Hiru News en 2018-10-04 Police sergeant terminated for unruly behaviour at Thebuwana Hiru News en 2018-10-04 Revelations that the Ambalantota abduction was staged by the abductee Hiru News en 2018-10-04 10 arrested in connection with Beruwala shooting Hiru News en 2018-10-04 55 LTTE detainees at 2 prisons launch hunger strike Hiru News en 2018-10-04 Local rupee continues to depreciate Hiru News en 2018-10-04 The organizer of the funeral of Makandure Madush’s father shot by police in Oruwala Hiru News en 2018-10-04 A racket using chemicals to kill trees on Sinharaja boundary discloses Hiru News en 2018-10-04 CID questions a top cricket official for 9 hours Hiru News en 2018-10-05 Revelations, that a fatal accident costs 1 million rupees to the Government Hiru News en 2018-10-05 President instructs ministers to Go to the village to determine what issues people’ are facing Hiru News en 2018-10-05 A statement from Basil regarding government’s drawbacks Hiru News en 2018-10-05 Scholarship results to be issued to the internet this forenoon Hiru News en 2018-10-05 Grade 5 scholarship exam results released Hiru News en 2018-10-05 DIG Nalaka and Namal Kumara summoned before the court Hiru News en 2018-10-05 The Supreme Court dismisses the appeal by Gnanasara Thera Hiru News en 2018-10-05 Chairman of Livestock Development Board arrested for obtaining a bribe of 600 thousand rupees Hiru News en 2018-10-05 Konda Tharaka shot dead at Angoda Hiru News en 2018-10-06 Showery weather to enhance today and tomorrow Hiru News en 2018-10-06 ETI Depositors surround properties of the company Hiru News en 2018-10-06 Risk of Cancer by keeping Mobile Phones near bed Hiru News en 2018-10-06 Bodu Bala Sena prepared to meet with President Hiru News en 2018-10-06 UPFA general secretary states that Mahinda will lose his posts if he joins the flower bud Hiru News en 2018-10-06 Low-pressure zone intensifies - Heavy rains to continue Hiru News en 2018-10-06 Former President responds to caretaker government proposal Hiru News en 2018-10-06 Four who abducted a youth for a 25,000 ransom, arrested Hiru News en 2018-10-07 Train derails in Welikanda as 3 elephants collide Hiru News en 2018-10-07 Showers exceeding 150 Millimetres today as well; Water levels of Kalu, Ging and Aththanagalu Oya rise Hiru News en 2018-10-07 Inspector of Police arrested while attempting to steal a precious stone Hiru News en 2018-10-07 Firearms stolen in Bank robbery in Moragahahena Hiru News en 2018-10-07 Turbulence in Bay of Bengal as depression in Arabian Sea subsides; Highest rainfall in Poddiwela Hiru News en 2018-10-07 Minister Amaraweera tasked with uniting UPFA on the electoral method Hiru News en 2018-10-07 Residents take to the streets in support of arrested Thembuwana Sergeant Hiru News en 2018-10-07 Water levels in Kelani, Kalu and Ging rivers rise; 4 deaths reported; Heavy rainfall to continue Hiru News en 2018-10-07 School girl goes missing in Padalangala; The child who went missing in Medirigiriya found in Sigiriya Hiru News en 2018-10-07 Court order against an LTTE memorial in Jaffna Hiru News en 2018-10-07 Government has failed in waste management as well; Says the former president Hiru News en 2018-10-08 A person shot at in Raddolugama Hiru News en 2018-10-08 President Sirisena left for Seychelles this morning Hiru News en 2018-10-08 Changing the face of reality television, Menaka- Ranil crowned winners in the prestigious Hiru Mega Stars 2 Hiru News en 2018-10-08 Island-wide rain to continue; Disaster death toll rises to 7; One million affected Hiru News en 2018-10-08 Nalaka and Namal who revealed about conspiracy to appear before court today Hiru News en 2018-10-08 Overseas travel banned for DIG Nalaka De Silva and Namal Kumara Hiru News en 2018-10-08 Vijayakala granted bail Hiru News en 2018-10-08 Fishermen stage a protest against fuel price hike Hiru News en 2018-10-08 Rain intensify; Water levels in Kalu and Ging rivers at minor flood level Hiru News en 2018-10-08 Nalin says milk packets distributed during Joint Opposition protest are not tainted Hiru News en 2018-10-08 Voice tests on assassination conspiracy are over - Namal Kumara seeks permission for another revelation Hiru News en 2018-10-08 Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna provincial members reject caretaker government offer Hiru News en 2018-10-08 ICC sleuths raid SLC Hiru News en 2018-10-09 Rainfall and thundershowers to continue today Hiru News en 2018-10-09 SAITM students to gain admission to Kotalawela Medical Faculty within a month –an Instruction from President Hiru News en 2018-10-09 Draft Budget appropriation bill to be presented in parliament today Hiru News en 2018-10-09 Gotabaya proposes Basil Hiru News en 2018-10-09 Supreme Court says the 20th Amendment needs a referendum and two-thirds majority Hiru News en 2018-10-09 Rains to recede from tomorrow Hiru News en 2018-10-10 14 Division Heads including the dean, from Rajarata University Medical Faculty, resign from their posts Hiru News en 2018-10-10 Fuel price formula committee meets today Hiru News en 2018-10-10 Joint Opposition empowers former president to take a decision regarding coalition government Hiru News en 2018-10-10 Three followers of Madhush and Ladiya arrested Hiru News en 2018-10-10 Joint opposition leaders to meet tomorrow to take a political decision Hiru News en 2018-10-10 A youth shot at, in Habaraaduwa Hiru News en 2018-10-10 Expensive air fresheners stir up Western Provincial council Hiru News en 2018-10-10 10 elephants killed in train accidents in last 10 months Hiru News en 2018-10-10 UNP says no room for a caretaker government under 19th Amendment Hiru News en 2018-10-10 An alternative for the Joint Opposition Hiru News en 2018-10-10 Fuel price revision tonight, the government evades price formula Hiru News en 2018-10-10 President Maithreepala Sirisena who was on a two day official tour of Seychelles arrived in the island, this morning Hiru News en 2018-10-11 Namal to reappear before the CID today Hiru News en 2018-10-11 Court of Appeal rejects Bail applications of Arjun Aloysius and Kasun Palisena Hiru News en 2018-10-11 Three wheel charges increased by 10 rupees Hiru News en 2018-10-11 Bodu Bala Sena request Presidential pardon Hiru News en 2018-10-11 Airforce assists to douse the fire in clothing store at Battaramulla Hiru News en 2018-10-11 Duminda’s appeal dismissed Hiru News en 2018-10-12 New constitutional assembly meets to discuss about new chief justice Hiru News en 2018-10-12 A mother enraged with son commits suicide by jumping into Ging Oya Hiru News en 2018-10-12 Thembuvana sergeant queried for four and half hours Hiru News en 2018-10-12 A man choked to death after consuming Babul Hiru News en 2018-10-12 Over 50 passengers injured in a bus accident at Lunugamwehera Hiru News en 2018-10-12 3 wheel drivers unions to the bribery commission; Fuel subsidy hinted in Parliament Hiru News en 2018-10-12 President’s office complain to CID against Namal Kumara Hiru News en 2018-10-12 Health Authorities warn addiction to computers is a national issue Hiru News en 2018-10-12 The Luxury vehicle in front of the FCID is released Hiru News en 2018-10-12 Protest continue in Puthlam against Colombo garbage Hiru News en 2018-10-12 Agreement signed to construct the façades of the twin towers, Ritz Carlton and JW Marriot Hiru News en 2018-10-13 Justice Nalin Perera sworn in as Chief Justice Hiru News en 2018-10-13 Pakistani National arrested at Airport with 30 Million worth Heroin Hiru News en 2018-10-13 Father kills son in Wennappuwa Hiru News en 2018-10-13 CID obtains statement from Gotabhaya Hiru News en 2018-10-13 SLFP Central Committee to meet on Tuesday; Group of 15 imposes conditions Hiru News en 2018-10-13 President warns Gampaha Hiru News en 2018-10-13 5 recommendations to stop wild elephants colliding with trains Hiru News en 2018-10-13 Three-wheel fares to increase from Monday Hiru News en 2018-10-13 Government plans to sell shares of two star class hotels in Colombo Hiru News en 2018-10-14 Gotabhaya says candidate will be decided at the right time Hiru News en 2018-10-14 A committee to reach a final decision on Grade 5 Scholarship Hiru News en 2018-10-14 Proposal from President to reduce budget deficit Hiru News en 2018-10-14 Dengue risk rises again Hiru News en 2018-10-14 Trump to punish Saudis over journalist Hiru News en 2018-10-14 Nearing the end, Lasith Malinga rouses himself for final World Cup push Hiru News en 2018-10-14 Price of Rice reduces by 10 Rupees - Traders unhappy Hiru News en 2018-10-14 Malinga looking forward for the World Cup Hiru News en 2018-10-14 Temples to receive Samurdhi Hiru News en 2018-10-14 IOC vendors request a fixed price Hiru News en 2018-10-14 Joint Opposition MP prepared to commit suicide Hiru News en 2018-10-14 A restriction on issuing dollars when importing goods Hiru News en 2018-10-15 An Indian couple apprehended along with 24.5 million rupees worth heroin in their possession Hiru News en 2018-10-15 Flower bud presidential candidate should be democratic, says Kumara Welgama Hiru News en 2018-10-15 The killing of the woman in Ja-ela is due to a land dispute Hiru News en 2018-10-15 40 arrested in a special police operation in Jaffna Hiru News en 2018-10-15 Namal , Nalaka audio recordings to be tested overseas Hiru News en 2018-10-15 A group of education officers of Galewela held up by protestors in Seegiriya Hiru News en 2018-10-15 4th victim of Dehiaththakandiya accident dies Hiru News en 2018-10-15 Two weeks ultimatum for Sanath Jayasuriya to show cause over breach of ICC Anti Corruption Code Hiru News en 2018-10-16 SLFP meets to talk about Gamperaliya Hiru News en 2018-10-16 DIG Nalaka de Silva to appear before CID today Hiru News en 2018-10-16 A committee for water bill revision; Signs of a formula for electricity bill as well Hiru News en 2018-10-16 Jamal Khashoggi: Trump suggests rogue killers to blame Hiru News en 2018-10-16 Female doctor further remanded over the fatal accident in Boralasgamuwa Hiru News en 2018-10-16 SB and several others to participate in the SLFP central working committee meeting Hiru News en 2018-10-16 DIG Nalaka ignores CID summons today Hiru News en 2018-10-16 Bandula Gunawardana disappointed Hiru News en 2018-10-16 President calls for a report on imports that can be limited Hiru News en 2018-10-16 Two advance level students remanded for demanding ransom Hiru News en 2018-10-16 SLFP and joint Opposition meet at two different venues Hiru News en 2018-10-17 Agro Chemicals in Mukunuwenna and Gotukola as well Hiru News en 2018-10-17 Cabinet dispute over the proposal on assigning a complex of the Colombo harbour to India Hiru News en 2018-10-17 Nalaka de Silva to the CID tomorrow Hiru News en 2018-10-17 Thembuwana police sergeant reinstated in service Hiru News en 2018-10-17 Johnston Fernando acquitted of all charges Hiru News en 2018-10-17 DIG Nalaka Silva De interdicted Hiru News en 2018-10-17 MP Welgama replies to opponents Hiru News en 2018-10-17 SLFP responds to the letter sent by the group of 15 Hiru News en 2018-10-17 President’s Media Unit refutes The Hindu report on Cabinet meeting Hiru News en 2018-10-17 Police Commission endorses DIG Nalaka’s Interdiction Hiru News en 2018-10-18 President holds a telephone conversation with Indian Prime Minister Hiru News en 2018-10-18 Director boards of two government banks and the Board of Investment dissolved Hiru News en 2018-10-18 Former DIG Nalaka to appear before CID today Hiru News en 2018-10-18 “ Hybrid Sudda” arrested in Padukka Hiru News en 2018-10-18 Former Alliance, leader of the house in the Sabaragamuwa provincial council arrested with firearms Hiru News en 2018-10-18 Former President Rajapakse says Government crisis has put people into difficulty Hiru News en 2018-10-18 Former DIG Nalaka still at the CID Hiru News en 2018-10-18 UNP meets the President over dissolved boards of directors Hiru News en 2018-10-18 Price formula publicized Hiru News en 2018-10-18 DIG Nalaka de Silva questioned for 8 hours, summoned tomorrow as well Hiru News en 2018-10-19 Banda wounded in gunfire exchange with police dies Hiru News en 2018-10-19 Former DIG, Nalaka who was questioned for 9 hours to appear before CID today as well Hiru News en 2018-10-19 Clarification by Governor regarding chairs that caused tension in the Western provincial council, fragrance machines and sexual abuse Hiru News en 2018-10-19 Heavy Rains from today Hiru News en 2018-10-19 Australia withdraws terror charges against the Sri Lankan; A lawsuit to be filed seeking compensation Hiru News en 2018-10-19 Former DIG Nalaka de Silva reports again to CID today Hiru News en 2018-10-19 Gotabhaya appears in special High court Hiru News en 2018-10-19 Water cut for 17 hours Hiru News en 2018-10-19 Estate workers protest today as well demanding 1000 rupees salary Hiru News en 2018-10-19 SLFP Mawanalla joint organiser remanded Hiru News en 2018-10-19 Water cannons fired at protesting south -Eastern university students Hiru News en 2018-10-19 Former DIG Nalaka further questioned - CID informs the courts there is sufficient evidence to arrest Chief of Defence staff Hiru News en 2018-10-20 Amritsar: India train mows down crowd killing scores Hiru News en 2018-10-20 Former DIG Nalaka De Silva called to CID on Monday again Hiru News en 2018-10-20 Welgama gives more reasons Hiru News en 2018-10-20 decision on another draft bill next week Hiru News en 2018-10-20 Sri Lanka take on England in 4th ODI Hiru News en 2018-10-20 JVP to vote against the budget Hiru News en 2018-10-20 Prime Minister meets Modi today Hiru News en 2018-10-20 Digana report also ready Hiru News en 2018-10-20 UN informs Sri Lanka’s Commanding Officer for Peacekeeping Operations in Mali to be removed Hiru News en 2018-10-20 3 shot in Maligawaththa and Matara Hiru News en 2018-10-21 Sri Lanka v England: Tourists seal series with win in rain-hit fourth ODI Hiru News en 2018-10-20 A different story from the SLFP Hiru News en 2018-10-20 Intoxicated doctor in Kantale who declined to see his patients, arrested Hiru News en 2018-10-20 Cats in Colombo to be sterilized Hiru News en 2018-10-21 2 more wild elephants fall victim to the train in Ambanpola and Palugaswewa Hiru News en 2018-10-21 Dasun Shanaka who batted brilliantly rues mistakes Hiru News en 2018-10-21 Western Province Chief Minister says Governor is in another world Hiru News en 2018-10-21 Group of inmates of Angunakolapelessa stage protest Hiru News en 2018-10-21 Modi disappointed over delay in Indian projects in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2018-10-21 Amendments to the Provincial Council elections act to the Cabinet Hiru News en 2018-10-21 Vigneshwaran makes a revelation about the future Hiru News en 2018-10-21 Ladhdhu Roshan arrested for transporting ammunition under a contract of Jayalath Sudhdha, who is currently in prison Hiru News en 2018-10-21 Troubling signs for tuition masters Hiru News en 2018-10-21 A statement from the Asgiri Chapter that new laws abet terrorism Hiru News en 2018-10-22 Ammunition for Laddu Roshan arrested in Siyambalaanduwa had been brought from Potuvil – investigations reveal Hiru News en 2018-10-22 Former DIG Nalaka to appear before CID today as well for the third day Hiru News en 2018-10-22 Rain in a many areas today as well Hiru News en 2018-10-22 Bus strike in Ambilipitya; Colombo taxi drivers take to the streets Hiru News en 2018-10-22 An officer of Pasgoda divisional secretariat killed in a shooting in Urubokka Hiru News en 2018-10-22 Rangana Herath to retire after first Test against England Hiru News en 2018-10-23 CID arrests SLC Chief Financial Officer Hiru News en 2018-10-23 Nalaka de Silva, grilled for 28 hours, summoned again for the fourth day as well Hiru News en 2018-10-23 A red light from doctors Hiru News en 2018-10-23 Rains at night with lightning to continue Hiru News en 2018-10-23 Government analyst confirms Voice samples of Nalaka and Namal; A plea to courts by the detained Indian National Hiru News en 2018-10-23 Rain intensifies; Sink hole on Habarana - Polonnaruwa road Hiru News en 2018-10-23 Tamil Peoples council denies distribution of leaflets with LTTE emblem Hiru News en 2018-10-23 70 students of Sri Pada College of education hospitalised after food poisoning Hiru News en 2018-10-23 Indian National questioned for 3 hours - Nalaka further questioned by the CID Hiru News en 2018-10-23 Finance Minister says depreciation of the Rupee is not a crisis Hiru News en 2018-10-24 Sri Lanka v England: Tourists suffer heaviest ODI defeat Hiru News en 2018-10-24 A shooting in Weeraketiya Hiru News en 2018-10-24 Former DIG Nalaka to appear before CID tomorrow as well Hiru News en 2018-10-24 Issue in Colombo Fort and Maradana railway signal system; Services obstructed Hiru News en 2018-10-24 Minister Hakeem requests approval for increasing water tariffs Hiru News en 2018-10-24 Wigneshwaran quit TNA, launched a new political party Hiru News en 2018-10-24 Minister Amunugama says no RAW informants in Cabinet Hiru News en 2018-10-24 Trains services impeded following lightening restored Hiru News en 2018-10-25 Estate workers’ children, who blocked Galle Face road for hours, dispersed Hiru News en 2018-10-24 Heavy rain, strong winds forecast tonight, sluice gates of 6 reservoirs opened Hiru News en 2018-10-25 Former D.IG Nalaka summoned to the CID today as well for the fifth day - Namal Kumara Charges Minister Fonseka as well Hiru News en 2018-10-25 Sluice gates of eight reservoirs opened Hiru News en 2018-10-25 Another wild elephant killed after hitting a van in Gal Oya Hiru News en 2018-10-25 Nalaka De Silva reports to the CID for the 5th day Hiru News en 2018-10-25 JVP objects to Terrorism prevention draft bill Hiru News en 2018-10-25 The Speaker warns Wimal in Parliament Hiru News en 2018-10-25 Estate workers salary dispute aggravates; Employers refuse to increase salaries Hiru News en 2018-10-25 The recall of Lieutenant Colonel Amunupura is confirmed Hiru News en 2018-10-25 Rathana Thera insists for a caretaker government Hiru News en 2018-10-26 Arrested former DIG Nalaka de Silva remanded Hiru News en 2018-10-26 Arrested former DIG Nalaka de Silva remanded Hiru News en 2018-10-26 Bollywood Super stars arrive in the island to perform at the “ Hiru Golden Film Awards” Hiru News en 2018-10-26 Warning to government from estate sector politicians Hiru News en 2018-10-26 Rain exceeding 100 millimetres in a number of provinces today as well - Sluice gates of several reservoirs open Hiru News en 2018-10-26 High Court grants bail for 7 including Ali Roshan Hiru News en 2018-10-26 2 taken for police custody for flying a drone over Ravi’s residence Hiru News en 2018-10-26 Question in Parliament on former President’s security Hiru News en 2018-10-26 Rajitha wants an advisory board council over the Cabinet Hiru News en 2018-10-26 Hiru Golden Film Awards 2018 tomorrow Hiru News en 2018-10-26 The Indian National arrested in Namal Kumara’s residence sent to Mulleriyawa Hiru News en 2018-10-26 Maththegoda state bank robbed - CCTV also removed Hiru News en 2018-10-26 UPFA quits the Government; Min Amaraweera Hiru News en 2018-10-26 Hiru Golden Film Awards 2018 tomorrow Hiru News en 2018-10-26 MR takes oaths as new Prime Minister Hiru News en 2018-10-27 Gazette notification on appointing new Prime Minister and removing previous Prime Minister also published Hiru News en 2018-10-27 Golden night of Sri Lanka cinema - Hiru Golden film awards today; Bollywood superstars arrive in the island Hiru News en 2018-10-27 UNP MP Ananda Aluthgamage to support Mahinda; IGP, STF Head and high ranking Police Officers meet with Prime Minister Mahinda Hiru News en 2018-10-27 Leave of all Police Officers cancelled Hiru News en 2018-10-27 Minor Parties convene to take a decision; CWC and EPDP to support Prime Minister Mahinda Hiru News en 2018-10-27 Gazette issued stating Parliament prorogued until the 16th of November Hiru News en 2018-10-27 Ananda Aluthgamage states that more than 20 UNPers will be supporting the new Prime Minister Hiru News en 2018-10-27 S. Amarasekara appointed the new Secretary to the Prime Minister Hiru News en 2018-10-27 Update : Superstars arrive on the Golden Carpet for the Golden night of Sri Lanka cinema – Hiru Golden film awards Hiru News en 2018-10-27 New communique issued to government departments, corporations and boards Hiru News en 2018-10-28 Golden Night of Sri Lankan Cinema – HIRU GOLDEN FILM AWARDS concludes on a grand scale; Best Movie “Agey Asa Aga” – Dasun Pathirana and Swarna Mallawarachchi win Best Actor and Actress Hiru News en 2018-10-28 Sri Lanka v England: Joe Denly stars on international return as tourists win by 30 runs Hiru News en 2018-10-28 Pittsburgh shooting: Multiple casualties at Squirrel Hill synagogue Hiru News en 2018-10-28 UNP convenes old cabinet Hiru News en 2018-10-28 President to address the nation today Hiru News en 2018-10-28 Prime Minister Mahinda worships Sri Dalada Maligawa - UNP MP Vadiwel Suresh pledges support to the Prime Minister Hiru News en 2018-10-28 Prices of rice packets, tea and Koththu reduced Hiru News en 2018-10-28 Vigneshwaran wants security Hiru News en 2018-10-28 Tense situation at the CEYPETCO House in Dematagoda ; 1 killed and 2 injured in a shootout; A security officer of former minister Arjuna arrested Hiru News en 2018-10-28 Prime Minister Mahinda to assume duties tomorrow Hiru News en 2018-10-28 New prime minister was appointed in accordance with the constitution - says the President addressing the nation Hiru News en 2018-10-29 Two murders in Hanwella Hiru News en 2018-10-29 Former prime ministers security removed Hiru News en 2018-10-29 New prime minister to assume duties today A part of the cabinet to be sworn in Hiru News en 2018-10-29 CEYPETCO employees engage in strike action demanding former minister Arjuna Ranatunga’s arrest Hiru News en 2018-10-29 President says during National ‘ Wap Magul” ceremony Provincial council elections will be held soon Hiru News en 2018-10-29 New Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse assumes duties Hiru News en 2018-10-29 Fuel distribution interrupted due to workers strike - Long queues at filling stations Hiru News en 2018-10-29 MP Arjuna Ranatunga arrested by CCD Hiru News en 2018-10-29 MP Arjuna Ranatunga arrested Petroleum workers call of strike Hiru News en 2018-10-29 President Maithreepala Sirisena appointed members to the new cabinet just a short while ago. Hiru News en 2018-10-30 Statements from 15 persons in connection with shooting at Dematagoda Petroleum corporation, Fuel distribution back to normal Hiru News en 2018-10-30 Speaker summons political representatives Hiru News en 2018-10-30 US sending 5,200 troops to border with Mexico Hiru News en 2018-10-30 IGP instructs to provide only MP’s security for former Ministers Hiru News en 2018-10-30 Main suspects of Mathethegoda bank robbery arrested Hiru News en 2018-10-30 A meeting between Prime Minister Mahinda and Sambandan; Dallas says Opposition leader would not be changed Hiru News en 2018-10-30 China says it would not interfere in Sri lankan affairs Hiru News en 2018-10-30 Alliance writes to the Speaker demanding privileges Hiru News en 2018-10-30 UNP meets in Colpitty Hiru News en 2018-10-30 Government spokesman says Attorney general has informed that Mahinda Rajapaksa’s appointment is legal Hiru News en 2018-10-30 TNA still continues discussion Hiru News en 2018-10-31 Namal Kumara gets ready for yet another disclosure Hiru News en 2018-10-31 A hint about the 16th November parliamentary session Hiru News en 2018-10-31 Signs of the meeting between President and Speaker taking place today Hiru News en 2018-10-31 New Prime Minister assume duties as the Finance Minister; Says fuel price formula has to be changed Hiru News en 2018-10-31 JVP says the solution is with the Supreme Court Hiru News en 2018-10-31 Attack on 2 police officers during a drug raid in Galewela Hiru News en 2018-11-01 A new request from Namal Kumara Hiru News en 2018-10-31 Complaint to IGP on assaulting public officials at Temple Trees Hiru News en 2018-10-31 Speaker meets with the President - UN pledges the Government necessary assistance Hiru News en 2018-10-31 IUSF gets no solution today as well Hiru News en 2018-11-01 Protest in Pothuhaera against intercity train Hiru News en 2018-11-01 Foreign Affairs Minister meets diplomats of SAARC countries Hiru News en 2018-11-01 Speaker states Prime Minister privileges will be allocated without any curtailment Hiru News en 2018-11-01 SLFP Central Committee meets today Hiru News en 2018-11-01 Rain intensify - Expressway motorists asked to limit speed Hiru News en 2018-11-01 Heroin worth 10 million rupees seized in Negambo Hiru News en 2018-11-01 The President decides to convene Parliament on November 5th Hiru News en 2018-11-01 The President decides to convene Parliament on November 5th Hiru News en 2018-11-01 Hiru News - Sri Lanka’s number 1 TV news bulletin – @ 6.55 tonight Hiru News en 2018-11-01 Several more ministers to be sworn in this evening Hiru News en 2018-11-01 Notices issued on ETI directors; depositors file a criminal case Hiru News en 2018-11-01 Several ministers sworn into the new government Hiru News en 2018-11-01 The price of petrol and several other items to be reduced Hiru News en 2018-11-02 Gotabaya and Ranil meet at Temple Trees Hiru News en 2018-11-02 Parliament to convene on November 7th. Speaker says quoting the President Hiru News en 2018-11-02 More Ministers likely to take oaths today; Another cabinet meeting on Monday Hiru News en 2018-11-02 IOC yet to reduce fuel prices; Bus fares likely to reduce Hiru News en 2018-11-02 Patali and Daya Gamage visit their former ministries Hiru News en 2018-11-02 President assures UN Chief, new Prime Minister was appointed constitutionally Hiru News en 2018-11-02 STF protection for Attorney Generals department Hiru News en 2018-11-02 Another Minister and Deputy Minister take oaths Hiru News en 2018-11-03 Trump administration to reinstate all Iran sanctions Hiru News en 2018-11-03 Sri Lanka draw final Test warm-up Hiru News en 2018-11-03 Another Minister sworn in Hiru News en 2018-11-03 Prime Minister, Ministers and UPFA MP’s hold discussion Hiru News en 2018-11-03 Leader of the house Dinesh; Government’s Chief Whip to be appointed soon Hiru News en 2018-11-03 Minister Nawinna says 5 more from the UNP will join the Government Hiru News en 2018-11-03 No assessment done on Sri Lanka; says IMF Hiru News en 2018-11-03 A lesson to the UNP from his Eminence, Cardinal Ranjith Hiru News en 2018-11-03 Signs of a few more ministers taking oaths this evening Hiru News en 2018-11-03 Cabinet paper on the wage issue of estate workers Hiru News en 2018-11-04 Bus Associations agree to reduce bus fares by 2 Percent Hiru News en 2018-11-04 SLFP General Secretary says only President has the power to convene Parliament Hiru News en 2018-11-04 Good news for estate workers before Wednesday Hiru News en 2018-11-04 Hydro Power generation increases Hiru News en 2018-11-04 Will support the new Government and President; also agree with the appointment of Prime Minister - says Rathana Thera Hiru News en 2018-11-04 percent economic growth expected next year; Steps to stabilize the Rupee Hiru News en 2018-11-04 Sri Lankan stabs wife and commits suicide in Kuwait Hiru News en 2018-11-04 Gotabhaya hints of future elections Hiru News en 2018-11-04 Another 4 ministers sworn in, A UNP MP amongst them Hiru News en 2018-11-04 An individual killed in a shooting at Hakmanaa – Kabaliya-pola Hiru News en 2018-11-04 Severed head of a foreign woman found near Bolgoda Bridge Hiru News en 2018-11-04 Asgiri Chapter advise the UNP Hiru News en 2018-11-05 President decides to call parliament on the 14th Hiru News en 2018-11-05 Rain intensifies in several provinces from tonight Hiru News en 2018-11-05 UPFA ‘jana-mahimaya’ rally at parliament roundabout today, UNP rally at Colombo Fort Hiru News en 2018-11-05 Investigations as to whether severed Bolgoda woman’s head belongs to the decapitated body found in Sevenagala Hiru News en 2018-11-05 New cabinet meets for the 2nd day Hiru News en 2018-11-05 Thevarapperuma and Hesha arrested for assaulting Ajith Prasanna Hiru News en 2018-11-05 Police protection for crossed over UNP, MP Ashoka Priyantha Hiru News en 2018-11-05 Hakeem and Rishard meet the President Hiru News en 2018-11-05 The Majority in parliament is achieved; President says at the UPFA rally that he would not revert his forward march Hiru News en 2018-11-06 Heavy rains today and tomorrow Hiru News en 2018-11-06 Uniforms for school children again Hiru News en 2018-11-06 Indian Oil Company distributers in a protest Hiru News en 2018-11-06 Mid Term elections in the US begins today Hiru News en 2018-11-06 ‘ Maltiya” arrested with firearms in Mathugama Hiru News en 2018-11-06 Health Ministry secretary warns of a drug shortage Hiru News en 2018-11-06 Heavy showers today as well; Highest rain fall of 270 mili meters reported from Baticalloa Hiru News en 2018-11-06 Parliament secretary General’s office says it would follow the relevant gazette Hiru News en 2018-11-06 Sluice gates of 16 reservoirs opened; Fisherman and naval community requested to be vigilant Hiru News en 2018-11-06 Sambandan tells the US the previous Government disregarded Tamils Hiru News en 2018-11-06 The change is constitutional; says the UK Hiru News en 2018-11-06 The Speaker declines to comment Hiru News en 2018-11-07 A meeting between President and UPFA ministers and MPs Hiru News en 2018-11-07 Heavy rains today as well Hiru News en 2018-11-07 Bus unions heads to the transport commission today for discussion about reducing bus fares Hiru News en 2018-11-07 Heroin worth over 20 million seized from Negambo Hiru News en 2018-11-07 Powers of Local Government institutions to be returned by Megapolis Ministry Hiru News en 2018-11-07 Sambanthan, Digambaran and Mano meet the President Hiru News en 2018-11-07 Government says it will complete the cabinet before the new Parliament session Hiru News en 2018-11-07 Bus fares to be reduced by 2 per cent from tomorrow midnight Hiru News en 2018-11-07 IGP rejects his former minister’s request Hiru News en 2018-11-07 Ruling party MPs gather at the Presidential Secretariat Hiru News en 2018-11-08 Parliament will not be dissolved, A statement from government Hiru News en 2018-11-08 A person injured in a shooting at Grandpass Hiru News en 2018-11-08 14 thousand doctors sign petition against Rajitha Hiru News en 2018-11-08 Trump fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions Hiru News en 2018-11-08 7 million worth heroin seized form Keththarama and Moratuwa Hiru News en 2018-11-08 2 more cabinet Ministers and 5 state Ministers take oaths Hiru News en 2018-11-08 Heavy rains in the North and East - Road to somawathi inundated Hiru News en 2018-11-08 It is revealed that the 400,000 rupee robbery in Dambulla was planned by the businessman Hiru News en 2018-11-08 Thundershowers forecast tonight and tomorrow Hiru News en 2018-11-08 A change to SLFP Constitution Hiru News en 2018-11-08 Several factions question the speaker’s role Hiru News en 2018-11-08 21 Cabinet ministers, 15 State and 8 deputy ministers take the oaths Hiru News en 2018-11-09 Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s overseas travel ban lifted Hiru News en 2018-11-09 Wimal Weerawanse takes oath as Minister of Housing and Social welfare Hiru News en 2018-11-09 JVP objects a General Election Hiru News en 2018-11-09 Thundershowers to continue; several rivers and reservoirs reach spill level Hiru News en 2018-11-09 Government hints of a possible change tomorrow - An audit in the Health Ministry Hiru News en 2018-11-09 More Ministers take oaths Hiru News en 2018-11-09 A destructive caterpillar spreading in several districts Hiru News en 2018-11-09 Parliament Dissolved at Midnight Hiru News en 2018-11-10 A warning from Railway Engine Drivers Hiru News en 2018-11-10 A step to protect the constitution – says legal experts Hiru News en 2018-11-10 Political parties prepare for the General Election Hiru News en 2018-11-10 People are given the opportunity to voice their opinions for the future of Sri Lanka – a statement from the Prime Minister Hiru News en 2018-11-10 Three university students drown in Pahanthuda Ella in Belihul Oya Hiru News en 2018-11-10 Elections Commission prepared for the election Hiru News en 2018-11-10 Government says that the parliament was dissolved as the speaker was not independent Hiru News en 2018-11-11 Minister Dayasiri to overlook Media Ministry Hiru News en 2018-11-11 Fisheries Department warns against venturing to sea Hiru News en 2018-11-11 SLFP ready to contest election under a common symbol Hiru News en 2018-11-11 California wildfires leave at least 11 dead Hiru News en 2018-11-11 2 children die after falling in to a pit in Mannar Hiru News en 2018-11-11 32 motorcyclists arrested for reckless driving Hiru News en 2018-11-11 Operation underway in search of the German woman who fell from World’s End while taking a selfie Hiru News en 2018-11-11 Prime Minister Mahinda obtains membership of Podujana Peramuna Hiru News en 2018-11-11 The body of the female German national, who fell from the World’s End, discovered. Hiru News en 2018-11-11 Many representatives of the Joint Opposition and the team of 16, including Prime Minister Mahinda, obtain the party membership of the Podujana Peramuna. Hiru News en 2018-11-11 Minister SB states that the election will be contested under a broad alliance Hiru News en 2018-11-11 Muslim congress decides to stay independent at the election Hiru News en 2018-11-12 UNP, JVP and the Muslim Congress scheduled to head to the Supreme Court today Hiru News en 2018-11-12 The possibility of Rough Seas in the forecast Hiru News en 2018-11-12 Daughter of Former Minister Ravi Karunnayake summoned to court Hiru News en 2018-11-12 A three-judge panel including the Chief Justice to consider today, 11 petitions filed against dissolving parliament Hiru News en 2018-11-12 he General Election to be held under the voter registration list for 2017, Number of MPs also gazetted Hiru News en 2018-11-12 Primary objections submitted by respondents including Gamini Senarath, dismissed Hiru News en 2018-11-12 Hand and Flower bud likely to contest under Sri Lanka Nidahas Podujana Peramuna Hiru News en 2018-11-12 Shooting at Kekirawa Pradeshiya Sabah Hiru News en 2018-11-12 Supreme Court adjourns the hearing of petitions with regard to the dissolution of parliament until tomorrow Hiru News en 2018-11-12 Podujana Peramuna says no party wants to go to courts if they can win Hiru News en 2018-11-13 Indication that the JVP and Frontline Socialist Party will be joining forces Hiru News en 2018-11-13 UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa states he is Ready to take up responsibilities Hiru News en 2018-11-13 PM Mahinda states he will run in the election under a broadened alliance Hiru News en 2018-11-13 Hearing of petitions against parliament dissolution continues today Hiru News en 2018-11-13 13 Sri Lankans who sought asylum in Israel, arrested Hiru News en 2018-11-13 The AG informs the Supreme court the dissolution of parliament is constitutional and, request to dismiss all petitions against it Hiru News en 2018-11-13 UNPs Ananda and Ashoka appointed as Podujana Peramuna organizers Hiru News en 2018-11-13 SB predicts an election result prior to the election Hiru News en 2018-11-13 The AG informs the Supreme court the dissolution of parliament is constitutional and, request to dismiss all petitions against it Hiru News en 2018-11-13 Cyclone “ Gaja” poses danger for Northern Fishermen Hiru News en 2018-11-13 Supreme Court issues an interim order suspending the gazette issued on dissolution of parliament Hiru News en 2018-11-14 President convenes the security council; Directive given to maintain uninterrupted peaceful environment in the country Hiru News en 2018-11-14 To attend parliament or not ? Government parties to decide, after meeting between President and Prime Minister Hiru News en 2018-11-14 Speaker says Parliament will convene today, A special party leaders’ meeting is scheduled for this morning Hiru News en 2018-11-14 Today’s session of the new parliament adjourned until tomorrow, after just half an hour, - Speaker states that the no-confidence motion against the PM has been passed; Government refutes the decision Hiru News en 2018-11-14 Fowzie, Manusha and Piyasena Gamage sit with the Opposition; Wadiwel and Wasantha resign from ministry portfolio Hiru News en 2018-11-15 Prime Minister to give a special statement in parliament today Hiru News en 2018-11-15 President responds to Speaker in writing stating the Speaker has violated the constitution, standing orders and parliamentary convention Hiru News en 2018-11-15 Central Bank gives another reminder regarding email scams Hiru News en 2018-11-15 Heavy rains and winds in the north due to ‘gaja’ cyclone Hiru News en 2018-11-15 Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksha commences his speech Tense situation in Parliament Hiru News en 2018-11-15 Tense situation erupts in Parliament Hiru News en 2018-11-15 Fuel prices reduced by 5 rupees. Hiru News en 2018-11-16 Be ready for a vote by name, with change of the first clause – President informs representatives of parties Hiru News en 2018-11-16 Parliament adjourned due to brawl, meets again at 1.30 p.m. today Hiru News en 2018-11-16 Schools in the north closed owing to the Gaja cyclone Hiru News en 2018-11-16 No change in bus fares Hiru News en 2018-11-16 A Complaint lodged at Walikada police with regards to the Knife incident in Parliament Hiru News en 2018-11-16 A meeting between the President and the Prime Minister; Government and UNP MP’s schedule to meet as well Hiru News en 2018-11-16 Parliament adjourned until Nov.19th due to tense situation Hiru News en 2018-11-16 UNF party leaders to meet the President Hiru News en 2018-11-16 Tense situation in Parliament today as well; The Speaker says the No Confidence motion is passed Hiru News en 2018-11-16 President says Parliament will not be prorogued under any circumstances Hiru News en 2018-11-17 Singaporean nabbed by Customs with 43 Million Rupees worth Gold Hiru News en 2018-11-17 Ready for a General Election; says UNP Hiru News en 2018-11-17 122 caves found from the Rajagalathanna Archaeological site Hiru News en 2018-11-17 Government Party Members hold a special discussion Hiru News en 2018-11-17 Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa says he cannot be removed forcefully or disgracefully Hiru News en 2018-11-17 United National Front Leaders hope to meet with President Hiru News en 2018-11-17 UNP challenges the government Hiru News en 2018-11-17 Complaint lodged with the CID against the speaker Hiru News en 2018-11-17 A new revelation about the cost of one day of a parliament session Hiru News en 2018-11-17 Minister S.B. states that the president informed that he will meet UNF leaders only if they properly conduct parliamentary procedures Hiru News en 2018-11-18 Speaker is responsible for the crisis in Parliament; says Minister Keheliya Hiru News en 2018-11-18 25 Million Rupees worth heroin seized in Kotahena Hiru News en 2018-11-18 UNP to meet at Temple Trees at night Hiru News en 2018-11-18 President calls for an All Party Conference Hiru News en 2018-11-18 Youth who killed Mother of his Lover arrested in Dambulla Hiru News en 2018-11-18 Telephone conversation between President and Speaker; UNP to participate at All Party Meeting; JVP says No Hiru News en 2018-11-18 Risk of Influenza spreading among children Hiru News en 2018-11-18 All-Party Meeting commences; Prime Minister and former Prime Minister attend the meeting; Speaker and JVP not taking part Hiru News en 2018-11-18 Protests against the speaker and demanding a general election, staged today as well Hiru News en 2018-11-18 Government asks for 113 affidavits from UNP