Wednesday, 09 March 2016 - 11:08
ICC World Twenty20: PCB Requests ICC To Move Match Out Of Dharamsala



The ongoing saga of the ICC World Twenty20 match to be held in Dharamsala on March 19 between India and Pakistan is taking a long route of uncertainty. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Shahryar Khan said that conflicting signals originating from India over Dharamsala have forced them to seek a change in location for the mega battle.

On Tuesday the BCCI confirmed that Dharamsala T20I will go on as scheduled, before reports emerged that Pakistan government has put the clearance on hold of the team to go to India.

According to a report in the Times of India, the PCB has sent a letter to the International Cricket Council (ICC) on Tuesday citing to shift the match from Dharamsala.

"I have sent an email to the ICC that if Dharamshala has a problem hosting Pakistan-India World T20 game, the match should be played either in Mohali or Kolkata. The Pakistan board is also open to the idea of playing it elsewhere as long as the safety and security of the Pakistani cricketers is taken care of,” said Khan.

Several reports made the rounds late on Tuesday that, Pakistani security team had advised the cricket squad not to travel to Dharamshala and therefore the trip to Kolkata on Wednesday may be delayed by another day.

He added that they haven't got any security arrangement details from the government of India and that they need to be told about the protesting force of Shiv Sena.

"Under the circumstances, how can we allow our team to play there? Our real problem is that we haven't got any security arrangement details from the government of India. We are still waiting to hear from them officially. We at least need to be told about the position of the protestors in Dharamashala or about Shiv Sena's threat," Khan said.

The final call will be takenm after the PCB speaks to the Pak government.

Reports also suggest that the PCB wants the match to be held in either Kolkata or Mohali as it would also be beneficial to them. 

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