Signs that a Kilo of Milk Powder would increase by 100 Rupees due to VAT

Sunday, 30 October 2016 - 13:23

Milk Powder Importers say that the price of a Kilogram of Milk Powder might increase by about Rs. 100 as a result of the VAT Revision.

They say that although Milk Powder was exempted from VAT so far, the most recent VAT revision had imposed the Tax on milk powder.

The Importers say that currently there is a control price of Rs. 725 per Kilogram and the 15 % VAT would result in a loss to them.

A Spokesperson of a leading milk powder importing company said they would hold discussions with the Finance Minister next week.

Meanwhile, Assistant Director of the State Policy Department K.K.I. Eranda Perera had this to say.