatton Hiru News en 2014-12-31 Things to consider when buying a watch Hiru News en 2014-12-31 Foods that you should eat regularly Hiru News en 2014-12-31 Port Elizabeth Test drawn after rain Hiru News en 2014-12-31 53 dead in Philippines flooding and landslides Hiru News en 2014-12-31 Jennifer Lawrence, Hunger Games stars team up in Ebola video Hiru News en 2014-12-31 Politically bankrupt groups sling mud: says President. Hiru News en 2014-12-31 Several cross over’s today as well;New party from a group of NFF members Hiru News en 2014-12-31 Immoral activities taking place under state patronage; charges Common Candidate Maithripala. Hiru News en 2015-01-01 Take a wise decision: common candidate and opposition leader request the people offering best wishes for New Year. Hiru News en 2015-01-01 Let us welcome the New Year with future hope of building the nation: Best wishes from the President. Hiru News en 2015-01-01 Update: Kumar Gunarathnam to remain in the country and continue politics. Hiru News en 2015-01-01 World celebrations bring in 2015 Hiru News en 2015-01-01 28000 acres of paddy fields in Anuradapura and Pollonaruwa destroyed by floods Hiru News en 2015-01-01 McCartney: Beatles course ridiculous Hiru News en 2015-01-01 There is no place for indigenousness: says Common Candidate Hiru News en 2015-01-01 No one can accuse us with regard to good governance: Says President Hiru News en 2015-01-01 151 hospitalised due to domestic and motor accidents last night. Hiru News en 2015-01-01 Palestinians sign up to join International Criminal Court Hiru News en 2015-01-01 Sangakkara 2nd in ICC test rankings Hiru News en 2015-01-01 Jan-Nov exports at $10 B Hiru News en 2015-01-01 A fight between patriotic faction and separatist factions; NFF Hiru News en 2015-01-01 India constructs 27,000 houses in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-01-01 Change was made; says President Hiru News en 2015-01-01 Common candidate Maithripala assures he would remain as President only for 4 years Hiru News en 2015-01-01 Update: Deputy Minister Nandimithra Ekanayaka supports Maithree. Hiru News en 2015-01-01 Celebrates the Season with Children from the Sri Lankadhara Balika Home Hiru News en 2015-01-01 The Stance of State Banking Professionals on the Upcoming Presidential Elections in 2015 Hiru News en 2015-01-01 Doctor and family murdered in Wennappuwa Hiru News en 2015-01-01 Retrial in Egypt al-Jazeera Greste, Fahmy and Mohamed case. Hiru News en 2015-01-01 Sri Lanka inflation rises to 2.1 percent in December Hiru News en 2015-01-01 Dolly Parton doesnt stick to resolutions. Hiru News en 2015-01-01 Mahendra Singh Dhoni Shouldnt Have Quit Tests Completely: Sourav Ganguly Hiru News en 2015-01-01 Indonesia vows all-out effort in search for AirAsia victims Hiru News en 2015-01-01 Can a leader rule a country if he thinks government service a burden; questions President? Hiru News en 2015-01-01 Patriots are with us; a statement from Common candidate Maithripala. Hiru News en 2015-01-02 Do not take the country again into a dark era: MP R Duminda Silva. Hiru News en 2015-01-02 71,000 police personnel for presidential election duties. Hiru News en 2015-01-02 Army camps will not be removed from the North in a Maithree administration: says Maithree. Hiru News en 2015-01-02 Good governance should be measured by results: We produced results: says President. Hiru News en 2015-01-02 Syria conflict: 76,000 die in deadliest year - activists. Hiru News en 2015-01-02 Mixed World Cup Emotions for Stephen Fleming. Hiru News en 2015-01-02 Madonna Can Be Big Again, According To Giorgio Moroder. Hiru News en 2015-01-02 Sri Lanka budget deficit 5.0-pct of GDP by Sept 2014 amid slow revenues. Hiru News en 2015-01-02 Maithree will win the Presidential election - says JVP Hiru News en 2015-01-02 Update: UPFA MP Achala Jagoda also supports Common Candidate Maithripala. Hiru News en 2015-01-02 AirAsia underwater search to begin Hiru News en 2015-01-02 Election Commissioner to prevent election propaganda over mobile phones. Hiru News en 2015-01-02 Inflation reached low single digit levels by end 2014 Hiru News en 2015-01-02 President charges the opposition tries to curtail free education. Hiru News en 2015-01-02 University students will not be charged facility loans; an assurance from Common Candidate Hiru News en 2015-01-02 The Interview Makes $15 Million Online. Hiru News en 2015-01-02 Huge Responsibility to Fill Mahela Jayawardenes Void: Lahiru Thirimanne. Hiru News en 2015-01-02 Fuel bowser explodes at a filling station in Nelum-deniya. Hiru News en 2015-01-02 No kings or royal families; a statement from Common Candidate Maithree. Hiru News en 2015-01-02 One policy for both North and South; President in Jaffna. Hiru News en 2015-01-02 Common Candidates plans for Education a jumble; Min. Bandula Hiru News en 2015-01-02 Government should disclose deal with KP; Ve. Sobhitha Thera Hiru News en 2015-01-02 Common candidate Maithripala Sirisenas rally Attacked. Hiru News en 2015-01-03 North Korea faces new US sanctions over Sony cyber-attack Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Marvel releases a 15-second teaser of Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Minister of Public Administration requests time from HNDA students Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Credit of War victory should go to the war heroes: Common Candidate Maithri Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Lets defeat all divisions including racism: President Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Stones thrown at Common Candidate Maithris Pelmadulla rally: 2 arrested Hiru News en 2015-01-03 EU comment on Election raises questions of their objectives: Min. External Affairs Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Shots fired at Wayamba Provincial Councillors house Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Political platform keeps heating up. Hiru News en 2015-01-03 NZ bowled out for 221 in 2nd Test Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Sri Lanka struggle on 78 for 5 in reply to NZs 221 Hiru News en 2015-01-03 3 killed as boat capsizes in Trincomalee Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Ban on LTTE in Tamil Nadu extended Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Government sees sufferings of people only during elections: Common Candidate Maithri Hiru News en 2015-01-03 President says he is always with the people. Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Update: Suspect in quadruple murder in Wennappuwa commits suicide Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Jaffna-KKS railway line opens after 25 years Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Election campaigning ends on January 5th Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Yala records highest income on December 27th Hiru News en 2015-01-03 130 arrested for election related violent incidents Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Presidential election is not a joke; says President. Hiru News en 2015-01-03 No room for election irregularities; a statement from Common Candidate Maithree. Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Boko Haram attack on bus in Cameroon kills at least 11 Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Sri Lankas Cinnamon, the pride among worlds spices Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Kumar Sangakkara Joins Elite 12,000-Runs Club. Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Cliff Richard Suffers Calendar Sales Slump. Hiru News en 2015-01-03 Bushfires in Victoria and South Australia threaten homes. Hiru News en 2015-01-04 Disciplinary action against members acting against TNAs decision; Sambanthan Hiru News en 2015-01-04 Public standing up like never before; Country will never be betrayed; assurance from Maithri Hiru News en 2015-01-04 State assets were not sold; Opposition preparing for Mega Deals; President Hiru News en 2015-01-04 Political stage heats up with just 4 days to the Polls Hiru News en 2015-01-04 Sanga makes Century; Chandimal 67 Hiru News en 2015-01-04 Today is Duruthu Poya Day Hiru News en 2015-01-04 Rich got way richer in 2014 Hiru News en 2015-01-04 Madonna defends altered photos of Martin Luther King Jr. & Nelson Mandela Hiru News en 2015-01-04 Sangas 203 & Chandimals 67 take SL to 356 Hiru News en 2015-01-04 A change is needed; a statement from Common Candidate Hiru News en 2015-01-04 No matter who crosses over, people are with me; President Hiru News en 2015-01-04 Election propaganda to end from tomorrow midnight Hiru News en 2015-01-04 No way that government could prevent defeat; JVP Hiru News en 2015-01-04 In-house patient of Anuradapura teaching hospital commits suicide by jumping off the building. Hiru News en 2015-01-04 Election commissioner orders to stop the distribution of Sil materials. Hiru News en 2015-01-04 North Korea attacks hostile US sanctions Hiru News en 2015-01-04 EDB targets US $ 12.5b export income Hiru News en 2015-01-04 Mitchell Johnson Out Injured From Fourth Test Hiru News en 2015-01-04 Lets unite against conspiracies; says President. Hiru News en 2015-01-04 Common candidate Maithripala states that his and 2 others life are in danger. Hiru News en 2015-01-04 JHU hand over Common Opposition manifesto to the Malwathu chief prelate Hiru News en 2015-01-04 Who hurled stones at opposition? : President comments Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Yet another phase of the Daham Saviya programme initiated under the patronage of MP R Duminda Silva. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 AirAsia QZ8501: Search teams find more bodies. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 EDB targets US $ 12.5b export income. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Kumar Sangakkaras 203 Guides Sri Lanka to 113-run lead vs New Zealand. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Elvis Presleys Personal Jets Up For Auction. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Former Minister Rajitha in a revelation about an E mail sent to a foreign county. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 A message to police and army from Minister Dallas. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 A shooting to a group decorating a meeting of Common Candidate at Kahawaththa: 3 hospitalised. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Presidential election propaganda ends at midnight today. President chairs 4 final rallies: Common candidate at 7 rallies. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Public in Pollonnaruwa will never be forgotten: says President. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Government has printed Rs 5000 counterfeit rupee notes: Common Candidate Hiru News en 2015-01-05 A man self immolates in front of the Vihara Maha devi park. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Common Candidate personally takes the responsibility of protecting the unitary status of the country. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 President clarifies the motive of the foreign countries. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Marking of postal votes in view of the Presidential election extended by 6 hours. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 President will merge victorious in 14 districts out of 22; Min Dallas Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Boko Haram seizes army base in Nigeria town of Baga. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Tourism industry generates US $ 2.48b revenue. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Elton John performs New Year’s Eve in New York. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Mitchell Starc Likely to Replace Injured Mitchell Johnson in Sydney. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Court orders arrest of Deputy Minister Premalal Jayasekara Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Assault on postman: Court orders the arrest of Senthil Thondaman Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Government deals with the Diaspora; victory is certain; a statement from Common Candidate Maithree. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 South and North were developed; no one will be allowed to divide the country; says President Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Will not bow down to thuggery ; assures the commissioner. Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Court orders the arrest of Deputy Minister Premalal and Uva Province Minister Sendil Thondaman Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Chief Prelates make a request from the election commissioner; Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Reappoint President to protect the countrys future from darkness - MP R. Duminda Silva Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott in surprise Iraq visit Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Kane Williamson Fights to Keep New Zealand Alive Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Euro touches a nine-year low against US dollar Hiru News en 2015-01-05 Marilyn Monroe Named Face Of Max Factor Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Man dies due to burn injuries. Hiru News en 2015-01-06 There is no opportunity for changing the ballot boxes - election commissioner certifies. Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Police to use Minimum force in implementing election laws. Hiru News en 2015-01-06 No opportunity will be given for Ealamites to raise their heads: A statement from Common Candidate. Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Trust me for the 3rd time as well: I will ensure the future of unborn children as well: says President. Hiru News en 2015-01-06 US oil price falls below $50 on supply glut fears Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Pakistan offers US$100,000 bounty for Taliban leader Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Jonathan Trott: England Lions batsman scores six on return Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Scarlett Johansson - Scarlett Johansson Signs Up For Ghost In The Shell Adaptation Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Minister Pavithras bet Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Hold a peaceful, free and fair election: UN request again. Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Women-only buses introduced to stop sexual assault in Nepal Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Do not light fire crackers beside the road to welcome POPE Francis: a request Arch Bishop house. Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Monitors charge election propaganda still being carried out. Hiru News en 2015-01-06 All arrangements in place for the Presidential election: Ballot boxes to be transported to distributing centres today. Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Lankans chase 390 runs to win Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Development activities would be accelerated by three times: says Maithree Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Im a headache to Western nations: says President Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Central Bank says Sri Lankan Rupee was relatively stable in 2014 Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Fears over vulnerable Syria refugees Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Cameron Diaz And Benji Madden Wed In Los Angeles Hiru News en 2015-01-06 World Cup 2015: No Place for Yuvraj Singh, Fit-Again Ravindra Jadeja Makes Cut. Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Ebola death toll tops 8,000: WHO. Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Elvis Presleys Personal Jets Up For Auction. Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Possible annulment of NCP to be avoided Hiru News en 2015-01-06 A girl drowns in a water pit at Anamaduwa. Hiru News en 2015-01-06 All amenities to be provided to pilgrims participating in the papal mass at Galle Face green. Hiru News en 2015-01-06 1185 election related complaints reported; 150 suspects arrested; 6 special instructions from the IGP. Hiru News en 2015-01-06 Preparation of polling stations commences. Hiru News en 2015-01-07 23,100 suspects arrested with regard to narcotics last year. Hiru News en 2015-01-07 Counting of postal votes will begin at 4 30 PM; Counting of other votes after 7 PM. Hiru News en 2015-01-07 No room will be given for election frauds; says Election Commissioner. Hiru News en 2015-01-07 All ready for Presidential election; Transporting ballot boxes to counting centres from forenoon today. Hiru News en 2015-01-07 Turkey bombing: Female suicide attacker hits Istanbul police station. Hiru News en 2015-01-07 Special transport services in view of the election Hiru News en 2015-01-07 Highest number of dengue cases during the last 5 years reported last year Hiru News en 2015-01-07 John Travolta to be part of Oscars sketch. Hiru News en 2015-01-07 South Africa tops ICC Test Championship rankings. Hiru News en 2015-01-07 Update: Transporting ballot boxes to polling stations completed; All arrangements in place for tomorrow’s election. Hiru News en 2015-01-07 Police to check VIP vehicles during election period to ensure security. Hiru News en 2015-01-07 Rolls-Royce breaks sales record again in 2014 Hiru News en 2015-01-07 4 officers injured in Jeep - lorry collision Hiru News en 2015-01-07 Yemen car bomb kills dozens near Sanaa police academy Hiru News en 2015-01-07 One victim of the Kahawaththa political stage shooting incident dies. Hiru News en 2015-01-07 Sri Lanka Squad for ICC World Cup 2015 Hiru News en 2015-01-07 Steve Smith scores fourth century of series Hiru News en 2015-01-07 Police have not requested to deploy security forces on election duty. Hiru News en 2015-01-07 Police to use maximum force against polls intimidators; No hesitation to annul the polling station; says Election Commissioner. Hiru News en 2015-01-08 Special transport services for commuters Hiru News en 2015-01-08 Manhunt for French magazine gunmen Hiru News en 2015-01-08 The entire country is ready to elect the 1st citizen; 15 million voters will vote at 12 thousand 314 centres. Hiru News en 2015-01-08 Go to the polling centre with a valid identity card early in the morning; Advice from election commissioner. Hiru News en 2015-01-08 71,000 police personnel deployed for Presidential election security. Hiru News en 2015-01-08 Observers including foreign monitors ready for the election. Hiru News en 2015-01-08 Malinga provisionally picked in Sri Lankas 15 Hiru News en 2015-01-08 Positive trend of high voter turnout. Hiru News en 2015-01-08 Two main candidates cast their votes Hiru News en 2015-01-08 Police still on high alert for the protection of voters; Situation peaceful; say Election Monitors. Hiru News en 2015-01-08 Nobody can prevent voters; reiterates Election Commissioner. Hiru News en 2015-01-08 Tea production sees increase in 2014 Hiru News en 2015-01-08 Angelina Jolie arrives in Italy to meet Pope Francis. Hiru News en 2015-01-08 Last and final hour for voting starts Hiru News en 2015-01-08 Senior lawyer S.L. Gunasekera passes away Hiru News en 2015-01-08 Charlie Hebdo massacre: New police killing rocks Paris Hiru News en 2015-01-08 World Cup 2015: Younis Khan, Mohammad Hafeez in Pakistan Squad Hiru News en 2015-01-09 Crashed jets tail to be raised today Hiru News en 2015-01-09 Yaya Toure wins fourth African Player of the Year title in a row Hiru News en 2015-01-09 President leaves Temple Trees after meeting with Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2015-01-09 Common Candidate obtains a large number of votes from North; President ahead in the South Hiru News en 2015-01-09 Stern action against election violators; police Hiru News en 2015-01-09 Maithripala Sirisena leads the race as per results released so far Hiru News en 2015-01-09 A victory of the people; says UNP – Let’s look at the remaining results; says Government Hiru News en 2015-01-09 Maithripala Sirisena emerge victorious in the 2015 Presidential election Hiru News en 2015-01-09 New President Maithreepala Sirisena will take oaths at the Independence Square this evening Hiru News en 2015-01-09 Indian Premier Modi congratulates the new President US ready to collaborate as well. Hiru News en 2015-01-09 Results of all 22 districts released;Common Candidate Maithreepalas voter percentage exceeds 51% Hiru News en 2015-01-09 Minister Dilan Perera, Governor of Central Bank and Chairman of SEC resign from their positions Hiru News en 2015-01-09 Sri Lankan Stocks Rise Hiru News en 2015-01-09 Do not take revenge - protect the law - Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe requests the public Hiru News en 2015-01-09 Tourism revenue touches US$ 2.5 b Hiru News en 2015-01-09 Sachin Tendulkar Set to Star as Himself in a Feature Film Hiru News en 2015-01-09 Post Election period remains peaceful - says monitoring organizations Hiru News en 2015-01-09 No Bravo, Pollard for World Cup: Ramnarine. Hiru News en 2015-01-09 Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal steps down Hiru News en 2015-01-09 Maithreepala Sirisena sworn in as the 6th Executive President of Sri Lanka-Ranil Wickramasinghe is the New Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-01-09 Change of Power was peaceful - says JHU ; Results prove that votes cannot be bought by false rumours or money - statement by JVP Hiru News en 2015-01-09 President Maithreepala Sirisena states that honour of victory lies by acting peacefully Hiru News en 2015-01-10 Update: Arrested Deputy Minister Premalal remanded until 20th Hiru News en 2015-01-10 US President Obama says Sri Lanka created a symbol of hope for world democracy Hiru News en 2015-01-10 Will be committed for a economic, social and political transformation; Will not contest for a second term; Assurance from President Maithri Hiru News en 2015-01-10 Maithripala Sirisena, Sri Lankas new president Hiru News en 2015-01-10 Popes visit to go ahead as planned Hiru News en 2015-01-10 Political solution is not far - Expectation from TNA Hiru News en 2015-01-10 UN Secretary General congratulates new President Maithreepala; Phone call from British Premier;Scores of state leaders wish new President and new Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-01-10 100 day plan of new President will not be hindered Maximum support for agreeable factors – says UPFA Hiru News en 2015-01-10 Synopsis of Election results of the Presidential Election 2015 Hiru News en 2015-01-10 Facilities prepared for foreign catholic devotees attending the Popes mass Hiru News en 2015-01-10 P.B Abeykoon appointed as Presidential Secretary Hiru News en 2015-01-10 Gayle storm cripples South Africa Hiru News en 2015-01-10 US economy adds 252,000 jobs in December Hiru News en 2015-01-10 Scores of state leaders including Chinese President congratulate new President Maithreepala. Hiru News en 2015-01-10 B.M.U.D. Basnayake appointed as New Defence Secretary Hiru News en 2015-01-10 Clash in Bangadeniya, Chilaw kills one and injures 3 Hiru News en 2015-01-10 AirAsia QZ8501: Plane tail lifted from seabed. Hiru News en 2015-01-10 Sri Lanka has extraordinary year with tea prices. Hiru News en 2015-01-10 Muttiah Muralitharan: Tharangas Omission and Inclusion of Spinning All-Rounder Mendis Shocked Me Hiru News en 2015-01-10 Will always be committed towards people - SLFP assures Hiru News en 2015-01-10 New President to chair the Commonwealth Hiru News en 2015-01-10 Jayasinghe Bandara to fill vacant Polonnaruwa MP seat Hiru News en 2015-01-10 P.B. Abeykone appointed as Presidential Secretary; B.M.U.D. Basnayake appointed as Secretary of Defence Hiru News en 2015-01-11 Former Minister Rohithas son in law arrested over Beruwala shooting Hiru News en 2015-01-11 President Maithripala to address nation from Paththirippuwa at Sri Dalada Maligawa Hiru News en 2015-01-11 SLFP Parliamentarians called to Colombo. Hiru News en 2015-01-11 Give more powers to Elections Commissioner: Commonwealth observers say. Hiru News en 2015-01-11 Basil Rajapaksa leaves the Country. Hiru News en 2015-01-11 Sri Lanka make 218 for 9 against NZ in 1st ODI Hiru News en 2015-01-11 Global oil markets resume their slide. Hiru News en 2015-01-11 India invites new President for first overseas visit Hiru News en 2015-01-11 Billy Joel has ambitious plans. Hiru News en 2015-01-11 Deposits placed by all Presidential candidates except for the main 2 candidates confiscated Hiru News en 2015-01-11 NZ beat SL by 3 wickets Hiru News en 2015-01-11 Interim budget of new government to Parliament on the 29th Hiru News en 2015-01-11 New President and Prime Minister call on the Maha Naayaka Theras Hiru News en 2015-01-11 Inquiry in to corrupt Presidential campaign: MP Mangala Hiru News en 2015-01-11 Saman Ekanayaka appointed secretary to the PM Hiru News en 2015-01-11 SLFP Chairman is Mahinda Rajapaksa ; Says Anura yapa Hiru News en 2015-01-11 Rehearsals for POPEs visit begins; Colombo - Negambo road closed from tomorrow. Hiru News en 2015-01-11 Mangala reveals of a plot on the Presidential election night. Hiru News en 2015-01-11 Country needs a true human being, not a king; says President addressing the Nation. Hiru News en 2015-01-11 KP will not be allowed to leave the country; JHU Hiru News en 2015-01-11 At least 57 people killed in fiery Pakistan bus-oil tanker crash Hiru News en 2015-01-11 Inflation drops in December Hiru News en 2015-01-11 Australia name Michael Clarke as World Cup captain Hiru News en 2015-01-12 2000 pilgrims from Goa to attend the Papal mass. Hiru News en 2015-01-12 An attack on a group returning after participating in the function of Presidents address to the nation. Hiru News en 2015-01-12 New Chairman of the SLFP is President Maithree: says a group of former Ministers. There is no change in the Chairmanship: says another group of former Ministers. Hiru News en 2015-01-12 BAR association unanimously accept Shirani Bandaranayaka as the CJ. Hiru News en 2015-01-12 Paris attacks: Millions rally for unity in France Hiru News en 2015-01-12 Inflation drops in December. Hiru News en 2015-01-12 Sangakkara returns to top of Test rankings. Hiru News en 2015-01-12 Bob Marley sons Ziggy and Stephen are his spitting image: Handsome siblings model sharp suits. Hiru News en 2015-01-12 A group of lawyers stage a protest in front of Hulsdroph courts complex demanding CJ Mohan Peries to resign. Hiru News en 2015-01-12 Policeman attached to Election Commissioners convoy dies in motor bike accident. Hiru News en 2015-01-12 UVA PC Minister Sendil Thondaman surrenders to court. Hiru News en 2015-01-12 JVP reveals the manner in which they will involve in the 100 day programme. Hiru News en 2015-01-12 New President assumes duties. Hiru News en 2015-01-12 TNA and Thondaman meet the President today. Hiru News en 2015-01-12 Coca-Cola to cut up to 1,800 jobs worldwide Hiru News en 2015-01-12 Two politicians connected to Kahawatta shooting remanded. Hiru News en 2015-01-12 We will not accept ministerial portfolios - Anura Kumara Dissanayak Hiru News en 2015-01-12 All arrangements in place to welcome his holiness POPE Francis tomorrow; January 14th declared as a special holiday. Hiru News en 2015-01-12 5by20 programme named Best Global Initiative for Womens Economic Empowerment Hiru News en 2015-01-12 Update: Newly appointed Cabinet Ministers 2015 Hiru News en 2015-01-12 West Indies beat South Africa in record Twenty20 run chase Hiru News en 2015-01-12 Political leadership should set an example to the state service; says President Maithreepala Hiru News en 2015-01-12 Former President looses the majority in Parliament Hiru News en 2015-01-12 Discussion between the President and TNA on 5 basic factors. Hiru News en 2015-01-12 Presidents warning at swearing-in ceremony Hiru News en 2015-01-12 Power change of all UPFA controlled Provincial councils imminent. Hiru News en 2015-01-13 Attempt to retain power leads to deterioration: says President Maithripala Hiru News en 2015-01-13 New Cabinet takes oath: 27 cabinet Ministers, 10 state Ministers and 8 deputy Ministers. Hiru News en 2015-01-13 Visit of His Holiness POPE Francis to Sri lanka begins today Hiru News en 2015-01-13 A special traffic plan on Negambo road and Colombo. Hiru News en 2015-01-13 Thousands gather to welcome his holiness the POPE. Hiru News en 2015-01-13 Cristiano Ronaldo wins Ballon dOr over Lionel Messi & Manuel Neuer Hiru News en 2015-01-13 US militarys Twitter account hacked Hiru News en 2015-01-13 Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Dismiss Split Speculation With A Kiss Hiru News en 2015-01-13 Update: Unite for peace and reconciliation; visiting POPE request from Sri Lanka. Hiru News en 2015-01-13 Peaceful transition of power encourages investment development: says FITCH Hiru News en 2015-01-13 Suspected location of Air Asia planes engine identified Hiru News en 2015-01-13 Update: Investigation on elephant calf found at MP Sajin Vass residence Hiru News en 2015-01-13 Update: JVP file corruption charges against 12 factions including former President Mahinda Rajapakse, Basil, Gotabaya and Namal. Hiru News en 2015-01-13 A patriotic government within 97 days - Says Udaya Gammanpila of Pivithuru Hela Urumaya Hiru News en 2015-01-13 Investigation on vehicles of the Presidential Secretariat Hiru News en 2015-01-13 UN Secretary-General discusses 100-day plan with Sri Lankan President Hiru News en 2015-01-13 Special bus and train services for devotees to attend His Holiness the Popes mass Hiru News en 2015-01-13 Aircraft found at Narahenpita Economic Centre Warehouse Hiru News en 2015-01-13 UVA provincial council opposition claim the majority. Hiru News en 2015-01-13 Meeting between the POPE and the President begins; Papal Mass as Galle face green to begin at 8.30 tomorrow morning. Hiru News en 2015-01-13 Prime Ministers Personal Staff Appointed Hiru News en 2015-01-14 A special traffic plan in Colombo today as well Hiru News en 2015-01-14 President meet SLFP seniors. Hiru News en 2015-01-14 Update : Store at Narahenpita Economic centre harbouring a small helicopter sealed. Hiru News en 2015-01-14 All preparations in place for the Holy Mass celebrated by his holiness the POPE. A huge number of devotes gather at Galle face grounds. Hiru News en 2015-01-14 His holiness the POPE blesses those serving the people in Sri lanka. Hiru News en 2015-01-14 Mitt Romney likely to run for White House in 2016 Hiru News en 2015-01-14 Elton John Lead New Orleans Jazz Fest Lineup Hiru News en 2015-01-14 Ajmals official reassessment on January 24 Hiru News en 2015-01-14 Namal lodges a complaint. Hiru News en 2015-01-14 An attempt to arrested Wimal Weerawanse: says NFF Hiru News en 2015-01-14 Pray before the new saint for justice, unity and peace: request the POPE. Hiru News en 2015-01-14 Wele Suda arrested Hiru News en 2015-01-14 Hareen Fernando sworn in as Uva Chief Minister Hiru News en 2015-01-14 Update : Previous owner of the light aircraft found in Narahenpita yesterday Chandran Rathnam express his views. Hiru News en 2015-01-14 Joseph Vass canonised as first Saint of Sri Lanka by His Holiness the POPE. Hiru News en 2015-01-14 Minister Mangala complains to CID about a coup at temple trees on Election night; Hiru News en 2015-01-14 Safeguard reconciliation; His Holiness the POPE request from all communities at Madu Church. Hiru News en 2015-01-14 President meets chief incumbents Hiru News en 2015-01-14 Ready to face charges; says MP Namal Rajapakse. Hiru News en 2015-01-14 Rush to buy new Charlie Hebdo issue Hiru News en 2015-01-14 Ajmals official reassessment on January 24 Hiru News en 2015-01-14 World Bank cuts global growth forecast Hiru News en 2015-01-15 Another revelation about the light aircraft found in Narahenpita. Hiru News en 2015-01-15 His holiness POPE Francis departs today concluding a 3 day visit to Sri lanka. Hiru News en 2015-01-15 Thai pongal festival falls today: Lets strengthen the walls of unity: best wishes from President Maithree. Hiru News en 2015-01-15 Charlie Hebdo flies off shelves as Al-Qaeda claims attack. Hiru News en 2015-01-15 Vegetable supply of 3.5 million kgs reduces to 100 thousand kgsග Hiru News en 2015-01-15 Facebook at Work app aims for role in the office. Hiru News en 2015-01-15 Avatar sequel delayed to 2017, says James Cameron. Hiru News en 2015-01-15 A meeting between the President and the former President. A pact to hand over SLFP Chairmanship to President Maithree. Hiru News en 2015-01-15 His Holiness Pope Francis leaves the country. Hiru News en 2015-01-15 Australia Pace Legend Brett Lee Retires From All Formats Hiru News en 2015-01-15 Protests in Mahiyangana and Ahangama against the move to take Anura Vidanagama and Chandima Weerakkody to the government. Hiru News en 2015-01-15 15 Indian fishermen released on a Presidents order Hiru News en 2015-01-15 Pope Francis heads for Philippines Hiru News en 2015-01-15 Blackberry shares soar 30% on Samsung offer report Hiru News en 2015-01-15 Ben Affleck To Pick Up Another Award For Humanitarian Work Hiru News en 2015-01-15 3 Presidential Advisors appointed Hiru News en 2015-01-15 Update: France to protect all religions, vows Francois Hollande. Hiru News en 2015-01-15 Investigation of Narahenpita light aircraft handed over to CCD Hiru News en 2015-01-15 JVP to Sethsiri-paya Hiru News en 2015-01-15 We would sit with the Opposition - says SLFP General Secretary Hiru News en 2015-01-15 Thilina Bandara Thennakone likely to become Central Provincial Chief Minister; Letter to Governor from Western Province Chief Minister Hiru News en 2015-01-15 Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to meet UNP Cabinet, State Ministers and Deputy Ministers tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-01-15 Update: Protests staged against politicians of former UPFA regime Hiru News en 2015-01-15 Smooth transition of power in Sri Lanka could bolster foreign investor confidence, says Fitch Ratings. Hiru News en 2015-01-15 Miley Cyrus pays tribute to Elvis Presley by donning white jumpsuit. Hiru News en 2015-01-15 2nd ODI: Tillakaratne Dilshan Ton Leads Sri Lanka to Win Over New Zealand Hiru News en 2015-01-16 4 defenders prepared for changing number plates found at a garage in Kirulapona. 2 of them government vehicles. Hiru News en 2015-01-16 SLFP Chairmanship to President Maithripala Sirisena today. Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Central province chief Minister says he will not resign. Hiru News en 2015-01-16 First official discussion for setting up the National executive council successful: a statement from JVP leader. Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Pope says there are limits to freedom of speech Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Oil market tumbles after OPEC boosts output. Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Eoin Morgan surprised by Kevin Pietersen England claim Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel lead Oscars race. Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Woman expelled after election celebrations. Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Police shooting in Wallawaya: police shot at Padukka. Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Request to SLFP MPs from Wimal Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Positioning of security forces in the North would be decided after studying future threats: says Army spokesman. Hiru News en 2015-01-16 New price formula for fuel: says Minister Champika during the ceremony to assume duties. Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Pope Francis in Manila urges leaders to end corruption. Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Michael Clarke Wants to Play on Till 2019 World Cup. Hiru News en 2015-01-16 China upbeat on the prospective FTA. Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Michael Jackson Salsa Album Finally Set For Release. Hiru News en 2015-01-16 The Voice against Corruption files a petition against former MP Sajin Vas Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe assumes duties Hiru News en 2015-01-16 President Maithripala Sirisena elected as the Chairman of SLFP Hiru News en 2015-01-16 T- Shirts and computers found in 3 containers abandoned at BMICH premises Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Giant fish caught in Chilaw Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Another suspect arrested regarding Beruwala shooting incident Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Warner ton seals win after Morgan brilliance Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Belgium on high alert after deadly anti-terror raid Hiru News en 2015-01-16 President Obama to host Selma screening at White House Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Nimal Siri Pala appointed Opposition Leader, W D J as Chief Opposition whip -Leader of the House Min Kiriella, Min Gayantha Chief Govt whip Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Will resign if allegations proven to be true; Wimal Hiru News en 2015-01-16 Study on security camps and current security situation in North; Army Hiru News en 2015-01-16 On the permission of the Prime Minister a group of Ministers inspect Temple Trees Hiru News en 2015-01-17 Police investigations in to vehicles without number plates used during election. Hiru News en 2015-01-17 Police seeks AGs advice on Minister Mangalas complaint. Hiru News en 2015-01-17 Travel ban on Foreign Passport holders to some areas in North lifted: Restrictions on transport of items to North also relaxed. Hiru News en 2015-01-17 President requests not to put up banners or cut outs with his image. Hiru News en 2015-01-17 Sri Lankan Airlines to adjust its scheduled operations. Hiru News en 2015-01-17 Front liners request to investigate regarding the White Van Gang. Hiru News en 2015-01-17 The BAR association demand CJ Mohan Peris to resign to protect the dignity of the profession and the judiciary. Hiru News en 2015-01-17 Former Minister Mervyn Silva lodges a complaint at the CID against Basil Rajapaksa and Gotabaya Rajapakse. Hiru News en 2015-01-17 Unity of leaders is an example to the citizens of the country; says Chief Prelates. Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Prominence to be given to intelligence & discipline; President Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Armory at BMICH sealed Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Advice of IGP sought on complaint of Former Minister Mervyn Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Letter from JVP to Sri Lanka Cricket Hiru News en 2015-01-18 I will reveal gradually how previous government misused power; Min. Gayantha Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Racing Car found from Piliyandala Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Afghan cabinet nominee on Interpols most-wanted list Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Oil plunges close to six-year lows Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Whitney Houstons family dont endorse the late singers biopic Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Nadal not too confident of Australian Open Hiru News en 2015-01-18 JVP to Courts tomorrow demanding the arrest of KP Hiru News en 2015-01-18 No need of an international jurisdiction on Sri Lanka’s war; Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe tells Indian Media Hiru News en 2015-01-18 New Ministry Secretaries to be appointed tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Jayantha Ketagoda willing to handover Parliamentary seat to Sarath Fonseka Hiru News en 2015-01-18 President will be impartial at upcoming General Election - says MP Palitha Range Bandara Hiru News en 2015-01-18 68,000 wall clocks with former presidents face found at Sapugaskanda storehouse Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Body of army solder found near Galewela lake Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Update: 20 out of 22 containers in Galle Port Vessel contained firearms; Vessel revealed to be a Floating arsenal Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Kalpitiya - Palawiya road blocked due to protest in Kalpitiya Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Former Prime Ministers son banned from leaving country Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Bilateral talks between India - Sri Lanka Foreign Ministers begin Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Irans FM optimistic about solution to nuclear issue despite differences. Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Obama proposes closing tax loopholes on the wealthiest. Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Botanic Gardens revenue up Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Pakistan not favourites to win World Cup; India, favourites to win World Cup. Hiru News en 2015-01-18 Dolly Parton Working On TV Series. Hiru News en 2015-01-19 STF for security at Agalawaththa in Mathugama. Hiru News en 2015-01-19 An appeal to reinstate Waduraba OIC who had resigned over alleged political pressure. Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Update : How did the floating weapon armoury found in Galle received approval? investigations begin. Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Central province governor resigns. Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Shots fired outside Joe Bidens house in Delaware. Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Russian tourist spending in UK down 28%. Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Bangladesh Under 19 Tour of Sri Lanka 2015. Hiru News en 2015-01-19 James Taylor Assures French Youve Got A Friend In The U.s. In Paris Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Two Sri Lankans held with gold in Tamil Nadu. Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Customs seize illegal cigarettes worth 130 million rupees. Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Dolly Parton turns 69 years today. Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Take disciplinary action against UNP MP Thewarapperuma; request UPFA from the UNP. Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Sri lanka would act with international institutions productively;However, only Sri lanka can give final judgement; says Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Measures taken by the new govt. to fulfil peoples aspirations should be appreciated; says US. Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Steps would be taken to retrieve the lost reputation of parliament; Min Kirialla Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Fmr. Deputy Minister arrested Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Government expects to reduce fuel prices next month; Min Patali Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Government to halt national exhibition Deyata Kirula Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Update: Arrested former deputy Minister Dulip Wijesekara relased on bail;General Sec. of the PNF Wasantha Bandara arrested. Hiru News en 2015-01-19 New Ministry secretaries appointed. Hiru News en 2015-01-19 EU urges broad alliance on terrorism, at Brussels talks Hiru News en 2015-01-19 David Warner Defends Speak English Call to Rohit Sharma Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Henry Cavill wants to play Superman for years Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Wimal, Dinesh, douglas, Athaulla and left wing parties prepare to act independently in Parliament. Hiru News en 2015-01-19 India to maintain positive attitude towards Sri lankas new political leadership. Hiru News en 2015-01-19 Measures are afoot to recuperate the rule of law; says Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-01-20 Eastern Provincial council meets today without a decision about the CM. Hiru News en 2015-01-20 Parliament meets today after a presidential election: New PM Ranil Wickramasingha addresses the house. Hiru News en 2015-01-20 An Indian Premier on an official visit to SL in March after 28 years. Hiru News en 2015-01-20 Sri lanka 276 all out: Kumar becomes 3rd highest ODI run getter Hiru News en 2015-01-20 American Sniper shoots to top of US box office. Hiru News en 2015-01-20 Yemen rebels surround Prime Ministers home. Hiru News en 2015-01-20 The move to arrest KP is Tamil Diasporas demand: says NFF. Hiru News en 2015-01-20 13th amendment could be enacted after discussion with all parties: says Foreign affairs Minister in India. Hiru News en 2015-01-20 Workers demonstrate as Minister Patali and state Minister Range Bandara visit the CEB. Hiru News en 2015-01-20 UN warns of growing inequality and joblessness. Hiru News en 2015-01-20 Air China launches flights to Colombo. Hiru News en 2015-01-20 New Zealand overpower Sri Lanka to win 4th ODI Hiru News en 2015-01-20 Hollandes popularity soars after French militant attacks Hiru News en 2015-01-20 Stewart and McKellen wont be appearing in next X-Men film Hiru News en 2015-01-20 Update : Eastern Provincial Council adjourned to the 10th of February. Hiru News en 2015-01-20 New Government is an experiment for the entire region; Says Prime Minister Hiru News en 2015-01-20 4 arrested including Pathahewaheta PS Chairman Hiru News en 2015-01-20 Kaymu ends 2014 assisting children in need Hiru News en 2015-01-20 Simple steps to start selling through Kaymu App Hiru News en 2015-01-20 How to make your new year resolutions work Hiru News en 2015-01-20 Former President pays courtesy call on Chief Prelates. Hiru News en 2015-01-20 20 hospitalized in Sigiriya following hornet attack Hiru News en 2015-01-20 Fuel prices to be reduced on Independence Day Hiru News en 2015-01-20 A report on the coup at Temple trees on Election Day to be relased in a week. Hiru News en 2015-01-20 Police initiate investigations on the armoury at BMICH complex. Hiru News en 2015-01-20 Steven Finn & James Anderson lead England to win over India. Hiru News en 2015-01-20 Abe demands IS release Japanese hostages immediately. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 Yemen crisis: Houthi rebels shell presidential home. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 ICC plans World Cup clampdown. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 Stevie Wonder On Board For Underground Railroad Project. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 455 wild horses in Sri lanka. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 Water consumption in urban areas including Colombo increases. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 Suspicious 17,000 Divi Naguma claim forms found at Gatabe. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 3 persons arrested over the incident of making a UPFA councillor kneel at Agalawaththa: Take legal action against MP Thevaraperuma: election monitors demand. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 Person killed in Ja-Ela. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 State owned cab found at a residence in Madolsima. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 A constitutional amendment with no room for separatism is necessary: says Nimal Siri Pala. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 Update : MP Tevarapperuma remanded till 2nd February. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 Northern Power Co elucidates the true situation of Jaffna water contamination. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 Chairman of the commission to investigate bribery or corruption should resign: NEC agrees to remove Director General: a statement from JVP leader. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 Meet circuit education director if there is no school for grade 1 student. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 2 seats reduced for Jaffna District: 2 additional seats for Rathnapura and Nuwaraeliya. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 5 suspects found guilty of murder sentenced to death Hiru News en 2015-01-21 Leadership training for University new recruits suspended Hiru News en 2015-01-21 Oil prices slide after IMF cuts global growth forecast Hiru News en 2015-01-21 Abdul Razzaq Hits Out at Pakistan Coach Waqar Younis. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 Chief Justice Mohan Peris inform the Prime Minister that he will resign. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 Presidential pardon for Sarath Fonseka. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 6 more deputy Ministers sworn in today Hiru News en 2015-01-21 Gammanpila tells CID that he cannot remember whether CJ was present at Temple trees on the Election Day night. Hiru News en 2015-01-21 Yemen situation critical Hiru News en 2015-01-21 Liam Neeson under fire from Taken 3 gun makers Hiru News en 2015-01-21 Sledging no worse now than in previous years Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Fuel prices reduced: Petrol by 33 rupees, diesel and Kerosene oil by 16 rupees. Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Proteas clinch one-day series. Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Bangladesh arrests 7,000 opposition activists. Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Israeli man arrested over Madonna hack. Hiru News en 2015-01-22 A mother from Kolonna in Rathnapura poisons child and commits suicide. Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Elephant dance to recommence. Hiru News en 2015-01-22 National Drug policy to Cabinet next week: Preparation for reducing drug prices as well. Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Private bus owners ready to drop bus fares by 7%; Minimum fare to be Rs. 8 Hiru News en 2015-01-22 3 demands from the Intercompany employees union Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Passports of former CB governor Ajith Cabral and MP Sajin Vas have been suspended. Hiru News en 2015-01-22 TVS - The Largest Range in Micro Automobiles Industry Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Preparation to remove the Chief Justice by intimidation: charges former Minister Wimal. Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Fuel shortage in several areas after prices was reduced: Inform regarding any irregularities: says Power and energy state Minister. Hiru News en 2015-01-22 UPFA to sack its members if cross over, pledge support or submit affidavits: General Secretary informs its public representatives. Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Sir Elton John earning $500k per show Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Deal reached in Yemeni crisis Hiru News en 2015-01-22 WhatsApp launches desktop messaging option. Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Pakistan Will Beat India in World Cup, Says Misbah-ul-Haq Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Bus owners decide to reduce bus fares by 7 percent Hiru News en 2015-01-22 A committee to investigate large scale corruption appointed. Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Update: Several roads in Colombo High Security Zone including Janathipathi Mawatha open to public from today Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Milkmaid Facebook fans spend a delightful afternoon with Chef Akantha Hiru News en 2015-01-22 SEYLAN BANK CONDUCTS TRADE SEMINARS FOR ITS CLIENTS WHO ARE ENGAGED IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE. Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Prime Minister to chair a Committee to probe large scale rackets Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Sand mining in Polonnaruwa and transporting sand has been banned from February 1st ; Foreigners are banned from gem mining Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Former President Mahinda Rajapaksas House not searched Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Update: Government lose Rs. 65.5 Billion following fuel price drop Hiru News en 2015-01-22 Islamic State conflict: London hosts coalition talks. Hiru News en 2015-01-22 SL plays NZ tomorrow in 5th ODI at Dunedin. Hiru News en 2015-01-23 53 more vehicles belonging to the Presidential Secretariat found in Pita Kotte. Hiru News en 2015-01-23 President calls for explanation from defence secretary. Hiru News en 2015-01-23 No decision yet with regard to contesting under hand or beetle symbol: Susil Premajayantha. Hiru News en 2015-01-23 Activities of the Budda Shasana is carried out according to the advice of the Sanga: PM Ranil. Hiru News en 2015-01-23 Saudi King Abdullah dies, Crown Prince named king. Hiru News en 2015-01-23 Kiwis sink Lankan bowlers. Hiru News en 2015-01-23 Makes Travel Easy with new Fly Now Pay Monthly Solution Hiru News en 2015-01-23 New Zealand beat Sri Lanka by 108 runs in 5th ODI at Dunedin Hiru News en 2015-01-23 Bob Dylan Says Billionaires Should Solve Unemployment Hiru News en 2015-01-23 Yemens embattled president quits Hiru News en 2015-01-23 ECB unveils massive QE boost for eurozone Hiru News en 2015-01-23 TNA likely to receive the Eastern provincial Chief Ministerial post; TNA leaders including Sambandan in a discussion with the President Hiru News en 2015-01-23 Seychelles government to assist investigation against money laundering Sri Lankans Hiru News en 2015-01-23 Sale of Apple imported from America suspended Hiru News en 2015-01-23 3 months necessary to hold a general election if electoral system is changed; a statement from Election Commissioner Hiru News en 2015-01-23 President emphasizes the importance of preparing new generation to face the challenges of the world Hiru News en 2015-01-23 Seylan Bank opens its newest branch at Deal Place Hiru News en 2015-01-23 Prices of 10 essential goods to be reduced; State workers salary to be increased Hiru News en 2015-01-23 Chairman of Avant Garde barred from leaving the country Hiru News en 2015-01-23 Three new governors appointed. Hiru News en 2015-01-23 Vehicles of Chandrika and Gotabaya which were attacked by terrorists among the 53 vehicles found in Kotte Hiru News en 2015-01-23 UVA governors decision violates constitution; Power centre of other provincial councils at risk; 6 provincial CMs write to President Hiru News en 2015-01-23 Another leap by Prime Minister Ranil next June Hiru News en 2015-01-23 Ukraine rebel Zakharchenko rejects truce talks Hiru News en 2015-01-23 World Cup 2015: Bangladesh Eye Quarter-Finals. Hiru News en 2015-01-24 Colonel posts given to Principals annulled. Hiru News en 2015-01-24 Election Monitors to Courts over the misuse of state power during Presidential election. Hiru News en 2015-01-24 Decision on whether to continue Port City Project in 2 weeks. Hiru News en 2015-01-24 Chief Justice interrogated by the CID Hiru News en 2015-01-24 SL will hold discussions with UN and other Countries: PM Hiru News en 2015-01-24 Disciplinary Action against those trying to overturn power: SLFP Gen. Sec Hiru News en 2015-01-24 Circular to prevent money been obtained during Grade 1 admissions. Hiru News en 2015-01-24 Eight statements to CID over alleged coup attempt. Hiru News en 2015-01-24 Executive Committee of Bar Association meet to discuss about CJ. Hiru News en 2015-01-24 Relief to public continuously: An economy which will see money drawn to villages will be created: Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says. Hiru News en 2015-01-24 Obama to India today. Hiru News en 2015-01-24 New Zealands chance to close out series. Hiru News en 2015-01-24 Bus fares to be reduced next week : says Internal Transport Minister. Hiru News en 2015-01-24 Julia Roberts to star in, produce Batkid movie. Hiru News en 2015-01-24 US MasterCards will soon work in Cuba. Hiru News en 2015-01-24 IGP decides to reinstate former Wanduramba Police OIC Hiru News en 2015-01-24 Obama cuts short India visit to meet new Saudi king Hiru News en 2015-01-24 Chief Prelates request to meet the needs of people Hiru News en 2015-01-24 Parliamentary Select Committee not needed; Should adopt an alternative: suggests TNA Hiru News en 2015-01-24 Increase the use of money instead of taxes - says Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe Hiru News en 2015-01-24 Signs of Gas price dropping within 4 days Hiru News en 2015-01-24 Apples Tim Cook gets $9.22 million in pay as stock reaches high Hiru News en 2015-01-24 India Heavily Reliant on Virat Kohli for World Cup, Says Rahul Dravid Hiru News en 2015-01-25 Update: Death of Child at Havelock City remains a Mystery Hiru News en 2015-01-25 NZ 315 for 8 Hiru News en 2015-01-25 President to Polonnaruwa today. Hiru News en 2015-01-25 Methodology in choosing Samurdhi beneficiaries to be changed Hiru News en 2015-01-25 No need of new commissions; enact recommendations of previous commissions; TNA Hiru News en 2015-01-25 Hold elections as per a calendar; a proposal from election monitors Hiru News en 2015-01-25 BASL looking at possibilities for CJ to step down legally Hiru News en 2015-01-25 Japan Premier condemns hostage death video Hiru News en 2015-01-25 Rihanna releases new track with Kanye West and Paul McCartney Hiru News en 2015-01-25 NZ take series winning 6th ODI by 120 Runs Hiru News en 2015-01-25 Bandarawela public protest over Umaa Oya Project Hiru News en 2015-01-25 Presidential Advisor Jayantha Dhanapala to Geneva to meet with UN Human Rights Commissioner Hiru News en 2015-01-25 Discussions with EU over the issue on Sri Lanka Fish Exports Hiru News en 2015-01-25 JVP set up hotline to record statements from those who were inconvenienced by past regime Hiru News en 2015-01-25 US offers Japan condolences over IS killing Hiru News en 2015-01-25 Top European trade delegation in Sri Lanka to initiate 8 million dollar project Hiru News en 2015-01-25 Banned Mohammad Amir Set for First-Class Return Hiru News en 2015-01-25 Harry Belafonte talks Selma-to-Montgomery March. Hiru News en 2015-01-25 A new political culture was created after sacrificing a lot; says President in Polonnaruwa. Hiru News en 2015-01-25 India and US starting new journey Hiru News en 2015-01-25 An amnesty period to hand over wild elephants without licences Hiru News en 2015-01-25 JVP to lodge a complaint against Yoshitha Rajapakse. Hiru News en 2015-01-25 Fruit stalls in Colombo to come under scrutiny Hiru News en 2015-01-25 Update : Six top most Senior DIGs transferred with Pujitha & Anura. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 All Set For Republic Day, the Centrepiece of Barack Obamas Visit Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Euro hits 11-year low after Syriza victory in Greece. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Ajmal hopeful of getting cleared after retest. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Paul McCartney, Kanye West, Rihanna Team Up for FourFiveSeconds Hiru News en 2015-01-26 A person involved in a 40 million scam through false title deeds arrested. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 A person hospitalized following a Police shooting in Puthlam. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Police Officers attacked at Thambuttegama. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 The ending Despotism & installing Democracy achieved by people: President Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Rathupaswala shooting Army Brigadier Deshapriya was appointed as a diplomat - says Min. Amarathunga Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Egypt: Protests marking uprising leave 18 dead. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Sentenced Welikada OIC escapes to Singapore. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Singer Namal Udugama denies his death. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Obamas visit to India boosts bilateral ties. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Apparel industry will maintain growth momentum. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Angelina Jolie Visits Iraqi Refuge Camp, Meets With ISIS Victims. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Adam Gilchrist, Jack Ryder to be Inducted into Australia Hall of Fame. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Lankans possibly target US prez - RAW says. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 State Employees must work freely and impartially. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 At Republic Day Parade, Alert for Troublemakers in Black Caps and Mufflers. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Update: Vasss wife reveals Shiranthi & Yositha Hiru News en 2015-01-26 JVP complains against Yoshitha. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Principals of all national schools summoned to Colombo tomorrow. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Police to investigate documents of PMs office found in a well. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Mangala visits for Europe. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Thewarapperuma ordered to be appeared in Matugama Court. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 People would benefit in the future - PM says. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Permits of fuel distributors would be cancelled if anybody tries to create a shortage. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Malaysia Airlines website hacked by Lizard Squad - Official Cyber Caliphate. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Government not fulfilled its pledges: charges FSP. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 BASL to take finale decision on CJs matter today. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 EU envoys to launch US$ 8 million Mega project. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 President directs to investigate on missing persons commission. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Protest to re-establish the primary section - Moondalama Central Hiru News en 2015-01-26 International Schools to be regulated - MP Akila Viraj says Hiru News en 2015-01-26 PS transport director banned from leaving country Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Plantation Company employees in Chilaw on strike Hiru News en 2015-01-26 120 vehicles from PS still missing Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Practice on Ramakrishna and Vivekananda Road tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Two Sri Lankan smugglers nabbed in India Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Indo-Lanka ties to be strengthen Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Mahindanandas Passport impounded. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Protect the dignity of the Judiciary; judges request Chief Justice. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Presidential term to be reduced to 5 years - says President Hiru News en 2015-01-26 JVP adds fuel to fire - more complaints to bribery Commission Hiru News en 2015-01-26 DIG Anura Senanayake breaks the silence. Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Roads around Parliament to be closed for rehearsals Hiru News en 2015-01-26 Daniel Vettori Confident for World Cup After Reaching Milestone Hiru News en 2015-01-26 US northeast braces for monster snowstorm Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Syrian Kurds drive Islamic State out of Kobane Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Arnold Schwarzenegger Lands Induction Into Wwe Hall Of Fame. Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Lance Armstrong: Id change the man, not decision to cheat. Hiru News en 2015-01-27 31 Hospitalized in private bus accident Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Dont revenge my family, revenge me and my father- says Namal Rajapakse Hiru News en 2015-01-27 JVPs petition against KP, soon taken up Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Narendra Modi to arrive in Sri Lanka on March 14th Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Stop registration & monitoring Int.Schools - TU Secretary Joseph Stalin Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Traffic restriction on Parliament road Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Kidney diseases to be prevented at any cost - President Hiru News en 2015-01-27 CJ ignores BASL stance: Spokesman Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Lankan refugee arrested on rape charge Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Prominent Lankan emissary to meet UNHCHR Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Parliament will be dissolved on April 28 Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Drunken Local Council Chairman goes behind bars Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Bob Dylan Gives 50,000 Copies Of New Album To The Elderly Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Sri Lanka policy rates unchanged Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Watson compares Smith to Ponting Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Facebook Down Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Historic blizzard strikes US northeast Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Bus association & authorities begins talk on bus fares Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Lawyers collective want CJ to Quit Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Police arrest North Western PC fisheries Minister Sanath Nishantha Hiru News en 2015-01-27 American Embassy delegates meets new Minister of Defense Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Indian PMs Modified policy suits Sri Lanka: says PM Ranil Hiru News en 2015-01-27 O/L Mathematics mandatory for A/L Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Mayor Methsiri to Bribery against CM Shan Wijelal Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Update: Bus fare reduced with effect from February 1st Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Obama talks about Sri Lanka in Delhi Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Send UGC Chairperson home Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Immigration Dept. Looking for Gunaratnam Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Six new Governors Appointed Hiru News en 2015-01-27 AG noticed KP to appear in Court Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Government Doctors work at Private Hospitals is unethical Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Why PM Narendra Modi embroidered his name on his suit? Hiru News en 2015-01-27 New York shuts down for blizzard Hiru News en 2015-01-27 QZ8501 recovery operation called off: Indonesian military Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Obama in India: President addresses town hall meeting Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Steve Smith and I Could Play Together in Australian Team: Michael Clarke Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Majestic New Brooklyn Theater to Feature Diana Ross. Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Swift action against CJ; National Executive Council Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Truth will surface; ex-President Rajapakse says Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Costructive criticism is important than destructive praising - says President Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Shashi Weerawansa will be arrested if charges proved: Police Hiru News en 2015-01-27 Sangakkara accuses former Sports Minister and Cricket Secretary Hiru News en 2015-01-28 BBS on narcotic menace Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Rules about Collecting of funds in schools made strict Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Police transfers during the Presidential election cancelled Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Three-wheeler ride charges to go down Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Help us to identify mistakes - says President Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Libya hotel attack: Five foreigners among nine killed Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Diana Ross to perform in Brooklyn Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Narine pulls out of West Indies World Cup squad Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Jackson Anthonys car story Hiru News en 2015-01-28 UK Minister Hugo Swire to visit Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Sally Either My-way or the High-way! Hiru News en 2015-01-28 NW Provincial Councilor Sanath Nishantha bailed out Hiru News en 2015-01-28 100 days: Expectations & Reality - Public Seminar by FSP Hiru News en 2015-01-28 157 Lankan asylum seekers detained at sea Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Peshala Jayaratne sworn in as NCP Chief Minister Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Kumar Gunarathnam to Imigration & Emigration Dept Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Economic development expedited: 16,000 enlisted Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Public-welfare oriented Interim budget - tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Ex - CJ Shirani arrives at Hulftsdorp Court Complex Hiru News en 2015-01-28 School bus lowered by 5% Hiru News en 2015-01-28 New hopes for democracy in Sri Lanka: says President Obama Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Update: CJ Shirani Bandaranayaka reinstated today, retires tomorrow Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Dr. Shirani resumes duties as Chief Justice Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Gen. Fonsekas Voting Rights restored Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Update: Fonseka reinstated with Civic rights, medals & General title Hiru News en 2015-01-28 School bus fare lowered by 5 percent Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Immigration and Emigration Dept grills Kumar Gunarathnam Hiru News en 2015-01-29 Hyatt Regency project - MP Harsha to Bribery Hiru News en 2015-01-28 US threatens tougher action against Russia over Ukraine Hiru News en 2015-01-28 Steve Smith Wins Allan Border Medal Hiru News en 2015-01-29 Koswatte bus hijackers nabbed Hiru News en 2015-01-29 Monk found with an Elephant calf Hiru News en 2015-01-29 Update: Farewell ceremony to 43rd CJ Hiru News en 2015-01-29 Measures to beef up Int & Domestic Security - President Maitripala Hiru News en 2015-01-29 Reforms to Budget 2015 today Hiru News en 2015-01-29 A person arrested for swindling 15 million rupees Hiru News en 2015-01-29 Hezbollah will pay full price for deadly attack says Israel Hiru News en 2015-01-29 Military mentality to be removed - Dep.Min Gankanda