Sunday, 22 May 2016 - 14:29
Angelo Matthews explains the defeat



Captain Angelo Mathews has explained about the failure at the matches held in Headingley.

"We were not decisive in leaving the ball. They bowled in good areas and we just kept putting our bats out of line of the stumps, and it kept nicking our bats all the time. We have to be decisive and play the correct one,” Matthews said.

"It was quite an embarrassing defeat. It was pure poor batting and the execution. You have to be really skillful to bat against these guys, especially in these conditions. Anderson once again showed his class. Stuart Broad was brilliant as well. One or two of our guys needed to raise our hands and put up a good score, particularly in the first innings. We failed to do that in the first innings, and once again in the second innings, so that's a pretty obvious reason for our defeat.

"We got five wickets for 80 runs, and we let them off the hook," Mathews said. "We dropped at couple of catches. Jonny Bairstow batted brilliantly - credit should go to him and Alex Hales. They got them to a decent score on this wicket and it was up to us as batters to get to a decent score as well. But once you get 90-odd runs, it is very a difficult road going into the second and third days. It was very tough. We have good enough batting to pass 300, but we made it very tough for ourselves.

"We have done it in the past. We have a couple of days to regroup, think about our strategy, train really hard and come back hard. All we've got to do is change our mindset. If you believe you can do it. Yes, it was a humiliating defeat. It was embarrassing. But if you stick to our plans in the second game we could turn the tables around.

"Nothing really went close to this game. It was swinging and seaming right from the word go. If you have top-quality fast bowling like Broad and Anderson in your team, the opposition batsmen have to work really hard. It was swinging and seaming right throughout the first day and second day, because there was no sun on the wicket to dry it out."

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