Tuesday, 12 December 2017 - 8:11
Bad weather delays Sri Lanka team's departure to Mohali


The Sri Lankan team has been forced to extend its stay in Dharmashala by a day as the chartered plane which was supposed to take them to Mohali, venue of their next match, failed to take off due to inclement weather yesterday (11).

While the Indian team reached Mohali on time, through a small window provided by the weather, incessant rains and weather left Sri Lanka stranded at the airport for close to 4 hours.

The team then decided to head back to the team hotel and is likely to fly out today.

“The team has returned to the hotel and is most likely to fly out tomorrow. This is the first time a team has been stuck here. There have been delays earlier but it has never happened that the planes have not been able to land or take off,” said Mohit Sood, an official with HPCA.

According to sources, the plane initially had trouble landing at the Dharamsala airport due to the weather.

It was then decided to delay the departure as the weather had not cleared in Mohali too.

Ruling out travel by road in the night, Sood said Sri Lanka decided to stay back since they have time.

“We had a discussion with the team management and they decided to stay back. But if the weather doesn’t clear up on Tuesday then the only option left will be to take the road,” Sood added.

The road journey to Mohali, about 240-250 km, will take 8-10 hours.
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