Tuesday, 24 May 2016 - 10:32
Argentine Footballer Tragically Dies After Freak Knee To The Head During League Game



THE football world is once again in mourning after a player died after being accidentally kneed in the head during a match in Argentina.

The tragic player has been named as Michael Favre, 24, a father-of-two who played for San Jorge de Villa Elisa in his nation’s Entre Rios province.

The terrible accident happened during a match against Defensores de Colon.

Favre tumbled to the ground when jostling for the ball with another player — Geronimo Quintana — who accidentally cuaght him in the head with his knee as he attempted to hurdle him.

The two players rolled onto the ground and got back up as a heated exchange ensued.

A third player, on the same team as the victim — Favio Larrosa — then ran over to confront the rival and accidentally knocked Favre to the ground once more as he pushed into him.

The players continued to argue hotly, not seeming to notice that Favre was struggling to get up again, before he seemingly fell unconscious on the ground.

He was rushed to hospital where he died shortly afterwards.

The news has shocked the football world. The Argentine Football Association released a statement shortly afterwards, saying: “The AFA express their condolences for the death of Michael Favre, San Jorge player of Villa Elisa, and sends its support to the family and the club.

“We express deep sorrow over the death of Michael Favre, which occurred while playing against Defensores.”

The news comes just weeks after Cameroon star Patrick Ekeng collapsed and died on the field while playing for Dinamo Bucharest.

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