Subsidized fertilizer to be issued from today

Thursday, 26 April 2018 - 9:42

Ministry of Agriculture says subsidized fertilizer to be issued to the market from today (Apr. 26).
It said there are enough stocks in the market and that legal action would be taken against those who attempt to cause an artificial shortage in the market.
A communiqué signed by Minister, Duminda Dissanayake requested the public to inform police or Consumer Affairs Authority if subsidized fertilizer is sold at a price higher that of Rs. 1500.
The Ministry further requested the public to inform authorities by contacting the emergency number 1920 or via 011 303 66 66.
Farmers can obtain fertilizer under the government fertilizer subsidy programme, through Ceylon Fertilizer Company and through sales representatives of the Commercial Fertilizer Company.
The Ministry of Agriculture added that farmers with paddy cultivations less than 2 hectares of land could obtain concessionary fertilizer for 500 rupees via Agrarian Services centres.
The Ministry further noted that as of today, paddy cultivators and other crop cultivators with land exceeding 2 hectares are entitled to obtain concessionary fertilizer at Rs. 1500.