CID grills Sajin de Vaas

Thursday, 12 March 2015 - 10:37

The Bribery Commission obtained a statement from MP Sajin Vass Gunawardana on the charges of collecting assets through illegitimate means.

A Bribery Commission spokesman told our news team that the questioning of the MP started at 9 in the morning and questioning continued for several hours.

MP Sajin Vass was asked to report to the Bribery Commission on 3rd of this month as well, and the CID also obtained a statement from MP Gunawardana on February 25th.

The MP was asked to appear before the Bribery Commission yesterday as well, but he did not turn out saying that he was unwell.

Meanwhile the CID obtained a statement from MP Sajin Vass Gunawardana’s wife as well under the Money Laundering Ordinance.

There are complaints against MP Sajin Vass among the complaints made by JVP to the Bribery Commission with regard to illegitimate gathering of assets.