The noble pilgrimage “Hiru Siripa Karunawa” commences today

Friday, 27 January 2017 - 7:05


The noblest pilgrimage in Sri Lankan history, “Hiru Siripa Karunawa” commenced this morning.

Hiru Listeners Island wide are taking part in this virtuous journey organized by Hiru FM.

Buses departing from Colombo, Polonnaruwa, Elpitiya, Wellawaya, Aanamaduwa and Giriulla will take the pilgrims to Sri Pada.

Hiru FM has made arrangements to provide the necessary facilities for the pilgrims.

As a noble concept envisioned by the Chairman of Asia Broadcasting Corporation, Mr. Rayynor Silva, Hiru Siripa Karunawa gives pilgrims from across the country the opportunity to engage in a merit for their life time.

The significance of Hiru Siripa Karunawa this year is that 6 processions carrying the sacred relics began from 6 different locations island wide.

The noble ascent will begin when all pilgrim groups reach Nallathanniya.

Hiru FM will broadcast updates of the pilgrimage and the time of arrival to your nearest town.