Hiru News en 2013-12-14 Pakistan court summons Musharraf in high treason case Hiru News en 2013-12-14 Zimbabwe players strike over non-payment of dues Hiru News en 2013-12-14 Julia Roberts pregnant? Hiru News en 2013-12-14 MoU between Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia regarding Sri Lankan Domestic workers Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Video: Several religious observances in view of 70th Birthday of Ven. Galaboda Gnanissara Thera Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Video : 3 killed in accident involving Police vehicle and three wheeler Hiru News en 2013-12-15 UNP has a question on local government act Hiru News en 2013-12-15 No need of 13th amendment - Minister says in Parliament Hiru News en 2013-12-15 8 agreements signed between Sri Lanka and Kenya Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Budget defeats at village level a message to the government; UNP Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Dollar gains for 2nd day on chance of a Fed taper Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Paul Walker laid to rest Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Elections Commissioner calls his Assistants and Deputies Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Report on ghost train next week Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Update : Johnston and Arunidika replies to JVP’s allegations regarding Ethanol. Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Diplomatic operation before Geneva summit Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Video : Nelson Mandela buried at Qunu ancestral home Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Update : One hundred thousand pilgrims visit Sri Pada within several hours Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Video : Update : President returns concluding a successful state visit to Kenya. Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Sony unveils Avengers-style expansion of Spider - Man franchise Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Australia build huge lead over England in Perth Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Biz delegation for Seychelles Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Update :Video: The Elpitiya fast against Geethaa Kumaarasinghe ends. Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Minister Samarasingha issues a warning. Hiru News en 2013-12-15 CEB makes profit. Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Update :Video: Deaths of mother and 2 children in Gandara confirmed a suicide Hiru News en 2013-12-16 Showery weather to continue Hiru News en 2013-12-15 Video : Mister Sri lanka body Building competition held yesterday Hiru News en 2013-12-16 Chinas Jade Rabbit Moon rover sends back first photos Hiru News en 2013-12-16 Sunil Gavaskar slams ICC match referees for being biased against India Hiru News en 2013-12-16 Willie Nelson’s Golf Club and estate in Texas up for sale. Hiru News en 2013-12-16 Sri Lanka and Kenya ink deals in tourism, trade and economic co-operation Hiru News en 2013-12-16 The JVP stated that the JHU must resign from the government. Hiru News en 2013-12-16 A person arrested for cheating money using a Ministers name Hiru News en 2013-12-16 Video: Albino sea turtle worth million of rupees stolen Hiru News en 2013-12-16 Video: Buddhangala tusker shot dead Hiru News en 2013-12-16 Ireland exits bailout with warnings of more austerity Hiru News en 2013-12-16 Colombo-Puttalam road to be closed from time to time Hiru News en 2013-12-16 England face battle to save series in Perth Hiru News en 2013-12-16 Google buys military robot-maker Boston Dynamics Hiru News en 2013-12-16 Bon Jovi has highest grossing tour of 2013 Hiru News en 2013-12-16 Sri Lanka among the countries where wild horses live Hiru News en 2013-12-16 Tamil Nadu starts search operations to arrest LTTE suspects in hiding Hiru News en 2013-12-16 Investigations into the Asias largest heroin racket is not sufficient - says JHU Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Video : Another stage of Daham Saviya, multi religious sites refurbishment program commences. Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Manmohan firm with Jayalalitha on the fisheries problem. Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Video : Two TNA opinions with regard to a water project. Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Update : SLFP Executive Committee to discuss actions against members who defeated local govt budgets Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Vitali Klitschko: Heavyweight champion swaps boxing for politics Hiru News en 2013-12-17 N Korea troops pledge loyalty en masse as Seoul on alert Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Chinese arrivals to increase by 200% Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Cameron to film three Avatar sequels in New Zealand Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Showers in Eastern and Uva provinces. Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Two dies in Marawila road accident Hiru News en 2013-12-17 President will handover 10 thousand 400 health service appoints today Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Coal smoke kills Lankan in Saudi Hiru News en 2013-12-17 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug tops US box office Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Shane Shillingford: ICC bans West Indies off-spinner from bowling Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Sri Lanka bank credit to state, business, up in October Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Russian missile deployment raises alarm Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Sylvester Stallone Embarrassed By Boxing Hall Of Fame Honour Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Speaker informs the decision on Wijedasa Rajapakses private member Bill Hiru News en 2013-12-17 The fight will continue - JHU vows Hiru News en 2013-12-17 UN Secretary General says that lessons learnt from Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-12-17 UNP leadership council convenes. Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Video : Australia beat England to regain urn in Perth Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Defeated Wattala Pradeshiya Sabha budget passed at second time Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Video : Rights of the free health service have been restored; President Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Video : Year 5 scholarship cut off marks released - 186 for Royal and Visakha Colleges Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Video : UNP demands concessions for the People Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Update : SLFP decision today about Councillors causing budget defeat twice Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Heads of expenditure of all ministries likely to be scrutinized before a special committee Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Video : Former Prime Minister sympathizes with his Present counterpart Hiru News en 2013-12-17 Country Legend Ray Price Dead at 87 Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Constitution cannot be amended according to requests made by certain groups - Keheliya Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Update : Ellawala Thero refutes the TNA claim that SL is a land of Hindus Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Video : Permission for 3 investors including James Packer to build hotels along D.R. Wijewardhana Road Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Showers at times in the Eastern and Uva provinces Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Sri Lanka the most child-friendly country in the South Asian region Hiru News en 2013-12-18 A person dies in road accident along Avissawella - Colombo road Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Video : Update : Susantha Punchinilame acquitted from all charges in Nalanda Ellawala murder case Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Video : Accusing the Prime Minister is wrong - says Mangala Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Update :Video: Albino turtle wanted in Maldives for a spiritual performance - says vocalist Amal Perera Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Japan invests in new military kit as China row simmers Hiru News en 2013-12-18 England found out by Australia - Alastair Cook Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Sri Lanka spice exports up 40-pct Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Nirvana, Kiss among new members of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Group of fishermen protest near Thoppuwa Bridge Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Haputale Urban Council budget passed Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Pakistan won the toss and they have chosen to bat first. Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Dwayne The Rock Johnson Is The Highest-Grossing Movie Star Of 2013 Hiru News en 2013-12-18 An acid attack on a mother and daughter in Kananke - The condition of both victims critical Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Cut off marks of Year - 5 Scholarship for several schools were not given - Teacher Associations go to Court Hiru News en 2013-12-18 UPDATE: Video:SLFP to sack their recalcitrant local government institution members Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Saudi ready to act on Iran, Syria, with or without West Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Budgets of 2 institutions defeated today as well Hiru News en 2013-12-18 Western and Southern Provincial Councils to be dissolved Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Video : A new housing project for low income earners in Dematagoda Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Hafeez stars in Pakistans hard-fought win Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Update : Western and Southern Provincial Council elections likely to be held on March 8TH Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Three university students who carried out ragging guilty by court. Hiru News en 2013-12-19 SSP posts to 42 SPs Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Inform about salary anomalies immediately - The Salary Commission requests Govt employees. Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Preparation for amending the local government Act - Attention at the SLFP Central Council. Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Showers expected in North-central, Eastern and Uva provinces Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Kerry regrets India diplomat Devyani Khobragade row Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Brad Pitt delays 50th birthday celebration Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Paul Walkers Movie Car Triples In Price After Death Hiru News en 2013-12-19 SRI LANKAN NATIONAL, TUAN ISMAIL, HONOURED BY THE QUEEN Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Tallest Christmas tree at Kilinochchi Security Forces Headquarters. Hiru News en 2013-12-19 8 arrested while picking sea leaches Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Virat Kohli century helps tourists recover Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Sri Lanka exports up 27-pct in November Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Mohammed Morsi faces Egypt terrorism charges Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Heavy traffic in Pettah Hiru News en 2013-12-19 An attempt to bring all local govt institutions which lost their budgets under a special commissioner - JVP charges Hiru News en 2013-12-19 UPFA controlled Imbulpe PS budget defeated for the 2nd time - Govt member runs away with the Chairmans documents Hiru News en 2013-12-20 Video : Female Anaconda swallows the male Hiru News en 2013-12-19 US Federal Reserve pulls back on stimulus effort Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Paul Walkers death certificate released. Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Ryder recalled to one-day squad Hiru News en 2013-12-19 JVP once again challenges the government Hiru News en 2013-12-19 President calls for unity in the party. Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Video: The rat-race to over - Year-5 scholarship examination will be cancelled in 2016 Hiru News en 2013-12-19 Video: Time of the Special Parliament Select Committee to solve the national problem is extended by 6 months Hiru News en 2013-12-20 Today is the last day of the budget debate. Hiru News en 2013-12-20 JHU still has doubts about relief given to James Packers hotel Hiru News en 2013-12-20 Video : Reports from Eppaawala about five children who had been without food for five days Hiru News en 2013-12-20 US extradite a Singaporean who had supplied arms for LTTE. Hiru News en 2013-12-20 London theatre ceiling collapse injures 88 Hiru News en 2013-12-20 Vernon Philander leads fightback Hiru News en 2013-12-20 Paul Rudd to play Ant-Man in new film Hiru News en 2013-12-20 Update : Video : Fire doused at Education Ministry Hiru News en 2013-12-20 Update : Video: GCE Advanced Level results released; Outstations top the island in Maths, Science and Commerce streams Hiru News en 2013-12-20 Philippine mayor among four dead in Manila airport ambush Hiru News en 2013-12-20 Milko strike continues - Negotiations failed Hiru News en 2013-12-20 UNP demands a special Parliament Committee on the EPF Hiru News en 2013-12-20 Election Commissioner informs UPFA General Secretary to name new Chairmen for budget defeated LG bodies Hiru News en 2013-12-20 Jayalalitha to contest for the Premier post to teach Sri Lanka a lesson Hiru News en 2013-12-20 UN admits its failure in war in Sri lanka Hiru News en 2013-12-20 EU leaders approve eurozone banking reform deal Hiru News en 2013-12-20 World Test Championship in doubt Hiru News en 2013-12-20 South Sudan on precipice of civil war, Obama warns Hiru News en 2013-12-20 Hosni Mubarak allies cleared of corruption charges Hiru News en 2013-12-20 Hugh Jackman Wanted As Peter Pans Blackbeard Hiru News en 2013-12-20 2014 budget was passed in Parliament with 95 majority votes Hiru News en 2013-12-20 North Korea warns of merciless strike against South Hiru News en 2013-12-20 Mariah Careys Christmas track breaks a million sales Hiru News en 2013-12-20 Video: 4 convicts are sentenced to death by Moneragala High Court Hiru News en 2013-12-20 JHU demands the arrest of Mangala Samaraweera Hiru News en 2013-12-20 Update : Video : Unique solutions should be found on behalf of future generations - President Hiru News en 2013-12-20 Video:3rd reading of the budget for 2014 passed with 95 majority votes Hiru News en 2013-12-21 Should act as per the party decision and not as per your conscience - Minister John Hiru News en 2013-12-21 TNA MPs and Provincial Councillors meet for the first time on Tuesday Hiru News en 2013-12-21 Update :Video: Let us gather the opposition - says Opposition Leader during 55th UNP Convention Hiru News en 2013-12-21 Obama hints at rethink on NSA Hiru News en 2013-12-21 All round Sri Lanka snatch dramatic win over Pakistan Hiru News en 2013-12-21 British stage show on Harry Potter Hiru News en 2013-12-21 Tourists enjoying freedom in Colombo Hiru News en 2013-12-21 Laws on unauthorized electric fences to be tightened Hiru News en 2013-12-21 Delegation to India following invitation from Jayalalitha to solve Indo-Sri Lanka fishermens issue Hiru News en 2013-12-21 Women a blessing to society - President Hiru News en 2013-12-21 China denounces Japans new military strategy Hiru News en 2013-12-21 Dollar falls from 5-yr high vs. Yen but firm trend seen intact Hiru News en 2013-12-21 World Test Championship in doubt Hiru News en 2013-12-21 Daft Punk will perform at the 2014 Grammy Awards Hiru News en 2013-12-21 Update : 3 more skulls recovered from Mannar excavations. Hiru News en 2013-12-21 Thai opposition to boycott 2 February elections. Hiru News en 2013-12-21 Sri Lanka SEC sets minimum public float limits Hiru News en 2013-12-21 PCB concerned about security in Bangladesh Hiru News en 2013-12-21 Julia Roberts to examine before her children act. Hiru News en 2013-12-21 Video: Group of Sri Lankan youth prevents international ship from sinking Hiru News en 2013-12-21 4 storey warehouse in Pettah storing expired goods to be released to the market raided Hiru News en 2013-12-22 MP R Dumindha Silva participates at Birth Centenary of Ven Baddegama Sri Wimalawanshalankabhidaana Thera Hiru News en 2013-12-22 CMC announces hotline to receive complaints on food unsuitable for consumption Hiru News en 2013-12-22 UNP prepared to take to the streets to take power Hiru News en 2013-12-22 Sri Lankan immigrant workers in Sudan recalled Hiru News en 2013-12-22 Video : Path of drugs flowing in to the country uncovered Hiru News en 2013-12-22 South Sudan rebels control key state Hiru News en 2013-12-22 Facebook to sell shares Hiru News en 2013-12-22 Video : Graeme Swann retires Hiru News en 2013-12-22 Aretha Franklin on a new project Hiru News en 2013-12-22 Census on elections officials commences Hiru News en 2013-12-22 Video : Plans to arrest all Indian fishing vessels violating border Hiru News en 2013-12-22 State institutions given 2 months to pay back fuel costs Hiru News en 2013-12-22 TNA accepts Presidents invitation Hiru News en 2013-12-22 Mozambique plane crash intentionally caused by pilot Hiru News en 2013-12-22 Checkpoint outside Libyas Benghazi hit by suicide attack Hiru News en 2013-12-22 Lockerbie bombing: Investigation vow on anniversary Hiru News en 2013-12-22 Bomb attack kills officers in Iraqs Anbar province Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Mine collapses, two workers trapped in Ratnapura mine killed. Hiru News en 2013-12-22 Katunayaka expressway income exceeds 200 million rupees. Hiru News en 2013-12-22 Video : 132000 land related complaints in the North and East; 22000 solved. Hiru News en 2013-12-22 Legal assistance by the UNP to councillors who voted against the budget. Hiru News en 2013-12-22 Obama warns South Sudan after US military personnel wounded Hiru News en 2013-12-22 JK Rowling announces Harry Potter stage show Hiru News en 2013-12-22 Tom Cruises huge lawsuit with the tabloids has come to an end. Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Video : MP R Dumindha Silva clarifies about flats constructed in Colombo. Hiru News en 2013-12-23 GOLD FM “All i want for Christmas” programme throughout the day. Hiru News en 2013-12-23 High Tech equipment for Welikada prison. Hiru News en 2013-12-23 2200 face book complaints in 2013 Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Video: 1 dead and 4 injured following a hand grenade attack. Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Hafeez all-round acts help Pakistan beat Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Apple, China Mobile sign iPhone deal Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Obama raises tone on South Sudan after attack Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Vin Diesel to play Groot in Marvels Guardians Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Indian fishermen strike intensifies, 23 women faint on day two Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Kataragama PS Chairman assaults a woman - A victim makes a complaint Hiru News en 2013-12-23 UPDATE:Video: Alliance loses budget votes in another 3 PSs today - New chairmen for Peliyagoda, Kesbewa and Meerigama Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Thalatha Athukorala refuses Leadership Council once again Hiru News en 2013-12-23 UNP, JVP and SLFP trade unions up against Minister Thondaman Hiru News en 2013-12-23 A mail bag which belongs to Central Mail Exchange - Colombo found in Hanwella Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Show cause letters to be sent to councilors who voted against their budgets Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Specialist to head excavations of Mannars mass grave Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Video: Do not harbour hopes regarding salary increments - says Ranil Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Western and Southern PCs to be dissolved on the 8th, 11th or 12th - Election to be held on 22nd or 29th of March Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Jayalalitha to discuss with local fishermen Hiru News en 2013-12-23 South Sudan army set to move on rebel-held town of Bor Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Shehzad fined 50 percent of fee for pushing Dilshan Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Graeme Swann denies taking swipe at ex-England team-mates Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Video: Shehzad fined 50 percent of fee for pushing Dilshan Hiru News en 2013-12-23 Stevie Wonder Performs Classic 1976 Album In Full At Charity Gig Hiru News en 2013-12-24 Video : Buddha Statue unveiled at the Kalanimulla Gilan Bhikkshu Centre Hiru News en 2013-12-24 Update :Video: First suspect of Matara Kananke acid attack arrested Hiru News en 2013-12-24 An all party TN committee gets ready to meet Manmohan for discussion on SL Hiru News en 2013-12-24 An urgent TNA meeting in Vavuniya today. Hiru News en 2013-12-24 Video: President says that a strong future generation should be built Hiru News en 2013-12-24 South Sudan army readies offensive as UN calls emergency talks Hiru News en 2013-12-24 Vernon Philander replaces Dale Steyn at top of ICC Test rankings Hiru News en 2013-12-24 Hobbit holds firm at top of US box office Hiru News en 2013-12-24 Video: AK47 assault rifle designer Kalashnikov dies at 94 Hiru News en 2013-12-24 Strong winds due to northeast monsoons Hiru News en 2013-12-24 Two foreigners arrested with bundles of foreign currency Hiru News en 2013-12-24 UPDATE:Video: 43,500 drunk drivers arrested Hiru News en 2013-12-24 UPDATE:Video: National Bhikku Council requests for a public statement from Prime Minister Hiru News en 2013-12-24 19 Judges get transfers Hiru News en 2013-12-24 A program to conserve wild horses as a national treasure Hiru News en 2013-12-24 Video: TNA convention which commenced this morning still in progress - Ananda Sangaree says no democracy Hiru News en 2013-12-24 Video: UPFA loses budgets in Hingurakgoda, Medirigiriya and Amban-ganga Korale Hiru News en 2013-12-24 Dr. Harsha may be UNP’s Chief Ministerial Candidate for Western Province Hiru News en 2013-12-25 X- MAS Segment Hiru News en 2013-12-25 A Dengue Eradication Week again from tomorrow Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Three Pakistani officials to the island to probe the narcotics container. Hiru News en 2013-12-25 The Select Committee is not sufficient - A decision at the TNA convention. Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Video: Christmas celebrating the birth of Christ worldwide dawns today - Compassion and Peace are commemorated today, says President. Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Mathews tells Sri Lankan team-mates to remain positive Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Bethlehem: Christmas crowds gather in town Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron wins effects award Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Winds upto 80 kilo meters per hour over the country expected. Hiru News en 2013-12-25 JVP has changed - says Minister Wasu Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Thousands dead in South Sudan violence, UN says Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Department of Divineguma will be launched in January Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Anti Sri Lankan David Camerons LTTE connections are exposed Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Laws against international terrorism to be introduced globally soon - Palitha Kohona Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Policeman on illicit liquor raid hospitalized after assault Hiru News en 2013-12-25 No accidents due to fire crackers during this Christmas - However 276 admitted to accident ward Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Monty Panesar targeted by Warner and Smith Hiru News en 2013-12-25 France to avoid double-dip recession Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Mick Jagger is impossible to gift at Christmas Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Christmas celebrated all over the island. Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Discussions between India and Sri Lanka Fishermen to begin in January Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Update : Video: Crisis at Baduraliya hospital ends Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Arrest UPFA MP Ranjith Soyza - Forest Officers Association demands Hiru News en 2013-12-25 UPDATE: 517 drunk drivers arrested Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Video: Lord always with the masses; Pope Francis Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Thai Prime Minister Yingluck proposes national reform council Hiru News en 2013-12-25 South Sudan crisis: Increased efforts to end bloodshed Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Apple fined in Taiwan for fair trade violation Hiru News en 2013-12-25 Vin Diesel confirmed for Guardians of the Galaxy Hiru News en 2013-12-25 SL 225 all out Hiru News en 2013-12-26 Private bus owners get ready for yet another strike. Hiru News en 2013-12-26 A special programme for eradicating drug menace prevalent among school children. Hiru News en 2013-12-26 UPDATE: Video: Its nine years since tsunami occurred - The national Safety Day is commemorated today. Hiru News en 2013-12-26 Hafeez, Ajmal guide Pakistan to series-clinching win Hiru News en 2013-12-26 Pope prays for South Sudan, Syria on first Christmas Hiru News en 2013-12-26 Syria inks oil, gas exploration deal with Russian firm Hiru News en 2013-12-26 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt shop for discounted toys Hiru News en 2013-12-26 Video: Ninth anniversary of Tsunami is commemorated - Special hotline introduced to inform regarding disasters Hiru News en 2013-12-26 Colombo Municipal Council to auction 260 houses and shops for evading local tax Hiru News en 2013-12-26 Queen Elizabeth gives a feedback on Colombo CHOGM Hiru News en 2013-12-26 An Indian national who photographed vital security centers in the North arrested Hiru News en 2013-12-26 Video: Armed duo robs a bank in Malabe Hiru News en 2013-12-26 National Gem and Jewellery Authority warns public regarding purchasing Gold. Hiru News en 2013-12-26 Pakistan picks Mohammad Talha for Tests: Afridi to not take part in final ODI. Hiru News en 2013-12-26 George Michael says he will not retire. Hiru News en 2013-12-26 Sri Lanka tourist growth slows in November Hiru News en 2013-12-26 Egypt violence: Five injured in Cairo bus bomb blast Hiru News en 2013-12-26 Budgets in UNP controlled Passara and UPFA controlled Lankapura defeated Hiru News en 2013-12-26 Mahawa Crimes Division OIC arrested for attempting to obtain sexual bribe Hiru News en 2013-12-27 US sends missiles to Iraq Hiru News en 2013-12-27 No obstructions for us - JVP tells UNP Hiru News en 2013-12-27 Prompt action to regulate lecturers at private universities Hiru News en 2013-12-27 Northern Provincial Council prepares for another census Hiru News en 2013-12-27 Shaun Pollock, Kepler Wessels hail Jacques Kallis solid career Hiru News en 2013-12-27 Police Story 2013 beats ronins, Smaug, powers into S’pores box-office Top 10 Hiru News en 2013-12-27 Norochcholei inactive again - 9.2 billion rupees lost this year Hiru News en 2013-12-27 South Sudan crisis: East Africa leaders to hold emergency talks Hiru News en 2013-12-27 Update :Video: Customs seizes 16000 liters of ethanol Hiru News en 2013-12-27 Graeme Swann revealed the remark is not a reference to Pietersen Hiru News en 2013-12-27 Tj Jackson Fighting Relatives Guardianship Bid For Michaels Kids Hiru News en 2013-12-27 Jayalalithaa prepares for the Indo - Sri Lanka fishermen discussion Hiru News en 2013-12-27 Alawwa Chairman who lost his post sits in as chairman again Hiru News en 2013-12-27 Video : Update : Chemical laced fruits still in the market: CAA issues instructions to the public Hiru News en 2013-12-27 Video: Blast hits Lebanese capital Beirut Hiru News en 2013-12-27 BCCI may move Supreme Court to stall Lalit Modis return as Rajasthan president. Hiru News en 2013-12-27 Billy Joel to perform in Feb 2014 Hiru News en 2013-12-27 Elections Commissioner to meet party secretaries on 3rd of January Hiru News en 2013-12-27 Crisis regarding passing of budgets in TNA controlled local government institutions Hiru News en 2013-12-27 High level US Diplomat to visit Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-12-28 Video : UPDATE: 3 person committee to inquire regarding train engine fire Hiru News en 2013-12-28 Instructions issued to those in Nuwara Eliya to take precautions against extreme cold weather Hiru News en 2013-12-28 UPDATE: Indo - Sri Lanka fishermen discussions on 20th January Hiru News en 2013-12-28 No computer gimmicks in 2010 Presidential election - says Sarath Fonseka Hiru News en 2013-12-28 Sri Lanka pull off thrilling consolation win over Pakistan Hiru News en 2013-12-28 NSA surveillance lawful, judge rules Hiru News en 2013-12-28 Dolly Parton Wants To Renew Wedding Vows For 50th Anniversary Hiru News en 2013-12-28 3 Sri Lankans arrested in Madurei airport with largest haul of gold Hiru News en 2013-12-28 Australia need 231 runs for victory Hiru News en 2013-12-28 President prepares for a tour of Israel and Palastine Hiru News en 2013-12-28 China formally eases one-child policy Hiru News en 2013-12-28 Twitter tumbles after warning on overvaluation Hiru News en 2013-12-28 Game of Thrones Crowned Most Torrented Show Of 2013 Hiru News en 2013-12-28 Video: Fire in the Hanthana mountain range; Air Force also deployed to fight the fire Hiru News en 2013-12-28 Egypt protesters set fire to Cairo campus Hiru News en 2013-12-28 Boost for Southern cinnamon cultivation. Hiru News en 2013-12-28 International Cricket Council conducts trials on Decision Review System Hiru News en 2013-12-28 David Bowie impersonates Elvis Presley Hiru News en 2013-12-28 A minister fears saloon doors Hiru News en 2013-12-28 TNA prepares for Geneva; Objective is evil - alleges patriots Hiru News en 2013-12-29 UPDATE: Video: Mannars mass grave illegal - Judicial Medical inquiry reveals Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Video : Minister Wasudewa expects a constitutional change Hiru News en 2013-12-29 2 groups to get university entrance next year Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Prepared to face the Geneva Summit - a statement from the government Hiru News en 2013-12-29 The Ashes,4th Test: Chris Rogers leads Australia to 8-wicket win, lead series 4-0 Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Sri Lanka deports Indian reporter Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Kallis plays perfect innings in final Test match Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Brazil slaps tax increase on overseas tourism spending Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Syria chemical deadline unlikely to be met Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Taylor Swift Leads The Way In The List Of Charitable Stars Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Marking of O/Level answer papers begins tomorrow Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Another 22 Indian fishermen arrested; Fisheries organizations suspicious regarding Indo - Lanka discussion Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Indians nabbed for violating visa rules Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Minster Maithreepala explains why local government budgets were defeated Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Decision whether to increase prices of milk powder to be taken during first week of January Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Kerry in New Years Day trip to Israel Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Apple has once again become the target of a patent-infringement lawsuit. Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Frozen, Hobbit 2, Hustle and Wolf fight it out at box office Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Deadly bomb blast hits Russian train station Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Eurozone set for volatile 2014 as it tackles banks Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Ashes 2013-14: Alastair Cook wants to remain England captain Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Presley seeks to revoke walking horse contest trophy. Hiru News en 2013-12-29 New Year dawns with a new moon Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Navi Pillay’s report regarding Sri Lanka to be presented to the UNHRC on the 26th of March Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Video: It is the responsibility of women to create a society that identifies cultural values; It is the responsibility of the government to safeguard women Hiru News en 2013-12-29 Video: The 1st phase of the 2014 Sisusaviya project launched under the patronage of MP R Dumindha Silva Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Michael Schumacher, ex-F1 champion, critical after ski fall Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Sri Lanka to launch Rs. 4 bn campaign to promote tea Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Barrel bombs kill 517 in Aleppo since 15 December Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Billy Joel to perform in Feb 2014 Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Sri Lankan environment not harmed by polythene and plastic. Hiru News en 2013-12-30 448 Indian fishermen and 220 SL fishermen who violated maritime boundaries arrested. Hiru News en 2013-12-30 A special meeting of the SLFP central committee. Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Video : 50kg of a variety of narcotic plant named Kart seized for the first time in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Ten dead in second blast to hit Russian city Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Three nabbed with a 500 cartons of cigarettes at the airport Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Vidura Wickramanayake flown to Singapore for medical care Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Homagama budget defeated for the 2nd time - Tense situation in Uhana Pradeshiya Sabha Hiru News en 2013-12-30 New telephone number to make complaints against Police Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Video : Unmanned railway engine ran due to negligence of engine driver and his assistant Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Jacques Kallis: South African hits century in final Test Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Sri Lankas Herath ready for Pakistan test Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Milko workers call off the strike Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Bangladesh activists clash with police at polls protest Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Sri Lanka home internet access at 11.4-pct Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Kylie Minogue and Ricky Wilson join Tom Jones and in The Voice trailer Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Video : Damana PS Chairman collapsed before the vote taking – budget also defeated Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Video : Update : No power will be given to divide the country - President reiterates Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Video : Schumacher fighting for his life after ski accident Hiru News en 2013-12-30 New Bruce Springsteen album appears early on Amazon Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Update : Video : Canadian MPs needs cannot be fulfilled - says Army and Police Hiru News en 2013-12-30 Video :Update : There are no Education Commission recommendations for abolishing the scholarship, say teacher unions Hiru News en 2013-12-31 An assurance from PM Manmohan singh about the release of Indian fishermen Hiru News en 2013-12-31 No aspiration for a membership in parliament - says Lal Kaantha Hiru News en 2013-12-31 Video : President explains the best gift Sri Lanka could offer the world Hiru News en 2013-12-31 Hobbit beats Wolf at US Box Office Hiru News en 2013-12-31 Sri Lankan found dead on Maldives resort Hiru News en 2013-12-31 Investigations regarding fire at Kotahena textile factory continue Hiru News en 2013-12-31 2 acres destroyed in Hunnasgiriya fire Hiru News en 2013-12-31 Video : Update : Doctor who installed a camera inside a ladies toilet remanded. Hiru News en 2013-12-31 UPFA controlled Bulathsinhala and Higurakgoda budgets defeated at the second vote taking; Daraniyagala Charien arrested. Hiru News en 2013-12-31 The met department states that Change in the prevailing dry weather is expected by tomorrow. Hiru News en 2013-12-31 Video : Police protection for Mangalas residence Hiru News en 2013-12-31 JHU wants to increase the number of election candidate offices Hiru News en 2013-12-31 19,000 Indonesians flee erupting volcano Hiru News en 2013-12-31 2013 voters register certified today Hiru News en 2013-12-31 Greece will require no further aid after bailout exit: PM Hiru News en 2013-12-31 Queen guitarist Brian May undergoing cancer tests Hiru News en 2013-12-31 Video : UPFA controlled 4 local government institution budgets defeated at the 2nd vote taking: UNP wins in Passara. Hiru News en 2013-12-31 Sri lanka all out for 204 runs Hiru News en 2013-12-31 Video : President hopeful of a year devoid of poisonous substances. Hiru News en 2013-12-31 South Sudan rebels attack key town Hiru News en 2013-12-31 Pattinson, Warner recalled to ODI squad Hiru News en 2013-12-31 Jon Secada makes amends with maid. Hiru News en 2014-01-01 A letter to Finance Ministry Secretary to stop the kidney disease test costing Rs 350 million. Hiru News en 2014-01-01 Power failures that occurred in several areas back to normal Hiru News en 2014-01-01 The highest number of complaints last year were against the police : says Human Rights Commission Hiru News en 2014-01-01 Video : Sri Lankans welcome the New Year giving priority to religious rites; President at the Kirivehera Sacred precincts. Hiru News en 2014-01-01 New year celebrations welcome 2014 Hiru News en 2014-01-01 Arnold Schwarzenegger: Politics cost me money Hiru News en 2014-01-01 Video : Update : 7-day detention order on the wife of Wellampitiya Police OIC arrested on drug charges Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Sri Lanka and India exchange detained fishermen. Hiru News en 2014-01-01 India completes over 10,000 houses for Sri Lankan IDPs this year Hiru News en 2014-01-01 Person arrested for illegally excavating for artefacts in Polonnaruwa Hiru News en 2014-01-01 A generation close to temple, Kovil and Mosque should be rebuilt : President Hiru News en 2014-01-01 Video : Anderson hits fastest ODI century Hiru News en 2014-01-01 North Korea warns of nuclear disaster, threatens US Hiru News en 2014-01-01 Oprah Winfrey to finally wed Hiru News en 2014-01-01 Maithree Gunarathna seeks permission to meet UNP Leadership Council Hiru News en 2014-01-01 A petition to the Commission of Bribery or Corruption against its own Chairman Hiru News en 2014-01-01 2000 drunk drivers arrested during last week - 575 hospitalized within 48 hours Hiru News en 2014-01-01 Video : UNP Southern provincial councillor Hiru News en 2014-01-01 Defeated chairmen summoned to Colombo before the SLFP central committee meeting. Hiru News en 2014-01-01 Video : The Prime Minister should apologize to the Sangha - says Bodu Bala Sena Hiru News en 2014-01-01 Hewlett - Packard and Revlon job cuts announced Hiru News en 2014-01-01 Maha Sanga invoke blessings on the President Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Hotel in Somali capital Mogadishu hit by car bombs Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Sri Lanka Treasuries yield extend fall Hiru News en 2014-01-02 1st Test: Younis Khan, Misbah-ul Haq tons spur Pakistan to 327/4 on Day 2 Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Disgruntled Prince fans offered refunds after their hero failed to perform. Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Younger brother stabbed to death by Elder brother in Thissamaharama. Hiru News en 2014-01-02 A new target for the police in the New Year. Hiru News en 2014-01-02 An opportunity to file legal cases through E- Mail Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Medical Officers to complain to HRC Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Video : 22 million rupees gold seized at BIA Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Video : Update : Another 27 garment workers hospitalized today as well following Horana and Padukka food poisoning incident Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Sri Lanka cuts Reverse Repo Rate, renames it Standing Lending Facility Rate Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Date set to apply Iran nuclear deal Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Iron Man 3 tops 2013 box office Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Video : Request to abstain from visiting Sri Pada from today till 5th of January. Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Video : Having announced that the budget was passed, Uhana Chairman leaves the meeting. Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Video : Colombata Kiri - Gamata Kekiri concept has now changed: says CB governor Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Video : Mangalas residence break in: suspect remanded Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Video : Northern Chief Minister Wigneswaran re-visits the President Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Video : Residents of Kaduwela town and officials of the Kaduwela DS protest against Wimal Weerawanse Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Kerry seeks framework for Israeli - Palestinian peace Hiru News en 2014-01-02 The Lion King named top-grossing Broadway show of 2013 Hiru News en 2014-01-02 Video : Chairman of the Homagama PS lodges a complaint Hiru News en 2014-01-03 Video : Employees felicitated under the patronage of MP R Dumindha Silva. Hiru News en 2014-01-03 A three wheel driver hacked to death Hiru News en 2014-01-03 US north - east braces for first major snow storm of 2014 Hiru News en 2014-01-03 Englands Borthwick, Ballance & Rankin make debuts Hiru News en 2014-01-03 Producers Guild announces nominees for film, long - form TV awards Hiru News en 2014-01-03 Video : The word Youth unrest should be removed from the dictionary; says President. Hiru News en 2014-01-03 10 milk powder containers concealed in the harbour. Hiru News en 2014-01-03 There is a need for a preparation for a diplomatic war: says Minister Patali. Hiru News en 2014-01-03 SLFP appoints district leaders to win Western and Southern elections. Hiru News en 2014-01-03 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2014-01-03 India tells fishermen in both countries to settle their disputes - Another 25 Indian fishermen arrested Hiru News en 2014-01-03 Thisara Perera punished for poor performance Hiru News en 2014-01-03 Video: Illegal weapons seized from Koswatte, Wennappuwa Hiru News en 2014-01-03 Indian PM Manmohan Singh to retire after elections Hiru News en 2014-01-03 Divi Neguma Dept to be gazetted today Hiru News en 2014-01-03 Vin Diesel struggling with Paul Walkers death Hiru News en 2014-01-03 Sri Lanka expects 7.8-pct growth and 5.0-pct inflation in 2014 Hiru News en 2014-01-03 Kerry in Israel on new Mideast peace push Hiru News en 2014-01-03 SLTB reduces its bus fare on the Colombo Katunayake Expressway Hiru News en 2014-01-03 Water supply limited in several areas due to the current spell of dry weather Hiru News en 2014-01-03 Sri Lanka becoming a drug hub - Tissa Hiru News en 2014-01-03 Video: Raththaran obtains SLFP membership Hiru News en 2014-01-03 Update: Video: Bogambara prisoners call off the protest Hiru News en 2014-01-03 Video: Do not change names in National Identity Cards - Election Commissioner advises candidates Hiru News en 2014-01-03 Video: The Cabinet decides not to cancel the Year-5 Scholarship Examination Hiru News en 2014-01-03 Facebook Sued for Scanning Private Messages Hiru News en 2014-01-04 US and Canada snowstorm causes travel chaos Hiru News en 2014-01-04 Nearly million people displaced by Central African Republic conflict Hiru News en 2014-01-04 No drugs or alcohol in fatal crash of actor Paul Walker Hiru News en 2014-01-04 US Ambassador at large for War Crimes due in the island Hiru News en 2014-01-04 Will make all influence to solve Sri Lankas National Issue - Indian Prime Minister Hiru News en 2014-01-04 Update :Video: Warm welcome for the President in Jordan Hiru News en 2014-01-04 Traffic jam on Colombo-Kandy road due to accident Hiru News en 2014-01-04 Met Department warns of rough seas, strong winds Hiru News en 2014-01-04 Allegations against Tamilnadu for taking advantage out of Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-01-04 Programme to create awareness among other countries on reconciliation efforts Hiru News en 2014-01-04 Video: Woman who attempted to commit suicide at Galle Face dies in Hospital Hiru News en 2014-01-04 Militant chief Majid al-Majid dies in Lebanon Hiru News en 2014-01-04 Video: Election commissioner prepares to inform politicians. Hiru News en 2014-01-04 Special operation to apprehend corrupt police officers launched Hiru News en 2014-01-04 Video: Sri Lanka vs. Pakistan Test Match ends in draw. Hiru News en 2014-01-05 Next election on 29th of March - says Minister Mahinda Yapa Hiru News en 2014-01-04 Sri Lanka expects 7.8-pct growth and 5.0-pct inflation in 2014 Hiru News en 2014-01-04 Paul Walkers Fast & Furious Character To Be Retired - Report Hiru News en 2014-01-05 Bangladesh vote to begin amid violent opposition protests Hiru News en 2014-01-05 New foreign banks entering market should incorporate business locally; CB Hiru News en 2014-01-05 Bangladesh to remain Asia Cup host Hiru News en 2014-01-05 Abba Happy New Year Most Streamed Song in UK For NYE Hiru News en 2014-01-05 Another youth revolution Hiru News en 2014-01-05 Update : Video: Rain in several areas even though depression impact has ceased. Hiru News en 2014-01-05 Plane makes emergency landing on New York highway Hiru News en 2014-01-05 Australia seal Ashes whitewash Hiru News en 2014-01-05 Iraqi PM tells al Qaeda that they will not let go of Anbar Province Hiru News en 2014-01-05 Auto industry has soared since 2010, leading economic recovery Hiru News en 2014-01-05 Frozen leads with good numbers Hiru News en 2014-01-05 Video: Black flags against the Prime Minister in Embilipitiya Hiru News en 2014-01-05 TNAs Sambanthan meets India Congress Party leaders Hiru News en 2014-01-05 Depression expected to move over Northern Province Hiru News en 2014-01-05 18 skulls from the Mannar mass grave. Hiru News en 2014-01-05 Video: Anchorage dues increased by 25 percent; Fisheries Minister vehemently accused. Hiru News en 2014-01-05 Norochcholai plant temporarily shut down Hiru News en 2014-01-05 President Rajapaksa Holds Talks with the King of Jordan Hiru News en 2014-01-05 Kerry: Mideast peace plan will be fair, balanced Hiru News en 2014-01-05 US backs Iraq but will not send troops - Kerry Hiru News en 2014-01-05 Hewitt beats Federer in ATP Brisbane International final Hiru News en 2014-01-05 BOI projects provide 9,500 jobs Hiru News en 2014-01-05 Michael Jackson - Judge Tentatively Rules Against New Michael Jackson Death Trial Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Video: Monterey funds for 2 more religious place under the Daham Saviya programme initiated based on a concept of MP R. Dumindha Silva. Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Heated situation at Benthara - Alpitiya SLFP bala mandala meeting Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Clashes and boycott mar Bangladesh election Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Sri Lanka inflation 4.8-pct by citizen index Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Brazil World Cup: Government moves against abusive air fares Hiru News en 2014-01-06 No drugs or alcohol in fatal crash of actor Paul Walker Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Reconsider holding election in March;a request from the patriots. Hiru News en 2014-01-06 UPDATE: Video: President tours Bethlehem Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Recommendations of HRC for Scholarship exam to be released end of month Hiru News en 2014-01-06 A foreigner drowns in Unawatuna sea Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Video: US Rapporteur for war crimes arrives in the island Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Two bodies of foreigners found in Habarana and Colombo Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Kerry says Saudis back his Mideast peace moves Hiru News en 2014-01-06 England coach Andy Flower wants to stay on Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Measures to bring SL coins stagnated overseas Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Coen brothers win US National Society of Film Critics best film Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Suspects of Noori Estate superintendent murder case further remanded Hiru News en 2014-01-06 ACJU stops issuing Halaal certificates Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Video: Vajira Neththikumara released on bail Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Negombo cracker factory in fire Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Fire at a small forest reservation at Muturajawela Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Indonesia jails man over Myanmar embassy bomb plot Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Angela Merkel fractures pelvis in ski fall Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Australia pace trio best in world - Michael Clarke Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Kerry ends Mideast trip without framework deal Hiru News en 2014-01-06 VIP and VVIP labels on vehicles banned - The rule on tinted glasses will also be observed strictly Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Had he listened to India, Prabhakaran would have been alive - says Indian Finance Minister Hiru News en 2014-01-06 UNP Leadership Council sacks Southern Krishantha Pushpakumara Hiru News en 2014-01-06 Govt should remove Bribery commission chairmen; JVP Hiru News en 2014-01-07 Kevin Pietersen determined to regain Ashes for England in 2015 Hiru News en 2014-01-07 North America weather: Arctic blast brings record temperatures Hiru News en 2014-01-07 Senate confirms Janet Yellen as chair of US Federal Reserve Hiru News en 2014-01-07 Disneys Frozen Cools Off All Competition At The Weekends Box Office Hiru News en 2014-01-07 JVP to go to courts unless Bribery Commission Chairman resigns. Hiru News en 2014-01-07 4462 registered criminals in Sri lanka. Hiru News en 2014-01-07 Government has no intention of increasing milk powder and gas prices; says consumer affairs Minister. Hiru News en 2014-01-07 Video: Australian govt to take action against HIPHOP duo Hiru News en 2014-01-07 Indian fishermen remanded further Hiru News en 2014-01-07 20 hospitalized from bus accident in Pelmadulla Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Video : India gang rape victims family meets president to seek justice Hiru News en 2014-01-07 Video : Another 16,000 litres of ethanol seized - A stock of expired basmati rice ready for sale also discovered Hiru News en 2014-01-07 Madonna Receives Backlash After Posting Photo Of 13 Year-Old Son Holding Bottle Of Alcohol Hiru News en 2014-01-07 The memorial statue for the Heroes of the Matale Rebellion buried in a ditch Hiru News en 2014-01-07 34 workers stage a roof-top hunger strike at Pelwatta Sugar factory Hiru News en 2014-01-07 Jayalalitha exploiting Indo - SL fishermen issue for political gains - Indian Media charges Hiru News en 2014-01-07 Iraq violence : US speeds up supply of military equipment Hiru News en 2014-01-07 US investors buy 62-pct of Sri Lanka sovereign bonds Hiru News en 2014-01-07 New captain not feasible before World Cup - Dhoni Hiru News en 2014-01-07 Reals Ronaldo scores 400th career goal Hiru News en 2014-01-07 Wellampitiya OIC remanded till the 21st Hiru News en 2014-01-07 Hundreds of Turkish police officers sacked Hiru News en 2014-01-07 Hong Kong kung fu film pioneer Run Run Shaw dies Hiru News en 2014-01-07 Video : Ban Jamiyyathul Ulama along with Halal - says Bodhu Bala Sena Hiru News en 2014-01-07 Video : Those helpless are looking for milk powder - says opposition leader Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Signs of John Amaratunga reaching seat to chair parliament. Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Indigenous people plead for development. Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Update : Video : Technical support from Israel for development in the agriculture sector Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Pakistan look to spinners for win over Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Syria chemical weapons : First consignment leaves Latakia Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Weisz and Craig play makes $17.5m on Broadway Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Navy refutes Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers allegations. Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Two firearms found at Uuragas-man-handiya Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Wife arrested for murder of husband 12 years ago Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Update : Video : Former Miss Venezuela shot dead in front of daughter Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Update : Video : US envoy meets Northern Chief Minister Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Video : Update : Prime Minister apologises. Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Customs nabs disbanded parts of 8 vehicles imported under the guise of Juki machines Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Teachers & Principals Collective engages in a protest Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Video : Wallampitiya OIC’s wife also remanded over drug charges. Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Update :Video: UPFA Southern PC member and his Urban Council member son join the UNP Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Egypt unrest: Mohammed Morsi absence halts Cairo trial. Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Sylvester, Arnold and Bruce cant spend much time together because of their egos. Hiru News en 2014-01-08 Update : Video : New UNP chairman Kabeer Hashim - 14 councillors who violated party discipline expelled. Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Video : Pakistan bundled out for 165 Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Frozen Soundtrack Freezes Out The U.s. Album Chart Competition Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Video : Sri Lanka should honour Indo - SL agreement : says Salman Kurshid. Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Gem authority makes history with a RS 70. 5 million revenue at an auction. Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Russia blocks new UN Syria statement Hiru News en 2014-01-09 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Vin Diesel posts Paul Walker video tribute Hiru News en 2014-01-09 SLPA records the ever highest container throughput in 2013 Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Update : Video : A demonstration opposite the American Embassy against visiting US special representatives statement Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Update : Former Tangalle Chairman on bail, issued arrest warrant - A previous bail of Vass Gunawardana also cancelled Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Indo - Sri Lanka foreign ministers have phone conversation Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Dengue likely to rise to epidemic level in several areas of Colombo Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Iraq fighting: UN warns of humanitarian crisis in Anbar Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Sri Lanka rupee steady on state bank dollar sales Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Gravity leads Bafta nominations Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Canadian Tamil MP was attempting to embarrass Sri Lanka Government. Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Decision of dissolving Western Provincial Council on Saturday Hiru News en 2014-01-09 The UNP come up with a tactic to recover cheated money Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Halal certificate to be issued by HAC from today Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Japan: Fatal blast at Mitsubishi Materials factory Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Deepthi Alwis appointed as net ball coach. Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Rod Stewart celebrates birthday in style! Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Dead body recovered from a canal in Thalangama. Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Video : A new Act on the policy of prosecution Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Update : Video : Western pressure is unfair - President says in Israel Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Police warns of racketeers. Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Update : Video : Mahela gives Sri Lanka upper hand against Pakistan in second Test Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Update : Video: Student with a javelin pierced through the head now in stable condition Hiru News en 2014-01-09 Update : Video : Govt decides to query about the photographs and details published during the Northern tour of the US special representative Hiru News en 2014-01-10 UNP in a decision not to grant candidacy to Shrilal and Maithri. Hiru News en 2014-01-10 Putin discusses Iran nuclear talks Hiru News en 2014-01-10 A period of 1 week for leadership training registration. Hiru News en 2014-01-10 India diplomat Devyani Khobragade indicted in US visa row Hiru News en 2014-01-10 Muttiah Muralitharan meets Serena Williams Hiru News en 2014-01-10 Lankan born US citizen freed in UAE after nine months Hiru News en 2014-01-10 American Hustle tops UK film chart Hiru News en 2014-01-10 FDI inflow has surpassed targets says Minister Lakshman Yapa Hiru News en 2014-01-10 Goddess Sonia Gandhi Hiru News en 2014-01-10 Sri Lankas trade deficit contracts 43.5 percent in November 2013 Hiru News en 2014-01-10 France, Japan vow to strengthen defence ties amid China spat Hiru News en 2014-01-10 Bullock, Timberlake top winners at Peoples Choice awards Hiru News en 2014-01-10 Update :Video: MP John Amarathunga refutes media allegations. Hiru News en 2014-01-10 Northern PC cancels certain appointments granted before election Hiru News en 2014-01-10 UPDATE: TNA loses Walikamam East budget Hiru News en 2014-01-10 Release of fishermen issue taken up with Sri Lanka,Centre informs DMK Hiru News en 2014-01-10 Police reports through SMSs Hiru News en 2014-01-10 Next Monday is the day against smoking Hiru News en 2014-01-10 NGOs also begin work regarding Human Rights Hiru News en 2014-01-10 Reveal how students that pass scholarship exam are granted admission to popular schools - HRC tells Edu. Min. Hiru News en 2014-01-10 Rebel clashes leaves almost 500 dead in Syria Hiru News en 2014-01-11 Sri Lanka stocks end higher Hiru News en 2014-01-11 Pakistan fight but SL in control Hiru News en 2014-01-11 Sam Smith named winner of the BBCs Sound of 2014 Hiru News en 2014-01-11 CARs interim president resigns Hiru News en 2014-01-11 Subramanium Swamy also to join to solve fishermens issue Hiru News en 2014-01-11 Prime Minister blames Buddha Sasana Ministry officials Hiru News en 2014-01-11 UPDATE : Video : Gazette Notifications to dissolve Western and Southern Provinces announced Hiru News en 2014-01-11 6500 suspicious applications for NICs Hiru News en 2014-01-11 Video :Wife of Sri Lankan in Britain kills children and suicides Hiru News en 2014-01-11 Obstructions for the joint time table from SLTB; allegations from the Private Transport Ministry as well Hiru News en 2014-01-11 Norochcholai down again Hiru News en 2014-01-11 UPDATE:Video: Sovereignty of the country will be protected amidst Challengers ;says Government Hiru News en 2014-01-11 Video: President hands over the newly constructed WP passenger transportation authority building Hiru News en 2014-01-11 Southern Provincial council to be dissolved tomorrow or day after. Hiru News en 2014-01-11 Aitzaz Hasan: Pakistan hero recommended for award Hiru News en 2014-01-11 Video: Clothes of 17 passengers who were on board the Lion Air flight destroyed by the LTTE identified. Hiru News en 2014-01-11 Video: The opposition to support the government if the 17th amendment is implemented. Hiru News en 2014-01-11 Pakistan 330 for 7 Hiru News en 2014-01-11 Video: Former prime minister Ariel Sharon dies at 85 Hiru News en 2014-01-12 Israelis mourn ex-leader Sharon Hiru News en 2014-01-12 Showers in several areas this afternoon Hiru News en 2014-01-11 CAR crisis: Stranded foreigners to be evacuated Hiru News en 2014-01-11 Sri Lanka targets US$2.5bn in FDI in 2014 Hiru News en 2014-01-11 Kenney Jones, and Rod Stewart, to reteam Hiru News en 2014-01-11 Video: Child Specialist who only has cats and dogs to keep her company Hiru News en 2014-01-12 Video : John Amarathunga explains to the Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2014-01-12 Thousand trees in Nilgala reserve attached with robes Hiru News en 2014-01-12 Update : Video: Fisheries Ministry adopts tit for tat Hiru News en 2014-01-12 Merging Sri Lanka finance firms should not retrench staff : CB Governor Hiru News en 2014-01-12 Now we know weve got players who can do well anywhere - Dhoni Hiru News en 2014-01-12 Neil Young stuns fans Hiru News en 2014-01-12 Venezuelan minister targets corrupt police. Hiru News en 2014-01-12 6.5 million worth foreign currency confiscated at airport Hiru News en 2014-01-12 French oil giant Total to invest in UK shale gas Hiru News en 2014-01-12 Update : Video: 24 suspects who stormed prayer centres identified. Hiru News en 2014-01-12 Video: UNP has a question about the Air Force Commander Hiru News en 2014-01-12 UAE and Sri Lanka to open consulates in capital Hiru News en 2014-01-12 Lakmal cleans up Pakistan - SL need 137 to win Hiru News en 2014-01-12 Video: A job opportunity for Geethamali following the revelation. Hiru News en 2014-01-12 Golden Globe Awards 2014: The stars, nominees and predictions Hiru News en 2014-01-12 Video: Dominant Sri Lanka beat Pakistan in second Test Hiru News en 2014-01-12 UNP questions about imposing an age limit for Law college entrance exam. Hiru News en 2014-01-12 Northern Chief Minister visit Walikada. Hiru News en 2014-01-12 US Embassy issues statement regarding Stephen Rapps Sri Lankan tour. Hiru News en 2014-01-12 Easterly wave is affecting the weather over the island Hiru News en 2014-01-12 BOI investments grow 8 percent Hiru News en 2014-01-12 UN concerns mount over besieged Syrians Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Video : Ran Huya Yugadiviyata Athwalak programme commences Hiru News en 2014-01-12 Richard Gere joins Best Exotic Marigold Hotel sequel Hiru News en 2014-01-13 England thrashed by Australia in first ODI at Melbourne Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Sri Lanka authorities in talks over Paypal freedoms. Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Iran nuclear deal to enter into force on 20th January. Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Tom Jones talks about Elvis Presleys advice. Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Video : Senior Minister DEW reveals a secret. Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Video: Hiru TV grabs highest number of awards at the State Television awards. Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Video: Time is right - Ranil ready to take to the streets Hiru News en 2014-01-13 The west and south dissolved - main political parties get ready for battle Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Thailand crisis: Protesters begin Bangkok shutdown Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Train delays on the coastal line Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Easterly wave is affecting the weather over the island Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Update : A new agreement between Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Release fishermen before talks says Karunanidhi Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Alastair Cook questions David Warner recall decision Hiru News en 2014-01-13 4 arrested for destroying artifacts Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Pepper exports hit a record Hiru News en 2014-01-13 American Hustle Grabs Golden Globes Glory Hiru News en 2014-01-13 A Pakistani arrested with illegal abortion injection vials Hiru News en 2014-01-13 JVP complains to Human Rights Commission Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Video : A massive turtle racket exposed Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Examination dates set for year 2014 Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Sri Lanka releases 20 jailed Indian fishermen Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Update : Video: Transfer of fishermen to conclude within 2 weeks Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Kerry and Lavrov discuss Syria peace talks Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Sachin Tendulkar fifth most admired in the world, Lionel Messi 15th Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Lone Survivor - Lone Survivor Tops North American Box Office Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Supreme Court rules that Homagama Chairman can remain in office. Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Common candidate from the UNP; says Mangala. Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Video: Charges against Vajira Janaki Neththikumara Hiru News en 2014-01-13 Political parties busy in selecting prospective election candidates Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Syria peace talks: Opposition risks US-UK support Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Video : Cristiano Ronaldo wins the 2013 FIFA Ballon dOr award Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Frozen Broadway Musical In The Works Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Fight against smoking will continue: says Health Minister. Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Video: Thanksgiving and Harvest Festival of Thai Pongal falls today : Muslims world over celebrate the birth of Prophet Mohamed today as well. Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Video: Professor A V Suraweera no more Hiru News en 2014-01-14 GMOA to strike after 2 weeks Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Threat of dengue spreading in Colombo Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Indian female dancers arrested in Boralla deported. Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Thunder showers in certain provinces Hiru News en 2014-01-14 8 injured in Eheliyagoda road accident Hiru News en 2014-01-14 SLC wants Bangladesh tour to go ahead Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Government increases allowances for health sector workers Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Video: Rathupaswala residents stage a protest again: Agreed to supply water at a concessionary rate: says Theri Paha thero. Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Egypt referendum: Vote to begin amid tight security Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Pakistan-Australia Test series set to be downsized Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Volkswagen plans $7bn North America investment Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Toyota FT-1 concept sports car unveiled in Detroit Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Michael Douglas Added To Marvels Ant-Man Cast Following Golden Globe Success Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Who left 250,000 rupees on the Pharmaceutical authority directors table? Health Ministry launches separate investigations. Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Video : Complaint against Minister Felix Perera Hiru News en 2014-01-14 UPDATE:Video: Owner of Kosgoda Turtle Conservation Centre arrested Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Video : SLMC to contest alone for 3 districts in WP Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Joint bus time table planned from tomorrow halted. Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Video: SLMC to contest alone for 3 districts in WP Hiru News en 2014-01-14 Update : Video: A government alone cannot protect the country - Says President. Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Nigeria violence: Deadly bomb blast in Maiduguri. Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Sri Lanka credit to business up in November 2013 Hiru News en 2014-01-15 A Beatles Reunion? Paul McCartney And Ringo Starr Will Perform Live At The Grammys. Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Video : Opposition leader makes a statement about rendering oppositions support. Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Video : Safeguard the respect : Chief Incumbent of Asgiri chapter requests the monks. Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Ajmal wants more spin in Sharjah Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Hakeem speaks about Halal Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Video : Today is Duruthu Full moon poya day. Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Thundershowers in several provinces today. Hiru News en 2014-01-15 18 hair pin bend road temporarily closed Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Update : Video :NCP receives heavy showers - Sluice gates of Parakkrama Samudra opened - Warning issued to residents living in low line areas Hiru News en 2014-01-15 New series of 24 to be filmed in London in February Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Video : Cabinet grants approval to make amendments to the Provincial Council Special Provisions Act Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Video : A LTTE terrorist on a US warrant issue caught in Paris Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Bone fragments of 30 individuals found in Mannar mass grave Hiru News en 2014-01-15 General Motors to pay first dividend since 2008 Hiru News en 2014-01-15 India have the best young batsmen in world cricket: Ian Chappell Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Lionel Richie join lineup for Essence Festival, on 4th July. Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Sri Lanka bank regulator in consolidation push Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Syria says West talks to Damascus about Islamist rebels Hiru News en 2014-01-15 15 hospitalized in Deyyandara following lightening strike Mahaweli River still dangerous Heavy rains to continue Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Syria conflict: Half of population in urgent need of aid - UN says Hiru News en 2014-01-15 World Bank: Global economy at turning point Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Steven Finn to return home early from England tour of Australia Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Michael Douglas Awarded Unicef Prize Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Movie about son of Prabhakaran, Balachandran, from South India Hiru News en 2014-01-15 Video : President describes how Western nations suppressed human and womens rights in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-01-16 New laws in blocking out and selling lands Hiru News en 2014-01-16 Update : Video: Nursing staff in all hospitals island-wide in a protest today Hiru News en 2014-01-16 Rain in many areas today as well; People in 4 villages in Batticalo to safer locations. Hiru News en 2014-01-16 Shane Watson rested for three ODIs Hiru News en 2014-01-16 Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr to perform at Grammys Hiru News en 2014-01-16 IMF head Christine Lagarde warns of deflation risks Hiru News en 2014-01-16 500 baby turtles were released to the sea Hiru News en 2014-01-16 Update :Video: Calling for nominations in Western and Southern PCs from 30th Jan to Feb 6th Hiru News en 2014-01-16 A Sri lankan family arrested by Indian customs. Hiru News en 2014-01-16 Update : Video : Suspected father who murdered his nine month-old daughter in Middeniya surrenders to Courts Hiru News en 2014-01-16 A person drowns in Gin River Hiru News en 2014-01-16 Ravana Balaya goes to police headquarters demanding arrest of Mannar and Jaffna Bishops Hiru News en 2014-01-16 Admission of grade one students today; protests in several areas Hiru News en 2014-01-16 Sri lanka opts to bat first Hiru News en 2014-01-16 IAEA board to discuss Iran nuclear freeze on January 24th Hiru News en 2014-01-16 Apple to refund $32.5m to parents whose kids made in-app purchases Hiru News en 2014-01-16 Woman Accused Of Stalking Hugh Jackman Declared Fit For Trial Hiru News en 2014-01-16 52 fishermen return home from Indian jails Hiru News en 2014-01-16 Video: The US is ready to work together with Sri Lanka in human rights issues Hiru News en 2014-01-16 Court asks for indoor treatment schedule on former Tangalle PS Chairman Hiru News en 2014-01-16 UPDATE:Video: Kosgoda 4 albino turtles given to the Zoo - The Owner given bail Hiru News en 2014-01-16 Video: President pays homage to the Temple of the tooth relic Hiru News en 2014-01-16 Lanka Teachers Association hands over a complaint to HRC Hiru News en 2014-01-17 Grade Five Scholarship this time too as before. Hiru News en 2014-01-17 Indias Rahul Gandhi to lead Congress poll campaign Hiru News en 2014-01-17 Kerry urges Syria opposition to join peace talks Hiru News en 2014-01-17 Dont give into undue pressures when rendering your duty - IGP instructs traffic officials. Hiru News en 2014-01-17 The Government cannot be distanced from the people : says President. Hiru News en 2014-01-17 Thunder showers in several provinces Hiru News en 2014-01-17 Video : Ajmal strikes to restrict Lanka Hiru News en 2014-01-17 American Hustle and Gravity vie for Oscars Hiru News en 2014-01-17 Update :New Secretary to the Ministry of External Affairs - Former Secretary given post in another ministry Hiru News en 2014-01-17 51 repatriated fishermen reach Karaikal Hiru News en 2014-01-17 600 kilos of illegally imported big onion seeds confiscated. Hiru News en 2014-01-17 The Eagles Return To The Los Angeles Forum For Relaunch Hiru News en 2014-01-17 Western Province Water Supply workers on strike Hiru News en 2014-01-17 NSA collects 200 million texts per day Hiru News en 2014-01-17 Intel expects no revenue growth in 2014 Hiru News en 2014-01-17 Despicable Me 3 release date announced for 2017 Hiru News en 2014-01-17 Origins of a steamer that sunk off the cost of Batticaloa found Hiru News en 2014-01-17 Lets manufacture Ethanol in Wennapuwa - proposes a government MP Hiru News en 2014-01-17 Radhikas allegations are baseless - says Sri Lankan Ambassador to Canada Hiru News en 2014-01-17 Video: Wallampitiya OICs wife and her supporter further remanded. Hiru News en 2014-01-17 President declared open new District Secretariat Hiru News en 2014-01-17 Appeals regarding Year 5 scholarship to be submitted before January 31st Hiru News en 2014-01-17 UPDATE: Residents of 17 villages protest in Embilipitiya Hiru News en 2014-01-17 Moratuwa courts premises explosives a hoax Hiru News en 2014-01-17 UPDATE:Video: 68 injured as a result of a head on collision between two buses in Pasyala - 1 dead, 3 critical Hiru News en 2014-01-17 Syria conflict: Government offers prisoner exchange Hiru News en 2014-01-17 6 member committee to solve Indo - Sri Lanka fishermen issue Hiru News en 2014-01-17 Min. Mahinda Samarasinghe says government will face Geneva challenges without betraying country or armed forces Hiru News en 2014-01-17 SL declare on 428 after Mathews, Dilruwan both out in their 90s Hiru News en 2014-01-18 Update :Video: IGP orders all police stations to be aware of Walla-Patta smugglers Hiru News en 2014-01-18 Gravity Dominates Critics Choice Movie Awards Hiru News en 2014-01-18 England beaten by James Faulkner as Australia take 2- 0 lead Hiru News en 2014-01-18 Video : Free health service limited to a tablet - allegations from the Opposition Leader Hiru News en 2014-01-18 Special reports on death row inmates to the President Hiru News en 2014-01-18 Discussions between Indo - SL Fishermen representatives delayed by a week Hiru News en 2014-01-18 Suicide bomb attack on Kabul restaurant kills 14 Hiru News en 2014-01-18 SFs rally in Balapitiya disrupted Hiru News en 2014-01-18 Minister Patali ready for a special summit for scientists in Sri Lanka Hiru News en 2014-01-18 Update : Membership of 7 TNA Pradeshiya Sabha members suspended Hiru News en 2014-01-18 Update : All Indian Fishermen under SL custody released; Another batch of Sri Lankan fishermen to be released tonight. Hiru News en 2014-01-18 French President Hollande visits wife in hospital Hiru News en 2014-01-18 Shares of LinkedIn up 6.7% Hiru News en 2014-01-18 Funeral stampede kills 18 in Indian city of Mumbai Hiru News en 2014-01-18 Australia commends Sri Lankas efforts in combating people smuggling Hiru News en 2014-01-18 Shashi Tharoor wife died unnatural death Hiru News en 2014-01-18 Amortization saving to top Rs 100 b this year Hiru News en 2014-01-18 Oprah Winfrey - Oprah Winfrey: I wasnt robbed of Oscar nomination Hiru News en 2014-01-18 Video: Sarath Fonseka to the Human Rights Commission. Hiru News en 2014-01-18 Australians arriving in Sri Lanka cautioned. Hiru News en 2014-01-18 Video: Commission to Investigate Missing Persons in the North and East commence activities. Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Government Doctors say they would go on strike without prior notice Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Discussion on elections on the 24th Hiru News en 2014-01-19 A separate court to recover unpaid taxes Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Video : Country will not remain without the Maha Sangha - President Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Rajarata Rajina train derails Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Teenager arrives at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Sri Lanka bank, non-bank lender merger path outlined Hiru News en 2014-01-19 We can get into Indias top order, says Kyle Mills Hiru News en 2014-01-19 New album from Johnny Cash in March. In March 2014, Johnny Cash will put out a new album. Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Improve ties with SL- Indias BJP tells Congress Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Video: 60 more Indian fishermen released : SL officials ready to discuss with Jayalalitha Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Pakistan troops killed in bomb blast Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Serena Williams loses to Ana Ivanovic in Australian Open Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Amazon says it can ship items before customers order Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Nearly 5.9 million to vote at Western and Southern polls Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Video : 40,000 Kilos of garbage tea confiscated in Polgahawela - 23 suspects arrested Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Hela Urumaya to take legal action against Prime Minister next week Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Maldives President due in SL Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Individual in possession of land monitor meat arrested Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Blaze threatens historic wood village in Laerdal Norway Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Mahela Jayawardena becomes first Sri Lankan batsman to score 11,000 test runs Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Matthew McConaughey wins at SAG Awards Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Assad: Quitting not up for debate Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Debate rages over deflation risks Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Excavations in the Mannar mass grave expanded Hiru News en 2014-01-19 SLMC to contest alone in the South as well Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Update : Video: LTTE behind drugs trafficking : a revelation from the opposition leader. Hiru News en 2014-01-19 Update : Video: President says democratic rights have been safeguarded. Hiru News en 2014-01-20 UN invites Iran to Syria peace talks. Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Strong banking sector envisaged with master plan. Hiru News en 2014-01-20 1st ODI: Versatile Virat Kohlis ton fails to save India against New Zealand Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Bachman-Turner Overdrive Gets Canadian Music Hall of Fame Nod Hiru News en 2014-01-20 High tech cameras for the government press. Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Update : Video: A specialist arrives from Qatar for commissioning Kelani-tissa. Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Mainly fair weather to prevail in most parts of the island Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Video: 288 counterfeit 5000 rupee notes found from a house in Dalupotha. Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Malinga and Mendis recalled home from Big Bash Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Alastair Cook ponders future as England one-day captain Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Eastern Province economy expands to Rs. 473 bn Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Italy reform deal puts Berlusconi back centre stage Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Titanic Musical Heading Back To Broadway Hiru News en 2014-01-20 T B Jaya Mawatha blocked Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Former Foreign Ministry Secretary appointed as Secretary of the Investment Promotions Ministry. Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Video: Tug of war in Galle between Vajira and Gayantha Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Fundamental rights of a student violated after she was denied admittance to a Colombo school - SC delivered a judgment. Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Minister Sumedha reveals a plot. Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Video: Vass and Ravindu ordered to surrender passports to CID Hiru News en 2014-01-20 A fine imposed on 10 treasure hunters including UPFA PS member Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Video: Minister Mervyn claims Kalaniya Chief Organiser post; PS Chairman rejects the claim. Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Video: UNP objects the amendment of local government act. Hiru News en 2014-01-20 JHU sends a letter of demand to the Prime Minister. Hiru News en 2014-01-20 UPDATE:Video:President arrives in the Island. Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Special Projects Minister to focus on Kidney disease Hiru News en 2014-01-20 Iran nuclear: Curbs on uranium enrichment begin Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Ability to carry out police affairs in Tamil reaches 100 percent in Jaffna. Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Parliament meets for the 1st time in the New Year today. Hiru News en 2014-01-21 A special election complains unit from the Human rights commission. Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Syria crisis: UN withdraws Iran invitation to Geneva talks Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Agricultural Research and Production Assistants Union to launch a sathyagraha Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Update : 25 Indian fishermen arrested for violating Maritime border Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Misbah-ul Haq, Azhar Ali take Pakistan to series-levelling win over Sri Lanka at Sharjah Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Vladimir Putin: Russians love Elton John Hiru News en 2014-01-21 7 nabbed in Maharagama Brothel raid Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Bruce Springsteen Back At No. 1 With High Hopes Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Video : Update : Cause of death of Ananda College student was damage to the liver and internal organs Hiru News en 2014-01-21 North-eastern monsoonal winds active Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Kerry approves Iran sanctions relief Hiru News en 2014-01-21 CSA asks ICC to withdraw flawed proposal Hiru News en 2014-01-21 World tourist numbers surge to nearly 1.1 billion Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Maldivian President arrives in Sri lanka Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Update: Albino turtle dies Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Rajiv Gandhi assassins death penalty reduced Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Powdered milk prices likely to increase at the end of this month Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Video :Heroin in Wallampitiya OICs parcel; reveals government analyst report Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Not a single Indian fishermen was killed by SL Navy - India Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Video : Minister Maithripala ready to make a living by reciting Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Police head quarters receive a complaint against Mangala Samaarweera. Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Restrictions on UNP MPs, when joining the President during foreign tours. Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Video : President of Maldives to meet the President tomorrow. Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Ravi Bopara gives support for England captain Hiru News en 2014-01-21 Thailand imposes state of emergency Hiru News en 2014-01-22 A petition to the international community from a nursing union as well. Hiru News en 2014-01-22 A decision for not extending the period for applying for postal vote. Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Ten new Water Cannon vehicles to the police to control riots. Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Bomb targets bus of Shia pilgrims in south-west Pakistan Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Opposition leader hands over appointment letters to UNP Organisers. Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Pakistan looking for Dav Whatmores replacement and two assistant coaches. Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Sir Paul McCartney parties with wife Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Showers expected in several provinces Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Galle Road traffic restriction from Ratmalana to Mt. Lavinia Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Video : Update : CID arrest former Tangalle PS Chairman who was evading courts. Hiru News en 2014-01-22 3 arrested for selling metal Buddha statue Hiru News en 2014-01-22 JHU Colombo Central organizer remanded Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Sri Lanka has made a remarkable transformation says President of Iceland Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Video : Update : 32% of power generation lost due to 6 power plants being shut - Risk of power cuts loom Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Sri Lanka policy rates to be steady Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Sri lankan murder accused executed in UAE. Hiru News en 2014-01-22 RED NOTICE Hiru News en 2014-01-22 UNP would not participate in Geneva sessions. Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Video : President and his Maldivian counterpart commence discussions. Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Update : Train strike ends Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Video : A request to Ranil from Buddhist Cultural Revitalization Committee Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Andy Murray set for Australian Open reunion with Roger Federer Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Ukraine police storm Kiev protest barricades Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Wolf of Wall Street tops UK and Ireland box office Hiru News en 2014-01-22 15 students of Kataragama Janadhipathi Vidyalaya hospitalized Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Wijeydasa Rajapakses Private Member Motion rejected Hiru News en 2014-01-22 15 protesters who attempted a forced entry to PM’s office identified Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Syria peace conference Geneva II begins with bitter speeches Hiru News en 2014-01-22 No Andy Flower- Kevin Pietersen England rift, says David Saker Hiru News en 2014-01-22 Video : Motorcycles to use lights during day time as well from tomorrow Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Andy Murray says it was stupid to think he could win Australian Open Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Syria Geneva II peace talks highlight gulf over Assad Hiru News en 2014-01-23 The Ellen DeGeneres Show Becomes First US Talk Show to Air in China Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Albino turtle suffered from pneumonia Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Sri Lankan tour of his holiness the POPE is postponed. Hiru News en 2014-01-23 While Ranil challengers the government, JVP challengers the UNP. Hiru News en 2014-01-23 If an offence was committed send even the Prime Minister to gallows: says PM himself. Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Video: India betrayed Sri Lanka in the past as well: revelation after 30 years. Hiru News en 2014-01-23 1 day old infant found abandoned in Maadiwela Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Ministry of Health to check factories of bottled water for quality Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Update:Video: UPFA Ananda Pathmasiri joins UNP. Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Japan tells world to stand up to China or face consequences Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Sri Lanka exports up 6.2-pct in 2013: trade ministry Hiru News en 2014-01-23 MS Dhoni, Suresh Raina heroics in vain as India lose 2nd ODI vs New Zealand Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Quentin Tarantino drops Hateful Eight project after leak Hiru News en 2014-01-23 First Bilateral Consultations between Sri Lanka and Oman Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Human fragments of 42 persons found in Mannar mass grave - Investigations taken over by the CID. Hiru News en 2014-01-23 The Secretary to the President leaves for the US in a progress awareness mission. Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Instructions to be given anew on the use and storage of school sports equipment - Ananda students funeral to be held today. Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Over 100 Sri lankan and Indian fishermen to be released today. Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Organized laptop thefts on the rise Hiru News en 2014-01-23 New software to analyse non communicable diseases Hiru News en 2014-01-23 India: Woman gang-raped on orders of kangaroo court Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Video : Sri Lanka name Test squad for Bangladesh Tour. Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Sting, Paul Simon Rehearsing for Upcoming Tour Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Shooting in Marijuana field in Yala - suspect wounded Hiru News en 2014-01-23 SC orders 577 families to vacate Apalwatta before 31st January Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Video: Wickramabahu Karunarathne prepares for Geneva Hiru News en 2014-01-23 Video: Date of restoration of Norochcholei, inactive for 271 days, still uncertain; No equipment on hand despite presence of experts Hiru News en 2014-01-24 2 persons killed following an accident in Awissawella Hiru News en 2014-01-24 Update : 15 SL representatives ascheduled to leave for India this weekend Hiru News en 2014-01-24 Presidential Secretary meets Navneethan-pillai: explains about the countrys reconciliation. Hiru News en 2014-01-24 Video : It is regrettable that European countries speak only about human rights forgetting terrorism - says President. Hiru News en 2014-01-24 Government says the Opposition can win only one seat in Hambantota Hiru News en 2014-01-24 Australian Open 2014; Stanislas Wawrinka beats Tomas Berdych Hiru News en 2014-01-24 Ukraine unrest: Crisis talks raise hope for solution Hiru News en 2014-01-24 Arnold Schwarzenegger needed advert retakes Hiru News en 2014-01-24 Katchchativu island belongs to Sri Lanka - Central Government informs Tamil Nadu Hiru News en 2014-01-24 Person shot dead in Dankotuwa by robbers Hiru News en 2014-01-24 Mortar shells recovered from a forest in Kakirawa. Hiru News en 2014-01-24 Interim injunction order issued to General Secretary of UPFA Hiru News en 2014-01-24 New regulations brought in for jewellery sale Hiru News en 2014-01-24 14 members of Sihala Ravaya arrested Hiru News en 2014-01-24 Full Syria peace talks to begin Hiru News en 2014-01-24 Warne signs on for T20 coaching role Hiru News en 2014-01-24 Ajantha Mendis returns to Sri Lankas Test squad Hiru News en 2014-01-24 J.Lo, Pitbull, Claudia Leitte to sing official World Cup anthem