Alibaba offers to create 1 million US jobs in Trump meeting

Tuesday, 10 January 2017 - 10:10

Alibaba Group Holdings has offered its e-commerce and online shopping platforms to help US businesses sell their products to Asia, with the potential of creating an estimated 1 million American jobs to meet Donald Trump’s election pledge of generating employment.

The Chinese company’s founder Jack Ma shared ideas with the US president-elect about ways to improve trade, and offered Alibaba’s platforms to support up to 1 million US vendors to sell to China and Southeast Asia, during their 40-minute at New York’s Trump Tower.

Each business will hire one new staff as a result of the additional business, creating jobs.

For Trump, the meeting offers an opportunity to realise his pledge to create jobs and bolster American commerce, as well as way to smooth over anxieties about the potential impact of his trade policies. Chinese consumers are expected to spend more than US$150 billion on foreign-made products by 2020, according to a recent eMarketer report.

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