Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Obama Making Changes to Cuban Immigration Policy Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Special offering to Lord Buddha- [video] Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Be careful of persisting persistent cold and fever- Health Officials Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Elephant runs on a rampage in Matara Perahera Hiru News en 2017-01-13 The executive presidency should be abolished completely: UNP responds to the SLFP Hiru News en 2017-01-13 GSP+ will make many changes to the economy- Finance Minister Hiru News en 2017-01-13 JP Duminy, Hashim Amla Tons Take South Africa To 338/3 Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Drinking water crisis experienced after 3 months; Public advised to utilize water sparingly Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Police investigation into stolen tyres Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Syria accuses Israel of bombardment Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Joe Biden awarded freedom medal by Obama Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Tata Sons names Natarajan Chandrasekaran new chairman Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Stevie Wonder serenades Michelle Obama on TV Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Man arrested with firearms in Puttalam Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Heathrow cancels flights before expected snowfall Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Good Samaritans save wheelchair-bound woman, 72, pushed on train tracks, beaten Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Tri-forces, state officials to provide relief to drought hit people Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Man who sheltered Gandhi’s assassinators dies Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Ten year old died in freak accident Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Largest-power Hybrid Locomotive Experiment Begins in China Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Gaza electricity crisis: Hamas breaks up protest Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Nintendo announces Switch price and date Hiru News en 2017-01-13 West Indies reject proposal to tour Pakistan for T20Is Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Sarath Kumara Gunaratne re-remanded till Jan 20 Hiru News en 2017-01-13 5yo dies of burnt injuries in Badulla Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Economic agenda from the Prime Minister Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Water levels in reservoirs decrease Hiru News en 2017-01-13 No faith on the FCID- Mano Ganesan Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Lottery sales dropped by 40 percent Hiru News en 2017-01-13 China, Russia agree on more countermeasures against U.S. anti-missile system Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Bangladesh all-time record partnership flattens Black Caps in Wellington Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Five police officers connected to the death of 2 Jaffna Uni Students re-remanded Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Australian health minister resigns over expense scandal Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Deepika stuns in gold at xXx premiere - Photos Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Man drowns and dies in Rassa Ella Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Chinese media warns of war with US after Donald Trumps state department choice stirs South China Sea row Hiru News en 2017-01-13 MoUs to avoid money laundering- Central Bank Hiru News en 2017-01-13 New Regulations for three wheelers and taxis Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Joint Opposition to field a common candidate Hiru News en 2017-01-13 Water shortage to continue for 2 more months;Government requests to use electricity sparingly Hiru News en 2017-01-13 President appoints a special task force on drought related matters Hiru News en 2017-01-14 Police Chiefs meet President and Prime Minister Hiru News en 2017-01-14 Thai Pongal celebrated today Hiru News en 2017-01-14 Special Medical Team for Kandy Hospital today Hiru News en 2017-01-14 Lottery Sellers to go on strike again on Monday Hiru News en 2017-01-14 India to support collecting rain water to supply to the North Hiru News en 2017-01-14 Stars of Sooryans and Ravans will Collide Tonight at ‘Hiru MegaStars’ Hiru News en 2017-01-14 Another revelation by Hiru, saves a life Hiru News en 2017-01-14 President pledges to stand for National Reconciliation Hiru News en 2017-01-14 Electricity from Private sector to ensure uninterrupted supply during drought; New plans from Water Board too Hiru News en 2017-01-14 Consume water, electricity and food sparingly - A request from the Disaster Management Center Hiru News en 2017-01-14 The path of the unitary government is confirmed Hiru News en 2017-01-14 Continuous Investigations into H1N1 in 20 hospitals Hiru News en 2017-01-14 2 Reservoirs of Uma oya connected by a tunnel Hiru News en 2017-01-15 Sri Lanka humiliated in 3 – Nil defeat in South Africa Hiru News en 2017-01-15 Don’t talk about what you don’t know; Finance Minister tells Justice Minister Hiru News en 2017-01-15 5 Ministries tasked with facing the drought; 120 Thousand acres of farm lands at risk Hiru News en 2017-01-15 Attempt to degrade the achievement of regaining GSP Plus; revelation from President Hiru News en 2017-01-15 Commonwealth to support drafting of new Constitution Hiru News en 2017-01-15 Price of Bread and other bakery products likely to increase Hiru News en 2017-01-15 Service Pension for Disabled War Heroes from next month Hiru News en 2017-01-15 Voters registry to be updated thrice a year ensure all 18 plus youth are able to vote Hiru News en 2017-01-15 Limitations on using air conditioners in government offices Hiru News en 2017-01-15 Tense situation at Dandugama – Ja Ela due to Muthurajawela Water thrown at Deputy Minister Ranjan Hiru News en 2017-01-15 Toxic gas kills one at Nuwara Eliya; Two hospitalized Hiru News en 2017-01-15 No presidential elections; Preparing for a general election Says the UNP Hiru News en 2017-01-16 President Sirisena ideal candidate for 2020 presidency Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Large group affected by the drought- [video] Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Donald Trump says Merkel made catastrophic mistake on migrants Hiru News en 2017-01-16 New plans for the Water Board- Trade Unions Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Dr. Udaya Sri Kariyawasam speaks about GSP+ Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Another group arrested in connection with the Hambantota incident Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Police commence search operations for army deserters who have failed to surrender Hiru News en 2017-01-16 NFF MP Weerakumara Dissanayake at FCID Hiru News en 2017-01-16 India v England: Virat Kohli thought Eoin Morgans side would panic Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Prime Minister leaves for Switzerland Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Lottery dealers goes on a strike Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Marijuana worth Rs. 40 million discovered in Monaragala Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Two wounded in vehicle crash in Bandaragama Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Indian National arrested while attempting to smuggle out gold Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Schools closed for paper marking reopens Hiru News en 2017-01-16 New Brazilian prison riots leave 26 dead Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Protest at Udalamatta Maha Vidyalaya in Galle Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Shortage of elephants in processions this year Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Weerakumara Dissanayake at the FCID Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Turkish plane crashes into Kyrgyzstan homes Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Mushfiqur Rahim: Bangladesh captain hit by bouncer and taken to hospital Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Foreign travel ban to Nissanka Senadhipathi and Palitha Fernando Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Two police officers assaulted in Baththalangunduwa Island Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Ven. Athuraliye Rathana Thero goes independent Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Virat Kohli makes 17 centuries Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Emergency line for issues with drinking water set up, dial 117 with your complaints Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva announces that he will retire from politics Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Priyanka Chopra injured on set Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Update : 29 suspects of the Hambanthota incident further remanded. Hiru News en 2017-01-16 SL to buy crude oil from Iran Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Williamson seals record-breaking win Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Jenna Bush Hager shares rare photos of Obama daughters first White House visit Hiru News en 2017-01-16 British pound falls in Asia Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Man who raped 600 girls arrested in India Hiru News en 2017-01-16 The World’s 8 Richest Men Are Now as Wealthy as Half the World’s Population Hiru News en 2017-01-16 Dry weather affects 9 districts;A loss of 150 billion rupees likely to incurred due to the drought Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Public knows about the group working against Good Governance- President Hiru News en 2017-01-17 MP Namal Rajapaksa says that he is not guilty Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Renegades six-run win keeps them alive Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Brothers break world record for most stairs climbed with a person on the head Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Gazette if Audit Service Act soon- Auditor General Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Delimitation committee report to be handed over to the subject minister without UNP support Hiru News en 2017-01-17 International bodies informed of the drought; United Nations, pledges its support Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Drought affects 600,000 in 13 districts Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Government denies false reports published about GSP+ Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Last man to walk on moon dies Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Girl suffering from serious illness gets relief following Hiru News revelation Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Issue with the transportation and storage of medicine in Gvt. hospitals Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Istanbul Reina nightclub attack suspect captured Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Four arrested for luring people into paying money in promise of deeds in Bandarawela Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Peter Nevil struck in the face by Brad Hodges flying bat Hiru News en 2017-01-17 NFF MP Udayashantha reports to the FCID Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Hiru MegaStars: Watch the battle of Mayans and Ravans and stand a chance to win gifts worth over Rs. 20 million Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Two arrested with 45kg of Ganja in Adappan Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Mudslinging campaign by media alleging Duminda Silva plans to escape from Prison Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Another woman burnt to death while warming herself by the fireplace Hiru News en 2017-01-17 50,000 acres of paddy in Trincomalee left for grazing Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Foreign tourist helps struggling local school- [photos] Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Sri Lanka invited for Donald Trump’s inauguration Hiru News en 2017-01-17 The entire staff of Ministry of Primary Industries goes SMART (Photographs) Hiru News en 2017-01-17 France hits back at Trumps declaration of war on Europe Hiru News en 2017-01-17 New tea variety that grows in dry weather Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Another NFF member goes before the FCID Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Australian conditions favourable for mouse plague, scientists warn Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Veridct on granting bail to murder suspect of Vasantha Soysa on 23rd Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Income generated from fish exports sees a record increase Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Price of a lottery ticket revised to 20 rupees on President’s orders Hiru News en 2017-01-17 Minister in charge accepts delimitation report Hiru News en 2017-01-17 False story published by Dinamina is a grave insult to the entire prison system; Former parliamentarian Duminda Silva’s father demands an inquiry Hiru News en 2017-01-17 The water levels of many reservoirs reduced to 25 percent Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Nigeria air strike error kills dozens in refugee camp Hiru News en 2017-01-18 De Villiers not retiring from Tests, but opts out of New Zealand series Hiru News en 2017-01-18 The real story behind the fire that started by an invisible force Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Shahid Afridi Takes A Dig At Ian Chappell After Pakistan Beat Australia Hiru News en 2017-01-18 A slight weekend shuffle has taken at the UK box office Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Prime Minister meets with Chinese President Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Jayalalithaas niece Deepa Jayakumar to enter politics Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Protest against the removal of unauthorized shops in Teldeniya [photos] Hiru News en 2017-01-18 First step to topple the government in Nugegoda- JO Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Leave no room for extremists; Protect peace- President Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Board of directors of the Lanka Coal Company dissolved Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Fire erupts in a storage unit in Madampe Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Private bus strike on Minuwangoda- Colombo route Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Man caught selling illegal cigarettes- [photos] Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Topless protester protest against ‘patriarchy’ in Spain- [photos] Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Man dies during shootout at Wasgamuwa National Park Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Giant alligator caught on film in Florida Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Train strike called off temporarily Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Fiber Manufacturing Factory in Matara catches fire Hiru News en 2017-01-18 The court case concerning the discovery of 928 KG of Cocaine put off Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Russias Putin calls leaked Trump memos utter nonsense Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Top Economists to Dissect Economic Outlook for 2017 Hiru News en 2017-01-18 ‘Wrong Ivanka from UK hits back after Trump tweet Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Kapil Dev Inducted Into Legends Club Hall Of Fame Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Worlds largest cricket stadiums foundation laid in India Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Fungus found on Sigiriya frescoes Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Top 10: 5th complaint against Minister Kabir Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Prime Minister invites investors to visit Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Drought affects 120,000 acres of paddy Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Tillekeratne Dilshan called for a T20 series Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Man shot dead at station road Hiru News en 2017-01-18 High charges against the 16 people arrested with 111 Kilos of Heroin in possession Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Xi says world needs China, U.S. to have stable relationship Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Custom raided animal parts handed over to two universities Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Jallikattu: Thousands protest at India bullfighting ban Hiru News en 2017-01-18 One dead in Ratnapura Tri-Shaw accident Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Sri Lanka to finalise Trade Agreements with China, Singapore & India very soon Hiru News en 2017-01-18 President chairs a special meeting to discuss about the drought Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Implementation of 27 international conventions only criteria for GSP Plus; says EU Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Trade agreements with China, India and Singapore to be signed before June Hiru News en 2017-01-18 UNP says it will fulfil Mahinda Rajapaksa’s pledges Hiru News en 2017-01-18 Roads closed in 3 directions as Gammanpila protests against the FCID Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Island’s Hydro power generation falls to 11% Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Minor political parties stand against the gazetting of the delimitations report Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum commends the proposal submitted by Prime Minister Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Utilize drought conditions to our advantage, towards our development- President Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Is Sri Lanka getting ready to legalize rights of the LGBT community? Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Special squad to bust illegal sand mining in Malwathu Oya Hiru News en 2017-01-19 2016 was the hottest year on record Hiru News en 2017-01-19 World Bank lends SL US$125 million to modernize agriculture Hiru News en 2017-01-19 SL vs SA: T20 series starts tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Coastal Line Train travel restored (update) Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Lifeless infant found discarded near Meerigama Railway Station Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Rains across the island from tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-01-19 New Chairman appointed for the Police Commission Hiru News en 2017-01-19 New leasing scheme for vehicles comes into effect Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Asidisi Media Scholarship takes place tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Three heroin peddlers arrested Hiru News en 2017-01-19 BDCyclists breaks Guinness World Record Hiru News en 2017-01-19 6 individuals arrested for treasure hunting in Aralagangwila Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Legal action to be taken against motorists covering front windows of vehicles from today Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Trump Expected to Issue Executive Orders After Inauguration Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Sri Lankan rupee weaker on foreign bank dollar demand Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Ravichandran Ashwin Among Worlds Most Valuable Cricketers: Dav Whatmore Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Shashi Welgama further remanded; Notice issued on Lanka e-news editor Sandaruwan Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Environment needs to be protected- President Hiru News en 2017-01-19 AILDA demands to gazette the lottery price reverse Hiru News en 2017-01-19 JVP provincial councilor Samantha to engage in Sathyagraha at Bandarawela Divisional Secretariat Hiru News en 2017-01-19 PHU to go to courts unless delimitation is gazetted before January 31st Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Pakistan is fully committed to SAARC charter; says Pakistan Premier Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Gem businessman murdered in Avissawella Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Trump set to make major policy changes in first hours of presidency Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Speeding three-wheeler seriously injures girl in Mannar- (video) Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Inter Company Employees’ Union to speak with Central Bank Governor Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Protest March against SAITM in Colombo- [photos] Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Italy avalanche leaves many dead Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Move to identify mystery man traveling behind Wasim Thajudeen’s car Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Priyanka Chopra wins second People’s Choice Award for Quantico Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Six hardcore criminal suspects arrested from the South Hiru News en 2017-01-19 Water cannon and tear gas fired on IUSF protest at Colpetty Hiru News en 2017-01-19 One hour delay to switch on Street lights; Existing bulbs to be replaced with LED Hiru News en 2017-01-19 President advises to be ready for tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Trump pledges unity at concert prior to inauguration Hiru News en 2017-01-20 European Central Bank keeps key interest rate on hold Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Kanye West was not asked to play traditional Donald Trump inauguration Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni seal series Hiru News en 2017-01-20 S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike the last leader to stand against corruption- DEW Gunasekara Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Chandrika speaks about Good Governance Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Gambia crisis: Senegal sends in troops to back elected leader Hiru News en 2017-01-20 700,000 affected by drought; Rains expected tonight Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Water wastage in Colombo rises by 40%: New regulations to prevent wastage Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Discussions to handover Trincomalee harbour to India Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Alibaba to invest in SL Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Six members of the same family brutally attacked in Ambalantota Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Min. Musthapa ensures a clean election Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Discussions to empower students commence Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Man arrested for taking Rs. 3 million to enroll students into Colombo schools Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Rigopiano hotel avalanche: Italian rescuers find no sign of life Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Four arrested while excavating treasures Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Donald Trump arrives in Washington DC ahead of inauguration Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Brothers die after their cab veered off the road in Dehiaththakandiya Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, Mexican drug lord, has been extradited to the US Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Angelo Mathews to remain captain till 2019 Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Former Fisheries Deputy Minister Sarath Kumara granted bail Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Three dead, 20 injured after driver plows car into pedestrians in Australia Hiru News en 2017-01-20 JO on a journey to topple the Gvt. Hiru News en 2017-01-20 President’s help needed to form a new government- UPFA Gen. Sec. says Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Min. Hashim shoots down JO allegations Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Gvt. official arrested over the sale of heroin Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Rain experienced in several areas Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Student attempts to hang himself to scare his girlfriend Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Private bus hijacked after unloading the passengers in Boossa Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Jallikattu ban: Tamil Nadu CM Panneerselvam’s rush over ordinance for time Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Sri Lanka sells USD458mn in fixed and floating rate bonds Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Chinese national arrested with illegal goods in Wellawatte Hiru News en 2017-01-20 At least 20 Iranian firefighters killed in collapse of burning Tehran high-rise tower Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Novak Djokovic Suffers Huge Shock, Serena Williams Serene Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Chamara Kapugedera’s father passes away Hiru News en 2017-01-20 22 injured in accident at Omaragolla Hiru News en 2017-01-20 President orders not to sell imported rice for more than 76 rupees per kilo. Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Mahinda confirms his participation at Nugegoda rally on January 27th Hiru News en 2017-01-20 UN human rights commissioner commends progress in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Rains in several drought affected areas Hiru News en 2017-01-20 Donald Trump is set to be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States Hiru News en 2017-01-21 Trump inauguration: President vows to end American carnage Hiru News en 2017-01-21 Chief Ministers to meet with Former President tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-01-21 Joint Opposition challenges Government’s Two Thirds Hiru News en 2017-01-21 Over 1 Million affected by drought; Showers expected during next few days Hiru News en 2017-01-21 IMF Chief praises Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-01-21 Stars of Mayans and Ravans will Collide Tonight at ‘Hiru MegaStars’ Hiru News en 2017-01-21 Armed gang in Negombo Hiru News en 2017-01-21 A Minister says that masks will fall off soon Hiru News en 2017-01-21 Vidura Wickramanayaka’s Electoral meeting to decide on his Parliamentary seat held Hiru News en 2017-01-21 Let’s enhance cooperation between our two Countries – President Sirisena says in his wish to President Trump Hiru News en 2017-01-21 Heavy showers for three days from tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-01-21 IUSF takes to the street during the weekend as well Hiru News en 2017-01-21 Highlands should be conserved for the future; Says the president Hiru News en 2017-01-21 Vidura Wickramanayake makes a decision Hiru News en 2017-01-22 SLFP Chief Minister and Former President to meet today; Discussions focussed on bringing unity Hiru News en 2017-01-22 State Minister opposes Monks engaging in Politics Hiru News en 2017-01-22 Police Officer of Mangalagama shoots himself Hiru News en 2017-01-22 3 school students who went to bathe in Mahaweli River missing Hiru News en 2017-01-22 Bodies of 3 students who went bathing in Mahaweli River found Hiru News en 2017-01-22 Discussion between Chief Ministers and Former President ends without consensus Hiru News en 2017-01-22 High risk of dengue spreading in drought affected areas Hiru News en 2017-01-22 Right to information act to come into force from 3rd of February Hiru News en 2017-01-22 Bus driver arrested for assaulting a police officer in Dehiwala Hiru News en 2017-01-22 5.7 million robbed from a state bank in Monaragala Hiru News en 2017-01-22 Chief Ministers’ meeting with Mahinda unsuccessful Hiru News en 2017-01-22 Prime Minister makes a statement on executive presidency Hiru News en 2017-01-22 Serve the public without idling – says the Archbishop to Politicians Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Protest in Nuwara Eliya following Hiru CIA revelation- [video] Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Mathews seals first SL win on tour Hiru News en 2017-01-23 At least 16 dead in Georgia and Mississippi after storms in US Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Madonna who says “We chose Love” HATES Donald Trump Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Coconut products could be $1B export earner- Navin Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Presidential commission to investigate the central bank bond issue Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Another suspect arrested in connection to the murder of Uddammita Samare Hiru News en 2017-01-23 A Gvt. cannot rule by repressing leaders - Mahinda Rajapaksa Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Former Chairman of the delimitation committee reveals the manner in which certain ministers address officers Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Operation in search of Imasha Duwa stopped Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Ven. Ratana Thera became independent as a result of the public opinion- former UNP Gen. Sec Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Update: Colombo- Kandy road remains blocked Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Mixed views about the meeting with former President Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Showery and windy condition expected to grow today Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Parents’ protest blocks main road in Walasmulla Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Sri Lankan arrested in Kuwait Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Burglar shot and wounded by the police in Kaduwela Hiru News en 2017-01-23 India denies Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka’s statement on the Trinco harbor Hiru News en 2017-01-23 President Donald Trump meets with FBI Director James Comey Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Sharif calls for Pak-SL collaboration to achieve SAARC objectives Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Warner rested for Chappell-Hadlee tour Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Case against Min. Fowzie to be taken up in April Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Two suspects arrested with counterfeit notes in Gokarella Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Buddhist nun in critical condition after Pasyala fatal accident Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Angelo Mathews returns to the island Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Centenary commemoration stamps for schools will not be issued from this point on Hiru News en 2017-01-23 JVP commends Commission to Probe Pond Issue while Joint Opposition raises objections Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Cause for the container – bus accident in Pasyala revealed Hiru News en 2017-01-23 The 4 fishermen stranded in Kalpitiya sea safely back on land Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Petition filed against COPE Committee Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Jallikattu protest: Violence breaks out in Chennai Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Internal and External probes into 2015/2016 EPF transactions Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Heavy traffic in Colombo Fort Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Pillayan re-remanded Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Australian actor shot dead while filming music video Hiru News en 2017-01-23 3 youth drown in the Muthur Sea; 8 drown within 3 days. Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Jallikattu: Two die in India bullfight as protests continue Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Airtel celebrates 8 years in Sri Lanka - commits to further empower the youth of Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-01-23 18 Killed in US hurricane storms Hiru News en 2017-01-23 Inflation rises Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Trump executive order pulls out of TPP trade deal Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Row erupts over Madonnas comments about US President Donald Trump Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Donald Trump shows off beautiful letter Barack Obama left him Hiru News en 2017-01-24 SriLankan rated the most punctual airline Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Tense situation during the Ratnapura development committee meeting due to small- scale power plants Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Train drivers halt work to rule Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Heavy rains and strong winds predicted during the next few days Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Bond issue debate to be held today; Opposition does not want any delays Hiru News en 2017-01-24 A special national dengue prevention programme implemented from today Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Gemunu requests to increase the fine for begging in buses Hiru News en 2017-01-24 No shortage of stents- Health Ministry Hiru News en 2017-01-24 A program to popularize Cricket Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Increase in air traffic in Mattala due to ongoing reconstruction work at Katunayaka Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Rugby coach and 4 students arrested over the brutal assault on student Hiru News en 2017-01-24 China prepares to celebrate the Lunar New Year Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Aamir and Alia shine at Filmfare 2017 Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Shakyans and Aryans ready for the great battle of the stars this week – Prepare to win prizes worth over 20 million Hiru News en 2017-01-24 15 injured after bus falls into a ditch in Akkarawatta Hiru News en 2017-01-24 US sent $221 million to Palestinians in Obamas last hours Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Shah Rukh Khan rides train to promote Raees; one dead Hiru News en 2017-01-24 New Zealand beats Bangladesh by 9 wickets in 2nd test Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Wimal Weerawansa further remanded Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Man capturing and selling Flap Shell turtles from dry reservoirs arrested Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Update: Man who caused havoc at courts during Wimal Weerawansa’s case remanded Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Scientists warn of browned toast Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Muslim boy ordains as a Buddhist monk- [photos] Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Debate on the bond issue in session Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Uniform and identity card made mandatory for long service bus employees with effect from February 1st Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Rugby coach and 4 students from Veluwana College arrested over the assault on a student Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Piyankara Jayaratne sits in the Opposition Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Trump White House vows to stop China taking South China Sea islands Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Wimal talks about Lasantha, Ashu and croton leaves in Parliament Hiru News en 2017-01-24 A new way of food preparation using Jack leaves and Croton leaves Hiru News en 2017-01-24 AB de Villiers returns to captain South Africa in ODIs against Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Deputy Principal arrested over taking bribes Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Raviraj murder trial judgement reinstated Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Rain across the island: Akkaraipattu receives 312mm of rainfall Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Memory and Justice- Special programme hosted by Amnesty International Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Fair idea of where MH370 had crashed Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Sixty five elephants killed in Anuradhapura due to human activities Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Southern Province heats by over jackfruit and crotons leaves Hiru News en 2017-01-24 UFO spotted in Sri Lankan skies – Alien ship or drone activity: Dr. Chandana Jayaratne Hiru News en 2017-01-24 A/L 2017 applications to be forwarded by February 15 Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Finance Ministry states Arjuna Mahendran does not hold any Ministry position; Heated arguments in Parliament over bond scam Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Update : Heavy traffic in Pittala Junction - Colpetty Hiru News en 2017-01-24 312 millimetre rainfall in Akkaraipaththu; No heavy rains after tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Witch doctor and two others remanded over woman’s death from poisoning Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Finance Ministry states Arjuna Mahendran does not hold any Ministry position; Heated arguments in Parliament over bond scam Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Sri Lankan asylum seeker arrested over rape charges in Papua New Guinea Hiru News en 2017-01-24 Man power workers march towards Temple Trees Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Deputy Min. Thewarapperuma raids a service center on the Southern Expressway Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Trump Expected to Sign Executive Orders on Immigration Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Mathews not afraid of losing captaincy Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Actress Meryl Streep Lands 20th Oscar Nomination Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Showers and winds to continue today- [video] Hiru News en 2017-01-25 President urges to fill vacancies of archaeology officials Hiru News en 2017-01-25 37 manpower employees who were protesting opposite Power Ministry arrested Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Special committee to prevent financial frauds Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Programme to produce more high quality tea Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Showery and windy conditions expected in sea areas today Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Successful search operation to catch the car that ran over a traffic policeman Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Sri Lankan rupee eases on importer dollar demand Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Woman dead after being struck by van in Hatton- [photos] Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Extreme mist cause accident in Haputale- Welimada road- [photos] Hiru News en 2017-01-25 French President Hollande visits Colombia Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Three arrested with fake Rs. 500 notes in Buttala Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Seven women hospitalized following bus crash- [photos] Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Upul Tharanga to Captain ODI matches against South Africa Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Lotus Road closed temporarily Hiru News en 2017-01-25 President’s journey interrupted due to bad weather Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Fourth Youth Parliament begins Hiru News en 2017-01-25 US President Donald Trump invites Narendra Modi Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Illegal transportation of liquor bottles busted by Bandarawela police Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Paris Jackson says she was sexually assaulted at age 14 Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Pressure mounting on government MPs and ministers participating in rally Hiru News en 2017-01-25 War veterans visit Pensions Department Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Scientists to check if Mount Everest is missing an inch Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Record income for Sri Lanka Customs Department Hiru News en 2017-01-25 AB de Villiers named in South Africa squad Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Residents assault a CEB worker in Chilaw Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Revelation from SLFP about the Nugegoda rally Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Parliament Agrees to forward COPE report on CBSL bond issue to AG Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Disaster Management Centre warns people to refrain from bathing in the Badulla Oya Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Arrested manpower workers released on bail Hiru News en 2017-01-25 The shortage of teachers will end this year says the Education Department Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Teacher who assaulted the Principal arrested Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Youth killed in train collision Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Suspects who stole Rs. 58 lakhs from Madagama Bank arrested Hiru News en 2017-01-25 All parties agree to obtain attorney Generals recommendations on Bond scam Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Action likely to be taken against rice millers who did not process government paddy Hiru News en 2017-01-25 The President says commission appointed to probe real perpetrators of bond scam and recommends maximum punishment Hiru News en 2017-01-25 Sri Lanka perceived as more corrupt in 2016 Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Sri Lanka beats South Africa by 5 wickets to win T20 series Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Presidential Commission to expedite legal action on bond issue Hiru News en 2017-01-26 COPE to submit report on hedging deal Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Water levels rise in many eastern province reservoirs Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Port City lands to be given to investors by 2018 Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Sri Lanka Cricket sets record with outstanding victory yesterday Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Trump orders wall to be built on Mexico border Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Considerations relating to the introduction of a 40 rupee lottery ticket Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Naval and fishing community warned of bad weather Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Brazil orders 11.5 million yellow fever vaccine doses Hiru News en 2017-01-26 US actress Mary Tyler Moore dies aged 80 Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Unhappy Mexico says they will not pay for the Trump wall Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Four nabbed for illegal gem mining Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Madras High Court wants TN fishing boats back from SL Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Fire breaks out in a factory at Hunupitiya – Wattala Hiru News en 2017-01-26 A commission was appointed to impose maximum punishment on real offenders – says President Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Imran Tahir accepted the sanction from the ICC for his celebration Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Heavy Rains till January 28 Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Houses damaged in Wattala factory fire- [video] Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Counter objections on Keheliya’s case – verdict on February 23 Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Ratana thero asked to work for the party or leave Hiru News en 2017-01-26 TISL reveals why SL was more corrupt in 2016 Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Wimal claims that his privileges are violated Hiru News en 2017-01-26 IUSF’s Lahiru Weerasekara remanded Hiru News en 2017-01-26 A fishing ban on catching Giraa fish Hiru News en 2017-01-26 NFF questions JVP about their proposed agitations in January Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Foreigners arrested over graffiti on trains Hiru News en 2017-01-26 19 inmates on a hunger strike in Anuradhapura Prison Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Fuel bowser topples into Hatton Oya Hiru News en 2017-01-26 CID informs court on intended arrests of 2 Navy officials Hiru News en 2017-01-26 SL’s first ever Sumo Championship- [photos] Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Facebook and Google experts to arrive in SL for Digital Summit Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Man dies after colliding on lorry Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Rudd says keep TPP alive, add China Hiru News en 2017-01-26 23 year old youth commits suicide Hiru News en 2017-01-26 More domestic rooftop solar grid connections soon in Sri Lanka: PUCSL Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Cause of the fire in Wattala polythene factory revealed Hiru News en 2017-01-26 7 Buddha statues found from the bottom of the sea in Trincomalee Hiru News en 2017-01-26 National policy on general education presented to President Hiru News en 2017-01-26 Minister Malik says Minister Rajitha’s remark with regard to the Prime Minister is false Hiru News en 2017-01-26 A test against corruption and fraud Hiru News en 2017-01-26 JHU informs Rathana Thero to take a decision Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Opposition leader requests solutions for issues in the North be decided by the end of this year Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Trump seeks Mexican import tax to pay for border wall Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Regional secretary gets a blasting from deputy minister Ranjan Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Usain Bolt Stripped of Gold Medal After Relay Teammate Found Guilty of Doping Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Rains to enhance across the island Hiru News en 2017-01-27 The noble pilgrimage “Hiru Siripa Karunawa” commences today Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Mexico’s President Cancels Meeting With Trump Over Wall Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Eoin Morgan, Joe Root Power England to 7-Wicket Win over India Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Minor damages to a train due to a rail track blocking the path Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Five including Indian nationals arrested with Wallapatta Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Fire destroys plastic items shop in Homagama Hiru News en 2017-01-27 British PM’s Trump meeting to test UK-US ‘special relationship’ Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Country’s total debt increases by 233% Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Chiles worst wildfire destroys town as help arrives Hiru News en 2017-01-27 UN report calls on the Sri Lankan government to prioritize torture prevention in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Jaliya Wickramasuriya re-remanded Hiru News en 2017-01-27 New Gambian president Adama Barrow returns home to joyous scenes Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Australia v New Zealand: Steve Smith ruled out of ODIs Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Bengamuwe Nalaka Thera and 6 others released Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Galle Face Green road will be closed for Independence Day rehearsals Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Chinas Alibaba to buy US-based MoneyGram Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Operation to arrest Udayanga Weeratunga Hiru News en 2017-01-27 People hail Bathibara Hiru Siripa Karuna program Hiru News en 2017-01-27 MP Indika Anuruddha sues Ranjan Ramanayake Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Finance Minister proposes a 50 rupee lottery ticket Hiru News en 2017-01-27 7 Educational officials interdicted Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Asia shares steady, dollar and oil hold onto gains Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Mahaoya residents living on the banks cautioned on safety Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Human-pig chimera embryos detailed Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Former President requests government to release arrested university students Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Death Star from the Star Wars movie compared to Saturn’s moon Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Lottery tickets sold at Rs. 30 from Feb 01 Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Sajin Vaas says he’s not guilty Hiru News en 2017-01-27 HEAVY TRAFFIC CONGESTION IN NUGEGODA Hiru News en 2017-01-27 CB BOND ISSUE PRESIDENTIAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS APPOINTED Hiru News en 2017-01-27 NADUN FERNANDO APPOINTED CHAIRMAN CPC Hiru News en 2017-01-27 KYDNEY TRAFFICKING SUSPECTS PLEAD NOT GUILTY Hiru News en 2017-01-27 HIGH COURT INSTRUCTS RAVI TO FILE OBJECTIONS Hiru News en 2017-01-27 PRESIDENT REVEALS THE PLAN IN CONSERVING FORESTS Hiru News en 2017-01-27 RAIN TO CONTINUE THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY WITHIN NEXT 24 HOURS Hiru News en 2017-01-27 MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA ARRIVES AFTER FIRST SENDING HIS DUMMY TO NUGEGODA RALLY Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Croton and Jak leaves exhibited at the Nugegoda joint opposition rally Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Members named to the Presidential commission to probe the Central bank bond scam Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Hiru Siripaa Karuna reaches Nallathanniya Hiru News en 2017-01-27 Administrative officers to protest against Ranjan Ramanayaka Hiru News en 2017-01-28 Stars of Shakyans and Aryans will Collide Tonight at ‘Hiru MegaStars’ Hiru News en 2017-01-28 TRUMP SIGNS EXTREME VETTING ORDER TO LIMIT IMMIGRATION Hiru News en 2017-01-28 35,000 KILOS OF RICE NOT FIT FOR CONSUMPTION ARRESTED (PHOTOS) Hiru News en 2017-01-28 MADONNA BANNED FROM TEXAS RADIO STATION Hiru News en 2017-01-28 WARNER BECOMES NO. 1 ODI BATSMAN Hiru News en 2017-01-28 HIRU SIRIPA KARUNAWA ENDS WITH TOTAL SUCCESS – PHOTOS & VIDEOS Hiru News en 2017-01-28 VILLAGES GO UNDERWATER FROM THE LONG DUE RAIN (PHOTOS & VIDEOS) Hiru News en 2017-01-28 ANIMAL EVACUATION OPERATIONS STILL IN PROGRESS (PHOTOS) Hiru News en 2017-01-28 SUSPECT ARRESTED WITH HEROIN AT GRANDPASS Hiru News en 2017-01-28 TWO DEAD BODIES FOUND FROM BADOWITA AREA Hiru News en 2017-01-28 CONTROVERSIAL MURDER SUSPECT ARRESTED Hiru News en 2017-01-28 IMPORTED RICE TO BE MARKETED NEXT WEEK ONWARDS Hiru News en 2017-01-28 VICTIMS OF THE CENTRAL BANK BOMB BLAST SPEAKS OF BROKEN PROMISES Hiru News en 2017-01-28 DRY WEATHER TO BE EXPECTED FROM TOMORROW ONWARDS Hiru News en 2017-01-28 AL-SHABAB FIGHTERS ATTACK KENYA MILITARY BASE IN SOMALIA Hiru News en 2017-01-28 LEAK IN OIL SUPPLY LINE AT COLOMBO PORT Hiru News en 2017-01-28 FREE SODA: FRANCE BANS UNLIMITED SUGARY DRINK REFILLS Hiru News en 2017-01-28 VETERAN ACTOR SIR JOHN HURT HAS DIED AGED 77, HIS AGENT HAS SAID Hiru News en 2017-01-28 STUART LAW NAMED WEST INDIES COACH Hiru News en 2017-01-28 SRI LANKA - SOUTH AFRICA 1ST ODI BEGINS Hiru News en 2017-01-28 MAJOR CHALLENGE TO VIRATH KOLI FROM DAVID WARNER & DE VILLIERS Hiru News en 2017-01-28 TWO FOREIGNERS ARRESTED FOR ILLEGAL FISHING Hiru News en 2017-01-28 LIGHT AIRCRAFT CRASH KILLS COUPLE IN AUSTRALIA Hiru News en 2017-01-28 MAXIMUM RETAIL PRICES OF ESSENTIAL ITEMS EFFECTED FROM JAN 27 Hiru News en 2017-01-28 43 CHIEF INSPECTORS PROMOTED TO ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT OF POLICE POSITION Hiru News en 2017-01-28 SERENA WILLIAMS BEAT SISTER TO CLINCH AUSTRALIAN OPEN TITLE Hiru News en 2017-01-28 In response to Malik, Rajitha says that president will convene a discussion on the Horana Tyre factory Hiru News en 2017-01-28 Letter to president requesting to take action against Ranjan Hiru News en 2017-01-28 Faiser responds to Ashoka’s allegations regarding the letter Hiru News en 2017-01-29 Sri Lanka lose first ODI Hiru News en 2017-01-29 Oil leak caused by trial run fixed Hiru News en 2017-01-29 Private Bus Company requests for drivers to be brought from India Hiru News en 2017-01-29 2 policemen arrested over abusing a Russian woman at Mount Lavinia Hiru News en 2017-01-29 Piyankara loses the post of co-chairman of Puttalam Development Committee Hiru News en 2017-01-29 Employee attached to Bogala Mine killed after Graphite Chunk falls on him Hiru News en 2017-01-29 Sri Lanka in a higher risk than Greece,Says the joint opposition Hiru News en 2017-01-29 Courts grant permission to detain and question the police constable murder suspect Hiru News en 2017-01-29 Ministerial Security Division constable remanded over attempting to abuse a Russian female Hiru News en 2017-01-29 Child dies in fishing boat accident at Mannar – father of the child missing Hiru News en 2017-01-29 Prime Minister says that acts of sabotaging the economy will be defeated Hiru News en 2017-01-29 Staff of Gampaha Divisional Secretariat to refrain from work tomorrow opposing Ranjan Hiru News en 2017-01-29 SLFP reveals about 10 individuals who defeated the former president Hiru News en 2017-01-30 White House stands firm over travel ban Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Former VW boss investigated over emissions fraud Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Australian Open 2017comes to an end Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Staff attached to Gampaha Divisional Secretariats refrain from work today opposing Ranjan Hiru News en 2017-01-30 27th rally divided the SLFP- MP Aluthgamage Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Man arrested with Rs. 110 million worth of foreign notes Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Officials accused over the death of Bogala Mine employee Hiru News en 2017-01-30 2 persons go missing whilst swimming in Uppuweli Sea Hiru News en 2017-01-30 15 hospitalized as bus veers off the road in Inamaluwa Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Three dead in Ampara accident Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Pass the audit act; National Freedom Front challenges the government Hiru News en 2017-01-30 US elite forces in deadly raid on Qaeda in Yemen Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Québec mosque shooting: five reportedly killed in gun attack Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Two Sri Lankan caught attempting to smuggle USD 31000 from India Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Protest against Ranjan in Mahara Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Man hit and killed by train Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Jail sentence for sellers of explosives used for fishing Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Philippines to suspend drug war to clean up corrupt police Hiru News en 2017-01-30 3 children killed in motor accidents within 12 hours; 40 injured Hiru News en 2017-01-30 25 involved in Hambantota clash re-remanded Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Employees from Gampaha Divisional secretariat withdraw from duties in protest against Ranjan Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Delimitation Commission report to be gazetted soon Hiru News en 2017-01-30 NZ win epic despite Stoinis heroics Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Nearly 700,000 people affected by bad weather Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Shakyans and Sooryans ready for the great battle of the stars this week – Stand a chance to win prizes worth over 20 million Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Oscars chiefs dismayed by US entry ban Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Sri Lanka’s first ever movie Rekava turns 60 Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Protest against SAITM causes traffic on Galle road Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Man mauled by tiger, killed at eastern China resort Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Volkswagen overtakes Toyota as the worlds biggest carmaker Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Divulapitiya Divisional secretary meets the President;Ranjan given ultimatum until February 3rd to apologise Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Gazetting of Delimitation report likely to be further delayed Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Investigation initiated in search of disappeared trade union leader during the protest Hiru News en 2017-01-30 Employees of 13 divisional secretariats in Gampaha withdraw from duty against the remarks Hiru News en 2017-01-31 This years Independence Day Commemorations to be held in 23 districts Hiru News en 2017-01-31 Another suspect in the Idamthota, Ambalangoda triple murder, arrested Hiru News en 2017-01-31 Verdict on the controversial SAITM case today Hiru News en 2017-01-31 Apologise without being stubborn – Sri Lanka Administrative Service Union tells Ranjan Hiru News en 2017-01-31 Serena Williams picked as greatest female player of the Open era by BBC Sport users Hiru News en 2017-01-31 COUNTRY’S DEBT WILL SURMOUNT TO 3 TRILLION BY 2026 Hiru News en 2017-01-31 FORMER PRESIDENT SAYS THAT GOVERNMENT IS WORKING TOWARDS A DICTATORSHIP RULE Hiru News en 2017-01-31 STOCK MARKET SEES A GROWTH Hiru News en 2017-01-31 TWO ARRESTED FOR ATTEMPTING TO SMUGGLE GOLD TO INDIA Hiru News en 2017-01-31 UNPROTECTED RAILWAY GATES UNION RE-COMMENCES TRADE UNION ACTION Hiru News en 2017-01-31 NOTICE TO PARENTS FROM EDUCATION MINISTRY Hiru News en 2017-01-31 TRUMP SACKS ACTING US ATTORNEY GENERAL Hiru News en 2017-01-31 TRUTH REVEALED ON NIMAL PATHIRANA DISAPPEARANCE Hiru News en 2017-01-31 MAN ARRESTED WITH T 56 FIREARM Hiru News en 2017-01-31 SAITAM DEGREE HOLDERS GIVEN THE GREEN LIGHT TO REGISTER WITH SL MEDICAL COUNCIL Hiru News en 2017-01-31 ONE MONTH’S TIME GIVEN TO CATCH JIRA FISH Hiru News en 2017-01-31 GMOA TO TAKE FIRM DECISION ON SAITAM VERDICT Hiru News en 2017-01-31 MISS FRANCE WINS MISS UNIVERSE 2017 COMPETITION Hiru News en 2017-01-31 HEAVY TRAFFIC CONGESTION IN COLOMBO AREAS Hiru News en 2017-01-31 18 BUFFALOES KILLED IN BUS ACCIDENT Hiru News en 2017-01-31 ANYONE SHOULD BE PUNISHED IF FOUND GUILTY OF DOING WRONG – MINISTER THALATHA ATHUKORALA Hiru News en 2017-01-31 HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION QUESTION NAVY COMMANDER ABOUT THE ASSAULT OF HIRU JOURNALIST Hiru News en 2017-01-31 MALARIA MOSQUITO DISCOVERED IN PESAALAI, THOUGHT TO HAVE ORIGINATED FROM INDIA Hiru News en 2017-01-31 I WILL NOT INFLUENCE ACTIVITIES OF MINISTERS – PRESIDENT Hiru News en 2017-01-31 SL NAVY CHIEF ASSURES INDIA THAT PRESENCE OF CHINESE SUBMARINES IN SL ARE PURELY FOR ECONOMIC REASONS Hiru News en 2017-01-31 AUSTRALIAN T 20 – 20 TEAM NAMED Hiru News en 2017-01-31 OLD LANDMINES DISCOVERED NEAR RESERVE IN ATHIMALE Hiru News en 2017-01-31 GROUP CARRYING SWORDS & DAGGERS ATTACK SHOP IN JAFFNA Hiru News en 2017-01-31 BRITAIN EXTENDS TIME OF DEBATE ON LEAVING THE EUROPEAN UNION Hiru News en 2017-01-31 Wimal seeks bail from High Court Hiru News en 2017-01-31 MURDER SUSPECTS OF GEM BUSINESSMAN RE-REMANDED Hiru News en 2017-01-31 SIX TREASURE HUNTERS INSIDE AN ANCIENT CANAL IN EPPAWALA ARRESTED Hiru News en 2017-01-31 WEATHER PATTERN CHANGES AGAIN Hiru News en 2017-01-31 EDUCATION MINISTRY REPLIES TO CHARGES OVER NOT GIVING ACCESS TO SCHOOL HALL Hiru News en 2017-01-31 NAMAL RAJAPAKSA SAYS HE WILL APPEAR BEFORE BRIBERY COMMISSION ON FEBRUARY 15 Hiru News en 2017-01-31 GOVERNMENT ANALYST REPORT ORDERED BY COURT ON SPOILT RICE Hiru News en 2017-01-31 Protest by Medical students today as well; GMOA seeks legal advice Hiru News en 2017-01-31 Appeal court orders medical council to register SAITM students Hiru News en 2017-01-31 A son kills his mother over a land dispute Hiru News en 2017-01-31 Joint Opposition advises Ranjan not to become an unsuccessful politician Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Peace Air discloses its plans for SriLankan Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Democrats boycott health and treasury picks Hiru News en 2017-02-01 ILLEGAL CAR ASSEMBLING FACILITY RUN IN MINUWANGODA Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Sumandiran should take care of the threats he claims he is facing- Mahinda Rajapaksa Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Manpower worker who went missing found in Ingiriya Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Door to door campaign to create awareness on SLFP Hiru News en 2017-02-01 All obligations towards the Buddha Sasana will be upheld- President Hiru News en 2017-02-01 SL to take on SA this evening Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Lottery tickets to be sold at Rs. 20 from today Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Gang involved in multiple crimes arrested in Jaffna Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Stage two of the central expressway commences Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Ukraine: Fighting flares up in eastern town of Avdiivka Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Man’s body recovered in a paddy field in Vavuniya Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Traffic in Galle Fort area Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Andre Russell banned for one year for doping-code violation Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Madonna approached to record ‘Enough is enough’ as Anti-Trump Anthem Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Police raids brothel house in Malay Street, Colombo Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Court cases against 14 who sold food unsuitable for human consumption Hiru News en 2017-02-01 CROTON LEAVES UNHEALTHY FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION Hiru News en 2017-02-01 KARUNA’S BAIL CONDITIONS RELAXED Hiru News en 2017-02-01 International help to find Madu Rejina Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Vijitha Rohana released on bail Hiru News en 2017-02-01 SIX ARRESTED WHILE TRYING TO UNEARTH POT OF GEMS OF VIHARAMAHADEVI Hiru News en 2017-02-01 ALL IMPORTANT 1ST ODI MATCH OF NEW ZEALAND VS AUSTRALIA FOR SRI LANKA Hiru News en 2017-02-01 7th complaint under “Top Ten” against Minister Harrison Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Kumar Gunarathnam reappointed to Frontline Socialist Party politburo Hiru News en 2017-02-01 JVP says that it is against the verdict in the SAITM case Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Will the state amend abortion laws? Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Trump selects Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Tear Gas & water cannons fired at Harbour protesters by police Hiru News en 2017-02-01 GALLE FACE ENTRY ROAD CLOSED DUE TO PROTEST Hiru News en 2017-02-01 WORLD RECORD BY SRI LANKA BLIND CRICKET TEAM Hiru News en 2017-02-01 HIGHEST NUMBER OF REMITTANCES RECORDED IN 2016 Hiru News en 2017-02-01 DATE SET FOR HEARING OF SUNIL RATHNAYAKE’S REVISED APPLICATION Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Loan of 23 billion rupees for the second phase of Central Expressway Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Illegal drugs found in Panadura Magistrate’s Court Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Legal Research Unit to be declared open tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-02-01 J’PURA OFFERS DEGREE FOR SOCIAL WORK Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Signs of finger print law getting amended Hiru News en 2017-02-01 FISHERIES COUNCIL RE-LAUNCHED AFTER THREE YEARS OF INACTION Hiru News en 2017-02-01 PHIIPPINE PRESIDENT ACCUSED BY THE AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Abducted man power union leader produced before JMO Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Russia says Trump should be more specific on Syria safe zones plan Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Water cannon and tear gas fired at the protest by port workers Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Joint Opposition coins a name for the government Hiru News en 2017-02-01 Different views on appeal court verdict over SAITM Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Update: Delay of train on Kelani Valley Railway Line continues Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Rex Tillerson confirmed as top US diplomat Hiru News en 2017-02-02 South Africa beat Sri Lanka by 121 runs Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Corruption and fraud committed by the current government will be dealt with- President Hiru News en 2017-02-02 GMOA meet today to take a decision on SAITM verdict Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Investigation into Senkadagala Menike leaving behind train compartments Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Organizing secretary post of Frontline Party for Kumar Gunaratnam Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Government should be more democratic- former president Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Circular for NICs of O/L candidates posted to schools Hiru News en 2017-02-02 SL’s Clay Pottery Industry continues to struggle Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Young woman arrested on heroin charges in Modara Hiru News en 2017-02-02 White House Puts Iran ‘On Notice’ for Missile Test Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Heavy traffic in Colombo Fort area Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Beyoncé pregnant: Couple blessed to be having twins Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Man beats wife, commits suicide in Buttala Hiru News en 2017-02-02 69TH INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONS REHEARSALS Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Two arrested with an illegal load of teakwood Hiru News en 2017-02-02 THE JAFFNA GANG WHO TERRORIZED THE ENTIRE COUNTRY CAUGHT WITH WEAPONS Hiru News en 2017-02-02 SLTB’s Shashi Welgama re-remanded Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Kumar Gunaratnam given Sri Lankan citizenship Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Uni students to march against SAITM Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Individual arrested for threatening Balapitiya Divisional secretary Hiru News en 2017-02-02 A BUS DRIVER ATTACKED BY A GROUP OF PEOPLE (VIDEO) Hiru News en 2017-02-02 ANURA SENANAYAKA RE-REMANDED Hiru News en 2017-02-02 A group of disabled policemen stage a protest in Fort Hiru News en 2017-02-02 No Sri Lankan stranded in the US Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Consumer yet to benefit from rice price reductions- Finance Min. Hiru News en 2017-02-02 ODI between New Zealand and Australia held today Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Woman dies after setting herself on fire Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Five Indian fishermen arrested Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Indian children died after eating lychees on empty stomach Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Cry for water: Wells in Badalgama dries up due to factory tube well Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Heavy Traffic in Maradana & Punchi Borella Hiru News en 2017-02-02 MORE NEWS ON THAJUDEEN MURDER REVEALED Hiru News en 2017-02-02 REQUEST TO DISPLAY NATIONAL FLAG FOR ONE WEEK Hiru News en 2017-02-02 TEAR GAS AND WATER CANNONS FIRED AT MEDICAL STUDENTS Hiru News en 2017-02-02 ILLEGAL ANIMAL SELLING RACKET RAIDED Hiru News en 2017-02-02 SRI LANKANS NOT BANNED ENTRY INTO USA Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Water cannon and tear gas fired at medical faculty students protesting - 12 students arrested Hiru News en 2017-02-02 Final decision on Hambanthota port due today or tomorrow; 2 weeks ultimatum from Trade unions Hiru News en 2017-02-03 US says raid was very thought-out process Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Uber boss quits Trump advisory board Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Ben Stokes tipped to land big bucks deal by Yuvraj Singh Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Rowling hits back over book burning threats Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Right to information act implemented from today Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Administrative Services Association convenes to take a decision on Ranjan Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Notorious underworld gang member Baila arrested Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Ven. Pahiyangala Anandasagara Thera wants civil organizations to debate about Wilpattu on Hiru TV Balaya programme Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Miller ruled out of rest of Sri Lanka series due to injury Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Gvt to plan the future of country’s health sector Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Doctors strike against the assault on medical students; 21 arrested students receive bail Hiru News en 2017-02-03 US planning additional sanctions on Iran following missile test Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Man shot and killed in Horana Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Air India Woman Pilot, Cabin Crew Member Fail Alcohol Test Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Special traffic plan for Independence Day Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Man hit and killed in Hungama Hiru News en 2017-02-03 US new defense chief visits S. Korea, confirms commitment to disputed THAAD deployment Hiru News en 2017-02-03 SARATH KUMARA GUNARATNE’S SON-IN-LAW GETS BAIL Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Kuwait Proclaims Visa Bans for Five Muslim Countries Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Angelina Jolie slams Trump travel ban, calls for compassionate America Hiru News en 2017-02-03 ABBA TO REUNITE IN 2017 Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Hospital functions disrupted due to doctors strike Hiru News en 2017-02-03 UPFA Minister Amaraweera reveals about a Cabinet reshuffle Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Head of a Financial Institution shot dead in Horana Hiru News en 2017-02-03 SLASA to take the next step against Ranjan Ramanayake Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Five parachutists ends in sea during Independence Day rehearsals (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Man arrested after 12 years on the run Hiru News en 2017-02-03 China looking to invest big in Pakistan for Silk Road initiative Hiru News en 2017-02-03 SRI LANKA’S EXTERNAL SECTOR RECORDS A MODEST PERFORMANCE IN OCTOBER 2016 Hiru News en 2017-02-03 HEAVY TRAFFIC CONGESTION AROUND LAKE HOUSE ROUNDABOUT DUE TO CEB WORKER PROTEST Hiru News en 2017-02-03 PRIORITY GIVEN TO KNOWLEDGE WHEN CARRYING OUT RESPONSIBILITIES – PRESIDENT Hiru News en 2017-02-03 CAA to take legal action against those who sell rice at a high price Hiru News en 2017-02-03 EU REQUEST SRI LANKA TO HAVE A TRANSPARENT TENDER PROCEDURE Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Fire breaks out in Hatton forest reserve [photos] Hiru News en 2017-02-03 INCREDIBLE 14 YEAR OLD BOY THAT POPS OUT HIS EYES BEYOND IMAGINATION Hiru News en 2017-02-03 DESPICABLE ME 3, THE FUN ANIMATED MOVIE WILL HIT THEATRES VERY SOON Hiru News en 2017-02-03 MAN ARRESTED WHILE COLLECTING MONEY CITING FOR A RANAVIRU SEVA PROJECT Hiru News en 2017-02-03 STRENGTHEN PUBLIC PROCUREMENT PROCESS – PRESIDENT Hiru News en 2017-02-03 FACULTY INTERVIEWS TO BE HELD NEXT WEEK Hiru News en 2017-02-03 COASTAL TWIN RAILWAY TRACK EXTENDS UPTO PAYAGALA Hiru News en 2017-02-03 TEACHER WELCOMING STUDENTS ENTERING CLASSROOM IN A STRANGE MANNER Hiru News en 2017-02-03 An indication about a cabinet reshuffle Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Medical council studying SAITM judgement with the help of several parties Hiru News en 2017-02-03 The Administrative service association meets to decide on action against Ranjan Hiru News en 2017-02-03 Vigneshwaran replies to Dayaasiri Hiru News en 2017-02-04 69th Independence Day celebrated today - Let’s aspire to be a peaceful community; President says in Independence Day message Hiru News en 2017-02-04 8 questioned over the killing of an Executive Officer of a Finance Company Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Special Traffic Plan in Colombo Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Fisheries Minister says Indian fishing boats won’t be released Hiru News en 2017-02-04 69th Independence Day celebrated today Hiru News en 2017-02-04 SPECIAL SECURITY PROVIDED FOR SRI LANKAN EMBASSY IN ITALY Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Third ODI match between Sri Lanka and South Africa today Hiru News en 2017-02-04 LARGE PARTICIPATION OF SECURITY FORCES PERSONNEL IN THE 69TH INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Airborne soldier on parachute ends up in the Sea Hiru News en 2017-02-04 US federal judge issues temporary block on Trump’s travel ban Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Two people arrested on suspicion of committing murder Hiru News en 2017-02-04 The type of food wrapped inside lunch parcels in Colombo revealed Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Special request to General Public from MP Dallas Hiru News en 2017-02-04 President explains the way for stability and reconciliation Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Indias state elections begins Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Youth killed in motorcycle accident near Mahawa Railway Station Hiru News en 2017-02-04 South African cricket team wearing pink in their 3rd ODI against Sri Lanka today Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Louvre knife attack sends brand new warnings of terror threats in France Hiru News en 2017-02-04 69th Independence Day celebrated with pomp and pageantry Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Oral complications of babies to be cured within 3 months Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Gamunu Wijerathna demands 500 Million Rupees from Minister Dilan Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Government Medical Officers Association meets with Former President Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Views of Free Trade Zone workers on today’s Independence Day celebrations Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Colombo Excise Unit on several raids Hiru News en 2017-02-04 True freedom won from winning the war is being lost – Bengamuwe Nalaka Thero Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Stars of Sooryans and Shakyans will Collide Tonight at ‘Hiru MegaStars’ Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Cannabis farm raided in Beragala - Koslanda Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Snow, crane collapse & fire in UAE Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Man arrested in Seeduwa connected with several robberies Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Iran accused as the sponsor of world terrorism by America Hiru News en 2017-02-04 IPL player auction on 20 February Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Google changes their front page to display Sri Lanka flag Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Indian national arrested for taking photographs in front of Temple Trees Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Fire erupts in Ginigathhena Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Thajudeen at Trinco Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Missing Canadian Film makers body found in Florida Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Wellamadama Premises of University of Ruhuna closed indefinitely Hiru News en 2017-02-04 South Africa decides to field after winning the toss against Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Government is dedicated towards achieving reconciliation among ethnicities and religious coexistence; Says the president at Independence Day celebrations Hiru News en 2017-02-04 Protests held on Independence Day as well Hiru News en 2017-02-05 Bees and Bowlers cause havoc as South Africa claim series Hiru News en 2017-02-05 Free Trade Agreement with China this year Hiru News en 2017-02-05 Administrative Association to decide on Ranjan today Hiru News en 2017-02-05 Drug racketeer killed in Wanaathamulla Hiru News en 2017-02-05 Discussion between UNP and SLFP presided by President and Prime Minister Hiru News en 2017-02-05 New vaccine imported for prompt treatment of cardiac patients Hiru News en 2017-02-05 No decision to strip former president Mahinda off his civic rights; Says Minister Rajitha Hiru News en 2017-02-05 Upul Tharanga has been named to lead the T20 series against Australia Hiru News en 2017-02-05 Were the assassinators of Wanaathe Roshana drug smugglers?-Police launches investigations Hiru News en 2017-02-05 Only a minority requires a cabinet amendment-A statement from the Minister of finance Hiru News en 2017-02-05 Action to be taken against Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake following the bribery commission investigation- The SLAS Hiru News en 2017-02-05 Sri Lankans trapped in a ship for four months, rescued Hiru News en 2017-02-06 An accusation from MP Vasudeva to the UNP and former president Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Youth’s severe assault caught on camera- [video] Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Two police teams to look into drug dealer’s murder-[video] Hiru News en 2017-02-06 No immediate cabinet reshuffle- Minister Amaraweera Hiru News en 2017-02-06 JVP points out a question to be asked from doctors prior to treatment Hiru News en 2017-02-06 AB eyes another whitewash Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Rupee depreciates Hiru News en 2017-02-06 ‘Chinnamma’ Sasikala will replace Panneerselvam as Tamil Nadu CM Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Five arrested with fake driving licenses Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Fall armyworm threatens African farmers livelihoods Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Man electrocuted to death in Karandeniya Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Students and parents protest demanding a road to their school in Welimada Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Afghanistan and Pakistan avalanches kill more than 100 Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Seafood exports to EU post impressive growth following lifting of ban Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Investigate into the current ministers involved in corruption- Chandrika Bandaranaike Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Lady Gaga takes over Super Bowl and actually flies over excited fans Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Transformers: The Last Knight official trailer released Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Three arrested with 147kg of Kerala Ganja Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Chandrasiri Sooriyaarachchi resigns from SLFP Organiser post Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Fire in Maskeliya District Hospital Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Notice issued to 6, including Attorney General and FCID Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Shakyans and Ravans are ready for the great battle of the stars this week – Get ready to win prizes worth over 20 million Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Shashi Welgama further remanded till February 16 Hiru News en 2017-02-06 World Blind Cricket T20 Championship: SL beat Nepal by 131 runs Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Jumbo suffers after consuming polythene- [photos] Hiru News en 2017-02-06 GMOA and JVP to meet today Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Jayalalithaa illegal assets case; Supreme Court verdict in a week Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Another 900 UVA – Wellassa rebels named as Patriots Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Aravinda de Silva backs struggling Sri Lankan batsmen Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Special meeting on bonds issue due to be held Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Maximum retail price imposed for rice Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Minister Dilan asks President to take a decision Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Alastair Cook resigns after a record 59 Tests Hiru News en 2017-02-06 Update: CEO of SAITM shot in Malabe Hiru News en 2017-02-07 SL take on SA in 4th ODI Hiru News en 2017-02-07 US defends lawful Trump travel ban Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Water levels in reservoirs down to 34% as Island wide Power crisis continues Hiru News en 2017-02-07 All faculty deans agreed to offer the degree to the private medical university- S.B Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Special programme to take care of 4.5 million school students- Edu. Min. Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Sasikala’s swearing-in as Tamil Nadu CM caught between court cases, governor’s absence Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Malinga is ready to play- Prof. Silva Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Parents launch satyagraha in Galle against principal transfer Hiru News en 2017-02-07 University Trade Union Joint Committee threatens to take a long term trade union action Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Special meeting held with the President and PM Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Action to be taken against vendors selling rice, above the maximum retail price Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Investigation using new technology launched into the murder of a CEO in Horana Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Earthquake of magnitude 5.8 hits northern India Hiru News en 2017-02-07 CEO of SAITM shot in Malabe; Two police teams deployed to investigate into the incident Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Fire in Hanguranketha Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Jack Sparrow returns with his notorious lot Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Speaker John Bercow ‘strongly opposed’ to Donald Trump addressing British parliament Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Wimal re-remanded Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Man arrested with Kerala weed in Jaffna Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Charge sheet against the person who insulted the court on Wimal’s case day Hiru News en 2017-02-07 A fast held on top of Dambulla International Cricket Statium roof Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Ambassador Ranaviraja receives a copy of a Book on “Good Governance” Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Israel passes controversial law on West Bank settlements Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Wimals aide gets suspended sentence on contempt of court case Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Korea celebrates SL’s vibrant economic exchange with Korea in Seoul Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Dev Patel describes travelling to the US a ‘nightmare’ Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Traffic congestion in Ward Place- [photos] Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Stokes, Morgan, Woakes top attractions at IPL auction Hiru News en 2017-02-07 University functions crippled by the non academic staff strike Hiru News en 2017-02-07 CEO of SAITM was shot with the intention to kill- Police Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Bodubalasena (BBS) accuses Immigration & Emigration Dept. Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Cold weather in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-02-07 31 fishermen arrested with banned equipment Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Baby Born From 16-Year-Old Frozen Embryo In China Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Vehicle accident kills mother in Vuvunia (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-02-07 North Central and Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council passed Development Draft Bill which was defeated earlier Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Finland to aid Sri Lanka to generate electricity using sea waves Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Police warns of possible traffic congestion in Wattala area Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Parents responsible for childs death reveals doctor Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Theft over 3 million in Jaguar and Land Rover corporations Hiru News en 2017-02-07 South Africa wins the toss Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Australia players want review of performance pay Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Elton John pays tribute to generous George Michael Hiru News en 2017-02-07 French ex-president faces trial over campaign finances Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Stones pelted at CEO of SAITM before shooting Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Wimal further remanded, his aide given suspended jail term Hiru News en 2017-02-07 Joint Opposition baffled over controlled price of rice Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Education nominee Betsy DeVos wins Senate confirmation vote Hiru News en 2017-02-08 South Africa beat Sri Lanka by 40 runs Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Madonna Granted Permission To Adopt Twin Girls From Malawi Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Cash goes missing from Yal Devi Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Workers from Dambulla stadium continue rooftop strike Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Faf Du Plessis steals the show at South Africa vs Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Partial powers of provincial institutions transferred to the urban development authority Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Presidential committee appointed to look into Lake House Hiru News en 2017-02-08 SLMC to convene a meeting on the 17th to take a decision on SAITM Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Joe Root is obvious candidate for England captaincy says James Anderson Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Dakota Access Pipeline to win US Army permit for completion Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Meeting with the Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Blind World T20: Australia lose to Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Fire in Watawala Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Mattala Airport gets busy Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Third session of Joint Commission between Maldives and Sri Lanka ends today Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Brazil troops patrol city of Vitoria hit by police strike Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Barack Obamas kitesurfing adventure Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Illegal liquor factory in Marawila raided Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Trial dates announced on forged passport case against Wimals wife Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Fire breaks out in Bulathsinhala town Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Syrian army gains on al-Bab in Aleppo Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Four attempted to send LTTE cap to London re-remanded Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Strong 6.3 earthquake strikes off coast of Pakistan Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Man decapitates wife with a sword and walks into the police Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Over 28 patients admitted to Bibila hospital on suspicions of contracting influenza Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Allowance for school principals increased up to Rs. 6500 Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Medical Faculty Students who boycotted lectures meet with JVP leaders Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Latest news on Central Bank Bond issue Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Central bank imposes restrictions on perpetual treasuries Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Koreans hold 69th Independence Celebrations with Sri Lankan community in Gimpo City Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Government not interested in solving SAITM issue - Dinesh Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Examination papers not given to Eastern University students Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Aim to further develop villages- PM Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Asset case on chief security officer of former president postponed Hiru News en 2017-02-08 15 public enterprises incur 110 billion rupee loss Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Wayamba University lecturer assaults 3 students Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Mother abandons her disabled child Hiru News en 2017-02-08 SLTB driver and conductor assaulted in Kandy Hiru News en 2017-02-08 3 new paddy storage houses Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Opening of Katunayaka Airport runway ahead of scheduled date Hiru News en 2017-02-08 3 journalists acquitted and released Hiru News en 2017-02-08 AG opposes granting of bail to former DIG Anura Senanayaka Hiru News en 2017-02-08 5 remanded from same family for selling drugs Hiru News en 2017-02-08 Details of Kothalawala Medical Faculty also revealed amidst SAITM controversy Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Senate backs Trump attorney general pick Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Injured Ngidi out of New Zealand ODIs Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Chinese family reunites 500 members for rare photo Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Flight with SriLankan operating crew diverted Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Rice to be sold at a fixed price from today Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Wanathe Roshana murder suspects remanded till the 23rd Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Ready for a cabinet amendment- General Secretary of the UPFA Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Special traffic plan implemented in Colombo for Navam Perahera Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Rs. 30 million worth of smuggled tobacco found in Akkaraipattu Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Delimitation committee report to be gazetted in a week Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Womens World Cup Qualifier: Ireland lose to Sri Lanka by 146 runs Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Police arrest man for series of burglaries in Ratmalana Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Employees of three more cricket stadiums join the struggle: Some take to roofs [photos] Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Protest blocks Jaela Minuwangoda main road Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Keanu Reeves gets deadlier in John Wick 2 Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Delhi batsman Mohit Ahlawat scores record 300 runs Hiru News en 2017-02-09 U.K. passes bill authorizing Brexit Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Trump travel ban: Tough questions in US appeals court hearing Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Dinesh Chandimal needs rest to rediscover best - Tharanga Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Donald Trump Administration To Ration US Green Cards, Cut Immigration To Half Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Lasith Malinga to join T-20 tour of Australia Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Judy Garlands Ex Say She Was Harassed By Munchkins On Wizard of Oz Set Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Use electricity sparingly- Deputy Minister Perera Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Parliament adjourned due to tense situation Hiru News en 2017-02-09 India Education Fair 2017 inaugurated this week Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Army official killed after train hits vehicle in Ariyale Hiru News en 2017-02-09 MP Namal Rajapaksa asked to report to the FCID once in two months Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Here’s the SL squad for T20 series in Australia Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Ven. Uduwe gets permission to go abroad, Jaliya comes to court in ambulance Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Government ready to go into a referendum on New Constitution Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Order to transfer Jaliya Wickramasuriya from prison hospital to a private hospital Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Malabe shooting: Collected statements contradict Hiru News en 2017-02-09 High Court orders to admit Jaliya Wickramasuriya to a private hospital Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Rice price crisis - charges from small and medium scale rice mill owners Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Bus strike in the North (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-02-09 NFF reveals a secret Hiru News en 2017-02-09 SLFP ministers engaged in a drama – PA Hiru News en 2017-02-09 First estate housing village handed over to the public (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Workers of Damubulla stadium ready for a fast-unto-death Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Lahiru Weerasekera released on bail Hiru News en 2017-02-09 All in previous government responsible for SAITM issue - Lakshman Yapa Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Masterminds behind the Ambalangoda triple murder arrested Hiru News en 2017-02-09 President vows to settle issues regarding private universities Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Medical students on a protest march against SAITM Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Legal measures to tackle harassment against women in public transportations Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Dengue risk in 9 districts Hiru News en 2017-02-09 A/L examination application receiving period ends on 15th Hiru News en 2017-02-09 SF Lokka released on strict bail conditions Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Two dead from motorcycle accident Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Speakers chair topples Hiru News en 2017-02-09 President promises to mete out justice Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Protests continue against SAITM Hiru News en 2017-02-09 Rice shortage throughout the island until shiploads arrive from Myanmar Hiru News en 2017-02-09 New lawsuit filed against ex-Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran Hiru News en 2017-02-10 Legal action against 30 vendors for selling rice at a higher price; Island wide raids begin Hiru News en 2017-02-10 The Student who was abducted during a sports meet found Hiru News en 2017-02-10 Court refuses to reinstate Trump travel ban Hiru News en 2017-02-10 A 5 member committee to select National Heroes Hiru News en 2017-02-10 1 dead after three wheeler falls into precipice (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-02-10 Virat Kohli Cant Help But Laugh At Mushfiqur Rahims Bizarre DRS Call Hiru News en 2017-02-10 Aretha Franklin: The Queen of Soul is retiring to spend time with her family Hiru News en 2017-02-10 5 patients in China infected with HIV Aids due to doctors negligence Hiru News en 2017-02-10 Dilantha to participate in Lamborghini Super Trofeo Championship Hiru News en 2017-02-10 Liquor hidden without license into custody from Weligama Resort Hiru News en 2017-02-10 More than 100 dead in Brazil as police strike creates anarchy Hiru News en 2017-02-10 Exclusive prison built in Angunakolapalassa (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-02-10 Live bullets found from a tree Hiru News en 2017-02-10 President says not spending allocations for education productively is an issue Hiru News en 2017-02-10 Strong action to be taken against traders not displaying price tags