2 arrested for creating and releasing child abuse video to internet

Friday, 12 January 2018 - 20:56

Two suspects who were accused of abusing two male students of Kaluwella, Galle, and filming an obscene scene and selling the video, to an internet service provider, have been remanded until January 17th.

The suspects were produced before the Galle Magistrate today (Jan. 12)

The 2 boys have been lured to the house of one of the suspects while they were collecting funds for a function organized at their tuition class in a temple at Cheena Koratuwa.

A few days later, a neighbour who watched the obscene video on the internet had informed the relatives of the victims about it.

Police acted immediately on the complaint made by the parents of the boys and arrested suspects aged 25 and 26 years at Richmond Hill in Galle.

Meanwhile, 3 youths who are accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl in Tissmaharama, Hambantota were remanded until 23rd of this month.

The details of sexual abuse came to light after her brother rescued her while she was attempting to commit suicide by hanging.

Later she was hospitalized.

Police said that the girl had written a letter, before attempting to take her life, and she has mentioned the details of 3 youths who raped her.

One of them was her boyfriend.

The area residents apprehended the suspects while hiding in the Yala reserve early last morning.

Police said that the neighbours have assaulted the suspects before police arrived at the location and now they are being treated at Debarawewa Hospital with the protection of prison officials.

The 3 youths are aged 23, 18 and 20.

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