Wednesday, 12 September 2018 - 12:07
England beat India by 118 runs in fifth Test for 4-1 series win


Actually Tuesday was not a bad day to be there either. On Monday there were records galore and the fondest of farewells. But now there was an unexpected turn when most had assumed that there would merely be a routine finale to a diverting season: instead there was a brief intrusion of the glorious uncertainty, which can be even better. For a moment or two there was a flicker of a chance that India might win this match.

That never came to pass and it may have been a fanciful thought. In the end England’s victory was comfortable; they won by 118 runs, to take the series 4-1, when there were still almost 14 overs remaining.

However the fairytale nature of this contest eventually resurfaced.

With nine wickets down Jimmy Anderson had the second new ball in his hand and Mohammed Shami on strike, not a bad combination when pursuing another record-breaking moment. Anderson needed that scalp to take him to 564 Test wickets and to go past the great Glenn McGrath. It was not long before Shami’s middle stump went missing and it was all over – the match, Alastair Cook’s career and the on-field union between him and Anderson.

Within minutes Anderson was in front of a microphone and the emotion of one of the most emotional Tests of recent times endearingly took over. The great fast bowler, a bit of white line fever man just like McGrath, often snarling inside it yet charming when on the outside, choked up. “He [Cook] has been my mate. He’s just been there all the time,” he said. And they left it at that. They had to since no more words would come out.  (Guardian)
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