ISIS slaughters nine of its own members by dunking them in burning oil trenches for attempting to flee war zone

Wednesday, 26 October 2016 - 15:02

ISIS slaughtered nine of its own members by burning them to death in oil trenches after they attempted to flee the war zone in Mosul.

The city in northern Iraq is the group’s last major stronghold in the country, and government forces working with US officials launched an offensive to free the area last week.

Nearly 90 villages and towns previously under control of ISIS have reportedly been freed in the past week, with coalition forces just three miles from the centre of Mosul in some areas.

Despite their waning hold on Iraqi land, extremists have taken control of small town Rutba while shifting their area of control, it was revealed today.

The news comes as some jihadis have started fleeing the terror group after being defeated by the Iraqi government, leading chiefs to punish their own members.