Bribery grills Sajin Vaas

Tuesday, 03 March 2015 - 7:45

The Bribery Commission questioned former Foreign Affairs Ministry monitoring MP Sajin de Vaas Gunawardhana over allegations of corruption and improper use of assets.

A senior Bribery Commission spokesman said that the commission had yesterday questioned the MP for seven hours and recorded statements.

According to the Bribery Commission MP Sajin de Vaas Gunawardhana appeared before the commission yesterday morning.

Allegation against MP Sajin de Vaas Gunawardhana too was among the complaints JVP had lodged with regard to earning money improperly.

However, the CID too had questioned the MP on February 25th.

In addition the Bribery Commission and the CID recently questioned several Ministers and officials of the former Government.