Death toll due to Coronavirus increased 106, China develops an antiviral spray as a shield against coronavirus, 12 major hospitals prepared to face coronavirus

Tuesday, 28 January 2020 - 13:07

The Ministry of Health states that 12 major hospitals covering all provinces have been prepared to face coronavirus.

Speaking to our news team, the Director General of Health Services Dr. Anil Jasinghe stated that 12 hospitals including the National Institute of Infectious Diseases IDH, Colombo North, Gampaha, Ratnapura, Badulla and Karapitiya have been prepared in this manner.

Meanwhile, the Schools, Health and Nutrition Division of the Ministry of Education has made a request to the Ministry of Health.

This is to provide a leaflet to schools regarding the steps to be taken to protect from the coronavirus infection.

Meanwhile, steps have been taken to search the places where the virus affected Chinese tourist moved about during her 5-day stay in the country.

The Epidemiology Unit states that the persons who were contacted by the Chinese patient, the places where she stayed and visited will also be checked accordingly.

She is a 43 year old Chinese national, who had arrived in the country from the Hubei province.

During her departure from the country, she had been running a fever and upon admission to IDH it was confirmed that she tested positive for the Corona virus.

Director General of health services Anil Jasinghe noted that measures are under way to conduct a special test on the samples received from the patient who tested positive for the corona virus by directing it to another country.

Meanwhile students arriving in Sri Lanka are subject to frequent medical tests, and the health units request to be vigilant of health conditions by observing changes in body temperature.

Health units further note that the symptoms of the virus take nearly 20 days to appear and to continue wearing face masks until notified.

The GMOA secretary Dr. Harith Aluthge attending a media briefing held yesterday requested the government to conduct medical examinations on the Sri Lankan students arriving from China without sending them to their residences.

In addition from 6 this morning entry to the air port terminal for persons other than passengers has been temporarily withheld.

204 students arrived in the country from China within the last two days.

According to medical tests, none of them was tested positive of Coronavirus.

The Health Ministry has introduced two hotlines to provide information with regard to Coronavirus.

They are 071 01 07 107 and 011 307 107 3 and are reachable round the clock.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi says that her ministry has provided all necessary facilities to face Coronavirus.

She was addressing a media conference being held in Colombo.

Meanwhile, Minister of Tourism Promotion Arundika Fernando states that measures will be taken to look into the places previously visited by the Chinese woman who was identified by the IDH hospital for being infected with the coronavirus.

He further stated that a special discussion will be held in his ministry this afternoon regarding the impact of corona virus on the tourism industry in Sri Lanka and regarding measures required to face the situation.