The real story behind the fire that started by an invisible force

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 - 7:08


Investigations reveal that the fire which started in a house at Galpaya – Godakawela recently was the work of a person living in the same house.

However, the residents and villagers believe that the fire began as a result of an invisible force.

The residents of the home located at Polvagava – Galpaya - Godakawela said that the fire began all of a sudden. That was on 14th eve.

The fire has first started inside a cupboard in the room and then spread on to other household furniture.

Meanwhile day before yesterday, bank documents and passbooks, deeds along with other documents in the house have also suddenly caught fire.

The residents of this house and villagers strongly believe that these sudden fires were the work of an invisible force.

Therefore, religious rituals were performed yesterday to ward off the evil forces inside the house.

A medical team led by Dr. T. N. Vidyakulapathi – president of the Science Fiction Association visited the house concerned last night to investigate the reasons behind the fire.

After questioning the residents of the house individually, it was finally confirmed that the causing of the fire was the work of one of the residents.

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