NASA man talks to an alien

Tuesday, 31 March 2015 - 15:59


Former NASA man says he saw alien.

A former NASA engineer has pleaded with people to take him seriously after claiming he saw a 2.7m-tall alien while monitoring a space mission.

Clark McClelland has taken to YouTube with a series of videos to explain: "I love my planet, I love our human race. I'm trying to serve all of you, if only you will let me."

According to reports, Mr McClelland was allegedly part of a team based in Florida at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral in 1991 when he spotted an extra-terrestrial humanoid.

“It is understood it stood on two legs in the space shuttle bay and approached two American astronauts for more than one minute”.

Mr McClelland, who would not name the astronauts, said the US Government had stripped him of his pension - forcing him to live on social security.

He claimed he had served on more than 800 NASA missions.