SL assists political turmoil in Maldives

Saturday, 28 February 2015 - 13:09

A group of representatives of the Maldives Opposition have arrived in the island to discuss regarding the current political crisis in their country.

Xinhua news agency reported that they have held discussions with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Former Speaker of Maldives Parliament and a member of the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party Abdullah Shahid told Xinhua that the delegation also held talks with the diplomatic community and urged them to help secure the release of opposition leader Mohammed Nasheed from police custody.

Nasheed was arrested by the police in the Maldivian capital Male on terrorism charges and has since then been detained at a prison facility.

Shahid said that they feared for Nasheed's life and had informed the Sri Lankan Prime Minister and the diplomatic community of their concerns.

He also said that Sri Lanka has always been very concerned about the well-being of the Maldivian people and as Sri Lanka chairs the Commonwealth it increases their responsibility to promote good governance in the region.