Seeping sea water to Kalu Ganga causes drinking water problem

Thursday, 22 September 2016 - 13:53


The prevailing dry weather has caused drinking water problems in Kalutara as sea water seeping to Kalu Ganga.

Water Supply and Drainage Board stated that steps have been taken to supple water by water bowsers in the affected areas.

Meanwhile, over 30,000 members of 7389 families have been affected by the prevailing drought in Polonnaruwa district.

The most affected Divisional Secretariats are Polonnaruwa, Welikanda, Dimbulagala, Tamankaduwa and Lankapura.

Functioning of several schools in the area has also been crippled due to the drought.

Therefore, Polonnaruwa District Secretary S. Senanayake requests the philanthropists to donate water storage tanks for the use of the needy in the district.