Update : Police to stop illegal Race by Race

Thursday, 05 March 2015 - 10:12

Police states that the law will be implemented according to the gambling regulations act to prevent illegal cricket betting’s carried out near gambling centres.

Our news team revealed details about the illegal cricket related betting carried out parrerral to race by race batting centres.

This scam is carried out in large scale inside the betting centres by printing bulletins.

It is sad to note that the law enforcement authorities are turning a blind eye on this issue.

Although externally these centres appear to be horse race betting centres, the inside situation is totally different.

They obtain bets even by printing also a special bulletin for cricket-related betting.

A special vice squad had been established at Sri lanka cricket to prevent such malpractices.

Although we queried higher officials of the SLC regarding these illegal acts, they did not provide sufficient answers.

In the recent past Indian cricketers were also accused of match fixing during the Indian Premier League matches through bookies.

It was revealed that the son in law of BCCI Chairman, K Sri Nivasan , Gurunath Meyyapan was accused of match fixing.

As a result of it Chairman of the BCCI, K Siri Nivasan had to quit the chairmanship post.

Following this incident Indian authorities are continuously raiding illegal betting centres.

However it is sad to note that Sri lanka Cricket is maintaining a silent policy regarding the illegal acts that are taking place through race by race betting centers.

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