Update: Six S'wewa police officers arrested

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 - 8:16


The 6 policemen arrested in connection with the death of a suspect who died in police custody will be produced in Hambantota Magistrate today.

A senior officer of the Tangalle Crime Investigation Division told our news team that the 6 policemen would be trialed under murder charges.

The victim, 35-year old resident of Sooriyawewa was arrested by police on the 19th of this month for brewing illicit liquor.

Several neighbors told our news team that they eye witnessed, how the police assaulted the suspect after he was arrested.

Later the victim was admitted to Sooriyawewa hospital and transferred to Hambantota hospital for further treatment.

However the victim died on the 22nd of last month while receiving treatment at the hospital under prison guard.

The family of the victim had made a complaint to the police, and an inquiry was held before Hambantota ASP yesterday.

4 Eye witnesses were present to give statements.

The incident took new turn as an unknown van hit the three wheeler in which the 4 eye witnesses were returning home after giving statements.

The mysterious van had fled the scene after hitting the three wheeler at 3.30 early in this morning.

One person died and 2 others injured in the incident.

However police arrested the driver of the hit-and-run van after a break down of the vehicle on the way.

Update : Tuesday, 24 February 2015 - 11:30


The post mortem report with regard to the death of a resident in Vihaaragala in Hambantota, alleged to have resulted from a police assault, will be released today.

Residents say that while the Sooriyawaeva police officers arrested this person near Vihaaragala on 19th this month, the police had assaulted him on that occasion.

However while the Sooriyawaewa police had admitted the person at the Sooriyawaewa hospital, he was transferred to the Hambantota hospital for further treatment.

A Hambantota hospital spokesman said that the person concerned had died day – before – yesterday while being under treatment.

A person was also killed in an accident last night when a three-wheeler transporting relatives and neighbours who were returning after giving evidence in connection with the incident.

While the wife of the person thus killed is currently abroad, he had lived in the company of his son and aunt

Responding to a query we made, police media spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana said that if the police officers had committed an offence, proper action would be taken against them.