19th Amendment: Over 19 petitions in SC

Thursday, 02 April 2015 - 7:57

Nineteen petitions with regard to the 19th constitutional amendment filed before the Supreme Court was taken up for hearing by the three-judge bench including Chief Justice Sripavan yesterday.

The bench of judges decided to extend the hearing to today.

The petitions had been filed before the Supreme Court by different political parties and various organizations.

Nine of them had made submissions to the effect that the proposed 19th constitutional amendment should not be referred to a referendum and that it should be passed by a majority in parliament.

The remaining 10 petitions had been filed saying that a referendum should be held with regard to the proposed 19th amendment to the constitution.

Attorney-at-law Gomin Dayaasree too had filed a petition with regard to the proposed 19th amendment to the constitution.

Similarly Pivithuru Hela Urumaya  too has filed a relevant petition.   

Meanwhile MEP leader and former Minister Dinesh Gunawardhana says that Buddhism gets sidelined as a result of  the 33rd Clause of the proposed 19th constitutional amendment.

Expressing his views to our news team the MEP leader said that in Clause nine of the current constitution there is provision for protecting and nurturing Buddhism.

The former Minister said that as a result of the 33th Clause Buddhism becomes subjected to a lessening in importance.

However JVP Western Provincial Councillor attorney at law Sunil Watagala said that this was a wrong understanding.

Speaking to our news team the councilor said that Protecting and nurturing Buddhism was not impeded in any way by the 33th Clause.