Hiru News en 2017-05-29 Two entrance roads to Kalawana opened (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-05-29 Disaster death toll rises to 180 ; Over 580 thousand affected Hiru News en 2017-05-29 President visits Rathnapura Hiru News en 2017-05-30 Update- Investigations commenced to arrest the 4 inmates who escaped from Negombo prison Hiru News en 2017-05-30 Strong Winds and heavy rainfall predicted in several provinces; Cyclone mora moves towards Bangladesh Hiru News en 2017-05-30 Update - Disaster death toll rises to 183; Heavy rainfall in flooded areas. Hiru News en 2017-05-30 “Gold FM Cares” relief operation receives assistance from around the country, Second load of aid handed over to Sri Lanka Air Force Hiru News en 2017-05-30 Relief provided to pay the loans obtained by the people who are currently affected from adverse weather Hiru News en 2017-05-30 GMOA to conduct a special medical clinic for the people affected from adverse weather Hiru News en 2017-05-30 Update - People evacuated due to the landslide danger in Ratnapura Pothgul hill directed to safe places Hiru News en 2017-05-30 one person gone missing due to a ferry overturn Hiru News en 2017-05-30 Bangladesh tries to evacuate one million due to Cyclone Mora Hiru News en 2017-05-30 Tiger Woods: Alcohol not involved in arrest Hiru News en 2017-05-30 Cyclone Mora hits Bangladesh with heavy wind and rain Hiru News en 2017-05-30 Jason Donovan to appear on stage in Norwich Hiru News en 2017-05-30 President orders to halt importing vehicles for the government Hiru News en 2017-05-30 The Former President heads to Japan Hiru News en 2017-05-30 Disaster death toll rises to 183; Heavy rainfall in flooded areas Hiru News en 2017-05-30 “Gold FM Cares” relief operation receives assistance from around the country Hiru News en 2017-05-30 How the BTR which went for the help of people affected from floods got drowned (video) Hiru News en 2017-05-30 Landslide warning for 7 districts remains further Hiru News en 2017-05-30 Special announcement for the Southern Expressway users Hiru News en 2017-05-30 National Institute of Epidemiology instructs on epidemic diseases which could take place due to floods Hiru News en 2017-05-30 4 inmates escaped from Negambo prison identified Hiru News en 2017-05-30 A relief supply ship from Pakisthan reach Colombo Hiru News en 2017-05-30 Strong winds would decline from tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-05-30 SLFP appoints Minister Dayasiri as Co – cabinet spokesperson Hiru News en 2017-05-30 Disaster death toll rises to 194 while 99 are still missing Hiru News en 2017-05-30 3rd consignment of disaster relief collected under GOLD FM Cares initiative sent to Kaluthara; Collection centres continues to receive relief goods Hiru News en 2017-05-30 Landslide warning for 7 districts remains further Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Evacuation of 112 families from matara, as rotumba hill at risk of landslide hazard Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Winds and rainfall decreases over the island Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Update - Disaster death toll exceeds 200 Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Update - Gold fm Cares programme’s 4th stock of relief supplies commence heading to Ratnapura Hiru News en 2017-05-31 All three main parties ready to donate MPs’ and Ministers’ salary’s to disaster-affected victims Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Bangladesh to help with Agricultural researches in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Deadly Cyclone Mora hits Bangladesh with high winds and rain (video) Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Guptill, Williamson make short work of Sri Lankas 356 Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Special announcement made by Met Department on weather forecast for the next 24 hours Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Ariana Grande to play Manchester benefit concert on Sunday Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Top tennis player banished from French Open after trying to kiss a female reporter live on air (video) Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Underground water pipe in Ukraine suddenly bursts (video) Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Here are the newly sworn in Deputy and State Ministers with their Ministries Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Circular and Application Form for the admission of Grade 01 students for the year 2018 Hiru News en 2017-05-31 GOLD FM cares relief operation heads to Rathnapura Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Court issues strict warning on 6 individuals , including IUSF convener Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Bomb blast in Kabul; Diplomatic zone attack kills dozens Hiru News en 2017-05-31 44 school children dead from disasters due to adverse weather Hiru News en 2017-05-31 India thrash Bangladesh by 240 runs Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Cabinet approval received to establish a maiden flood protection ordinance Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Lasantha Alagiyawanna sworn in as the Deputy Minister of Finance and Mass Media Hiru News en 2017-05-31 CID receives advice over Shashee Weerawansa’s Passport incident Hiru News en 2017-05-31 All District Secretariats and Divisional Secretariats in 24 hours service in areas affected due to adverse weather Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Acting Director General appointed to the Department of Archaeology Hiru News en 2017-05-31 8 State and deputy ministers sworn in Hiru News en 2017-05-31 The death toll from the weather disaster has risen to 203 Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Gold FM Cares initiative distributes 4th stock in Ratnapura, cut off villages reached by air Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Southern Expressway restricted due to floods completely reopened Hiru News en 2017-05-31 Malaysian Airlines plane forced to turn back to Australia Hiru News en 2017-06-01 Chief incumbents of the three Nikayas request that Relief aid continues to be distributed to disaster victims Hiru News en 2017-06-01 A Sri Lankan who attempted to enter into the cockpit of a Malaysian airlines arrested in Melbourne. Hiru News en 2017-06-01 Angelo Mathews likely to miss Champions Trophy opener Hiru News en 2017-06-01 A call from the President to MPs representing the government Hiru News en 2017-06-01 Fifth stock of relief aid from the Gold FM Cares Programme heads to Galle Hiru News en 2017-06-01 Strong winds over the island Hiru News en 2017-06-01 Foreign countries pledge support to Sri Lanka to overcome the natural disaster Hiru News en 2017-06-01 Education Minister says no change to the decision to allow schools to remain closed Hiru News en 2017-06-01 EU and China rebuff Trump Hiru News en 2017-06-01 Shah Rukh Khan Dead? Hiru News en 2017-06-01 Nasdaq at record but oil firms sink Dow Hiru News en 2017-06-01 Supreme Court decision on SAITM case Hiru News en 2017-06-01 James Anderson worried by injuries to all-rounder Hiru News en 2017-06-01 Court of Appeal rejects perpetual treasuries petition Hiru News en 2017-06-01 Update : Dead bodies of the 3 individuals who went missing after their raft toppled discovered Hiru News en 2017-06-01 Gold FM Cares relief operation departs for Galle Hiru News en 2017-06-01 Australian police say disruptive passenger left psychiatric care hours before boarding MH128 Hiru News en 2017-06-01 Motorists travelling along the Southern Expressway advised to be extra cautious Hiru News en 2017-06-01 President decides to assign a separate minister to assist with management of disaster affected areas Hiru News en 2017-06-01 Landslide hazard warning issued As a huge crack observed on wall of Pahiyangala rock Cave Hiru News en 2017-06-01 Landslide warning issued for several areas extended for the next 24 hours Hiru News en 2017-06-01 24 Ministers from non-affected areas to coordinate disaster relief Hiru News en 2017-06-01 Showery condition is expected to enhance to a certain extent in the South-western part of the country tomorrow; says Met Department Hiru News en 2017-06-01 Police release Tiger Woods dashcam video Hiru News en 2017-06-01 The 5th consignment of relief goods by GOLD FM Cares initiative distributed in Galle; Health camp programme starts tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-06-01 3 drown when a raft capsizes in Aththudawa; 600 thousand distressed Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Heavy rainfall exceeding 100 mili meters predicted for today in disaster hit areas Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Trump pulls US out of 2015 accord Hiru News en 2017-06-02 850 areas at risk of landslides have been identified Hiru News en 2017-06-02 The 6th consignment of relief goods under GOLD FM Cares programme heads to Mathara - Medical camps for victims of disaster hit areas, launches today Hiru News en 2017-06-02 The Decision whether to reopen schools or not, to be taken today Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Medical council petition against SAITM verdict goes before a 3 judge bench Hiru News en 2017-06-02 146 schools damaged by flooding and landslides Hiru News en 2017-06-02 10 relief ships from Australia for the relief operations in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Resorts World Manila: At least 34 bodies found at casino complex Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Facebook shareholders press management on fake news Hiru News en 2017-06-02 350 boats and 100 life jackets allocated for relief operations by the ministry of Fisheries Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Root, Alex Hales Shine As England Stroll Past Bangladesh Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Anura Senanayaka granted bail after one year Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Sri lankan tea production to be impacted by weather Hiru News en 2017-06-02 At least 36 bodies found at casino complex in manila Hiru News en 2017-06-02 A Change in police high ranks Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Death toll due to adverse weather further increased Hiru News en 2017-06-02 A leak in the Crude oil pipe line to Kolonnawa Hiru News en 2017-06-02 GOLD FM Cares in collaboration with HIRU FM and HIRU TV launches medical camps initiative; 6th relief consignment heads to Mathara Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Interviews for registration of Ayurvedic doctors cancelled Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Patali voices the reasons for causing floods Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Pakistan and Afghanistan cricket boards fall out in wake of bomb attack Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Schools in Sabaragamuwa to be re-opened on Monday Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Several provinces to expect showers from time to time - Met Department Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Landslide warning further extended Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Celebs Could Face Huge Tax Bills After Tax Avoidance Legal Ruling Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Borella Traffic OIC remanded Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Disaster death toll rises to 208 - 92 still missing – Risk of earth slips still remains Hiru News en 2017-06-02 Gold FM Cares Initiative together with HIRU TV and HIRU FM to Matara; its Medical camps will be in place tomorrow as well (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-03 Responsibility is with the Politicians; statement from Elections Commission Hiru News en 2017-06-03 President makes revelation on Government’s commitment Hiru News en 2017-06-03 7th consignment of relief goods under GOLD FM Cares programme also heads to Matara; Medical camps for victims of disaster hit areas continues for 2nd day Hiru News en 2017-06-03 Update - Disaster death toll further increased Hiru News en 2017-06-03 Sri Lanka commences Champions Trophy challenge against South Africa today Hiru News en 2017-06-03 Law must be firm - says Minister Hakeem Hiru News en 2017-06-03 A person hacked to death using an axe in Suriyawewa Hiru News en 2017-06-03 UN imposes targeted sanctions on North Korea Hiru News en 2017-06-03 Three young men nabbed with drug pills in Kattankudy (photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-03 Rock am Ring festival evacuated in Germany over terror alert Hiru News en 2017-06-03 JVP wants a parliamentary debate on disaster situation Hiru News en 2017-06-03 Death toll from natural disasters hits 211; over 700,000 affected Hiru News en 2017-06-03 Another landslide in Deniyakanda – Walasmulla; 54 families evacuated Hiru News en 2017-06-03 Vehicles carrying 7th consignment of relief items under Gold FM Cares initiative heads to Matara; Health Camps continue for the 2nd day Hiru News en 2017-06-03 Fears over US oil production expanding rapidly Hiru News en 2017-06-03 US warns Beijing of South China Sea Islands Hiru News en 2017-06-03 Zafar Ansari says he was not giving up Hiru News en 2017-06-03 Ariana Grande visits injured fans Hiru News en 2017-06-03 Several provinces to expect showers or thundershowers today - Met Department Hiru News en 2017-06-03 22 million rupees from China to provide relief; An aircraft carrying relief items arrives in the island Hiru News en 2017-06-03 Auditor General and Ministry of Finance have contradicting views on government’s debt; Charges Wimal Weerawansa Hiru News en 2017-06-03 7th consignment of relief materials collected under Gold FM Cares initiative together with Hiru FM and Hiru TV distributed in Matara; Medical Camps continue successfully for the 2nd day Hiru News en 2017-06-03 Risks of landslides continue to prevail; 25,000 still sheltered at makeshift camps Hiru News en 2017-06-04 US to offer 350 Million for disaster relief Hiru News en 2017-06-03 South Africa won by 96 runs Hiru News en 2017-06-04 Fatalities after vehicle and stabbing incidents in London attacks Hiru News en 2017-06-04 8th relief consignment under Gold FM Cares to be distributed in Galle; Health Camps continue Hiru News en 2017-06-04 Death Toll from Natural Disasters hit 224 Hiru News en 2017-06-04 Agriculture Department hints of a shortage of rice Hiru News en 2017-06-04 6 killed and 48 injured in London attack, Foreign ministry say no Sri Lankans affected Hiru News en 2017-06-04 8th consignment of relief goods collected under Gold FM Cares initiative together with Hiru FM and Hiru TV, to be distributed in several areas in Galle; Heath camps continue for the 3rd day Hiru News en 2017-06-04 JVP requests the government to provide compensation with transparency Hiru News en 2017-06-04 New monitoring center in two weeks Hiru News en 2017-06-04 Police to focus attention on Facebook posts on ethnicities and religions Hiru News en 2017-06-04 Kosgoda Rana and Karandeniya Raju who were arrested in Ekala, detained for 48 hours Hiru News en 2017-06-04 Monks evacuated from Pahiyangala Temple due to risks of landslides, Landslide warning extended Hiru News en 2017-06-04 8th consignment of relief materials collected under Gold FM Cares initiative together with Hiru FM and Hiru TV distributed in Galle, Health camps continue for the 3rd day (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-05 Schools in the Western, Southern and Sabaragamuwa provinces reopen today Hiru News en 2017-06-05 The ninth consignment of aid under Gold FM Cares initiative together with Hiru FM and Hiru TV, heads to Ratnapura Hiru News en 2017-06-05 Tibbottaawa Mountain in Bulathsinhala at risk of landslides, 22 families evacuated Hiru News en 2017-06-05 We must maintain a symbiotic relationship with the nature - says president Hiru News en 2017-06-05 Deputy Minister Harsha de Silva summoned to the Bonds Commission Hiru News en 2017-06-05 India v Pakistan: Virat Kohli leads his side to win in Champions Trophy Hiru News en 2017-06-05 ISIS claims London terror attacks that killed 7 Hiru News en 2017-06-05 Love the nature, requests the Prime Minister Hiru News en 2017-06-05 Global beer sales drying up, says report Hiru News en 2017-06-05 One Love Manchester: Ariana Grande fans vow to stay strong and carry on Hiru News en 2017-06-05 Lecturer who brutally abused his own daughter Hiru News en 2017-06-05 Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain cut ties to Qatar Hiru News en 2017-06-05 One person dismissed in a road accident in Wellawatta Hiru News en 2017-06-05 Update - shooting incident in Mattakkuliya suspected to be an act of the underworld Hiru News en 2017-06-05 Special announcement from National Dengue Control Unit Hiru News en 2017-06-05 Minister Gayantha complains to CID over a package of Bananas Hiru News en 2017-06-05 The ninth consignment of aid under Gold FM Cares initiative together with Hiru FM and Hiru TV, heads to Ratnapura; Health camps in Kaduwela Hiru News en 2017-06-05 Adjournment debate on the disaster proposed by opposition to be held on Friday Hiru News en 2017-06-05 Lands risky of experiencing landslides to be taken under the Divisional Secretariats Hiru News en 2017-06-05 Schools in disaster affected areas reopen; However student attendance is poor Hiru News en 2017-06-05 Kukuleganga receives the highest rainfall Hiru News en 2017-06-05 Anura Senanayake leaves courts after fulfilling bail conditions Hiru News en 2017-06-05 Update : 800 thousand still in distress by floods, landslides and drought; Student death toll increased to 51 Hiru News en 2017-06-05 Nokia together with Mobitel launches the latest smartphone range in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-06-05 President’s attention on lack of life boats Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Investigation on controversial CWE stock of rice, Allegations from traders regarding polythene cover as well Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Trees vested upon the Maha Sannga to protect Maaduru Oya Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Update - The 10th consignment of aid under Gold FM Cares initiative together with Hiru FM and Hiru TV, heads to Kaluthara Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Four mountain ranges in Kalavaana face a land slide risk Hiru News en 2017-06-06 No impact on Sri Lanka from Qatar crisis Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Two of the three terrorists of London attack identified Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Melbourne siege a terrorist incident Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Australia frustrated as rain ends Bangladesh match Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Bob Dylan finally delivers his Nobel lecture Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Gigantic alligator who came ashore with the floods (video) Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Passengers inconvenienced as exchange of Qatari Riyal suspended at Katunakaya; Central Bank states no advice issued to reject Qatari Riyal Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Joint Opposition proposes a tax on Plastic and polythene Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Prime Minister meets UN Secretary General in New York Hiru News en 2017-06-06 President instructs officials to implement a systematic program to remove debris from disaster affected areas Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Showers to increase tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Minimum Z-Scores for University admission for the 2016/2017 academic year released Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Customs to the North after 33 years Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Speed limit for vehicles driven inside the wild zone Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Sri Lanka named Asia’s leading destination for 2017 Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Saudi Arabia revokes license of Qatar Airways, offices to close Hiru News en 2017-06-06 26 individuals who were engaged in illegal fishing activities nabbed by the Navy Hiru News en 2017-06-06 DFCC Bank re-launches Vardhana Sahanaya to help rebuild communities affected by recent natural disaster Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Government says no dispute with Qatar, Saudi Arabia kicks out Qatar Airways Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Vehicle Tax relief for selected State Sector Employees Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Gold FM Cares initiative with HIRU TV and HIRU FM distributes 10th consignment of relief goods in Kalutara and several other areas Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Rain forecast for the South tomorrow, Drought in the North to continue till October Hiru News en 2017-06-06 Imported sugar tax increases by Rs.10 Hiru News en 2017-06-07 England beat New Zealand to reach semi-finals in Champions Trophy Hiru News en 2017-06-07 11th consignment of aid under the Gold Care Programme heads to Kalutara, Ratnapura and several other areas (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-07 President calls government group MPs again Hiru News en 2017-06-07 Rainfall predicted in five provinces today, Including the Northern Province Hiru News en 2017-06-07 Disaster insurance claims to be offered soon Hiru News en 2017-06-07 Qatar row: Trump claims credit for isolation Hiru News en 2017-06-07 George and Amal Clooney welcome twins Ella and Alexander Hiru News en 2017-06-07 Philippines temporarily bans workers from going to Qatar Hiru News en 2017-06-07 President is overwhelmed by the generosity of our people Hiru News en 2017-06-07 Sugar price increased Hiru News en 2017-06-07 Cabinet approval received to increase Artists allowance Hiru News en 2017-06-07 Hats off for those who joined hands with “Gold FM Cares” relief operation by bringing in essential materials for the affected Hiru News en 2017-06-07 Iran attacks leave 12 dead at parliament and Khomeini mausoleum Hiru News en 2017-06-07 Laws to be enforced preventing the sale or auction of any medal won internationally Hiru News en 2017-06-07 One individual in Kekirawa hang himself to death Hiru News en 2017-06-07 Downfall in tourists coming into the island in May Hiru News en 2017-06-07 Special announcement made by Met Department just now Hiru News en 2017-06-07 Special commodity tax on imported fish reduced Hiru News en 2017-06-07 Perpetual Treasuries CEO asked to leave the room where Central Bank Bond scam heard, Warrant issued on former director of Blood Bank Hiru News en 2017-06-07 Cheer for Cricket’ with OPPO Selfie Expert and win OPPO F3 Hiru News en 2017-06-07 Former Director of Blood Bank issued arrest warrant Hiru News en 2017-06-07 Borella Traffic OIC re-remanded Hiru News en 2017-06-07 Burmese plane vanishes with more than 100 passengers onboard Hiru News en 2017-06-07 The President chairs a ruling party meeting in parliament complex Hiru News en 2017-06-07 Medical camps by Gold FM Cares Initiative together with HIRU TV and HIRU FM held at several places in Ratnapura and Kalutara ; Health relief to further continue for disaster affected people Hiru News en 2017-06-07 New secretaries appointed for 5 ministries Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Gold FM Health Initiative heads to Kalutara today Hiru News en 2017-06-08 6 fishermen who set sail from Negombo reported missing Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Myanmar plane: Debris and bodies found after search Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Let us make a better world - President Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Tehran attackers were IS recruits from Iran Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Ministry Secretaries appointed for an additional 5 ministries Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Two injured in an accident in Hambantota Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Two suspects arrested in connection to Piliyandala shooting, remanded ; Narcotics worth 5 million rupees seized in Mount Lavinia Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Champions Trophy: Pakistan shock South Africa at Edgbaston Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Thailand officially calls for Strategic Economic Partnership with SL Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Police do not have agendas - IGP Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Relief provided to people affected from adverse weather is insufficient - Namal Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Report to be submitted on Qatar crisis Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Popular Artist Prince Udaya Priyantha bids adieu Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Final visit paid to the popular singer Prince Udaya Priyantha by Hiru (video) Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to field first Hiru News en 2017-06-08 One person dismissed in a wild elephant attack Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Allowance of kidney patients increased Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Landslide warning further extended to next 24 hours Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Five individuals nabbed for treasure mining Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Minister John threatens Hiru Journalist with obscene language and attempts assault Hiru News en 2017-06-08 7th stage of Gold FM Cares Health Camp together with HIRU FM and HIRU TV today; Relief consignments tomorrow as well Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Sri Lanka to score 322 runs to achieve victory against India Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Hiru Sasanawatharanaya held successfully Hiru News en 2017-06-08 Sri Lanka stun India in record 322 chase Hiru News en 2017-06-09 Body of the child who was a passenger in the three wheeler that plunged into Vianna Canal in Badulla discovered Hiru News en 2017-06-09 UK election 2017: Conservatives lose majority Hiru News en 2017-06-09 Parliamentary debate on floods and landslides takes place today - Party leaders meet to decide on time Hiru News en 2017-06-09 The 12th aid consignment under the Gold FM Cares Programme together with HIRU FM and HIRU TV heads to Kalutara and Ratnapura today Hiru News en 2017-06-09 26 tea factories destroyed - Total Loss of 10 million Hiru News en 2017-06-09 Six lakhs of people still affected Hiru News en 2017-06-09 A mother arrested for murdering her seven months old infant Hiru News en 2017-06-09 Qatar vows no surrender in row with Arab states Hiru News en 2017-06-09 Muttiah Muralitharan Inducted into ICCs Hall of Fame Hiru News en 2017-06-09 The adjournment debate on the national disaster continues in Parliament without a lunch break Hiru News en 2017-06-09 Susanthika meets with a Presidents son in order to solve her issue Hiru News en 2017-06-09 Pound down after early election results Hiru News en 2017-06-09 Collins cancels shows as he slips and falls Hiru News en 2017-06-09 Sri Lankan maid in Kuwait kills newborn during delivery Hiru News en 2017-06-09 No intention of resigning - says British premier Hiru News en 2017-06-09 Joint Opposition condemns Minister John’s behaviour Hiru News en 2017-06-09 The 12th consignment of relief aid by the Gold FM Cares Programme together with HIRU FM and HIRU TV heads to Kalutara and Ratnapura today Hiru News en 2017-06-09 Weather forecast for today - Met Department Hiru News en 2017-06-09 A request from the sister of Prince Udaya Priyantha Hiru News en 2017-06-09 Several factions show protest against Minister John for using abusive words on HIRU reporter Hiru News en 2017-06-09 Relief packages to be given to the school children affected from adverse weather soon Hiru News en 2017-06-09 Landslide warning extended for another 24hours, ADB pledges US$2 billion grant Hiru News en 2017-06-09 PM Ranil Wickremesinghe meets Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland Hiru News en 2017-06-09 Gold FM, HIRU TV, HIRU FM distribute 12th consignment of relief goods in Kalutara and Ratnapura Hiru News en 2017-06-10 May to form government of certainty with DUP backing Hiru News en 2017-06-10 Update - Gold FM Cares Health Camp together with HIRU TV and HIRU FM continues successfully for the 8th day Hiru News en 2017-06-10 Child dies after falling in to canal in Thambuththegama; Another girl in Ganemulla dies of an overdose of Iron medication Hiru News en 2017-06-10 Subjects under 4 Ministries gazetted; National and Development Lotteries Boards under the Foreign Ministry Hiru News en 2017-06-10 Heroin worth 20 Million Rupees seized in Colombo Hiru News en 2017-06-10 May to form government of certainty with DUP backing Hiru News en 2017-06-10 Several areas to expect showers today as well Hiru News en 2017-06-10 Fire erupts in two shops in Mahiyanganaya Hiru News en 2017-06-10 Bangladesh produce a record stand to knock New Zealand out Hiru News en 2017-06-10 One person gets drowned in Katugastota Hiru News en 2017-06-10 Hydro Power generation still problematic irrespective of rains Hiru News en 2017-06-10 Japanese Expert teams report on natural disasters occurred in the country presented to the Minister of Disaster Management Hiru News en 2017-06-10 George And Amal Clooneys Twins Stunningly Beautiful Hiru News en 2017-06-10 A lorry which transported fertilizer meets with an accident in Lidula (photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-10 US special forces aiding Philippine army Hiru News en 2017-06-10 Many parties stand against Minister John Amaratunga over reprimanding the Hiru Journalist Hiru News en 2017-06-10 Japan provides several recommendations to Sri Lanka on Disaster Risk Reduction Hiru News en 2017-06-10 Government says that subjects under new ministries will not be an issue Hiru News en 2017-06-10 Must win for Australia Hiru News en 2017-06-10 Sri Lanka Treasury issues Rs825bn guarantees in 2016 Hiru News en 2017-06-11 Another suspect arrested over the Piliyandala shooting Hiru News en 2017-06-11 Drought affecting few provinces to continue till October; Seas to be rough today as well Hiru News en 2017-06-11 Government given 5 days to solve farmers issues Hiru News en 2017-06-11 Elephant crisis aggravates; Katharagama Basnayaka Nilame wants promises to be fulfilled Hiru News en 2017-06-11 Activist of Bodu Bala Sena arrested Hiru News en 2017-06-11 Joint Opposition reveals the reason behind the failure in disaster management Hiru News en 2017-06-11 Lane discipline rule to be strictly enforced from tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-06-11 US naval ship arrives to provide post disaster relief Hiru News en 2017-06-11 GSP plus is a temporary economic benefit; Statement from Mahinda Hiru News en 2017-06-11 Gemunu demands a bus fare revision of 6% while Anjana demands 10% Hiru News en 2017-06-12 Monk in Katana passes away following an elephant rampage Hiru News en 2017-06-12 A suspect connected to matakkuliya shooting, arrested Hiru News en 2017-06-12 India crush South Africa to reach semi-finals in Champions Trophy Hiru News en 2017-06-12 Auditor General summoned to Bonds Commission Hiru News en 2017-06-12 Northern Education Minister hands over resignation letter Hiru News en 2017-06-12 Macron party set for big parliamentary win in France election Hiru News en 2017-06-12 Qatar Airways profits reach US$540 million before Gulf crisis Hiru News en 2017-06-12 The Beatles Sgt. Pepper hits No. 3 in Billboard 50 years later Hiru News en 2017-06-12 Suspect arrested in Kekirawa over shooting the police in Piliyandala remanded Hiru News en 2017-06-12 Rafael Nadal beats Stan Wawrinka to win the tournament for a 10th time Hiru News en 2017-06-12 Dates have been scheduled for the case against Gnanasara thero; Arrest warrant to be issued if the thero does not attend the court hearing. Hiru News en 2017-06-12 A dead body found in a bungalow in Marawila Hiru News en 2017-06-12 China Eastern plane lands at Sydney with hole in engine Hiru News en 2017-06-12 Unity Government to continue for next 4 years; Joint Opposition plans to head to Geneva Hiru News en 2017-06-12 A protest in Meetiyagoda on behalf of a graveyard (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-12 Pakistan decides to field first after winning the toss Hiru News en 2017-06-12 A sub inspector of Kirulapone police arrested Hiru News en 2017-06-12 Postal workers to go on strike at midnight Hiru News en 2017-06-12 Reports on 18 companies including Perpetual submitted to Treasury bond Commission Hiru News en 2017-06-12 Putin critic Alexei Navalny detained ahead of protest Hiru News en 2017-06-12 Special announcement for the postal workers Hiru News en 2017-06-12 Motive behind the suicide of Marawila Estate Superintendent revealed Hiru News en 2017-06-12 Auditor General States Bond Issue incurred 400 million rupee loss Hiru News en 2017-06-13 Another couple hit by train while taking selfie in Kahawa Hiru News en 2017-06-12 Pakistan beat Sri Lanka to set up England semi-final Hiru News en 2017-06-13 Postal employers on strike despite cancellation of leave Hiru News en 2017-06-13 New railway laws because of selfie accidents and suicides Hiru News en 2017-06-13 Eight Dengue – prone districts;Number of Dengue patients exceeds 60,000 Hiru News en 2017-06-13 1990 drivers who violated the lane rule issued charge sheets Hiru News en 2017-06-13 President directs attention on resettlement process in North Hiru News en 2017-06-13 Authorities attentive on restricting the number of tourists visiting Pahiyangala Cave Hiru News en 2017-06-13 Trump travel ban suffers new court defeat Hiru News en 2017-06-13 Audrey Hepburn’s personal collection to go on sale Hiru News en 2017-06-13 Russia protests: Opposition leader Alexei Navalny sentenced Hiru News en 2017-06-13 Greece earthquake hits Lesbos: Tremors felt in Istanbul and Athens Hiru News en 2017-06-13 Arrest warrant issued for Osanda Yapa Hiru News en 2017-06-13 HIRU journalist complains to Human Rights commission over the threat made by Minister John Hiru News en 2017-06-13 TNA objects to reshuffling of Northern Provincial Ministers Hiru News en 2017-06-13 Delivery of 300 thousand items on hold, due to postal union strike Hiru News en 2017-06-13 Pakistan team fined after victory over Sri Lanka for slow overate Hiru News en 2017-06-13 School boy commits suicide (photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-13 Scary bike accident which took place in Karapitiya Hiru News en 2017-06-13 No postponing of GCE A/L Exam and Grade 5 Scholarship Exam- Examinations Department Hiru News en 2017-06-13 Gnanasara Thero files a petition against arrest order Hiru News en 2017-06-13 Bribery Commission files a case against Former Minister Keheliya Hiru News en 2017-06-13 A driver of former president Mahinda arrested Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Kumar Sangakkaras 100th century sets up Surrey win at Yorkshire Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Provincial council debate against corrupt northern provincial council ministers takes place today Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Auditor General says because State expenses exceeded the budget it necessitated finding money through the bonds auction Hiru News en 2017-06-14 The Postal employees’ strike continues, Strikers poised to take serious decisions in response to Minister’s statement Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Update - 20 casualties hospitalized due to huge fire teared through London tower block Hiru News en 2017-06-14 A revelation made by the president Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Fine for violating traffic rules to be increased Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Stringent action to be taken by Government against groups that promote violence Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Jeff Sessions denies secret meeting with Russia envoy Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Two persons who committed jewelry theft in a house arrested Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Gnanasara Thero’s fundamental rights petition to be called on June 22nd Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Ziggy Marley pays homage to his father Bob Marley Hiru News en 2017-06-14 No Sri Lankans injured In London building blaze Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Former Army Intelligence Unit Chief heads to FCID Hiru News en 2017-06-14 An unidentified black solution emerges from a land slid area in Ayagama Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Postal unions threaten to continue strike from June 26th Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Vigneshwaran orders Northern Provincial council education and agricultural Ministers to resign Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Brigadier arrested for Rathupaswala incident re-remanded Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Sugar price will not increase Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Six killed as Grenfell Tower engulfed Hiru News en 2017-06-14 PM ready to introduce new laws to protect religious harmony Hiru News en 2017-06-14 A mother and a son hospitalized due to a wild elephant attack Hiru News en 2017-06-14 A patient in Kandy Hospital commits suicide Hiru News en 2017-06-14 FCID questions former army intelligence chief Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Joint Opposition Charges Government is repeatedly committing mistakes Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Sports Minister says Susanthika’s grievances settled Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Shocking England, Pakistan reach final Hiru News en 2017-06-14 A no-confidence motion against Wigneshwaran Hiru News en 2017-06-14 Stringent law enforcement against those obstructing LG bodies from implementing regulations for disposal of garbage-Instruction to IGP from the President Hiru News en 2017-06-15 Two Doppler Radar systems to be set up in Putlam and Pottuvil Hiru News en 2017-06-15 Distribution of the backlog of letters due to strike, begins today Hiru News en 2017-06-15 Tense situation in Nanu – Oya after a 7 year old school girl is killed in a motor accident; STF in called on to control the situation;The Tipper set on fire (photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-15 Highest US key interest rate since 2008 Hiru News en 2017-06-15 Twelve dead in London blaze Hiru News en 2017-06-15 A school girl loses her life to a train in Pannipitiya (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-15 National Intelligence Chief of the Rajapaksa regime appears before FCID yet again Hiru News en 2017-06-15 Another arrest warrant issued for Gnanasara thero Hiru News en 2017-06-15 Fleetwood Mac to tour in 2018 Hiru News en 2017-06-15 Basils court case to be heard at a stretch from November 13th Hiru News en 2017-06-15 The Northern Governor calls for Vigneshwaran to prove majority; Sambandans party also to support the no- confidence motion Hiru News en 2017-06-15 Overcrowding at Hospitals as patients suffering with dengue and flu is on the rise Hiru News en 2017-06-15 Police shoot a warrant suspect in Mawanella Hiru News en 2017-06-15 OIC of Nanu-Oya police transferred Hiru News en 2017-06-15 Three policemen who were nabbed over looting money and jewelry further remanded Hiru News en 2017-06-15 Traffic congestion on Horana - Colombo road due to a fallen tree Hiru News en 2017-06-15 Bangladeshis scored 264 runs Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Walking on railway tracks now prohibited Hiru News en 2017-06-15 Dengue likely to reach epidemic, Infectious Diseases hospital in Angoda reopened Hiru News en 2017-06-15 Several Media and Civil Organizations protest against Minister John in Colombo Fort Hiru News en 2017-06-15 21 councillors against Vigneswaran while 16 pledge support Hiru News en 2017-06-15 India beat Bangladesh by 9 wickets and becomes eligible for the final Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Main suspect in the Piliyandala shooting arrested Hiru News en 2017-06-16 One-hour cleaning period from today help prevent the spread of Dengue Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Hartaal in the north today in support of Chief Minister Wigneshwaran Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Three nabbed with 60 kilos of Kerala Cannabis Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Prime minister May orders full public inquiry Hiru News en 2017-06-16 India captain Virat Kohli wary of resurgent Pakistan for final Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Eurozone ministers strike deal to release funds to Greece Hiru News en 2017-06-16 University of Kelaniya to be closed for one week Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Los Angeles To Pay Tribute To Adam West By Lighting A Special Bat Signal Hiru News en 2017-06-16 U.S. student freed from North Korea has severe brain injury Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Harthal in the North disrupts daily activities in the North; Pro- demonstrations and protest against Vigneshwaran Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Russian defense ministry investigate on IS leaders death Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Minister John regrets reprimanding and threatening the journalist Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Responsible people for the Meetotamulla garbage dump collapse should be punished - Minister Patali Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Prime Minister meets with Pakistani Navy Commander Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Another suspect involved in the Piliyandala drive by shooting arrested Hiru News en 2017-06-16 486 things found from Bodu Bala Sena activists room Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Adele seen at Grenfell Tower site after fire Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Wimal Weerawansa granted permission to fly abroad Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Scotland beat Zimbabwe to claim first ODI win over a Test nation Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Heavy Rain forecast for next 3 days, People residing near Kukuleganga asked to be vigilant Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Mother hands over child to Police due to abuse from second husband Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Vigneshwaran reveals the conspiracy Hiru News en 2017-06-16 President says Government has not taken a decision to change the school uniform Hiru News en 2017-06-16 Sports Minister says the Cricket team should be sent to an army camp for physical training Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Majority is with us; statement from Vigneshwaran faction Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Era of Walawu in the SLFP over; says UPFA General Secretary Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Ten houses damaged due to a strong wind in Ampara Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Protests held as London fire anger increases Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Cannabis arrested from Poonarin-Sangupitiya and Silawathura-Mannar Hiru News en 2017-06-17 German reunification architect Helmut Kohl dies at 87 Hiru News en 2017-06-17 John Avildsen, Oscar-winning director of The Karate Kid, dies aged 81 Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Indian nabbed for staying in Sri Lanka without Visa Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Mohammad Amir likely to be fit for final Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Two nabbed over attempting to loot ransom Hiru News en 2017-06-17 CEB suffers loss of 228 Million Rupees due to natural disasters Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Northern Province Chief Minister meets with religious leaders in the North to resolve issues Hiru News en 2017-06-17 UNP – SLFP Meeting on Monday Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Most donations to Sri Lanka last year from US; Loans from China Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Wholesale price of sugar to be reduced by Rs.3 from today Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Whitney: Can I Be Me Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Minimum Three-wheeler charge for the 1st kilometer increased Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Unidentified dead body found in river Kelani Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Maximum number of students in a class should be 35 - Minister Akila Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Garbage disposal assigned to the Army from tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Two individuals shot in Elpitiya Hiru News en 2017-06-17 A collective request for Sivagnanam - Sambandan writes to Vigneswaran Hiru News en 2017-06-17 Seven US navy crew missing off the coast of Japan Hiru News en 2017-06-18 TNA expects a solution to the Northern Province Chief Ministers issue Hiru News en 2017-06-18 Size of Sri Lanka changes Hiru News en 2017-06-18 Three Wheel Associations in tug o war over fares Hiru News en 2017-06-18 Boyfriend surrenders to police after killing girlfriend Hiru News en 2017-06-18 London fire: 58 missing, presumed dead - police Hiru News en 2017-06-18 Dengue becoming a major menace; 60 patients to National Hospital daily – 115 patients share 100 beds Hiru News en 2017-06-18 80 Million litre water leak in Uma Oya project Hiru News en 2017-06-18 50 Million Rupees worth Kerala Ganja seized from the North Hiru News en 2017-06-18 India won the toss and elected to bowl first at the ICC Champions Trophy final Hiru News en 2017-06-18 Busses which stop outside of bus halts to be penalized Hiru News en 2017-06-18 14 arrested for advocating racism; Investigations into several politicians as well Hiru News en 2017-06-18 Responsibility of ministers who do not have accusations, cannot be taken; Sampanthan writes to Vigneswaran Hiru News en 2017-06-18 Municipal Commissioner ordered to clear piled up garbage in Colombo Hiru News en 2017-06-18 Inspired Pakistan thrash India by 180 runs Hiru News en 2017-06-19 Security beefed up at MS Dhoni’s residence after India’s loss against Pakistan (photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-19 A UNP – SLFP discussion about the proposed constitution takes place today Hiru News en 2017-06-19 Vigneshwaran replies to Sambandan again Hiru News en 2017-06-19 5.4 million rupees worth of narcotics apprehended in Borella Hiru News en 2017-06-19 US coalition downs Syrian army plane in Raqqa Hiru News en 2017-06-19 Macrons party wins clear parliamentary majority in France polls Hiru News en 2017-06-19 Finsbury Park Mosque: Man dies as van hits pedestrians Hiru News en 2017-06-19 Father of only child in Hatton commits suicide by hanging himself Hiru News en 2017-06-19 Indias Jet Airways gifts free lifetime flights to baby born mid-air Hiru News en 2017-06-19 Billy Connolly Pleased and Embarrassed To Become a Sir Hiru News en 2017-06-19 Brexit negotiations begin: David Davis targets historic deal Hiru News en 2017-06-19 TNA likely to divide over the Vigneshwaran issue Hiru News en 2017-06-19 Health Authorities advice blood tests be taken immediately where there are signs of flu Hiru News en 2017-06-19 A Reminder to the Attorney General to accelerate legal advice on the case against Wimal Hiru News en 2017-06-19 Minister Champika exposes a diabolical lie Hiru News en 2017-06-19 Aviraté unveils High Summer Transitional 2017 Collection, “Parisian Chic” Hiru News en 2017-06-19 Northern Province Chief Minister takes the order issued for the ministers of Transport and Health back Hiru News en 2017-06-19 Thondaman resigns Hiru News en 2017-06-19 Students in disaster affected areas who are sitting for the GCE Advanced Level Examination this year allowed to sit for the exam four times Hiru News en 2017-06-19 Lakshman yapa assumes duties as state minister, 28 days after taking oaths Hiru News en 2017-06-19 A revelation about an organised group that transports garbage to Colombo Hiru News en 2017-06-19 Jayawardanapura hospital limits admission of patients; flu patients at IDH directed to 4 hospitals. Hiru News en 2017-06-20 As the Northern crisis ends, a no confidence motion against North-Central Chairman as well Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Stern action against those dumping garbage on road from vehicles; 17 arrested in Colombo Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Vaccinations from Japan to eradicate Dengue Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Railway strike confirmed with effect from midnight today Hiru News en 2017-06-20 President proposes solutions for the scarcity of teachers Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Banned Glyphosate back in action Hiru News en 2017-06-20 A change in weather in three days Hiru News en 2017-06-20 US student sent home from North Korea dies Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Finsbury Park suspect Darren Osbornes family in shock Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Update - Parents block Galle Road demanding teachers for a national school Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Retired Major General Kapila Hendawitharana to the FCID for the third day Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Carrie Fisher Had Drugs In Her System At The Time Of Her Death Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Florentino Perez to speak to player after Confederations Cup Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Sarfraz Ahmed Named Captain Of ICC Team of Champions Trophy; Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan Included Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Sri Lankans donate eyes to 75 thousand foreigners Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Six Army Intelligence officers remanded for abducting and assaulting journalist Keith Noyhar granted bail Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Pioneers of the prevalent government should answer regarding the selling off of resources belonged to our nation - Bandula Gunawardhane Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Investigation on the threat made to police by “Makadure Madush” Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Parliament adjourned during the debate on Dengue epidemic, commenced again Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Railway strike scheduled to be held with effect from midnight today called off Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Undisciplined individual in Anuradhapura jailed Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Investigations initiated over a statement by Asad Sali Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Asgiri Chapter informs the government it can no longer remain silent Hiru News en 2017-06-20 20 percent of patients are school children Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Parliament adjourned twice over the dengue issue Hiru News en 2017-06-20 Fire in Kosgama gas store Hiru News en 2017-06-21 Unions express different opinions regarding the 6.28 % bus fare revision Hiru News en 2017-06-21 The ministries of Agriculture and Education of the Northern Province to be overseen by the Chief Minister as of today Hiru News en 2017-06-21 The president discloses a conspiracy theory regarding attempts to create dissatisfaction of the government amongst the Muslim community Hiru News en 2017-06-21 Kosgama fire doused; The Avissawella – Colombo road reopened Hiru News en 2017-06-21 India arrests 15 for cheering Pakistan in Champions Trophy Hiru News en 2017-06-21 Electoral Divisions reduced to 4500 Hiru News en 2017-06-21 Suspected suicide bomber shot at Brussels railway station Hiru News en 2017-06-21 A 21 year old woman and a 17 year old student consume poison; The Woman dies, the student is in critical condition. Hiru News en 2017-06-21 Update - Gnanasara Thero granted bail after surrendering to courts Hiru News en 2017-06-21 Three times Oscar winner Daniel Day Lewis quits acting. Hiru News en 2017-06-21 One Nation senator Peter Georgiou helps Sri Lankan 457 visa holder get residency Hiru News en 2017-06-21 Update - Police splash water on university students protesting inside the premises of Ministry of Health(photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-21 Dengue mosquito density increases 6 fold Hiru News en 2017-06-21 Vigneshwaran to take oaths for the vacated ministerial positions Hiru News en 2017-06-21 A lesson to school children from the President Hiru News en 2017-06-21 Minister S.B. Dissanayake apologises Hiru News en 2017-06-21 update :Galagoda Atte Gnanasara Thero granted bail Hiru News en 2017-06-21 Vigneshwaran takes oaths for the vacated ministerial positions Hiru News en 2017-06-21 96 wounded in yesterdays clash at the ministry of Health; 57 students and six police personnel remain hospitalized Hiru News en 2017-06-21 Galagoda atthe ghanasara thero granted bail thrice Hiru News en 2017-06-21 Police sergeant beaten when attempting to molest a woman Hiru News en 2017-06-21 Assistant engine drivers on strike; train travel will not be impacted – A statement from engine drivers’union Hiru News en 2017-06-22 Minister Naveen says Glyphosate is required,however Rathana Thera objects Hiru News en 2017-06-22 Government doctors to launch a strike at 8 this morning, in protest of the assault on anti-SAITM students Hiru News en 2017-06-22 Battle for Mosul: IS blows up al-Nuri mosque Hiru News en 2017-06-22 ICC mulls scrapping Champions Trophy Hiru News en 2017-06-22 South western part of the island to expect more showers from tomorrow night - Met Department Hiru News en 2017-06-22 Han Solo film loses both of its directors mid-production Hiru News en 2017-06-22 Four Indian fishermen nabbed by Sri Lankan Navy Hiru News en 2017-06-22 London Council Chief quits amid Grenfell criticism Hiru News en 2017-06-22 Gnanasara Thero withdraws fundamental rights petition Hiru News en 2017-06-22 GMOA strike disrupts hospital functions Hiru News en 2017-06-22 CCTV footage checked to trace university students who forcibly entered the ministry of health; 6 Injured STF members admitted to police hospital. Hiru News en 2017-06-22 National Freedom Front condemns attack on university students Hiru News en 2017-06-22 A Parliamentary debate on the police attack on university students Hiru News en 2017-06-22 A special news for those who utilize the Expressway Hiru News en 2017-06-22 Here is the truth about the Cyclone which is said to be reaching Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-06-22 GMOA strike to be continued Hiru News en 2017-06-22 Former Minister Mervin Silva makes a promise to the courts Hiru News en 2017-06-22 Softlogic Life Fathers Day video reach fastest one million views Hiru News en 2017-06-22 ATC acquits two in Sri Lanka team attack case Hiru News en 2017-06-22 Dead body of a woman found in a house in Kottawa Hiru News en 2017-06-22 Exploding cream dispenser kills French fitness blogger (photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-22 Damage assessment on Health Ministry property begins Hiru News en 2017-06-22 Government and Opposition suspend adjournment debate Hiru News en 2017-06-22 Ireland & Afghanistan awarded Test status by International Cricket Council Hiru News en 2017-06-23 A thera from the Inter-university Bhikshu Federation arrested whilst receiving treatment; A tense situation between students and police at Karaapitiya Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Significantly More rainfall in Colombo, Ratnapura, Kegalle and Kalutara from today Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Doctors clash during strike; One doctor hospitalized Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Bond commission term comes to an end on July 27th; evidence submitted by 30 persons Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Whatsapp becomes a challenge for Facebook Hiru News en 2017-06-23 One individual arrested in Chilaw over interrupting the conduct of Dengue check-ups Hiru News en 2017-06-23 EU citizens offered UK settled status by PM May Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Indias share of ICC global revenues adjusted after initial vote Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Special announcement to students lower than Grade Five from the parliament Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Heavy rains upto 100mm expected during weekend Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Ron Howard steps in to direct Han Solo film Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Glastonbury 2017: Johnny Depp hints at Trump assassination Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Special announcement to Kumar Gunarathnam from government Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Convener of IUSF Lahiru Weerasekera taken into police custody Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Hospital functions continue to be impacted today as GMOA strike continues; Tense situation arises at Chilaw hospital. Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Piyasena Gamages request from the Courts on behalf of Geetha Kumarasinghe Hiru News en 2017-06-23 SAITM struggle is a public struggle - says JVP Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Dappula De Livera appointed as the Acting Attorney General Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Adjournment debate on the police assault of university students and the resulting GMOA strike takes place today Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Priyantha Jayakody resigns from the post of Police Media Spokesman Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Arab States Boycotting Qatar Demand It Cut Ties With Iran, Shutter Al-Jazeera Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Amended bus fares from July 1st released Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Sri Lankan Cricket squad named after conducting the fitness test Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Doctor Saman Kelegama bids farewell Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Grenfell Tower: Fire started in Hotpoint fridge freezer, say police Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Kohlis India face the Caribbean grind Hiru News en 2017-06-23 GMOA to continue strike non-stop – JVP too supports GMOA Hiru News en 2017-06-23 Gurusinghe ready to coach national cricket team Hiru News en 2017-06-23 IUSF convener remanded until July 5th Hiru News en 2017-06-24 Dayasiri replies to Malinga again Hiru News en 2017-06-24 CMC assures Supreme Court that garbage will not be dumped in Meethotamulla Hiru News en 2017-06-24 Doctors strike continues; Future action to be decided at Annual General Meeting today Hiru News en 2017-06-24 China landslide leaves 100 missing in Sichuan Hiru News en 2017-06-24 Request to the general public to stay on alert regarding landslides Hiru News en 2017-06-24 Several districts to expect rainfall more than 100mm Hiru News en 2017-06-24 Glastonbury 2017: Johnny Depp apologises for Trump comment Hiru News en 2017-06-24 Sri Lankan Cricket Head Coach resigns Hiru News en 2017-06-24 Update - GMOA decides to call off the strike Hiru News en 2017-06-24 Struggle to be continued - IUSF Hiru News en 2017-06-24 Number of Dengue patients exceed 69,380 Hiru News en 2017-06-24 Child who went missing in Katharagama sacred site, found Hiru News en 2017-06-24 England v South Africa: Tourists level T20 series with dramatic three-run win Hiru News en 2017-06-24 Protest against minister of wild life in Pinnawela Hiru News en 2017-06-24 Dambulla temple ticket problem continues Hiru News en 2017-06-24 Pastoral farmers prepare to launch a collective protest Hiru News en 2017-06-24 141 feared buried in landslide in Sichuans Maoxin Hiru News en 2017-06-24 Anuradha padeniya reelected as the president of GMOA Hiru News en 2017-06-24 UK Parliament hit by cyber attack Hiru News en 2017-06-25 3 killed in Hungama accident (photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-25 Dengue spread not due to postponing local government polls; President reiterates Hiru News en 2017-06-25 Cabinet paper from Ministers of Health and Higher Education Hiru News en 2017-06-25 15 dead, over 100 missing in China landslide Hiru News en 2017-06-25 Deadly oil tanker fire in Pakistan Hiru News en 2017-06-25 Communiqué from the secretary to the president with regard to SAITM; Intakes and awarding of degrees suspended Hiru News en 2017-06-25 Joint Opposition to go to Supreme Court next week Hiru News en 2017-06-25 Speed limits of three-wheelers to be gazetted Hiru News en 2017-06-25 UN warns about the country’s food security Hiru News en 2017-06-25 Railway services request a fare increase by 20% Hiru News en 2017-06-25 48 children who were begging in Kataragama sacred site taken into protective custody Hiru News en 2017-06-25 Pastoral farmers bathed in milk in Dambulla Hiru News en 2017-06-25 Engine of Udarata Manike train detached in Hatton (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-26 Another university student arrested for trespassing at Suvsiripaaya Hiru News en 2017-06-26 The GMOA to meet and discuss Government’s announcement on SAITM Hiru News en 2017-06-26 Ramazan is today Hiru News en 2017-06-26 Postal employees to launch another strike from Tuesday midnight Hiru News en 2017-06-26 England v South Africa: Dawid Malan hits 78 as hosts win Twenty20 series Hiru News en 2017-06-26 Ohio sites hacked with IS message Hiru News en 2017-06-26 Six killed as Colombia boat sinks Hiru News en 2017-06-26 Japan eyes free trade talks with Britain Hiru News en 2017-06-26 Woman murdered in Kataragama Hiru News en 2017-06-26 Selfie takes the life of a youth again Hiru News en 2017-06-26 South Africa secure tense win over Pakistan in Womens World Cup 2017 Hiru News en 2017-06-26 Wonder Woman continues to smash box office records Hiru News en 2017-06-26 Embilitiya S.L.T.B Bus drivers in strike Hiru News en 2017-06-26 Over 100 university students who forcibly entered Suwasiripaya have been identified Hiru News en 2017-06-26 Rs.7.8 million robbed in Ragama Hiru News en 2017-06-26 A change in weather after tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-06-26 Ambulance drivers island wide are to strike tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-06-26 Ed Sheeran closes Glastonbury 2017 (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-26 Several police squads deployed to investigate Ragama robbery Hiru News en 2017-06-26 A lesson from Malwathu Chief Prelate to Minister Ravi on Foreign Service Hiru News en 2017-06-26 Siyambalaanduwa Acting Magistrate Gangani Gunawardana ordered today to produce the university student before Maligakanda Magistrate Hiru News en 2017-06-26 The GMOA has decided to educate the President over the communiqué issued yesterday by the Presidential Secretariat with regard to Malabe Private Medical School Hiru News en 2017-06-27 Bodies of a father and his three children found hangingIn Matara, Kamburupitiye,Their home set on fire (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-27 The Number of patients suffering with Dengue exceeds 70,000 Hiru News en 2017-06-27 Information unveiled in connection to the 7.7 million rupee robbery Hiru News en 2017-06-27 A joint cabinet paper compiled on the SAITM problem Hiru News en 2017-06-27 Deputy Minister Arundika to the FCID Hiru News en 2017-06-27 A school girl jumps off an overhead bridge in Pannipitiya Hiru News en 2017-06-27 Trump travel ban injunction partly lifted by top US court Hiru News en 2017-06-27 De Villiers expected to retire from Test cricket Hiru News en 2017-06-27 Theresa May sets out post-Brexit offer on EU citizens Hiru News en 2017-06-27 Anti SAITM protests in Colombo have been prohibited today Hiru News en 2017-06-27 Sir Paul McCartneys song Blackbird fills Stella with nostalgia Hiru News en 2017-06-27 Postal strike to continue Hiru News en 2017-06-27 Donald Trump and Narendra Modi warn Pakistan over terror launches Hiru News en 2017-06-27 Galle Face entry road closed from Lotus roundabout due to a protest Hiru News en 2017-06-27 Disciplinary actions to be taken against Lasith Malinga Hiru News en 2017-06-27 Cabinet approval received to take over Neville Fernando hospital to the government Hiru News en 2017-06-27 Special announcement for the parents who look forward to admit their children to Grade one Hiru News en 2017-06-27 Two weeks allocated from tomorrow to clean dengue mosquito breeding spots Hiru News en 2017-06-27 Google hit with record EU fine over Shopping service Hiru News en 2017-06-28 A suspended ban of six months for Malinga Hiru News en 2017-06-28 Global ransomware attack causes turmoil Hiru News en 2017-06-28 Gazette notification on Election in three provincial councils to be issued on October 2nd Hiru News en 2017-06-28 It is revealed that Perpetual Treasuries earned a profit of 5800 million rupees from EPF Hiru News en 2017-06-28 A cabinet committee for solving the postal service’s issue. Hiru News en 2017-06-28 154 arrested disposing garbage unlawfully in the Western province Hiru News en 2017-06-28 Group of foreign nationals arrested for money scamming via face book Hiru News en 2017-06-28 Pothas takes over as interim SL coach following Fords exit Hiru News en 2017-06-28 Womens World Cup 2017: England beat Pakistan as Natalie Sciver & Heather Knight star Hiru News en 2017-06-28 Boy who got down from bus loots girls necklace Hiru News en 2017-06-28 Venezuela crisis: Helicopter launches attack on Supreme Court Hiru News en 2017-06-28 Court order received by Namal Rajapaksa (photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-28 Dragon Tattoo actor Michael Nyqvist dies aged 56 Hiru News en 2017-06-28 Roof top protest by inmate at Dambulla Magistrates court (photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-28 Colombias Farc officially ceases to be an armed group (photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-28 Request to issue an order blocking the SAITM protest refused Hiru News en 2017-06-28 Special letter sent by Kotte Chapter of Siyam Nikaya to the government Hiru News en 2017-06-28 Complain to IGP against 173 including Dambara Amila Thera Hiru News en 2017-06-28 Prime Minister says all parties have agreed for power devolution Hiru News en 2017-06-28 Harthal in Bandarawela against Uma – oya project; Court rejects injunction against the demonstration Hiru News en 2017-06-28 President Sirisena on a surveying tour in Negambo District Hospital Hiru News en 2017-06-28 India metro to give transgender staff housing after discrimination row Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Two new Northern Province Ministers to take oaths today Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Interfering with the administration of Buddhist Temples will not be allowed, says Justice Minister Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Postal strike continues on today Hiru News en 2017-06-29 A decisive GMOA meeting scheduled for this morning Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Fairly strong winds expected in central hills, Bibile and Mahiyanganaya areas Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Italy threatens to shut ports Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Air India cleared for privatisation by Delhi Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Usain Bolt not sub-10, Mo Farah wins & Wayde van Niekerk sets record Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Paddington Bear creator Michael Bond dies Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Vatican treasurer charged with sex offences Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Pound jumps on Bank of England Governors rate rise hint Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Vigeneshwaran, Anandi and Sarveswaran take oaths as new ministers of Northern Provincial council (photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-29 A girl jumps to the train and commits suicide in Pilimathalawa Hiru News en 2017-06-29 CA warns of six-month bans for playing unsanctioned matches Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Pavadi Handa appeals to the Malwathu chief prelate to intervene in settling current issues Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Cabinet subcommittee scheduled to inspect Uma – oya project Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Government states it has authority to decide on SAITM Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Protests in Muthurajawela today as well Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Farmers visit Presidential Secretariat Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Foreign experts help to be expected for Uma oya project - President Hiru News en 2017-06-29 One week concessionary period given to pay traffic fines Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Bribery commission requests to amend a complaint Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Court orders removal of Fort anti-SAITM stage Hiru News en 2017-06-29 Colombo garbage heats up Dalatura today as well Hiru News en 2017-06-29 GMOA to complain to police against Neville Fernando Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Another 144 arrested for dumping garbage illegally Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Student travelling on the train foot-board killed upon collision with a signal post Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Australia beat Sri Lanka despite Jayangani 178 Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Galle to host ODI cricket after 17 years Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Postal strike ends; in excess of One million letters piled up at post offices Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Special dengue prevention programme in Colombo district today Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to bat first Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Litro Wins – “Best Digital Integrated Campaign” Award at SLT Zero One Awards (photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-30 US-backed forces surround IS in Raqqa Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Venus Williams under investigation Hiru News en 2017-06-30 School boy dies while flying kites (photos) Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Young Pakistani Reporter Suffers Cardiac Arrest, Dies While Reporting Live (video) Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Coconuts crushed in protest of leasing 62,500 acres to a foreign company in Wellassa Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Parents Association in Courts to explain anti SAITM stage in Fort Hiru News en 2017-06-30 ZImbabwe receive a target of 317 runs Hiru News en 2017-06-30 The Courts reveal , the murder of vidyaa, the Child from Jaffna, was conspired with international influence Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Diplomatic passport & another passport issued to Udayanga Weerathunge suspended Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Fake Dollar note printing center raided Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Zimbabwe win first ODI Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Summons issued on a group of anti SAITM parents Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Four proposals with regard to Uma Oya brought before President Hiru News en 2017-06-30 Secretary to the president resigns Hiru News en 2017-07-01 Poor performance by the bowlers is the reason for the defeat says Angelo Hiru News en 2017-07-01 Petroleum Trade Unions issue a warning again Hiru News en 2017-07-01 President’s attention drawn towards the environmental damage in Ratnapura Hiru News en 2017-07-01 New York hospital: Ex-employee opens fire in Bronx Hiru News en 2017-07-01 Eastern Province Governor appointed as new Secretary to the President Hiru News en 2017-07-01 New Chairman of Medical Council to be appointed on Monday Hiru News en 2017-07-01 HIRU FM and SUN fm celebrates its glorious 19th anniversary today Hiru News en 2017-07-01 India GST: Sweeping tax reform introduced Hiru News en 2017-07-01 3 persons hospitalized following J’pura student clash Hiru News en 2017-07-01 GMOA to go to the international arena Hiru News en 2017-07-01 Immediately publish the interim reports on the new constitution; TNA urges the government Hiru News en 2017-07-01 Moratuwa University closed due to dengue Hiru News en 2017-07-01 Anura de Silva elected as president of FFSL Hiru News en 2017-07-01 Lasith Malinga diagnosed with viral influenza Hiru News en 2017-07-01 Niroshan Dikwella fined by the ICC Hiru News en 2017-07-01 Trump challenges GOP senators to repeal ObamaCare now, replace later if no deal Hiru News en 2017-07-01 SLFP states that there is still no decision to leave the national government Hiru News en 2017-07-01 A plea to gods to abolish SAITM; Minister ready to be lenient on students Hiru News en 2017-07-02 Egg manufacturers on the roads Hiru News en 2017-07-02 fire broke out in a super market in Rajagiriya Hiru News en 2017-07-02 Blame game over the reasons that led to the start of Uma Oya project Hiru News en 2017-07-02 Canada’s huge crowds celebrate nations 150th anniversary Hiru News en 2017-07-02 Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe, 2nd ODI: Kusal Mendis unlikely to feature after reports of viral sickness Hiru News en 2017-07-02 Protest in Kosgoda obstructing the railway line; Train services disrupted (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-07-02 JVP requests a straightforward answer from the government regarding Uma Oya issue Hiru News en 2017-07-02 One killed and two injured following a mine collapse in Nivithigala Hiru News en 2017-07-02 29 arrested with heroin following a raid at a party in Badulla Hiru News en 2017-07-02 Joint Opposition to boycott the constitution Hiru News en 2017-07-02 Implementing the gazette notification pertaining to local governments postponed by three months Hiru News en 2017-07-03 Opposition to the new constitution from the Asgiri Chapter Hiru News en 2017-07-03 A decisive meeting of the Government Group to be held this afternoon Hiru News en 2017-07-03 Suspects in the 7.7 million rupee ragama robbery arrested, 2 suspects , former army soldiers, 4 million rupees also recovered Hiru News en 2017-07-03 3 arrested for transporting 48 goats in a van Hiru News en 2017-07-03 Govt doctors to commence a continuous strike from July 5 Hiru News en 2017-07-03 Sword attack on Kahatagas-digiliya police Hiru News en 2017-07-03 Kande Viaharaya is not a special case ; Buddhist affairs commissioner responds about sealing of till boxes Hiru News en 2017-07-03 Resident’s protests against Ministers inspecting Uma – Oya Hiru News en 2017-07-03 Parents of medical faculty students give a pledge to courts Hiru News en 2017-07-04 15 dengue breeding sites discovered at Moratuwa University, Death toll reaches 226 Hiru News en 2017-07-04 253 tills have been placed under supervision of the department of Buddhist Affairs Hiru News en 2017-07-04 Government doctors call on Asgiri Chapter Chief Incumbent, prior to strike Hiru News en 2017-07-04 A special squad has been assigned to guide elephants away from Suuriyawaewa cricket ground Hiru News en 2017-07-04 3 individuals connected to robberies arrested Hiru News en 2017-07-04 Four New Government Appointments Hiru News en 2017-07-04 N Korea hails long-range missile test Hiru News en 2017-07-04 6 new political parties recognised by the Elections Commission Hiru News en 2017-07-04 Parties Affected by Umaa – Oya called to Colombo once again Hiru News en 2017-07-04 Archbishop of Colombo requests the GMOA to call off the strike Hiru News en 2017-07-04 The Government is ready to face the GMOA strike Hiru News en 2017-07-04 GMOA strike put off by one week Hiru News en 2017-07-04 Gammanpila reveals about a new equipment Hiru News en 2017-07-04 Several factions including Bhikkus from the 3 main Nikayas in a special discussion at Asgiriya Hiru News en 2017-07-04 Minister of Buddha sasana says the government will not intervene in affairs of temples Hiru News en 2017-07-05 Archbishop makes a promise to government doctors Hiru News en 2017-07-05 Corruption eradication committee causes tension in Cabinet Hiru News en 2017-07-05 Draft Act on missing persons will not be presented in parliament today Hiru News en 2017-07-05 Murderer of journalist Mel Gunasekara given death sentence by HC Hiru News en 2017-07-05 Qatar Ambassador A.S.P. Liyanage prepares to resign Hiru News en 2017-07-05 New Army commander states no war crimes were committed and he is ready for any investigation Hiru News en 2017-07-05 Change in School Uniforms to help defend against killer dengue Hiru News en 2017-07-05 Two fishing boats collide with two ships in Southern seas (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-07-05 Heavy traffic in Nugegoda due to a student protest Hiru News en 2017-07-05 TRADING AT COLOMBO STOCK EXCHANGE ENDS IN RED Hiru News en 2017-07-05 IUSF holds protest march and rally today as well, No bail for 5 IUSF members including its convener Hiru News en 2017-07-05 Government says no change in Constitutional Amendment Hiru News en 2017-07-05 President Maithripala Sirisena says that his political rivals are engaged in a futile attempt to regain power Hiru News en 2017-07-05 Questions over Parliament Questions today as well Hiru News en 2017-07-05 Former President says attempt to introduce Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance is a political revenge Hiru News en 2017-07-05 General Secretary says no SLFP candidacy again for Mahinda Hiru News en 2017-07-05 US congressman condemned for Auschwitz gas chamber video Hiru News en 2017-07-05 British & Irish Lions: Jamie George aware of what is at stake Hiru News en 2017-07-06 A special meeting to take place today , between the chief prelates of the three chapters and the President Hiru News en 2017-07-06 Petroleum Trade Unions meet to schedule a date to strike Hiru News en 2017-07-06 A loan office to be set up for the government treasury Hiru News en 2017-07-06 Sri Lanka have won the toss and elected to bowl Hiru News en 2017-07-06 Parliament select committee appointed for Uma- Oya project Hiru News en 2017-07-06 Sarana Gunawardana pleads guilty Hiru News en 2017-07-06 Maha season also at risk due to ongoing drought,Nandikadal lagoon partially dried up. Hiru News en 2017-07-06 Nuwaraeliya Magistrates court Lawyers boycott appearing for cases Hiru News en 2017-07-06 Zimbabweans scored 310 runs for the loss of 8 wickets in the allotted 50 overs Hiru News en 2017-07-06 GMOA permitted to mediate in SAITM petition Hiru News en 2017-07-06 Meeting between President and Chief Prelates of 3 Nikayas begins Hiru News en 2017-07-06 Niroshan Dickwella scored his maiden ODI century Hiru News en 2017-07-06 MONETARY BOARD SUSPENDS PERPETUAL TREASURIES FOR SIX MONTHS Hiru News en 2017-07-06 Sri Lanka register a combatable victory Hiru News en 2017-07-06 Trump warns North Korea of severe options over missile test Hiru News en 2017-07-06 Asgiri Chapter says President agreed to renegotiate the constitution Hiru News en 2017-07-06 Election Commission chairman summoned to Parliament Hiru News en 2017-07-07 SRI LANKA FINED FOR SLOW OVER-RATE AGAINST ZIMBABWE Hiru News en 2017-07-06 Umaa Oya drilling ceases temporarily Hiru News en 2017-07-06 RETAIL INVESTORS BECOME ACTIVE AT CSE Hiru News en 2017-07-07 The Mahaa Sangha will be informed if a new constitution is presented, says President Hiru News en 2017-07-07 A special UN representative to arrive in the island Hiru News en 2017-07-07 Germany G 20 protests turn violent Hiru News en 2017-07-07 10 arrested for sand mining in Deduru Oya Hiru News en 2017-07-07 Members of the gang connected to the gold jewelry theft connected Hiru News en 2017-07-07 A supplementary estimate of 144.42 million for vehicles and housing for MP’s and Ministers Hiru News en 2017-07-07 Eighth meeting of SAARC Ministers of Law and Order in Colombo Hiru News en 2017-07-07 Tamil Nadu fishermen to be affected by ban on Bottom Trawling Hiru News en 2017-07-07 A woman dies of dengue in Badulla hospital; Number of patients rise to 80 thousand Hiru News en 2017-07-07 Piyasena Gamage permitted to mediate in Geetha Kumarasingha’s petition Hiru News en 2017-07-07 Colombo Stock Exchange Recovers Hiru News en 2017-07-07 Gotabaya reveals a plan to arrest him Hiru News en 2017-07-07 Course of future actions with regard to Uma - Oya after Norway report Hiru News en 2017-07-07 8 provincial councils request additional allocations Hiru News en 2017-07-08 Another discussion requested over Uma Oya issue Hiru News en 2017-07-08 Sri Lanka obtains loans worth 440 Million US Dollars during first 4 months Hiru News en 2017-07-08 Trump and Putin debate US election hack at first meeting Hiru News en 2017-07-08 Attempts only to reach out, not to arrest; Minister Amaraweera replies to Gotabhaya Hiru News en 2017-07-08 Doctors request Government’s proposals on SAITM to be presented to Supreme Court Hiru News en 2017-07-08 Niroshan Dickwell scores his 2nd century Hiru News en 2017-07-08 Joint Opposition also appoints committee to look in to Uma Oya Hiru News en 2017-07-08 Colombo’s garbage to Aruwakkaru in Puttalam from September Hiru News en 2017-07-08 New proposal for the constitution Hiru News en 2017-07-08 Tension in Iranawila due to shrimp ponds Hiru News en 2017-07-08 British nationals arriving in Sri Lanka advised Hiru News en 2017-07-08 Asgiri Chapter rejects allegations Hiru News en 2017-07-09 Clash in Sooriyawewa after Sri Lanka lose to Zimbabwe Hiru News en 2017-07-09 Former President Mahinda explains how taxes should be imposed Hiru News en 2017-07-09 Tamilnadu fishermen stage protest against Sri Lanka’s fishing laws Hiru News en 2017-07-09 Dengue mosquitoes inside the house, be aware – advice from Health Authorities Hiru News en 2017-07-09 GMOA to take crucial decision tomorrow on postponed strike Hiru News en 2017-07-09 First ever heart transplant in Sri Lanka successful Hiru News en 2017-07-09 Hiru FM wins the most popular Radio Channel on Social Media award at the “Mashable” world Social Media Day awards – 2017 Hiru News en 2017-07-09 Tamil National Alliance to meet with Chief Prelates Hiru News en 2017-07-09 JVP to meet with Sri Lankans residing overseas Hiru News en 2017-07-09 One person shot dead during a police fire over a sand truck in point pedro Hiru News en 2017-07-09 Minister Samaraweera says the Prevention of Enforced Disappearances Bill will only affect the future Hiru News en 2017-07-09 Many Hospital face a crisis situation due to dengue; 3 patients on one bed in Negambo hospital Hiru News en 2017-07-09 Doctors prepare for another strike Hiru News en 2017-07-09 Electricity in several areas disrupted due to a tripping of Biyagama - Pannipitiya line Hiru News en 2017-07-10 Two policemen arrested for opening fire on a lorry transporting sand in Point Pedro, A special squad from Colombo heads to point pedro to investigate Hiru News en 2017-07-10 Doctors meet today for a decisive discussion; Minister Kiriella requests doctors refrain from striking Hiru News en 2017-07-10 Agalawatta residents advised to be vigilant due to the adverse weather Hiru News en 2017-07-10 Zimbabwe wins toss and elects to bowl first Hiru News en 2017-07-10 2% tax on abandoned land in the Western Province Hiru News en 2017-07-10 Gotabaya arrives at the Presidential commission Hiru News en 2017-07-10 Professor Carlo fonseka requests the GMOA not to strike Hiru News en 2017-07-10 STF deployed in Point Pedro, residents burn tires today as well Hiru News en 2017-07-10 Zimbabwe won by 3 wickets Hiru News en 2017-07-10 Professor Carlo Fonseka tells GMOA their demands are justified but strike is abhorred Hiru News en 2017-07-10 TRADING AT CSE ENDS IN A MIXED NOTE Hiru News en 2017-07-10 A Minister reveals a group that trying to divide UPFA and SLFP Hiru News en 2017-07-11 Dambulla cave temple temporarily closed for conservation; Proceeds of ticket sales directed to Central Cultural Fund Hiru News en 2017-07-11 Minor parties ask for a Vice President post Hiru News en 2017-07-11 The Defence Advisor at Sri Lankan Embassy in the US reported missing Hiru News en 2017-07-11 DATES FOR GCE (A/L) EXAMINATION ANNOUNCED Hiru News en 2017-07-11 Welimada- Colombo main road which was obstructed by a toppled container, reopened (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-07-11 STF protection continues at Point Pedro (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-07-11 MEC And Maxus Announce ‘Newco Sri Lanka’ Leadership Sri Lanka, 10th July 2017 Hiru News en 2017-07-11 48 students from a Mathugama school hospitalized (Photos) Hiru News en 2017-07-11 Petroleum trade unions threaten to strike after July 14th Hiru News en 2017-07-11 Interdicted EPF officer gives a statement to the Presidential commission Hiru News en 2017-07-11 The Chief incumbent says Dambulla cave temple is open Hiru News en 2017-07-11 New Army Commander meets President Hiru News en 2017-07-11 NATIONAL NUTRITION PROGRAMME FOR PREGNANT MOTHERS TO BE DIGITALIZED Hiru News en 2017-07-11 Ravi Shastri Named New Coach Of Indian Cricket Team Hiru News en 2017-07-11 Chief Incumbent of Dambulla temple refuses to close the temple Hiru News en 2017-07-11 Independent media regulatory Draft Bill to the Cabinet within 2 months Hiru News en 2017-07-12 Government Medical Officers prepare to resort to international action Hiru News en 2017-07-11 An individual shot at in Wattala Hiru News en 2017-07-12 Mathews steps down as Sri Lanka captain Hiru News en 2017-07-12 Tamil Nadu fishermen bring an end to their fast Hiru News en 2017-07-12 Cabinet decides to close down the Corruption Eradication Office Hiru News en 2017-07-12 Chandimal appointed as test captain while Tharanga appointed as ODI and T20 captain Hiru News en 2017-07-12 Dates scheduled for trial over the elephant case against Uduwe Thero Hiru News en 2017-07-12 Mathews requests not to isolate new captains Hiru News en 2017-07-12 Navy successfully rescues a wild elephant drifting 8 NM away from Kokku Tuduwai Hiru News en 2017-07-12 The use of lunch sheets and shopping bags banned; tax increased on imported plastics Hiru News en 2017-07-12 Risk of Dambulla cave temple being delisted from world heritage sites Hiru News en 2017-07-12 Police constable arrested for stealing 15 million rupees from a Chinese woman Hiru News en 2017-07-12 THREE INCLUDING AN INFANT DROWN IN UMA OYA Hiru News en 2017-07-12 President to leave for Bangladesh on a three day official tour tomorrow Hiru News en 2017-07-12 US Secretary of State meets Saudi king and Foreign Minister Hiru News en 2017-07-12 The expenditure of a government office that transfers documents is 65 million rupees Hiru News en 2017-07-12 WORD BANK INCREASES FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TO SRI LANKA Hiru News en 2017-07-12 STOCK INDICES SLUMP today Hiru News en 2017-07-12 Sampandan ready add more pressure on the government Hiru News en 2017-07-12 Former Navy Spokesman DKP Dassanayake arrested Hiru News en 2017-07-12 Prime Minister says the government has a responsibility to conserve places of archaeological value Hiru News en 2017-07-13 The personal Assets of a bank officer disclosed Hiru News en 2017-07-13 Brazils ex-President Lula convicted of corruption Hiru News en 2017-07-13 Nasa spot 75,000-mile-wide HOLE on the sun Hiru News en 2017-07-13 Update - president sirisena leaves for Bangladesh Hiru News en 2017-07-13 900,000 impacted by drought conditions; Rainfall not expected till October Hiru News en 2017-07-13 A special discussion at Asgiri Mahaa Temple regarding Dambulla Temple Hiru News en 2017-07-13 Dhananjaya de Silva dropped for Zimbabwe Test Hiru News en 2017-07-13 Pepper cultivators take to streets Hiru News en 2017-07-13 GMOA meets the PM where a discussion takes place , regarding the re-appointment of Professor Carlo Fonseka Hiru News en 2017-07-13 BOI chairman resigns Hiru News en 2017-07-13 PHU charges that apprentices have been tasked with conserving paintings at Dambulla Temple Hiru News en 2017-07-13 Arrested former Navy Media Spokesman admitted to Welisara Naval hospital Hiru News en 2017-07-13 Bus set alight following an accident in Moneragala Hiru News en 2017-07-13 Ampara hardy technical college temporarily closed Hiru News en 2017-07-13 Residents of 18 foster villages of Dambulla cave temple engage in a special pooja Hiru News en 2017-07-13 NEGATIVE RUN OF CSE CONTINUES Hiru News en 2017-07-13 GMOA withdraws their decision to strike Hiru News en 2017-07-14 Water supplied by train to those affected by Uma Oya project Hiru News en 2017-07-14 Arrested former Navy spokesman to appear before Court today Hiru News en 2017-07-14 Polythene producers ask for options Hiru News en 2017-07-14 The three Nikaaya Mahaa Sangha get ready for an observation tour of sacred sites in the North and East Hiru News en 2017-07-14 Bangladesh offers Sri Lanka assistance Hiru News en 2017-07-14 Former Navy Media spokesperson Dasanayaka remanded until July 19th Hiru News en 2017-07-14 The Colombo District Court issues interim injunction against using Narahenpita Abhayaramaya for political, commercial or professional activities Hiru News en 2017-07-14 UNP working committee meets today Hiru News en 2017-07-14 The price of pepper to be regulated in the next two weeks Hiru News en 2017-07-14 Drought condition to continue for 3 more months;700 thousand families from the farming community to be impacted Hiru News en 2017-07-14 President Sirisena and PM Hassina sign several MoUs Hiru News en 2017-07-14 Incumbent monks to supervise conservation of paintings at Dambulla Cave temple Hiru News en 2017-07-14 Day one concludes in first test between Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-07-14 UNP says no dispute if MOU with SLFP collapses Hiru News en 2017-07-14 UN not happy with Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-07-14 FOREIGN INFLOW PUSHES CSE UP Hiru News en 2017-07-15 Sangakkara says new Captains should be given a chance Hiru News en 2017-07-15 Sri Maha Bodhi and Kiriwehera to be made green zones Hiru News en 2017-07-15 No issues with releasing water of Moragahakanda for cultivations; says Mahaweli Authority Hiru News en 2017-07-15 President meets with Bangladeshi President Hiru News en 2017-07-15 Ervines 151* headlines Zimbabwes day Hiru News en 2017-07-15 Bangladesh – Sri Lanka free trade agreement to be signed this year Hiru News en 2017-07-15 Gautam Gambhir, Ashish Nehra Rubbish Arjuna Ranatungas Allegations Hiru News en 2017-07-15 Joint Opposition to meet religious leaders with the government’s tax act Hiru News en 2017-07-15 More than 900,000 affected by the drought Hiru News en 2017-07-15 One generator in Norachcholai power plant breaks down Hiru News en 2017-07-15 Head of Islamic State in Afghanistan killed: Pentagon Hiru News en 2017-07-15 Pedestrian dies following accident in Habaraadoowa Hiru News en 2017-07-15 Senior DIG Lalith Jayasinghe arrested Hiru News en 2017-07-15 Two out of six students who went on a boat ride unbeknownst to their teachers die Hiru News en 2017-07-15 Only investigations – no unnecessary arrests; assurance from Defence Secretary Hiru News en 2017-07-15 Flames rip through Honolulu tower block in Hawaii Hiru News en 2017-07-15 Beauticians object the setting up of Indian beauty parlours Hiru News en 2017-07-15 Professor Carlo expresses best wishes for the student struggle Hiru News en 2017-07-15 Zimbabwe chipping away at Sri Lankan lower order Hiru News en 2017-07-16 Commodore D K P Dassanayaka transferred from National hospital to Welisara Navy Hospital Hiru News en 2017-07-16 2 arrested for hunting Dolphins in Tangalle Hiru News en 2017-07-16 Eight dead in wall collapse at Senegals Demba Diop Hiru News en 2017-07-16 Report on derailment of Train along upcountry track, within 2 weeks Hiru News en 2017-07-16 Number of dengue patients increases by 8 folds Hiru News en 2017-07-16 Fines to be imposed for littering in train stations and railway tracks Hiru News en 2017-07-16 Reports called in from the tri-forces regarding the disappearances of 11 youths; Investigations into 17 others commence Hiru News en 2017-07-16 Prime minister meets with party leaders; Local government elections to be held this year; Joint opposition objects to the meeting Hiru News en 2017-07-16 Postal department incurs a loss of 20 billion rupees Hiru News en 2017-07-16 Sri Lanka vs. Zimbabwe Only Test: 252/6 at stumps on day three Hiru News en 2017-07-17 Joint Opposition meets Chief Prelates for apprising about ills of the tax Act Hiru News en 2017-07-17 A separate Board established for supervising electronic financial services Hiru News en 2017-07-17 30 per cent decrease in vehicle imports Hiru News en 2017-07-17 Government acquisition of Neville Fernando Hospital takes place with the signing of the agreement Hiru News en 2017-07-17 Once again notices issued on the President and the Prime Minister Hiru News en 2017-07-17 IUSF demands GMOA to launch an indefinite strike Hiru News en 2017-07-17 Prime Minister explains future of the Unity Government Hiru News en 2017-07-17 MARKET INDICES DECLINE Hiru News en 2017-07-17 AUSTRALIA TO HELP SRI LANKA TACKLE DENGUE Hiru News en 2017-07-17 Veterinarians to take legal action with regard to death of dogs at Moratuwa University Hiru News en 2017-07-17 Information sought regarding MP’s who possess liquor license Hiru News en 2017-07-17 President says garbage issue will not be passed on to a future government Hiru News en 2017-07-18 IMF approves US$167.2 million second tranche of EFF Hiru News en 2017-07-18 Brothel in Nawala raided Hiru News en 2017-07-18 Australia steps up to assist with Dengue eradication Hiru News en 2017-07-18 President ensures Local government election next January Hiru News en 2017-07-18 Angoda Lokkaa who is imprisoned in India, threatens police Hiru News en 2017-07-18 GMOA submits a written complaint to PM Ranil Wickremesinghe Hiru News en 2017-07-18 Gampola school girl who was sexually abused by her two lovers on the same day Hiru News en 2017-07-18 Veteran musician Somapala Rathnayake passes away Hiru News en 2017-07-18 Russia hacking row: Moscow demands US return seized mansions Hiru News en 2017-07-18 Allegations from animal welfare groups against five more State Institutions besides Moratuwa University Hiru News en 2017-07-18 David Beckham Set To Welcome Another Niece Into The Family Hiru News en 2017-07-18 Zimbabwe Vs Sri Lanka 4th day Hiru News en 2017-07-18 Singaporean Foreign Minister arrives in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2017-07-18 England v South Africa: Joe Root suffers first defeat as Test captain