Residents protest at the Ella Divisional Secretariat

Wednesday, 21 September 2016 - 11:22


A group of residents affected by the Uma Oya Project staged a protest this morning complaining that compensation for the land acquired for the project has not been paid yet.

A tense situation erupted in the Ella Divisional Secretariat after the protestors forcibly entered the Secretariat premises.

Later, the residents continued on with the protest in front of the Divisional Secretary’s office.

The Supreme Court, on September 14th, ordered the director of agriculture of the Uva Province to estimate the damages caused to the cultivations due to the Uma Oya project.

The Supreme Court also ordered the Director to prepare a method to compensate the affected parties.

The order was issued when a petition filed by the Center for Environment Justice and four farmers from Bandarawela were taken before the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court has also ordered that solutions to solve the drinking water crisis be presented before December 31st this year.