No idea about meditating by police officers - Police media spokesperson

Friday, 17 February 2017 - 11:29


Police media spokesperson and deputy inspector general Priyantha Jayakodi said that he’s unaware if the IGP has instructed police officers that they should meditate on Anapana sathi bavanava and Maithree bavanava before they start work in the morning.

The police media spokesperson said this in response to inquiries made on news that the IGP has instructed that all police officers must meditate before they start work.

It is said that the IGP has instructed to first meditate on Anapana Sathi Bavanava for 3 minutes then meditate on Maithree bavanava and finish by meditating on Anapana Sathi bavanava again when he met with higher ranking police officers for a briefing recently.

However, the police media spokesperson said that according to his knowledge the police officers have been instructed to sing national anthem and police anthem and commence work on special occasions.