Attorney General report on KP by 6 months

Thursday, 26 February 2015 - 13:03

The Attorney General’s Office requested the Court of Appeal today to grant 6 months period of time to complete the investigations on Kumaran Padmanadan alias KP.

The lawyers appeared for the Attorney General’s office informed the court that the investigations against KP have been initiated already on 193 charges.

They told the court that it would take at least 6 month to complete the investigations.

Having scrutinized the facts submitted by the Attorney General’s Office, Appeal Court Judge Wijitha Malalgoda deferred the case until the 31st of August and extended the court ruling on KP from leaving the country.

The case has been filed by the JVP, and its Western Provincial Councilor and Attorney-at-law Sunil Watagala further explains about the today’s case proceedings.