Sigiriya mirror wall threatened by bird droppings

Monday, 16 February 2015 - 14:17

A section of the Sigiriya mirror wall has been defaced again due to bird droppings.

The mirror wall was threatened by the same menace several years ago, and the Archaeological authorities had to clean the dirt to save the historic mirror wall.

However when our news team enquired about the present situation from Cultural Ministry Secretary H.D.S. Malkanthi said that so far, she has not received any complaint to that effect.

Later when our news team contacted Central Cultural Fund project manager Chandana Weerasinghe said that he would ascertain about the threat and inform the menace if any.

Meanwhile a 27-year old female visitor to Sigiriya was remanded last Saturday till the 18th of this month after she allegedly damaged the mirror wall.

The visitor from Batticaloa had written her name and appreciation on the mirror wall.