Tuesday, 28 November 2017 - 9:12
“SL needs competitive 1st class format” - Pothas


Sri Lanka’s interim-coach Nic Pothas says not having a competitive first-class tournament in Sri Lanka is disadvantageous for country’s Test future.
Speaking at the post-match media interaction in Nagpur yesterday (27), Pothas said some players in the team are committing the same mistake repeatedly and were in danger of losing their places.
He added, "If we don't have a format whereby, I think this is being addressed, at the moment, if you don't have a format that gives you the opportunity to bat for four to six hours, I think it's unfair on our part to ask batters to now come and try and replicate that in a Test match against high-quality bowling”.
"I think Kumar and Mahela have spoken about that at length, and I think their advice is being heeded at the moment. Once we get into a four-day format of high-quality cricket, it will actually make it easier to select people based on results rather than on any other factor."
Pothas did not mince words while summing up Sri Lanka's Nagpur performance, calling it embarrassing. "Hugely disappointing," he said.
"Disappointing because of the amount of work that goes in, behind the scenes, and to put in a performance like that, I think it's embarrassing. The players should be embarrassed in their own performances. Putting in work and hitting the ball nicely in the nets means nothing if you're not going to go out and put runs on the board."
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