Investigations on missing youth from Bandagiriya from several angles

Tuesday, 13 September 2016 - 9:16


A senior police officer in charge of probing the disappearance of G.P. Gayashan, said that the investigations were being carried out along several fronts.

The National Police Commission stated that it has called on the ASP in charge of the area, for an investigative report on the disappearance of the youth from Yahangala in Hambantota.

The whereabouts of this youth is not yet known.  It has been 8 days since the disappearance.

The relatives stated that the youth had been arrested by Hambantota police last Monday in connection with a theft of a stock of paddy.

Two other youths had also been arrested along with Gayashan.

Gayashan’s relatives have been informed by police that the suspect escaped while he was being escorted to the toilet.

However, when our news team contacted Hambantota police, a spokesmen stated that police records do not show evidence of the arrest of the suspect.

Meanwhile, 4 policemen including Hambantota OIC have been transferred, over the incident.

One of the suspects released by police informed Gayashan’s relatives that Gayashan was detained along with him in a police cell.