Wednesday, 01 November 2017 - 17:19
Arjuna Ranatunga says present crisis in cricket would affect team’s world cup performances


Former Test Cricket Captain Arjuna Ranatunga stresses that the continuation of the current disasters will negatively affect the team’s performances in ICC Cricket World Cup in 2019.
He said this during a meeting with journalists, held at the Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development, today (01).
“There’s no possibility for Sri Lanka team to win the upcoming India series. ICC has mentioned in their press release that Sri Lanka team was qualified to ICC World Cup in 2019 was not because of their performances, but because of their luck. It’s still uncertain whether Sri Lanka will be able to go to second round”.
He also pointed out it will not be easy for Sri Lanka team to play in England. 
“I don’t underestimate cricketers. Even though there are skillful cricketers there’s no skillful administration to administer the cricket team. My earlier predictions were correct. I predicted that if the current situation continues we will be ruined in the world cup in 2019. 2019 world cup will be held in England which is not an easy place for us to play. Even though we had a good team in 1999, we could not enter the second round because it was held in England. They are selecting seasons to hold matches which are favorable to them”.
The former Captain added that the cricket administrators have ruined the cricket in the country by taking popular decisions.
“We are happy at least they won the Test series. As I said earlier, there are no faults in cricketers. It’s not difficult for us to win if we can change their minds and teach them the worthiness of playing cricket for the country. But the cricket administration ruined cricket by talking popular decisions. All authorities including the Chairman of Sri Lanka Cricket and the officers in sports clubs who had voted should be liable for this chaos. Even though I have informed this to the President, Prime Minister and Minister of Sports, they have not provided a proper solution as yet. This government is the only government who are waiting till cricket is destroyed. Cricket is like a religion in Sri Lanka. People will point their finger at me because I am in this government”.      

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