Rathupaswala shooting Army Brigadier Deshapriya was appointed as a diplomat - says Min. Amarathunga

Monday, 26 January 2015 - 11:33

Minister of Public Security John Amaratunga states that the army Brigadier Deshapriya Gunawardene who was involved in the 2013 Rathupaswala shooting had been appointed as the Defense Attaché of Sri Lankan High-Commission in Turkey by the previous regime.

Min. Amarathunga said that investigations will be initiated in this reagrd.

 “Three individuals died in the Rathupaswala incident. An army officer was involved in the incident. I got to know that the previous government has sent this said army officer on a diplomatic appointment. We have to find out whether the army officer is still on diplomatic duty or whether he is back in the country.”

On Aug. 1, 2013 the military unleashed indiscriminate fire on residents of Rathupaswala who held a protest demanding authorities to close down a rubber glove production factory in the area and provide them with clean drinking water. Three youths were killed while 26 others were injured in the incident. Adding further, the Min. Amarathunga said that the investigation is underway.

 “A complaint was lodged by the residents of the area with the police. The police commenced investigations into the incident. Statements were taken down by the suspects and have been sent to the attorney general but nothing has been done thereafter. This is very unfair it has not gone beyond the AG’s office. Someone has influenced and stopped it from going further. Now the people are holding protests asking for the perpetrators to be brought to book. I have received a document in this regard; necessary steps will be taken to punish the wrong-doers.”