Another betting at Race by Race centers

Wednesday, 04 March 2015 - 8:41

We made disclosures about race by race, a pest to the country’s society, many times.

People’s Protests against race by race betting centres have been staged powerfully.

It is noteworthy that as a result of this fresh betting joints that were poised to be launched had to recoil.

However another illegal action going on at race by race betting was revealed to our news team.

Cricket became a craze among the countries cricket fans as part and parcel of their life.

Certain cunning businessmen have exploited this feeling to make an illegal business out of it.

We noticed that race by race betting centres had been decorated in many ways for enticing people to illegally place bets for the world cup this time.

Although externally these centres appear to be horse race betting centres, the inside situation is totally different.

They obtain bets even by printing also a special bulletin for cricket-related betting.

Persons coming to place bets are not allowed to take the bulletin outside the centre.

Those who place bets are required to obtain the bulletin from their representatives and mark their bets.

According to this bulletin printed with the name Sporting Post, money is charged for 19 bets including the toss, the best batsman, the best bowler, and man of the match.

Daily income that race by race centres earn through obtaining illegal bets like this runs into hundreds of thousands.

We ask the authorities who implement the country’s law: When will these illegal actions be contained?

We are prepared to make disclosures in the future as well with regard to illegal actions going on at race by race centres.