Monday, 18 September 2017 - 11:11
Malinga expresses his heart out



In an emotional and an explosive speech, Sri Lanka's fast bowler Lasith Malinga highlighted some of the unknown stories related to decline of cricket standards in Sri Lanka.

Malinga made these revelations addressing a meeting in Battaramulla, where issues of Sri Lanka cricket were discussed.

The event was held last Friday (15).

He said when the team wanted a grassy pitch, the authorities will give them a spin friendly pitch.

He said when it was inquired from the authorities nobody would answer them.

Malinga also said that players are distressed as the facilities, which are required to improve standards, are not adequate.

Here, Malinga also expressed his views on selection of coaches.

He said, "We have many coaches. But we should ask from the players whether we have qualified coaches".

He said one of the leading figure in the current coaching staff has played only 16 first class matches.

In a situation like this, what would happen to the future of our cricket? He asked. 

That was his views on Sri Lanka Cricket teams High Performance Manager, Simon Willis.

Sri Lanka cricket appointed Simon Willis in May 2016.

He oversee SLC's cricket academy based in Khettarama which plays a key role in identifying talent and developing cricketers within the Sri Lankan system.

Malinga also said if a player was dropped from the national side, there's no proper system for him to return to the side.

He said because of that the national side lost many players and now Sri Lanka is struggling to find good players to play for the country.

He noted over the last decade, Sri Lanka lost players such as Jehan Mubarak, Thilina Kandamby, Malinda Warnapura, Kaushal Lokuarachchi and Kaushal Weeraratne.

Malinga said most of those players are now even not playing cricket as they could not sustain within the present system.  

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