Sunday, 24 July 2016 - 14:07
Batting skills of KG student Shayan Jamal that earned him a spot in Under-12 team



A year after he first held his stance in front of a wicket at the age of three, Shayan Jamal’s master class batting skills have now ensured his entry into the school’s U-12 team.

At an age when children can barely hold a bat properly, Shayan, full of enthusiasm for the game, delivers cover drives can put many professionals to shame.

“I want to play for India one day, like Virat Kohli. I admire him because he is a good batsman and scores centuries,” Shayan said in an interview.

Shayan’s father, Arshad, is a former club level cricketer, and is guiding his son, a KG student at Hamdard Public School in Delhi’s Sangam Vihar.

“Shayan’s cricketing sense is strong and he his hungry to play cricket. If I give him a break for a day or two, he begins to pester me, asking ‘why we’re not going for nets! His game is natural. I am just trying to mould him,” says Arshad.

Arshad who used to be a pace bowler is now a cloth businessmen but his entire focus is on his son.

“My family and friends think I am wasting my time on Shayan. But I feel god has sent him with exceptional talent. I can’t do injustice to him. I am confident god will show the way,” he said.

While it is difficult to predict if the child sustains his interest in the game for a long period, but this emerging young player with strong basics knows how to leave a ball pitched outside off-stump.

“I enjoy playing cricket. I want to play more. I also like fielding,” says Shayan.


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