Man arrested for setting fire to forests in Badulla

Saturday, 01 October 2016 - 14:53

District Police Division of Uva arrested a person for setting fire to a forest near a small lake, at Queenstown Estate in Hali-Ela, Badulla.

Police noted that the suspect – from Queenstown Estate, was arrested with a box of matches, following a raid conducted last night based on a tip-off.

Badulla District Secretary Nimal Abeysiri noted that they have been alerted of 100 incidents of deliberate bush fires from several areas including Ella, Badulla, Kandaketiya, Welimada, Meegahakiwula, Passara, Lunugala, Uva-paranagama, Haputale and Haldummulla.

Previously, Ella and Passara Police took seven persons into custody for deliberate bush fires.

The individual who was arrested yesterday will be produced before Badulla Magistrate today.